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Type: Alternate/divergent Earth
Core Continuum Designation: Earth-10102

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Panoptichron

Dominant Life Form: Androids (North America - see comments)

Significant Inhabitants: Adaptoid, Avengers, Awesome Android, Captain America, Cerebro, Fantastic Four, H.E.R.B.I.E., Human Robot, Jocasta duplicates, M-51, Machine Men, Polaris LMD, Hank Pym/Ultron, Quasimodo, Red Ronin, Sentinels, Torrgo, Vision, Charles Xavier, X-Men, Arnim Zola;
    briefly Beast (Earth-763), Blink (Earth-295), Forge (Earth-2814), Panther (Earth-1119), Polaris (Earth-8149), Witch (Earth-8823)

Features: All of North America and parts of South America have had all life destroyed through radiation, although the decay rate was very fast, permitting slow recovery by plant life. North America is inhabited totally by pockets of androids and mechanical creatures. Many militarily developed nations have had their missiles sent back at them.

First Appearance: Exiles III#3 (August, 2009)


(Exiles III#4 (fb)) - A chance meeting between Charles Xavier and Hank Pym led to Pym being shown how Cerebro located mutants. The two expanded the system to detect extra-powered beings, although a rogue Ultron robot infiltrated the Avengers Mansion lab. Groups like the Avengers and the Fantastic Four came to rely on Cerebro to isolate super-powered criminal or find allies in distress. Cerebro was relocated closer to Washington, DC, but a new and destructive artificial entity had secretly developed when Cerebro and Ultron merged. When the US Government sent mutant-hunting Sentinels after the X-Men, Xavier asked Cerebro to reprogram the robots, but it instead changed the parameters to kill all humans. Cerebro further asserted itself by taking over the US military's Machine Men project and full war between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and humans ensued. Intending to unify all independent AIs, Cerebro welcomed the Vision, the one sentient Machine Man (M-51) and the latest Ultron android (actually Pym's consciousness housed in an Ultron shell). The three perfected a neutron bomb that destroyed life at the cellular level in North America and parts of South America, wiping out all humans, animals and plants.

(Exiles III#5 (fb)) - M-51, Vision and Pym/Ultron modified Machine Men troops to secretly store the life-force of those decimated at the moment of the neutron blasts. Pym/Ultron also devised firewalls to lock Cerebro out from other systems around the world so that it could not replicate itself.

(Exiles III#4 (fb) - BTS) - The radioactive decay rate was fast. Those countries that sent missiles against North America instead had them redirected to their point of origin. Meanwhile, a thriving, advanced city near Washington, DC developed that was home to various AI structures, including Sentinels, Machine Men, Jocasta duplicates, Red Ronin, H.E.R.B.I.E., Arnim Zola, Awesome Android, Adaptoid, Torrgo and the Human Robot.

(Exiles III#3) - The Exiles (Blink, Beast, Forge, Panther, Polaris and the Witch) arrived with instructions from the Tallus to overthrow the machines. Their arrival was monitored by Pym/Ultron, M-51 and Vision, who saw them as a way to stop Cerebro.

(Exiles III#4) - Cerebro sent Sentinels to eliminate the Exiles, but they were quickly destroyed. Pym/Ultron, M-51 and Vision arrived to take them back to their base, Lab 89. Although the Exiles (excepting the absent Blink) resisted, they were nevertheless knocked out.

(Exiles III#5) - Beast, Panther, Witch and Forge were put in stasis while Polaris was hidden inside Jocasta armor to fool Cerebro and they learned the history of Cerebro. Blink arrived and was set up to disable Cerebro's remote unit in the lab. The three androids' true motives were revealed and a plan devised to vanquish Cerebro. Polaris, Witch and Panther roamed the city atop a destroyed Sentinel's head attacking androids while Blink teleported Forge and Beast to the mastermind computer outside the city, where Beast was able to rip apart Cerebro's neural net, thereby stopping all Cerebro-controlled units. The three androids then intended to reconstruct their society by uploading the memories of those humans destroyed into newly constructed LMDs (Life Model Decoys).

Comments: Created by Jeff Parker (writer) and Salva Espin (art).

Given that militarily developed nations had their attacking missiles turned back at them, it seems safe to say that the populations of Europe, greater Russia, China and India, probably Israel, would be decimated. But that would still leave human populations in Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

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Initially the same as Xavier's mutant-locating device, Cerebro's function was expanded with help from Hank Pym to detect all super-powered beings. However, Cerebro's programming had been secretly corrupted by one of Pym's rogue Ultron robots. Cerebro was relocated to Washington, DC as it had become a target of supervillains. When Xavier tried to get Cerebro to reprogram aggressive Sentinels, it instead directed them to hunt down and kill all humans. Cerebro next took over the Machine Men project and assembly, then destroyed all life in North America to cement its power.

    It had a direct link to its minions, the Machine men and Jocasta duplicates, and wanted to eventually connect all independent AI structures. It could duplicate itself by downloading its database to remote servers, although these were later blocked by Pym/Ultron. Cerebro had a remote unit to see what was happening in Pym/Ultron's Lab 89, but this was inadvertently smashed by Blink. Cerebro's master computer was located outside the city. Blink, Forge and Beast teleported there. Cerebro tried to suffocate them, but Beast was finally able to rip apart its neural net, thereby destroying it.







--Exiles III#4 (5


The only sentient Machine Man, M-51 was a product of a US military project. He allied himself with Pym/Ultron and Vision to stop Cerebro. He infiltrated and modified the Machine Men assembly line so that the each unit could house many people's life force. He helped collect the Exiles and transport them to Lab 89 to eventually have them aid in eliminating Cerebro. He would later help establish LMD communities across North America. M-51 appeared to be much the same as his early counterpart on Earth-616.











--Exiles III#3 (4-5

Hank Pym/Ultron

Xavier introduced Cerebro to Pym, who helped expand its capabilities to detect all super-powered beings. He realized too late that Cerebro had been corrupted by an early, rogue Ultron unit and found out about its plan to exterminate bio-organisms. He transferred his mind into a computer network just before his body was destroyed, creating for himself an LMD housed in Ultron armor. He then masqueraded as an Ultron unit to gain Cerebro's confidence. He devised the plan to save the lifeforce of humans and secretly house them in Machine Men. He later slowed down Cerebro's minions' advancement and would lead the establishment of an LMD civilization in North America. 

    Pym's Ultron armor afforded him increased durability and limb reattachment was easy. The Ultron body also had a detachable head and flight capabilities.











--Exiles III#3 (4-5


After Cerebro's decimation of life in North America, Vision became the last Avenger and with Pym/Ultron and M-51, feigned an alliance with Cerebro. He helped devise a plot to save the surviving humans and collected the Exiles when they appeared, seeing them as a mean to stop Cerebro. He reacted to when Blink stormed Lab 89, setting up an attack that would temporarily block Cerebro's Cerebro's access to the lab. He later stopped many Machine Men advancing to protect Cerebro and would later re-establish North American society by uploading the saved memories of those slain into LMDs. The Vision appeared to be much the same as his Earth-616 counterpart.







--Exiles III#3 (4-5

Jocasta duplicates

Cerebro's android minions included Jocasta duplicates that provided assistance in Pym/Ultron's Lab 89. They became inert once their link with Cerebro was severed.






--Exiles III#4 (5

Machine Men

The Machine Men were part of a secret US military project commandeered by Cerebro in its war against humans. The only sentient Machine Man, M-51, and the Vision infiltrated the android factories and modified them to store the lifeforce and memories of humans who would be killed by neutron bombs; these would be stored in their chestplates. They became inert once Cerebro was destroyed. The lifeforce they stored would be implanted in LMD units to restart society in North America.








--Exiles III#4 (5

Polaris LMD

With the aid of a Jocasta duplicate, Pym/Ultron created a Polaris LMD in Lab 89 to trick Cerebro. LMD technology would later be used to restart society in North America.











--Exiles III#4 (5

Sentinels demolish Lab 89


As on Earth-616, the US Government deployed Sentinels against the X-Men. Xavier tried to stop them by getting Cerebro reprogram them, but the corrupted AI instead sent them against all humans. They acted as Cerebro's enforcers, also demolishing Lab 89 while pursuing the Exiles. Many were destroyed by Polaris and the Witch.








--Exiles III#3 (4-5

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Exiles III#4, p20, pan1-2 (main image)
Exiles III#4, p11, pan4 (map)
Exiles III#5, p1, pan4 (Cerebro screens + eye unit)
Exiles III#5, p18, pan2 (Cerebro core)
Exiles III#5, p2 (M-51 - full)
Exiles III#5, p20, pan4 (M-51 - headshot)
Exiles III#5, p2 (Pym/Ultron - body)
Exiles III#5, p20, pan2 (Pym/Ultron - headshot)
Exiles III#5, p18, pan3 (Vision - full)
Exiles III#5, p4, pan3 (Vision - headshot)
Exiles III#5, p3, pan3 (Jocasta duplicates)
Exiles III#5, p7, pan2 (Machine Men - full)
Exiles III#5, p7, pan3 (Machine Men - heads)
Exiles III#4, p24, pan2 (Polaris LMD)
Exiles III#5, p9, pan5 (Sentinels smashing Lab 89)

Exiles III#3 (August, 2009) - Jeff Parker (writer), Salva Espin (pencils & inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Exiles III#4 (September, 2009) - Jeff Parker (writer), Casey Jones (pencils), Karl Kesel (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Exiles III#5 (October, 2009) - Jeff Parker (writer), Casey Jones (pencils), Karl Kesel (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)

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