Real Name: Eileen Harsaw

Identity/Class: Human, former mutant

Occupation: Asylum patient; former terrorist

Group Membership: None; formerly Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Avalanche/Dominikos Petrakis, Blob/Fred Dukes, Commando/Frank Bohannan, Pyro/St. John Allerdyce, Sauron/Karl Lykos, Toad/Mortimer Toynbee), Magneto's Red Guard

Affiliations: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Avalanche, Blob, Commando, Pyro, Sauron, Toad), Empyrean (Jonathan Chambers), Deadpool ("Wade Wilson"), Exodus (Bennet du Paris), Juggernaut (Cain Marko), Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh), the Morlocks (Masque, Thornn/Lucia Callasantos, others), Ophrah Industries (Cunningham, Gideon, Dr. Glover, others)

Enemies: Darkhawk (Chris Powell), Portal (Charles Little Sky), Project: Wideawake (Mr. Cleary, Henry Gyrich, others), Psi-Ber Sentinel, Edgar Running Bear, Sleepwalker, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Vault Guardsmen, X-Factor (Havok/Alex Summers, Multiple Man/Jamie Madrox, Polaris/Lorna Dane, Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff, Strong Guy/Guido Carosella, Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair), X-Force (Boom-Boom/Tabitha Smith, Cable/Nathan Summers, Cannonball/Sam Guthrie, "Domino"/Vanessa Carlysle, Feral/Maria Callasantos, Shatterstar/Gaveedra-Seven, Siryn/Theresa Rourke Cassidy, Warpath/James Proudstar), X-Men (Archangel/Warren Worthington III, Beast/Hank McCoy, Cyclops/Scott Summers, Gambit/Remy LeBeau, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Professor X/Charles Xavier, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock, Revanche/Kwannon, Rogue/Anna Marie, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Wolverine/James Howlett), X-Patriots (Lukas, Piroutte/Jo Beth, Prodigal, Taylor)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Ms. PhD" (insult from Blob)

Base of Operations: An unidentified asylum; formerly Empyrean's island mansion, Florida, USA; Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Headquarters, USA

First Appearance: (on a cover): X-Force I#5 (December, 1991); (in-story): X-Force I#6 (January, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Phantazia formerly had the mutant ability to harmonize and disrupt electronic wavelengths. By manipulating these wavelengths, Phantazia could produce a variety of effects, including locating hidden objects by harmonizing her surroundings, levitation, disrupting the internal bio-electric field of opponents to incapacitate or scramble their senses, disrupting the internal mechanisms of machinery such as weapons and sensors to prevent detection and at least short range teleportation. As a result of her connection to the electromagnetic spectrum, Phantazia's eyes constantly emitted energy. When asleep, her connection to electronic wavelengths ceased.

Following the events of M-Day, Phantazia no longer possessed any superhuman powers.

Height: 5'5
Weight: 111 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Platinum blonde

History: (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 9 - Phantazia entry - BTS) - Phantazia was an unheard of mutant, although her true identity of Eileen Harsaw was known to the authorities.

(Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men - Phantazia entry - BTS) - Phantazia was recruited by Toad into his new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, proving to be an addition Toad would be thankful for.

(X-Force I#6) - Phantazia accompanied Toad and the other Brotherhood of Evil Mutants members as they met with the Morlock Masque to discuss an alliance between the two groups. She silently watched as Toad negotiated with Masque, who remained unsure until the Morlock Thornn announced that she and other Morlocks wanted action, starting with Morlock defector Feral, who had joined the heroic mutant group X-Force. Masque relented to Thornn's announcement and agreed to Toad's alliance proposal. As a sign of charity, Toad informed Masque that his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants would take down X-Force on the Morlocks' behalf.

(X-Force I#7) - While Blob, Pyro, Toad and Sauron attacked X-Force at their former Sentinel base headquarters, Phantazia remained near the battlefield alongside the Morlocks Masque and Thornn. The trio searched for a hatchway that would lead them inside X-Force's headquarters and Phantazia used her electronic abilities to harmonize with her surroundings in an effort to locate the hatchway. When she located the entrance under a pile of brush, Phantazia accompanied Masque and Thornn into X-Force's Hangar Bay. Once inside, Masque turned on the lights and upon seeing X-Force's technological aircraft, Masque questioned where Cable got the money for such technology, prompting Phantazia to question where Cable got the technology itself. Before Phantazia and the others could place plastic explosives around the base, X-Force spotted them and Cable fired on the trio, warning that they would only be leaving the base in a body bag. As the trio tried to determine their next plan of action, Phantazia used her powers to disrupt the guidance mechanisms in Cable's weaponry. Warning that she could only keep the disruption up for so long, Phantazia suggested they do something and Thornn knocked the lights out in an attempt to stack the odds in their favor. Phantazia then focused her attack on Cable, who led Cannonball directly into Phantazia's cloak. When Cannonball tried to expand his blast field within Phantazia's cloak, she disrupted Cannonball's bodily bio-electric field, causing Cannonball to yell in pain and momentarily disrupting his blast field.

(X-Force I#9) - After Sauron mortally wounded Cannonball and Cable, Boom-Boom and "Domino" (actually the shape-shifting Copycat posing as Domino) rushed Cannonball to the medical bay with Sauron in pursuit, Siryn, Warpath and Shatterstar stayed behind to search for the remaining Brotherhood of Evil Mutants members. Finding no sign of them, Siryn questioned whether the electric-scrambling Phantazia might be scrambling their senses. Blob soon appeared, confirming Siryn's remarks, and attacked, only to ultimately retreat rather than face the violent Shatterstar. As Cable proved unable to save Cannonball in the medical bay, Phantazia and Masque arrived to deal Cable a final blow. Unfortunately, Shatterstar, Warpath and Siryn arrived behind them and with X-Force completely regrouped, Phantazia opted to retreat, saying goodbye to Masque as she departed and leaving her Morlock ally to be seemingly killed by Shatterstar on Cable's orders.

(All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#7 - Phantazia entry - BTS) - Phantazia and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (minus Sauron) escaped.

(X-Factor I#82) - Phantazia accompanied the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants as they attempted to recruit the Genoshan X-Patriots into the Brotherhood. As the X-Patriot remained unconvinced of the Brotherhood's "good intentions," Quicksilver appeared on the scene and attacked the Brotherhood. Quickly gaining the upper hand, Quicksilver was taken down by Phantazia, who used her powers to short out Quicksilver's internal electric impulses, causing him to fall from the ship they were fighting aboard. Toad praised Phantazia's good work and announced that he had kept Phantazia, one of his most powerful Brotherhood members, in reserve, just in case they faced opposition. Quicksilver's X-Factor allies soon arrived on the scene and a battle broke out between X-Factor and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants while Phantazia continued using her powers on Quicksilver to keep him out of the fight. As the battle progressed, Polaris took down Sauron following a serious bite from Wolfsbane and Havok blindly fired a plasma burst into the air, where Polaris redirected it into Phantazia and Pyro, taking them both down. X-Factor then regrouped and Toad ordered the Brotherhood to attack, only to find that Phantazia and the others had been taken down. Toad was then knocked out with one punch from the recovered Quicksilver.

(All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#7 - Phantazia entry - BTS) - Despite their defeat by X-Factor, Phantazia and her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants allies escaped the authorities.

(Darkhawk I#19) - Phantazia met with the other Brotherhood of Evil Mutants members to discuss Toad's plan to destroy their enemies. When Sauron demanded Toad tell them the plan, Phantazia grumbly told Sauron to be still and listen instead of flying around. Blob backed up Sauron, claiming that they had been sitting for awhile and they owed heroes heavy pain. Toad exclaimed that they had been beaten before because the team had been diverted from the true goal, jumping on Blob's shoulders as he continued talking. Blob quickly ordered Toad to get off of him, remarking that Pyro was about to burn him but Phantazia enveloped Pyro in her cloak and disrupted his powers, commenting that Pyro wouldn't be burning anyone with his powers not working. Thanking Phantazia for breaking up the fight between Blob and Pyro, Toad returned to explaining his plan, soon showing the Brotherhood an image of the teleporting Portal, whom Toad claimed was the key to their vengeance. A short time later, Phantazia and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants confronted Portal as he was attempting to escape from a group of Vault Guardsmen. Phantazia disrupted the electrified net that the Guardsmen had used against Portal, freeing him as the Brotherhood feigned an alliance against the Guardsmen. The Brotherhood then fiercely battled the Guardsmen until Phantazia, knowing that the Brotherhood had an agenda, opted to end the fight quickly by disrupting the Guardsmen's armor functions. Portal then fled, forcing Phantazia and the Brotherhood to pursue until they were halted by the arriving Darkhawk. A battle quickly ensued and Spider-Man soon arrived on the scene as well, aiding Darkhawk and the newly-armored Portal against the Brotherhood, with Darkhawk taking down Phantazia himself. Blob managed to make it to a truck, forcing the heroes to scatter as he scooped up Pyro. Toad jumped into the truck's bed, gathering the unconscious Phantazia and Sauron and fleeing with the Brotherhood just as the enigmatic Sleepwalker arrived on the scene.

(Darkhawk I#20) - Tracking down Portal, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants eventually locating and capturing him at Fireheart Industries, costing the life of security guard Edgar Running Bear. Back at their headquarters, Phantazia watched as Sauron hypnotized Portal into subservience. Hoping to use Portal as their own personal teleporter, Toad then showed Phantazia and the others blueprints of a Seattle weapons storage facility that housed an experimental laser cannon. Toad then announced a test of Portal's servitude by having him teleport the Brotherhood into the weapons facility to steal the cannon. As Portal stood up, ready to serve, Phantazia remarked how Portal was obeying Sauron's commands to standstill. Having seen the blueprints, Portal did as he was commanded and opened a portal, through which Phantazia and the Brotherhood followed him. Soon finding themselves in New York's Times Square instead of Seattle, the Brotherhood reacted with surprise and Phantazia watched as Blob knocked Portal unconscious for his seeming betrayal. Upon seeing the Brotherhood, Spider-Man, Darkhawk and their newest ally Sleepwalker, having been searching for the Brotherhood, attacked. Sleepwalker immediately distorted a lamppost to entrap Phantazia and Toad, but Phantazia in turn used her own powers to disrupt Sleepwalker's. When the hypnotized Portal sent Spider-Man into another dimension, Phantazia regrouped with the other Brotherhood members as the Toad ordered Sauron to create a diversion. Sauron then hurled a billboard at remaining heroes Sleepwalker and Darkhawk as Phantazia and the other Brotherhood members escaped via one of Portal's portals.

(Sleepwalker I#17) - Within the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants' headquarters, Phantazia silently watched as Pyro berated Sauron for earlier losing control of Portal, resulting in the Brotherhood's transport to Times Square. She soon noticed a puff of pink smoke in their headquarters and informed Toad, but Toad shrugged off the smoke as an atmospheric aberration and told Phantazia to focus on the matter at hand, unaware that the smoke was the remnants of Sleepwalker, who had followed the Brotherhood from Time Square before disappearing as his human host awoke. Eventually, Darkhawk and a returning Sleepwalker located the Brotherhood's base and stormed it. During the attack, Phantazia used her powers to disrupt Sleepwalker's flight pattern, causing him to crash into a wall, only to be downed herself by a blast from Darkhawk. Forced to retreat, Phantazia joined the other Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in escaping through another of the hypnotized Portal's portals. Before Portal could follow the Brotherhood, Darkhawk snagged him with his grappling hook, leaving the Brotherhood without their hypnotized teleporter.

(X-Men II Annual#2 (fb) - BTS) - Phantazia and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants brought the sick Pyro to mutant scientist/author Jonathan Chambers, who was establishing an island for dying mutants.

(X-Men II Annual#2) - When former Brotherhood members Avalanche and Commando secretly infiltrated the Florida estate of Jonathan Chambers on behalf of Project: Wideawake, Phantazia scrambled Commando's cybernetic sensors as the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants confronted Avalanche and Commando. Surprised to see his old teammates fighting against him, Avalanche didn't recognize Phantazia, who had to be introduced by Pyro. Jonathan Chambers himself interrupted the near-fight, suggesting that Avalanche and Commando would inevitably choose life over death and work with him, just as the Brotherhood had been doing. Later, while Phantazia slept, Commando's cybernetics, not disrupted during Phantazia's slumber, were able to gather photos of two civilian doctors working for Chambers: Dr. Josef Kleinbaumm and Dr. Nancy Alter, experts in viral infections and eugenics, respectively, and transmit them to Project: Wideawake's Mr. Cleary. A short time later, after the hostilities had ceased, Phatazia relaxed in one of Chambers' mansion rooms alongside the other Brotherhood members and Commando, questioning whether Chambers could actually help the sick Pyro. Toad admitted that he didn't think Chambers could help Pyro physically but rather, give Pyro someone to turn to. The gruff Blob then asked if Pyro and Chambers were kissing yet, prompting Phantazia to ask if Blob was jealous. Blob angrily exclaimed that he was sick of Phantazia's snide attitude, only to be interrupted by Chambers, who warned Blob to not resort to the carny mentality of his past and when Blob threatened Chambers, Chambers responded by revealing his own mutant abilities to absorb and redirect the agony of others. The X-Men soon arrived on Chambers' island, curious as to his association with the terrorist Brotherhood, and while Cyclops, Beast and Rogue spoke with Chambers, Phantazia, the Brotherhood, Avalanche and Commando attacked Gambit, Revanche and Psylocke, who were attempting to investigate in the sub-basements of Chambers' mansion. As a fierce battle broke out between Chambers' allies and the X-Men in the sub-basements, Phantazia stood on the sidelines in silence until Psylocke hit her with a psychic knife. Cyclops, Beast and Rogue, having been informed of the battle by Chambers himself, quickly arrived to aid their teammates but when Cyclops remarked that Avalanche and Commando were working for Project: Wideawake, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were shocked to hear that their two former comrades had been sent to the island to shut Chambers down. Refusing to let anyone interfere with his work, Chambers announced himself as Empyrean and used his powers to down every combatant present. After Empyrean explained his powers to the X-Men, Cyclops questioned his motives and Beast explained to the Brotherhood that Empyrean was nothing more than an energy vampire who fed off dying mutants' energies. Phantazia and the other assembled mutants then watched as the X-Men debated with Empyrean and the Legacy Virus-inflicted Pyro discussed the ethics of Empyrean wishing to feed off Legacy Virus victims. Revanche eventually interrupted the discussion, announcing that the X-Men had no right to judge Empyrean or their motives and revealing that she, too, had contracted the Legacy Virus. Still not convinced of Empyrean's motives, the X-Men reluctantly agreed to leave just as Project: Wideawake agents arrived on the island, suspecting Empyrean of illegal activity. After Empyrean got rid of Project: Wideawake's Henry Gyrich by threatening to expose his impersonation of the DEA, Phantazia watched as the X-Men departed and Revanche opted to remain with the X-Men than with Empyrean.

(X-Men Premium Edition#1) - Phantazia and her fellow Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were hired (alongside Juggernaut, Deadpool and seemingly traitorous former New Mutant Karma) by the immortal External Gideon and were unleashed against the X-Men when they invaded Gideon's Adirondack Mountains base of operations to rescue their captive teammates Professor X, Jean Grey and Psylocke. During the battle against the X-Men, Phantazia battled Archangel, whose razor-sharp fletchettes seemed to pass right through Phantazia's cloak. Phantazia and the Brotherhood soon defeated the X-Men but Ophrah Industries' Dr. Glover activated the psychically-powered Psi-Ber Sentinel, prompting many of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to flee the scene or risk their own lives against the Sentinel.

(X-Men Unlimited I#2) - Phantazia and the other Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were summoned by an unidentified party to a location just off Key West island in Florida. Relaxing until their summoner arrived, Phantazia soon picked up a disturbance in the electromagnetic spectrum, one that was explained with Magneto's Acolyte Exodus showed up and revealed himself as their summoner. Exodus announced that Magneto had tasked him with meeting and offering a place in Magneto's mutant sanctuary that was under construction. When Blob questioned Magneto's invitation, Exodus further explained that Magneto's invitation extended only Phantazia and not the other Brotherhood members, as she was the only one of their number that Magneto had deemed worthy enough of his Avalon sanctuary. When the other Brotherhood members grew angry at not being considered worthy, Exodus asked for Phantazia's answer whether to accompany him to Magneto's Avalon or not. Unsure, Phantazia mumbled "no" and Exodus departed, expressing hopes that the Brotherhood's coming deaths would be painless. After Exodus had left, a solemn Phantazia listened to the others complaining at Magneto's arrogance and Pyro suggested they move along to their meeting at a Jimmy Buffet restaurant.

(X-Men: Time Gliders I#1) - Phantazia watched as Avalanche managed to break through the Xavier Mansion's jamming frequencies on behalf of Empyrean, who hoped to gain the Mansion's secrets. Once a communication channel had been established, Phantazia, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Empyrean spied on the X-Men as four of their number practiced in the Danger Room. Continuing to watch the feed, Phantazia and the others witnessed Beast's invention of a time travel device he dubbed the Time Glider. Phantazia was also present when Empyrean ordered Commando to steal the Time Glider to prevent the X-Men from disrupting the timestream by traveling back in time to prevent the destruction of the Legacy Virus before it spread.

(X-Men: Time Gliders I#2) - After Commando succeeded in stealing the Time Glider and the X-Men tracked the Glider to Empyrean's island, Empyrean sent Phantazia and Avalanche to battle the X-Men when Blob failed to stop them, ordering them to kill the X-Men if necessary to prevent them from reaching Empyrean's lab.

(X-Men: Time Gliders I#4) - Arriving just as a nearly-drowned Storm washed up on the island shore of Empyrean's base, Phantazia admitted that she had thought for sure the undertow would've finished Storm, who announced that she was made of sterner stuff. When Storm warned not to try her patience, Phantazia responded with an electromagnetic blast, remarking that Storm wasn't the only woman with power. Storm then knocked Phantazia to the ground, commenting that Phantazia was lucky the X-Men did not kill but Phantazia replied that she was not ready to die and blasted Storm from behind with another electromagnetic burst, warning that as long as the X-Men stood in their way, the Brotherhood would destroy them. Checking the downed Storm, Phantazia thought to herself how the Legacy Virus could very well kill the Brotherhood first and began to question whether or not she was doing the right thing by aiding Empyrean. Shortly thereafter, Phantazia located Cyclops and fired an electromagnetic blast at him before a recovered Storm arrived and renewed her battle with Phantazia as the regrouped X-Men battled the assembled Brotherhood. After dodging Storm's lightning bolts, Phantazia was eventually take down by wind funnel created by Storm. Once the rest of the Brotherhood had been taken down, the X-Men prepared to stop Empyrean, who fled into the timestream with the Time Glider, which Beast then retrieved, leaving Empyrean trapped in the prehistoric era.

(All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#7 - Phantazia entry - BTS) - Phantazia remained with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants until the team was disbanded.

(X-Men Fleer Ultra 1995 Phantazia trading card - BTS) - While evaluating the members of his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Toad admitted that his Brotherhood had no high and mighty goal but rather just personal gain and that Phantazia certainly made the Brotherhood's personal gain easier. Looking over her power set, Toad also admitted that, while he wasn't sure if she was a mutant or not, he was sure she was evil.

(House of M I#6 (fb) - BTS) - When Scarlet Witch's briefly warped reality into one where Magneto ruled and mutants were the majority, Phantazia was altered as well, becoming a member of Magneto's Red Guard during the warp.

(House of M I#6) - Many heroes soon recalled their true Earth-616 lives and a squad split to distract Magneto. Disguising their attack by arriving inside the Sentinel, the heroes were noticed when Phantazia sensed the arrival of a Sentinel. Magneto and Polaris quickly took out the Sentinel, only for the heroes to emerge and attack. Remaining loyal to Magneto, Phantazia battled the restored heroes alongside the Red Guard and numerous others protecting Magneto and his "House of M."

(New Avengers I#16 (fb) - BTS) - When reality was restored and the Scarlet Witch erased the mutant gene in most of the worlds' mutants, Phantazia was one of the many mutants who was depowered.

(New Avengers I#16 - BTS) - Traumatized by the experience and recalling the events during Scarlet Witch's reality warp, the non-powered and raving Eileen Harsaw (formerly Phantazia) was placed within a padded room in an asylum, where she constantly muttered the words "House of M" over and over again. Her rantings eventually gained the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D., who questioned Tony Stark about their recent mission to Genosha.

Comments: Created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza.

Phantazia first appeared on the cover of X-Force I#5 (December, 1991) but she did not appear anywhere in the issue itself. A holographic image of Phantazia also appeared as part of Jubilee's Danger Room session in X-Men II#12 (September, 1992) but she did not actually appear in-person.

Phantazia was seen as part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in a pin-up by Jim Lee in Marvel X-Men Collection I#3 (March, 1994). The art was taken from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants trading card in the 1992 X-Men trading card set. She also received her own trading card (with art by Mark Pacella & Paul Mounts) and was pictured on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants card (with art by Mark Pacella & Dan Panosian) in the 1993 X-Men trading card set. Similarly, she was seen on the X-Force vs. the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants card in the Marvel Universe Series IV trading cards from 1993 and in the Fleer Ultra 1995 X-Men trading card set, Phantazia received a trading card of her own, noting her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants membership. She also appeared on a trading card and as a kid's meal toy in a Hardee's restaurant promotion. X-Men: Time Gliders was the mini-comic series that was included with the Hardee's kid's meals at that time and I've included her appearances in that mini-series in this profile. Phantazia was also seen in a costume that was never shown in comics in a playing card from the Marvel Vs. trading card game, with art by Brian Stelfreeze. Since the costume was so different, I've pictured the art here.

Phantazia's height and weight are listed as 6'2" and 171 lbs. in her Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men entry. This was corrected in her All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#7 entry.

While Phantazia's 1995 X-Men Fleer Ultra trading card was not a true in-story appearance, many cards in that trading card set featured evaluations of the characters from their group leaders on the backs. Since her evaluation from Toad was never seen in-story, I chose to include the trading card as a BTS appearance in this profile. Presumably, many other characters who had trading card in that set would also have BTS appearances in the card backs.

Phantazia had profiles in the Marvel Encyclopedia HC Vol. 2: X-Men (2004), All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#7 (2006) and Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z HC Vol. 9 (2009).

The appearance of Phantazia's mask seemed to change in every appearance she had. One could chalk that up to artistic interpretation or you might also think maybe that she had replace the mask every time she was defeated...

Thanks to Loki for the cleaned up main image.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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X-Men 1993 Phantazia trading card (Phantazia swirling cloak)
X-Men 1993 Brotherhood of Evil Mutants trading card (Phantazia floating over Pyro's flames)
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X-Men: Time Gliders I#2, p7, pan1 (Phantazia inside Empyrean's mansion)
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X-Men 1995 Fleer Ultra Phantazia trading card (Phantazia floating)
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Marvel Vs. Phantazia card (Phantazia's Marvel Vs. card in never-before-seen costume)

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