sir_hogg-im112-fullSIR HOGG

Real NamePresumably Hogg

Identity/ClassTerrestrial fauna (pig) mutate (New Men)

OccupationKnight, warrior

Group MembershipKnights of Wundagore (notably Sir Gote, Sir Hystrix, Sir Lepard, Sir Lyan, Sir Ossilot, Sir Ram, Sir Ursus; likely Sir Ram), New Men (inclusive of the previously listed Knights of Wundagore; presumably including Count Tagar, Sir Porga, and Bova Ayshire)

AffiliationsIron Man (Tony Stark), Jack of Hearts (Jack Hart), Recorder#211, Soviet Super-Soldiers (Crimson Dynamo/(Dimitri Bukharin), Darkstar/Laynia Petrovna, Vanguard/Nikolai Krylenko),
    possibly Jonathan Drew, High Evolutionary (Herbert Wyndham), Magnus, Thor Odinson 

EnemiesRigellians (notably Arcturus), presumably the swamp creatures of Wundagore II;
    formerly Iron Man;
    possibly Chthon, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Man-Beast and his New Men;
    possibly formerly High Evolutionary

Known Relatives: None (see comments)sir_hogg-kow-im111-revolved

Aliases: None

Base of OperationsLast seen on Wundagore II (allegedly the 5th planet in the Sirius star system, Milky Way galaxy);
    possibly formerly High Evolutionary's citadel atop Mount Wundagore, Transia, Europe, Earth

First Appearance: (Possibly behind-the-scenes) Thor I#135 (December, 1966);
    (Presumably behind-the-scenes) Iron Man I#110 (May, 1978);
Iron Man I#111 (June, 1978);
Iron Man I#112 (July, 1978)

Powers/AbilitiesA boar evolved and mutated into humanoid conformation, Sir Hogg likely has enhanced human strength. He apparently has tusks, which presumably could be used as weapons.

    He presumably has enhanced olfactory senses, as well as a wider field of vision than a normal human and an increased auditory ability to detect ultrasound. 

    As a Knight of Wundagore, he was trained and experienced in armed and unarmed combat, wore armor (including space armor as needed), wielded a sword and blaster

    He presumably sometimes flew atop an atomic steed, upon which he likely wielded some sort of energy lance. He could pilot the steed within an atmosphere as well as in space. 

    He was also presumably experienced in wearing a space suit and using energy blasters.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6')
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 200 lbs.)
Eyes: Unrevealed (his eyes are not shown clearly, but they appear to be dark, and black, brown, and dark blue are common eye colors)
Hair: His head is bald, although he likely has dark, coarse, and sparse hair over his body.


(Tales to Astonish I#94/2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point while dwelling in his Citadel of Science atop Mount Wundagore, the High Evolutionary used his genetic accelerator to evolve a boar into one of his New Men.

(Thor I#135 (fb) - BTS) - Wyndham taught his New Men language, science, biology, and history.sir_hogg-kow-xman12-knighted

(Thor I#135 (fb) / Tales to Astonish I#94/2 (fb) - BTS / X-Men I Annual#12/3) <Circa 1958> - Like most of his New Men at the time, the High Evolutionary had his ally Jonathan Drew (possessed by the Arthurian-era sorcerer Magnus) train the boar man in the ways of the knights of old, striving to teach him a code of honor and chivalry; he dubbed him Sir Hogg and pronounced him and his associates as Knights of the Realm (later known as the Knights of Wundagore).

(X-Men I Annual#12/3) - These six newest Knights, which also included Sir Gote, Sir Hogg, Sir Lyan, Sir Ossilot (and one not pictured/identified), brought the number of knights up to forty-two.

    After the ceremony, the Evolutionary told his knights to assemble the round table and prepare the Feast of Ascension.



(X-Men I Annual#12/3 - BTS) - Soon after, the Knights were called forth to battle the Other, the elemental host of the demonic Elder God Chthon, summoned by the Chthon-pawn Gregor Russoff via Chthon's tome, the Darkhold. While they fought valiantly, the battle was only won when Magnus possessed Russoff and recited the spell of binding, trapping Chthon within Mount Wundagore.

(X-Men I Annual#12/3 - BTS / Web of Spider-Man Annual#4/4 (fb) - BTS) - Seventeen Knights out of the forty-two New Men perished in that battle.

(sir_hogg-kow-wosm4Web of Spider-Man Annual#4/4 (fb)) - Sir Hogg was apparently amongst the survivors, although he seemed to have suffered some injuries and/or lamented the losses of his fellow Knights. 
    It appeared as if Sir Porga (very maybe-ish) and Sir Lyan aided and/or consoled him.

(Thor I#134-135 - BTS) - Sir Hogg was possibly present when the High Evolutionary accidentally evolved a wolf too far, leading to the creation of the Man-Beast, who then evolved his own New Men. 

    The High Evolutionary's Knights eventually defeated the Man-Beast's agents and banished them  to the "galaxy Dromisana.", after which the High Evolutionary flew his Knights/New Men off Earth as well (see comments).

(West Coast Avengers Annual#3/3 (fb) - BTS? / Tales to Astonish I#94/2 (fb) - BTS) - Sir Hogg was possibly present as the High Evolutionary and his New Men colonized the world they called Wundagore II, after which the High Evolutionary evolved female mates/brides for his Knights so they could populate their new world. 


(Tales to Astonish I#94/2 (fb) - BTS / Tales to Astonish I#94-95 - BTS / Tales to Astonish I#96) - The New Men on Wundagore II descended into savagery, warring amongst themselves and then assaulting the High Evolutionary's citadel. 

    After battling the Hulk, who had been transported to Wundagore II by agents of the Evolutionary at his instruction to aid against the savage New Men, they were ultimately devolved back into their original animal forms by an evolved High Evolutionary.
    Sir Hogg was not seen amongst the attacking New Men/Knights of Wundagore, but at least two porcine creatures were seen amongst the devolved animals, a pink creature somewhat resembling a Yorkshire pig, and a gray-brown creature resembling a wild boar.

(Iron Man I#110 (fb) - BTS / Iron Man I#111 (fb) - BTS) - The power-hungry commander Arcturus led group of Rigellians to split from the main fleet, and they attempted to colonize Wundagore II, unaware of its history. 

    Their ship's radiation caused the animals to revert back into New Men, bereft of their previous savagery, and the Knights of Wundagore opposed the Rigellians' efforts to claim their world.

(Iron Man I#110 - BTS) - Wearing space suits and astride their atomic steeds as well as dragonfly-like ships, the Knights of Wundagore assaulted Arcturus' fleet; aboard Arcturus' command ship were terrestrial heroes Iron Man and Jack of Heart, brought there by a Rigellian transport device on Earth's moon.

(Iron Man I#111 - BTS) - Literally pulled into the conflict when the Rigellian command ship was breeched, Iron Man was assaulted by both Knights and Rigellians and crashed on Wundagore II, while the Knights returned to their mother ship to regroup. Iron Man was convinced to join the Knights of Wundagore against the Rigellians.


(Iron Man I#112) - Atop an atomic steed and wielding an energy sword, Iron Man led a charge of Knights from out of their mother ship. 

    With the Rigellians' space screens weakened from the earlier attack, Iron Man led the Knights to breach and board the command ship, although he warned the Knights that the Rigellians' weaponry still exceeds theirs. 

    Sir Hogg followed Iron Man's order, attacking while they retained the element of surprise in hopes of surviving the day. 

    The battle swiftly spread to the entire Colonizer fleet, and blasters cracked and defense shields fell as New Men and Rigellians locked in deadly hand-to-hand combat. 

(Iron Man I#112 - BTS) - When Iron Man and Jack of Hearts confronted Arcturus, the Rigellian commander sent the Punisher robot under his control to attack Earth via the transport chamber back to the egg on Earth's moon.
    Iron Man pursued the Punisher while telling Jack to stay and assist the New Men. Iron Man followed the Punisher to Earth and eventually subdued him. sir_hogg-kow-im112-parlez-arcturus

(Iron Man I#112) - However, the Rigellians battling Jack of Hearts pulled him with them through the transport chamber, and an army of Rigellians and the New Men fighting them soon emerged in the Blue Area of Earth's moon. The Soviet Super-Soldiers -- who had been waiting by the egg following a previous encounter with Iron Man -- attacked both groups of aliens emerging through the portal until Jack of Hearts announced, "The furry ones are on our side."

    Realizing the battle was going against him, Arcturus urged both the Colonizers and Knights to listen to him, and he offered to allow the New Men to keep Wundagore II if they helped the Colonizers take over Earth. 

    As Arcturus added that humanity had made the New Men outcasts, Rigellian Recorder#211 then arrived, having tracked Arcturus via the transport egg's signal beam. The Recorder related that the Rigellians had since found a new homeworld, and it stated that Arcturus' deliberately breaking contact with the fleet, his attempting to colonize without authority, and his threatening the restricted Earth had all broken Rigellian law. The Recorder then noted that it had been authorized to strip Arcturus of his rank and title, and it further declared the war against the New Men to have been illegal to now be over. 

    The Recorder then used the transport egg to return the Knights of Wundagore to Wundagore II. 

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Keith Pollard, and Fred Kida.

    Is the Sir Hogg seen in the X-Men Annual#12/3(and presumably Web of Spider-Man Annual#4 the same Sir Hogg as seen in Iron Man#111-112?


Only one Sir Hogg is referenced in the Official Handbook  of the Marvel Universe entries on the New Men and Knights of Wundagore entries.

The Official Index to the Marvel Universe to Iron Man notes Sir Hogg from Iron Man#111 to have last chronologically appeared in X-Men Annual#12/3 (OK, technically it says next appearing, but while the appearance was published later, it was chronologically beforehand).


    The Sir Hogg in X-Men Annual#12/3 does not have a porcine snout like the one in Iron Man I#111-112. It makes me wonder if the one in X-Men Annual#12/3 was not originally intended to be a younger version of Sir Porga.

    Further, the battle on Mount Wundagore seen in X-Men Annual#12/3 should take place close to 30 years ago, as it occurred simultaneously with the birth of Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch. 

    Only a few years before the writing of this profile, Wanda was the daughter of the Magneto, and the date of the conflict had been set at 1958 A.D. because of the recently retired Whizzer (Bob Frank) and Miss America (Madeline Joyce Frank), as well as Magnus (Magneto) and Magda, not too long after their liberation from the Nazi concentration camp, etc. 
    All kinds of things have been ret-conned over time, but I believe the Battle of Wundagore is still supposed to be tied to the birth of Wanda Maximoff. 
    Iron Man#110-112 would have taken place 9-11 years ago based on the sliding timescale.

    Being different incarnations would explain the different New Men being knighted alongside Sir Lepard in various issues (Thor I#135 vs. Tales to Astonish I#95 vs. X-Men Annual#12), and it might also explain why Sir Hogg did not have the pig snout of the Sir Hogg in the Iron Man issues.

    While there were not female New Men (besides Bova) prior to the arrival on Wundagore II, the Evolutionary could create as many New Men as needed while he was based on Mount Wundagore. 

So, if it was the same Sir Hogg in both sets of appearances:

    Either it was an art error in X-Men Annual#12/3 in not drawing Sir Hogg with a snout, or, at some point, Sir Hogg took on an even more porcine appearance. Either when turning savage shortly after arriving on New Wundagore or when restored to animal-man form after the arrival of the Rigellians.

    Sir Hogg would have been Behind-The-Scenes in Thor I#134-135, Tales to Astonish I#94-96, and West Coast Avengers Annual#3/3.

If it was not the same Sir Hogg in both sets of appearances:

    Either of the Sir Hoggs MAY have been BTS in Thor I#134-135, Tales to Astonish I#94-96, and West Coast Avengers Annual#3/3

        It is also possible that Sir Hogg perished when the the New Men turned savage shortly after their arrival on New Wundagore.

    Or Sir Hogg may have been newly developed on New Wundagore after the Rigellians' arrival restored the animals to their New Men forms.
    The population on New Wundagore is discussed further in the comments for that profile.

    If the Sir Hogg from X-Men Annual#12/3 perished after arrival on Wundagore II, then the subsequent Sir Hogg may well have been his son (or grandson, etc.).

    If the Sir Hogg from X-Men Annual#12/3 perished before the arrival on Wundagore II, then the subsequent Sir Hogg was presumably not related, as the Evolutionary likely would have just obtained and evolved another pig...although it is possible that the Evolutionary may have had a number of animals on hand to allow to breed normally so he would have access to stock for further evolution as needed. It is also possible that since he was based on Mount Wundagore, he may have harvested animals from the same location and thus could have used animals that were directly related. 

    If Sir Hogg was in West Coast Avengers Annual#3/3, then he would have been married when the High Evolutionary provided same species wives for each of his knight. Since we don't know for sure if he was in that issue, I am not going to speculate on a name for such a wife. 

sir_hogg-kow-awc3-hogg or porga-ship sir_hogg-kow-awc3-hoggorporga-brides   At the end of X-Men Annual#12/3, the High Evolutionary notes that over half of his Knights had perished in battle with the Other/Chthon. In Web of Spider-Man Annual#4/4, he noted that 17 of his 42 New Men had perished. One possibility is that the first number was the initial estimate, but that some of the Knights were only injured and were found to have survived by the next issue. Another possibility is that perhaps 10 or more of the New Men were not Knights (such as was the case for Bova, Sir Porga, and Count Tagar), so that while it was only 17 of his 42 New Men, it was 17 of 32 of his Knights...or something like that. 
    A character that looks just like Sir Hogg is shown but not identified amongst the survivors of the battle. I've included that appearance in the history.

    In West Coast Avengers Annual#3/3, there is indeed a character that looks like the Sir Hogg from X-Men Annual#12/3 and Web of Spider-Man Annual#4/4. He is seen both in the space flight after they depart Earth en route to New Wundagore and when the High Evolutionary gives each of the Knights a bride. 

    However, it also looks just like Sir Porga, who is confirmed as present and identified in a few panels later, when he warns the High Evolutionary that the New Men had gone savage shortly before dying.

    Oddly, Sir Porga is shown in Knights of Wundagore armor when he wasn't actually one of the Knights, but perhaps he wore it to defend himself and/or in an effort to maintain order.

    And...that thought reminded me to check further, but the High Evolutionary does specifically note that he was giving his Knights a bride...he doesn't specifically offer that to his non-Knight New Men (for example, Tagar and Porga; nor is there evidence Bova got a husband).

    My personal unofficial take/preference is that the human-faced Sir Hogg survived the battle against the Other/Chthon, but the pig-snouted Sir Hogg is not the same character...maybe a relative or just a successor.

    It could be Sir Hogg central among the figures responding to the bovine New Men (with a weaponless left arm raised), with his ears more erect and miscolored...or not...

wundagoreii-planet-im111-returntoknighthood    Additionally, Sir Hogg is really only identified in that one panel in Iron Man I#112 where Iron Man leads the charge. 

    The two other porcine characters pictured elsewhere in that same issue may not be him, as there may be multiple porcine Knights of Wundagore...

    ...maybe Sir Hogg, Sir Boar, Sir Pig, Sir Suid, Sir Swine, Sir Porcus, Sir Yorkshire, Sir Hampshire, Sir Duroc, Sir Sus, Sir Berkshire, Sir Chester, (they could even go with Sir Francis or Sir Bacon), etc...

Profile by Snood.

Sir Hogg
should be distinguished from:

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