Real Name: Bova Ayrshire

Identity/Class: Terrestrial bovine mutate (evolved); World War II, Post-World War II, Pre-Modern , and modern eras

Occupation: Nanny, nursemaid, midwife

Group Membership: New Men

Affiliations: Avengers (Amadeus Cho, Hercules, Hulk, Iron Man (Stark), Jocasta, Stature, USAgent, Vision, Wasp (Pym) ), Colossus, Count Tagar, Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), Jonathon Drew, Madeline Frank (Miss America), Robert Frank (Whizzer), Fydor, Agatha Harkness, High Evolutionary (creator), Knights of Wundagore, Lady Ursula, Lady Vermin, Magda Lennsherr, Lockjaw, Lord Delphis, Lord Gator, Lord Tyger, Luna, Magnus, Django Maximoff, Marya Maximoff, Meggan, Puppet Master, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Sir Gote, Sir Porga, Sir Ram, Steed, Thing, Miles Warren (Jackal), White Tiger (New Men), Wonder Man (Simon Williams); multiple unnamed waifs and orphans for whom she cared; unnamed Transian physician;
    possibly the physicians of Attilan;
formery Modred the Mystic;
Matador, Man-Bull, a Minotaur, and Toro Rojo

Enemies: Acolytes, Burst, Chthon and his Other, Fabian Cortez, Exodus, Genoshan Mutates#3, 7, & 8, High Evolutionary, Harlan & Sven Kleinstock, Man-Beast, Rakkus, Magneto, Modred the Mystic

Known Relatives: Most New Men refer to the High Evolutionary as their father (and worship him as their god)

Aliases: The Old Woman on the Hill

Base of Operations: The High Evolutionary's Citadel of Science, Wundagore Mountain, Transia;
    formerly Haven (the High Evolutionary's castle), on the Hudson, Upstate New York;
    a cottage at the base of Wundagore Mountain, Transia;
    possibly Attilan, the Blue Area of the Moon

First Appearance: Giant-Size Avengers I#1 (August, 1974)
    (first name given): Avengers I#186 (August, 1979)
    (last name given): Avengers I#380 (November, 1994)



Powers/Abilities: Bova possesses dense horns, has a solid frame, and may possess some degree of enhanced strength; though she has minimal combat training or fighting skills, she is nonetheless willing to risk her life to protect those she loves. Her body likely possesses many of the variations typified by cattle, such as a four compartment stomach, though she has been restructured into the form of biped, complete with hands and feet, with two fingers and a thumb on each hand. She may or may not have upper teeth.
    She apparently ages at a reduced rate, as she would otherwise be over 70 years old, though that is not as yet unreasonable.

    Her primary skills are in nursing (including childbirth) and caretaking, though she is also an experienced cook. She is highly compassionate and uniformly friendly to all unless they threaten her friends.


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown


(Marvel Two-In-One I#74 (fb) - BTS) - Bova was designed to nurture and care for the newly-evolved beast men of the High Evolutionary known as the New Men.

(Avengers I#186 (fb) / Amazing Spider-Man Annual I#22/3 / Quicksilver I#9 (fb))
    <March 21, 1932> - Bova was evolved from a Guernsey cow into human form by the High Evolutionary using his Genetic Accelerator, powered by Isotope B. She was his twelfth successful evolution (see comments).

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual I#22/3) - The High Evolutionary comforted the disoriented Bova, showing her around the Citadel of Science.

(Amazing Spider-Man Annual I#22/3 - BTS) - Bova was educated via the High Evolutionary's electronic tutoring process.

(X-Men Annual I#12/3) - Sir Gote brought to Bova's care the pregnant Magda Lennsherr, heavy with child, who had come to the Citadel of Science, seeking sanctuary. She suffered early contractions that apparently resolved.

(X-Men Annual I#12/3) - Bova was present as the Magnus-possessed Jonathon Drew scanned Magda for evidence of Chthon and found her clean. The High Evolutionary instructed Bova to not tell any of the others of Magda's presence.

(Avengers I#186 (fb)) - Magda told Bova of her husband (Magneto) who had gained powers and transformed into a raving maniac whom she feared.

(Avengers I#186 (fb)) - Bova cared for Magda for several weeks.

(Avengers I#186 (fb) / X-Men Annual I#12/3) <1958, see comments> - Bova delivered Magda's twin children, whom Magda named Wanda and Pietro. Bova observed as the infant Wanda glowed with the mysterious lights (sent by Chthon during the battle between Chthon's Other and the Knights of Wundagore) minutes after her birth.

(Web of Spider-Man Annual I#4/3) - Bova assisted in caring for the survivors of the Knights' battle against the demonic Other.

(Avengers I#186 (fb)) - Bova saw that Magda cared for her children, but was not surprised when she vanished days after their birth, leaving behind a note, expressing fear that if she remained alive her husband might force knowledge of their children from her.

(Avengers I#186 (fb) / Web of Spider-Man Annual I#4/3) - Bova took the twin children to the High Evolutionary, weary from his recent struggle against the power of Chthon, and he agreed to help them.

(Avengers I#186 (fb) / Web of Spider-Man Annual I#4/3 - BTS) - The High Evolutionary summoned the visiting Robert and Madeline Frank (the Whizzer and Miss America) from a village below. As Madeline was expecting a child herself, the High Evolutionary intended for Bova to give all three children to the Franks.

(Avengers I#186 (fb) / Web of Spider-Man Annual I#4/3) - Bova served as midwife to Madeline, a labor lasting over 16 hours; Bova was horrified when Madeline's child was deformed and stillborn, and its mother died shortly thereafter.

(Giant-Size Avengers I#1 (fb) / Avengers I#185(fb) / Web of Spider-Man Annual I#4/3) - Bova delivered Wanda and Pietro to Robert Frank, telling him their names (claiming them to have been chosen by Madeline Frank) and attempting to pass them off as his own children.

(Avengers I#186 (fb)) - Anguished over the death of his wife, Robert Frank fled from Wundagore, leaving the children behind.

(Avengers I#186 (fb) / Web of Spider-Man Annual I#4/3) - Later (see comments), Bova accompanied the High Evolutionary in delivering the children to Django and Marya Maximoff.

(Scarlet Spider Unlimited I#1 (fb)) - Alongside Porga and Tagar, Bova worked with Professor Miles Warren prior to the High Evolutionary banishing him from Wundagore (see comments).

(Avengers I#186 (fb)) - Bova stayed behind for personal reasons when the High Evolutionary took the Wundagore ship off Earth, taking most of the other New Men with him.

(West Coast Avengers Annual I#3/3) - Bova cared for the young Jessica Drew.

(Avengers I#185 (fb) - BTS) - Bova took up residence in a cottage at the base of Wundagore Mountain.

(Marvel Two-In-One I#74 (fb) - BTS) - Keeping her true nature hidden via thick clothing and shawl, Bova lived peacefully, caring for waifs and orphans, becoming known to the local villagers as the "old woman on the hill," who knew everything that happened in those parts.

(X-Men Unlimited I#2 (fb)) - While fleeing from Magneto after unwittingly trespassing on the memorial site for Magda, Ute + Adrian Eiskalt ran into Bova just outside of her cottage. Knowing Magneto's rage, Bova urged them to "Run--save yourselves!"

(Avengers I#185) - Bova took Quicksilver after he fell to the bottom of Mt. Wundagore while trying to confront Chthon. She nursed him back to health.

(Avengers I#186) - Bova told Quicksilver of her own and of his and his sister's origins. She warned him that he did not want to try to find out his father's identity. She similarly warned him of the danger on Wundagore Mountain, and she was saddened to learn that Wanda had vanished on the Mountain. After the Chthon-controlled Wanda sent a warning bolt of destructive magical force at the pair of them, Bova convinced Quicksilver that he wouldn't be able to help her alone and sent him to get help.

(Avengers I#187) - Bova volunteered to care for Modred the Mystic who had been left in a virtually mindless state after Chthon's influence had been suddenly stripped from him.

(Vision I#7 (fb) ) - At some point Bova had lunch with Whizzer, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Wonder Man and Agatha Harkness (presumably at Avengers Mansion).

(Marvel Two-In-One I#74 - BTS) - Accompanied by his step-daughter Alicia and her boyfriend the Thing, Phillip Masters (the Puppet Master) returned to Wundagore to visit the place where he'd been born. Unbeknownst to Bova, her ward Modred, now developed to a childlike mentality, captured and shrunk Phillip when he dug into the Mountain in an effort to replenish his supply of the powerful clay of Wundagore.

(Marvel Two-In-One I#74) - Seeking out the missing Phillip, the Thing and Alicia came to Bova's cottage. Alicia quickly recognized Bova as being different, and Bova explained her origins to the two, whom she welcomed as her guests while she helped them search for Phillip. Fearing the Thing as a monster, Modred magically shrunk him in size and sent his toys after them. Bova rushed to comfort Modred when he became frightened by the tiny "monster," and after it became clear what had happened she convinced Modred to restore them to normal size.
    She baked some cookies for her guests before they left.

(Vision and the Scarlet Witch I#4) - Bova welcomed a mysterious stranger into her cottage. Unaware of his identity, she unwittingly rambled on about the storm and how it had reminded her of the night Magda arrived, and how she had delivered a pair of children. The stranger, actually Magneto, used his powers to control the bloodflow to Bova's brain, forcing her to reveal the names of the children, and he first learned of his relationship to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. As Magneto left to confront them, Bova was able to guide Modred to send a spell warning the mutant twins who was coming for them.

(Avengers I#245 (fb) - BTS) - Badly injured and her cottage shattered by Magneto's assault, Bova was cared for by a local doctor in Transia.

(Captain America I#305 (fb) - BTS) - While Bova was injured, Modred wandered away and unknowingly headed towards his homeland, England.

(Avengers I#245) - Quicksilver found Bova's shattered cottage and tracked her to the doctor who was caring for her. Having learned that her attacker had been Magneto, she told this information to Quicksilver, who vowed to make his father pay for injuring her.

(Avengers I#247 - BTS) - Quicksilver ranted about his frustration over Magneto's assault on Bova. He told the doctor that as soon as Bova was judged well enough to travel he (via Lockjaw) would take her to the Blue Area of the Moon where the healers of Attilan, experienced with "inhuman" physiques, would be able to help her.

(Marvel Year in Review '92) - Bova apparently accompanied the Matador on a date to the Springdale branch of the Bar with No Name, sharing a table with the Man-Bull, the Minotaur, and el Toro Rojo. The Matador was quickly knocked out when goaded into a fight with the Jester.

(X-Men Unlimited I#2) - Bova watched from behind a tree when Magneto visited the grave of Magda at Mount Wundagore. He noticed her and told her not to be afraid.

(Avengers I#380 (fb) - BTS) - Quicksilver brought his daughter, Luna, to visit Bova.

(Avengers I#380 (fb) - BTS) - Bova became close friends with local villager and shepherd Fydor.

(Avengers I#381 (fb) - BTS) -Exodus, seeking to draw out the High Evolutionary, placed the mutant Rakkus within Fydor, enabling him to control Fydor's actions.

(Avengers I#381 (fb) - BTS) - Under Exodus' direction, Fydor slowly poisoned Bova. As she became progressively more ill, he cared for her and provided companionship, though he--unwittingly?--continued to poison her.

(Avengers I#380) - Hearing of Bova's illness and seemingly imminent death, Quicksilver traveled to her cottage along with his wife, Crystal. Bova enjoyed catching up on their lives, and she assured Crystal that Pietro did love her, though she would have to be the one to reach out to him because of his prideful nature. Pietro and Crystal were later assaulted by Animutants, a new group of New Men, who assumed them to be trespassers on the mountain. Their struggle drew the attention of the High Evolutionary, and when Bova noticed that Pietro and Crystal were gone, Fydor--who had been watching the struggle--told her that they had gone to the village on a minor errand.

(Avengers I#381) - When Pietro and Crystal failed to quickly return, Fydor assured Bova that they were merely delayed by a storm and that they could take care of themselves. Meanwhile, Quicksilver revealed to the High Evolutionary that he was one of the twins born on Wundagore years before, and also told him of Bova's illness. The Evolutionary and the Animutants accompanied Pietro and Crystal back to Bova's cottage, where he quickly determined that her illness was not organic, but that she had been poisoned. An image of Exodus then appeared, revealing his responsibility and motivation before directing Rakkus to transform Fydor into monstrous forms. Fydor released an explosion that leveled Bova's cottage and the surrounding landscape.

(Avengers I#382 (fb) - BTS) - The High Evolutionary formed a force bubble that shielded himself, Crystal, Quicksilver, and Bova from the explosion.

(Avengers I#382) - Bova tried to reach her friend Fydor within Rakkus, but was grabbed by the monstrous creature and nearly slain before the High Evolutionary fired a blast that slew Rakkus. As he died, Fydor returned to normal, telling Bova that he had not been the one to hurt her. She wept for her lost friend.

(Avengers I#382 - BTS) - Bova made a full recovery under the High Evolutionary's care.

(Quicksilver I#11 (fb)) - Bova stood by the High Evolutionary as he began production of a new group of Knights of Wundagore using Isotope E in order to better defend the Citadel. His earliest group was Lady Vermin, the White Tiger, and wolf. Knowing that a wolf would not be trusted--due to the crimes of the last evolved wolf, the Man-Beast--the High Evolutionary decided that the new Knight must keep his features and true nature hidden. He dubbed this new Knight Lord Anon.

(Quicksilver I#7 (fb)) - The High Evolutionary welcomed Quicksilver and Luna into the Citadel of Science, and Bova gave Luna a big hug.

(Excalibur I#113) - Bova approached Colossus and Meggan, whose ship had crashed at the base of Mount Wundagore the night before. When she tried to take them into the Citadel of Science for care, Sir Ram recognized Colossus as a former Acolyte and attempted to bar his entry, but was convinced otherwise after some struggle. Bova accompanied them into the Citadel where they met the rest of the Knights of Wundagore and the High Evolutionary.

(Quicksilver I#1) - Bova comforted Luna--the primary target--as the Acolytes and some Genoshan mutates assaulted the Knights of Wundagore and the Citadel of Science. She was saved from an attack by Mutates#8, 3, and 7 by Lady Ursula, who helped them return to the Citadel to the Evolutionary's side. Bova carried Luna to an airship as Sir Ram, Steed, and Quicksilver held off Fabian Cortez and the Kleinstock Brothers (Harlan and Sven). Steed sacrificed his life taking a blast from Cortez aimed at the ship, and Bova and Luna escaped safely.

(Quicksilver I#2) - Taking refuge in Haven (the High Evolutionary's castle), on the Hudson river, alongside Quicksilver, and the Knights of Wundagore, Bova continued to provide care for Luna. She quieted an argument between Lords Gator and Tyger occurring after Luna's bedtime.

(Quicksilver I#4 (fb)) - Bova was reunited with Crystal when Quicksilver brought her to Haven to visit Luna.

(Quicksilver I#4) - Bova informed Quicksilver that the Knights had rushed off on some unidentified mission.

(Quicksilver I#5) - The Scarlet Witch arrived at Haven via Lockjaw, informing Bova that Quicksilver had gone mad (due to Maximus' influence) and interrupted the Inhumans' Terrigen ceremony.

(Quicksilver I#6) - Bova and Sir Ram discussed the simultaneous (but unrelated) absences of Quicksilver and the other Knights, with Bova defending the High Evolutionary's choice of making Quicksilver leader of the Knights. She offered to accompany Sir Ram to New York to search for the missing Knights, but Sir Ram had her stay behind as the world of man was too dangerous for her.

(Quicksilver I#7) - Bova was present as Quicksilver and Crystal attempted reconciliation, only to be interrupted by the Black Knight (Dane Whitman), resulting in Crystal leaving to take some time to sort out her feelings on her own.

(Quicksilver I#8) - Bova tried to get Sir Ram to leave Quicksilver to come to terms with Crystal's departure, but Sir Ram felt obligated to make Quicksilver help locate the missing Knights. When Quicksilver and Sir Ram argued, Bova convinced them to put aside their differences and help the Knights.

(Quicksilver I#10) - At Haven, as the High Evolutionary prepared to launch an assault to reclaim Wundagore, Bova reported to him that the White Tiger had become involved with the Heroes for Hire in New York City; he told Bova to bring her to him immediately.

(Heroes for Hire I#15) - Bova summoned the White Tiger to Haven, telling her of the High Evolutionary's instability, as well as the plan to re-take Wundagore. She then brought the White Tiger to the Knights of Wundagore and the High Evolutionary.

(Quicksilver I#11) - Bova accompanied the Knights and the High Evolutionary to the base of Wundagore Mountain, from which they planned their assault on the Acolytes. Bova was sent to the Citadel's infirmary to prepare for incoming casualties. There she found the corpse of Lord Anon, indicating that the Lord Anon who had been working with them was an imposter (the Man-Beast). She informed the other Knights of this discovery, but they learned too late to prevent the Man-Beast from striking down the Evolutionary.

(Heroes for Hire I#16) - Bova rushed to the injured Evolutionary's side, taking him away from the battle to a more safe location under the protection of Lord Tyger and Lady Ursula. Bova expressed her worry that without the High Evolutionary they had no hope of defeating the Man-Beast and Exodus.

(Quicksilver I#12) - As the High Evolutionary began to awaken, Bova told him they needed his help. He promised to reward her bravery, but she continued to worry about his fluctuating power and mental state. She was later rejoined by Sir Ram, Lady Ursula, and Lord Gator, who planned to take him away until he had recovered, but they were then confronted by the Man-Beast. Bova witnessed in horror as Lady Ursula shot herself in the head to prevent the Man-Beast from telepathically forcing her to attack her fellow Knights. As the White Tiger arrived to battle the Man-Beast, Bova instructed the other Knights to stay out of the fight as only the White Tiger was immune to his telepathy. Bova then left to use secret entrances into the Citadel to locate Quicksilver. She arrived just as he had exposed himself to Isotope E, vastly amplifying his powers and enabling him to defeat Exodus. As Quicksilver was drunk with power, Bova worried that he had become what he had always feared most; just then High Evolutionary arrived, his godlike power restored, but his sanity still unstable.

(Heroes for Hire / Quicksilver Annual 1998) - After the power-maddened and unstable High Evolutionary unwittingly shot down the arriving ship of Lord Delphis, Bova explained the current problems to Delphis. When Quicksilver tried to make the High Evolutionary stop his senseless assaults, Bova convinced him to stop and to instead hand over Isotope E to her. When the High Evolutionary briefly returned to human form, Delphis gave him Isotope E, which allowed him to stabilize his own form and to defeat the Man-Beast.

(Heroes for Hire I#17) - Their enemies defeated, Bova joined the High Evolutionary and the Knights of Wundagore in entombing Exodus within a cavern and then returning to the Citadel of Science.

(Mighty Avengers I#22 (fb) ) - Modred killed the Knights of Wundagore inside the Darque Hold, the caverns beneath Wundagore Mountain, and only let Bova live. When Quicksilver arrived Bova helplessly watched as he was overpowered by Modred.

(Mighty Avengers I#21) - Chained up Bova was forced to hold the Darkhold for Modred the Mystic, while the sorcerer transferred the book's spells on to his body and summoned Chthon. She pleaded him to stop, but Modred ignored her pleas and continued with his plan. She watched as Chthon arrived on Earth and took Quicksilver as his vessel.

(Mighty Avengers I#22) - Bova carried the Darkhold with Quicksilver inside around, following Modred and Chthon outside to watch the arrival of the Avengers. Afterwards she returned with Modred into the Darque Hold. When Modred sent rune-animated stone warriors against the Avengers inside the cave, a failed attack with the Darkhold by Bova distracted him long enough to enable Iron Man to knock Modred out with a repulsor blast. Afterwards Bova talked with Quicksilver inside the book and congratulated him because their attack distracted Modred long enough to be knocked out.

(Mighty Avengers I#23) - Vision severed Bova's chains and they were used to bind Modred. She then explained that Quicksilver was trapped inside the Darkhold book. Bova accompanied the Avengers to the outside where they were attacked by Chthon. Eventually Amadeus Cho took the Darkhold from her and gave it to Vision, who recited the book as quick as possible to empty it from Quicksilver's essence. Bova witnessed how Modred and Chthon were sucked into the Darkhold.

(New Warriors V#1) - The High Evolutionary slew Bova, who didn't understand what she had done wrong, and many other members of the New Men because he had decided they were never meant to be.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas and Rich Buckler.

    Roy Thomas apparently intended the Whizzer and Miss America to be Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch's true parents, as he didn't have Madeline dying until days after the children were offered to Bob, but subsequent stories had her dying before the twins were offered to him, which is what caused him to flee in anguish before accepting them.

    I placed the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's births at 1958 because that's the year that the Miss America title (with Patsy Walker) was cancelled, which seemed a reasonable year for the death of Miss America, the character; it has to have occurred long enough after 1945 for Eric and Magda Lehnsherr's daughter Anya to be a pre-adolescent in the same general timeframe (IIRC Classic X-Men implied that a few years passed between Eric and Magda's marriage and their daughter's birth), and I figure even if she was born as early as 1947, that'd work. So, yes, that would also be a relevant year for Gregor Russoff; by pure coincidence, it's also the year that the First Line formed and the year that details indicate that Namorita was born and Namor was rendered amnesiac. So it was a pretty important year all around.
--Ronald Byrd.

    Based on that, Wanda and Pietro have to have spent some time in suspended animation (similar to Jessica Drew) before being given to the Maximoffs, as the two are not in their late forties at this point. Despite Web of Spider-Man Annual#4/3 describing it as days later. Yes, it was days, but in the order of thousands of days!

    X-Men Annual I#12/3 makes it appear as if Magda arrived on Wundagore and gave birth within hours, as opposed to weeks later as told in Avengers I#186.

    In Avengers I#381, the High Evolutionary calls her his first and finest creation, apparently forgetting that she was his twelfth successful creation. Perhaps he was in the early stages of his evolutionary instability later seen in the Quicksilver series.
    Similarly, in Quicksilver I#9, he calls Bova his second New Man, but that's not correct, either. The HE was deep within his instability at this point, and he was rapidly switching between a god-like state and an ape-man in armor. I'd chalk his mistake up to that...she was one of those mutated with the second Isotope, Isotope B.

The information from Scarlet Spider Unlimited listed above was related by Anubia, the High Priestess of the Cult of the Jackal, whose story made it appear that Warren had worked with the High Evolutionary back at the start of his career. If Warren were actually involved in the early days of the High Evolutionary's work, he would have to be like 100 years old, because that research was conducted in the early 1930s. My guess is that Warren assisted the HE with a newer batch of New Men, sometime just a few years before the modern era. The High Evolutionary subsequently reveals the real story, which made it seem more like Warren was involved much more recently.
    My guess is that Glenn Herdling, the writer of the Scarlet Spider Unlimited#1, never read the back-ups in the Evolutionary Wars, or (if he did) he didn't reference them for his story.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:


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