sir_gote-kow-carry-magdaSIR GOTE

Real NamePresumably Gote

Identity/ClassTerrestrial fauna (goat) mutate (New Men)

OccupationKnight, warrior

Group MembershipKnights of Wundagore (notably Sir Hogg, Sir Hystrix, Sir Lepard, Sir Lyan, Sir Ossilot, Sir Ursus; likely Sir Ram), New Men (inclusive of the previously listed Knights of Wundagore; presumably including Count Tagar, Sir Porga, and Bova Ayshire)

Affiliations: Jonathan Drew, High Evolutionary (Herbert Wyndham), Magda, Magnussir_gote-kow-encounters-magda.jpg

Enemies: Chthon

Known Relatives: None, although he considered the High Evolutionary as his figurative /adoptive father

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    last confirmed (and possibly buried near)
High Evolutionary's citadel atop Mount Wundagore, Transia, Europe, Earth

First Appearance: X-Men I Annual#12/3 (October, 1988)

Powers/AbilitiesA goatevolved and mutated into humanoid conformation, Sir Gote likely has enhanced human strength. He has horns atop his head, and his skull is likely developed to tolerate concussive force, allowing him to ram his head into beings or objects without casuing skull/brain damage.

    If his eyes functioned like a conventional goat, his horizontally-elongated rectangular pupil in eyes oriented laterally on the head allowed him perhaps 320-340 degrees of vision, with a small blind spot toward the back of his head. He would have had some degree of binocular vision, granting him exceptional depth perception. The rectangular pupil also functoned to protect against blinding sunlight while allowing an excellent view of the terrain. A heavy percentage of rods in the retinae and the presence of the light-reflecting tapetum lucidum would grant excellent nocturnal vision. However, the relatively lower number and types of cones in the retinae would diminish color vision, notably the distinction between red and green.

    He presumably has enhanced olfactory senses and an increased auditory ability, able to hear a wider range and much higher pitches than humans.

    He likely was nighly nimble, and agile, able to scale (and to travel via jumping on steep rocky terrain). He had human-like hands, with four fingers and a thumb on each, and he presumably had human-like feet rather than hooves, as he appeared to have a plantigrade stance, walking with the heel and distal ankle/tarsus on the ground, rather than digitigrade (on the tips of the distal phalanges); he did not have the extra angle to the limb as seen in animals whose tarsus/hock/ankle is lifted off the ground.

    He also may have exceptional dexterity of his lips, enabling him to chew vegetation while avoiding thorns or other dangerous objects.

    As a Knight of Wundagore, he was trained and experienced in armed and unarmed combat, wore armor (including space armor as needed), wielded a sword and blastersir_gote-kow-knighted

    He presumably sometimes flew atop an atomic steed, upon which he likely wielded some sort of energy lance.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6')
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 200 lbs.)
Eyes: Dark, presumably brown, with rectangular (horizontally-enlongated) pupils
Hair: Gray


(Tales to Astonish I#94/2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point while dwelling in his Citadel of Science atop Mount Wundagore, the High Evolutionary used his genetic accelerator to evolve a goat into one of his New Men.

(Thor I#135 (fb) - BTS) - Wyndham taught his New Men language, science, biology, and history.

(Thor I#135 (fb) / Tales to Astonish I#94/2 (fb) - BTS / X-Men I Annual#12/3) <Circa 1958> - Like most of his New Men at the time, the High Evolutionary had his ally Jonathan Drew (possessed by the Arthurian-era sorcerer Magnus) train the goat-man in the ways of the knights of old, striving to teach him a code of honor and chivalry; he dubbed him Sir Hogg and pronounced him and his associates as Knights of the Realm (later known as the Knights of Wundagore).sir_gote-kow-rear

(X-Men I Annual#12/3) - These six newest Knights, which also included Sir Gote, Sir Hogg, Sir Lepard, Sir Lyan, Sir Ossilot (and one not pictured/identified), brought the number of knights up to forty-two. After the ceremony, the Evolutionary told his knights to assemble the round table and prepare the Feast of Ascension.

    Toward nightfall, as Sir Gote was stationed on watch duty outside the Citadel of Science's gate, he encountered the full-term pregnant woman Magda, who was seeking sanctuary to deliver her baby. While Gote was surprised to see a human woman there, Magda fainted at seeing the goat-headed man. While the Evolutionary had forbade the presence of outsiders in his Citadel, Sir Gote considered that he would not deny a very pregnant human in need of help.

    Carrying Magda into the facility, he brought her to Lady Bova, who had her placed in a bed, examined her, and noted that her contractions had begun. After Bova noted that she would assume full responsibility for the woman's presence her, Sir Gote departed to inform "father" (the High Evolutionary).

(X-Men I Annual#12/3 - BTS) - Aware of the imminent threat of the Elder God Chthon, the Evolutionary's ally Jonathan Drew (possessed by the ancient sorcerer Magnus) examined Magda and found her be free of any trace of the demon. The Evolutionary instructed Bova that she was to limit the New Men with whom the woman had contact to herself and Sir Gote. sir_gote-kow-xma12-vs-other

    However, Drew/Magnus then nearly collapsed upon sesning Chthon rising that very night, and the Evolutionary called his Knights of Wundagore to arms.

(X-Men I Annual#12/3 - BTS) - Soon after, the Knights were sent out on their atomic steeds to battle the Other, the elemental host of the demonic Elder God Chthon, summoned by the Chthon-pawn Gregor Russoff via Chthon's tome, the Darkhold. While the Knights fought valiantly, the Other was unharmed by their atomic lances and instead either smashed the knights against the mountain or simply stole their life forces. The battle was only won when Magnus possessed Russoff and recited the spell of binding, trapping Chthon within Mount Wundagore.
    Only Sir Ursus and Sir Lepard were identified, but presumably almost all of the Knights were present.

(X-Men I Annual#12/3 - BTS / Web of Spider-Man Annual#4/4 (fb) - BTS) - Seventeen Knights out of the forty-two New Men perished in that battle.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald, Ron Lim, and Tony DeZuniga

    Sir Gote has no other confirmed appearances beyond X-Men is not confirmed whether he survived the battle of Wundagore or not...but, if he did, here are a few other possible appearances of Sir Gote, or perhaps other caprine New Man:


In Web of Spider-Man Annual#4/3, the High Evolutionary's story continued, and he stood amongst the Knights, including wounded survivors, caretakers, and corpses.

    The image to the left shows three horned beings:

        All three are brown rather than gray like Sir Gote.

        Two of the characters have smooth horns, and only the character with his back turned to us (who is garbed as a caretaker rather than a Knight) had curved lines on the horns like Sir Gote.

        Only the wounded character (with bandages around the ribs) is wearing Knights of Wundagore armor, but he is brown and has smooth horns, as well as a more bovine face in my opinion.




    The image to the right shows a New Man in Knights of Wundagore armor, with curved/lined horns like Sir Gote. However, he is brown, rather than gray.

       It COULD be a miscolored Sir Gote, or it could perhaps be Sir Ram or some other ovine or caprine Knight of Wundagore.

    None of these horned New Men / Knights of Wundagore were named in this issue, so we don't know who is who, and we don't know whether Sir Gote survived the battle with Chthon's Other or not.

     IF he did survive, then he could have had other additional appearances.




Circa Tales to Astonish I#94-96, the New Men on Wundagore II descended into savagery, warring amongst themselves and then assaulting the High Evolutionary's citadel. 

    After battling the Hulk, who had been transported to Wundagore II by agents of the Evolutionary at his instruction to aid against the savage New Men, they were ultimately devolved back into their original animal forms by an evolved High Evolutionary.

    A goat is clearly seen toward the bottom right, although it is white rather than gray.

    It may well be another caprine Knight of Wundagore who has yet to be identified...perhaps Sir Capra, Sir Hircus, Sir Aegagrus, Sir Buck, Sir Billy, Sir Angora, Sir Apenzell, Sir Landrace, Sir Nubian, or Sir Zalawadi (none of which are documented names for Knights/New Men at the time of this profile.

    IF it was Sir Gote, than that also means Sir Gote had to be part of the Knights who departed Mt. Wundagore with the High Evolutionary in Thor I#135 (and who likely also opposed the Man-Wolf's New Men in that same issue) and who were seen in the New Wundagore appearances in West Coast Avengers Annual#3.

    IF Sir Gote was part of the devolved group in Tales to Astonish I#96, then, if he did not get devoured by a carnivore or otherwise perish, he could have been behind-the-scenes in Iron Man I#110-112, although I did not seen any caprine Knights in those issues.



     A horned, goat-like individual was seen on the High Evolutionary's Citadel/ship after it left Mount Wundagore as seen in West Coast Avengers Annual#3, as well as on New Wundagore when the Evolutionary presented the Knights with mates so they could further their population/society.

    However, the character has brown fur and given that we know Sir Ram was active on New Wundagore, it makes the most sense to identify this character as
Sir Ram.

     At the end of X-Men Annual#12/3, the High Evolutionary notes that over half of his Knights had perished in battle with the Other/Chthon. In Web of Spider-Man Annual#4/4, he noted that 17 of his 42 New Men had perished. One possibility is that the first number was the initial estimate, but that some of the Knights were only injured and were found to have survived by the next issue. Another possibility is that perhaps 10 or more of the New Men were not Knights (such as was the case for Bova, Sir Porga, and Count Tagar), so that while it was only 17 of his 42 New Men, it was 17 of 32 of his Knights...or something like that.

    Continuity (or lack thereof?):

    Only a few years before the writing of this profile, the Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) was still the daughter of the Magneto (with decades of stories since the 1979 supporting this), and the date of the conflict had been set at 1958 A.D. because of the recently retired Whizzer (Bob Frank) and Miss America (Madeline Joyce Frank), as well as Magnus (Magneto) and Magda, not too long after their liberation from the Nazi concentration camp, etc.

    All kinds of things have been ret-conned over time. Most significantly, Wanda is no longer the daughter of Magneto.

    I believe the Battle of Wundagore is still supposed to be tied to the birth of Wanda Maximoff, which is why Wanda has connections to Chthon. This was clearly established way back in Avengers I#186 (August, 1979).

    So...we shall see...

Sir Gote
should be distinguished from:

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Web of Spider-Man Annual#4/4, pg. 1, panel 1 (perhaps with Sir Hogg and Sir Porga)
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