Membership: Ghost Rider (Ketch?), Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine (all of Earth-2841)

Purpose: To defend Earth and humanity against super-human threats

Affiliations: Lurch, Mary-Jane Waston-Parker (all of Earth-2841)

Enemies: Annihilus, Arnim Zola, Blastarr, Harpy (Betty Banner) (all of Earth-2841)

Base of Operations:Baxter Building, Manhattan, New York, Earth-2841.

First Appearance: Wolverine II#148 (March, 2000)

History: (Wolverine II#148 (fb)- BTS) After the original Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Doctor Doom and most of the Avengers were killed by X-Man, who had become the High Lord after defeating Apocalypse, Wolverine decided to bring together a new Fantastic Four with the three superheroes who once stood along with him before in the FFs absence.

(Wolverine II#148) - Having captured the Harpy, the Fantastic Four attempted to dump her in the Negative Zone. However, Annihilus and Blastarr were waiting and came through the portal, attacking the group. The Hulk knocked Blastarr back in, and Spider-Man used a tied-up Harpy to knock Annihilus in as well.

After learning that President Robert Kelly had been assassinated by what was apparently Doctor Doom, the Fantastic Four (minus Ghost Rider, who had been attacked earlier) were attacked by Doombots. Going to Washington D.C., the three found their missing member, tied to a bomb. Doctor Doom revealed himself, but was quickly defeated and revealed not to be the true Doom, but one of Arnim Zolas creations. The Hulk destroyed the bomb, but the Four realized that the false Doom was a second bomb, and barely escaped as it blew up. They then learned that Graydon Creed was being sworn in as President.

Comments:Created (or rather, adapted) by Erik Larsen, Roger Cruz, Andy Owens and Scott Koblish.

Technically, this version of the Fantastic Four first appeared in Fantastic Four I#347, on Earth-616, but since this is a divergent future reality, Im forgoing that for the sake of clarity.

Also, technically speaking, the entire Ages of Apocalypse saga, and the potential divergent future shown within, was in actuality, just an illusion created by Apocalypse. However, given that are, according to Uatu the Watcher, an infinite amount of alternate and divergent realities in existence, this one would almost certainly be out there somewhere.

And this is yet another potential divergent future where Spider-Man and MJs baby lived, and displayed Spidey-like powers even as a baby.

Profile by Madison Carter

Clarifications: THE FANTASTIC FOUR are a future divergent earth version of

And should not be confused with the original team that they took their name from:

Lurch is a Sentinel that was programmed to guard the Baxter Building by the Fantastic Four. He was left in charge of guarding Mary-Jane Watson-Parker and May Parker when the FF left to find Doom.

images: Wolverine II#148, page 4, panel 1 (FF)
Wolverine II#148, page 15, panel 1 (Lurch)

Wolverine II#148 (March, 2000)

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