Real Name: Ophrah Industries Sentinel Mark IV

Identity/Class: Robot (Sentinel)

Occupation: Mutant-hunter

Affiliations: Gideon, Dr. Glover

Enemies: X-Men, all mutants

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Ophrah Industries, in the Adirondack Mountains, New York

First Appearance: X-Men Premium Edition I#1 (1993, Toys ‘R’ Us giveaway)


Powers/Abilities: Psi-Ber Sentinel appears to have all the powers of a regular Sentinel robot; Unlike others, its power source is derived from psychic mutants. Without being attached to said power source, Psi-Ber Sentinel is deactivated.



History: After former comrade Karma helps Juggernaut and Deadpool attack Xavier’s mansion and kidnap Professor X, Jean Grey and Psylocke, the X-Men follow them to an industrial base. There they learn that Gideon and Dr. Glover have hooked the telepathic mutants up to a Sentinel they have dubbed the Psi-Ber Sentinel. To stave off the heroes, Gideon has recruited the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Toad, Blob, Pyro, Phantazia).

However, once the Sentinel is activated, it targets all of the various mutants, forcing the Brotherhood, Deadpool and Juggernaut to escape. The X-Men, with help from Karma, free Xavier, Jean and Psylocke, effectively shutting the robot down. Karma explains that Gideon forced her help, falsely claiming to having held her siblings hostage. Once the situation is resolved, Wolverine brings the building down on Gideon and the Psi-Ber Sentinel.



Comments: Created by Eric Fein and Craig Brasfield; based on the Sentinel concept developed by various X-Men creators including Stan Lee.

This book, a giveaway from Toys ‘R’ Us, seems to fit into Earth 616 continuity, but just barely. Gideon often worked behind the scenes and never actually confronted the X-Men as he does here. Like any of the promotional comics, this sits on the fringe of continuity, waiting for some nice writer to mention the events in an in-continuity story...

The Psi-Ber Sentinel and the events of this story are mentioned in the Sentinels' All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Premiere (HC)#10's entry.
--David A. Zuckerman

A couple of problems with the story though: First, Gideon has the Psi-Ber Sentinel programmed to kill the X-Men and all other mutants in the vicinity. Gideon, himself a mutant, is clearly within 20 feet of the Sentinel at this point in time. Also, at one point, Wolverine’s ADAMANTIUM claws simply bounce off of the stomach of The Blob!
The last past is actually not a problem. The Blob's skill is pretty much invulnerable, and he's never been cut by Wolverine as far as I recall
More of a problem is the identification of Deadpool and Juggernaut as mutants...perhaps the Psi-Ber Sentinel had been specifically programmed to ignore Gideon, and it somehow exceeded its programming (This is almost standard operating proecdure with Sentinels, you know!) and also targeted non-mutant superhumans--Snood.

Also, the cover clearly shows PROFESSOR X, or someone VERY similar in appearance, riding in the head of the Psi-Ber Sentinel. In the issue, no one does any such thing.


Psi-Ber Sentinel should not be confused with any of the other uniquely-named Sentinels, such as


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