Real Name: Sentinel Unit 728-67

Identity/Class: Robot (Sentinel)

Occupation: Destroyer of mutants

Group Membership: Sentinels

Affiliations: (former) Browning, Denham

Enemies: Browning, Denham

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Most Colossally Amazing Mechanical Creation of the Age", "Robotic Echo of Humanity Constructed on a Grand Scale", "Awesome Automation That Will Put Fear in Your Heart and Awe in Your Eyes"

Base of Operations: Formerly a carnival

First Appearance: X-Men Unlimited I#33 (December, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: Metallak is a large Sentinel, and probably possesses all of the abilities of normal Sentinels including the ability to find mutant anomalies and fire energy blasts from its hands.

History: (X-Men Unlimited I#33/2 (BTS))- While Denham was walking along the beach he found a Sentinel lying in the surf and managed to get it to walk. He brought it over to his booth and began showing it to people as an attraction for years.

(X-Men Unlimited I#33/2)- Denham showed Browning Metallak and hired Browning to fix it. Browning fixed it and when it turned online it killed both Denham and Browning for being mutants and then left for Manhattan to exterminate more mutants.

Comments: Created by Will Pfeifer and Walter Taborda

I donít know why but I would like it to be revealed that Metallak is the Sentinel from the comic book Sentinel.

by Sammy 7D

Metallak has no connections to:

Denham ran a sideshow at a carnival and found Metallak at the beach. For years he showed Metallak off, until he hired Browning to fix Metallak. When it remembered its true programming it slew Denham because Denham was a mutant with persuasive powers.

--X-Men Unlimited I#33/2

Browning was a mechanic hired by Denham to fix Metallak. He fixed Metallak too well, and once Metallak remembered its true programming it killed Browning for being a mutant with the an affinity for non-organic devices.

--X-Men Unlimited I#33/2

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