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Daria (Prime Sentinel, Generation X character) - by Norvo

Lurch of Earth-Ages of Apocalypse: Fantastic Four

Master Mold of Earth-9112

Metallak (X-Men Unlimited)

Nimrod of Earth-811 (X-Men foe)

Protectorate (Avengers foes)

Psi-Ber Sentinel (X-Men foe)

Sentinel of 1906 (Hellfire Club, X-Men foe)

Sentinel X-42903-22 (emotional, love-seeking robot) - by Chadman

Sentinels of Earth-9112

Sentinels of Earth-9602 (Amalgam characters)

Sentinels of Earth-9620 (took over America)

Sentinels of Earth-10102 (Exiles foes)

Sentinels of Earth-81727

Sentinels of Earth-523004

Sentinels of Earth-Phoenix Had Not Died

Sentinels of Earth-9112

Tri-Sentinel (Spider-Man/Nova foe)

Woodhill, Mr. of Earth-MC2 (Sentinel, Wild Thing foe) - by Grendel Prime

"X-Sentinel" of Earth-9612

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