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Real Name: Tyrus Krill

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial/Unknown/Brood

Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Vengeance Seeker, Former Scientific Explorer

Group Membership: None known, presumably some scientific organizations on his own world.

Affiliations: Wolverine

Enemies: The Brood,  The Brood Queen, the D'Bari

Formerly, His Family (Under duress), Unnamed Boy (Under duress), Wolverine (While under Brood Control)

Known Relatives:  Ulara Krill (Wife, deceased), Zet  Krill (Son, Deceased), Jexia Krill (Son? Deceased) ( See comments)

Aliases: Scourge Of The Brood

Base of Operations: Mobile aboard his Starship

First Appearance: Wolverine Annual 2000

Powers/Abilities: Tyrus Krill was a genius with various types of technology, and well versed in Brood Biology, specifically what can harm or kill them, such as sonic weaponry and parasitic M'Zara Blood Flies. He may have also had advanced knowledge of genetic engineering. He had modified his body and musculature (The Queen remarked that he was "bigger" than last time they'd met), doubtless gaining enhanced strength, speed, durability and agility. He was also able to fight off his Brood side for several years, and was apparently not connected to the Brood Hive Mind. As a Brood his abilities were further enhanced, and he possessed an armored exoskeleton, tail, and massive fangs.

History: (Wolverine Annual 2000 (fb) - BTS) - Tyrus Krill and his family accepted a mission to search out new worlds for colonization for their people. His wife and children were not so keen on the loneliness and danger in such a mission, but they went anyway. Zet interrupted his father during an important experiment, (Involving a creature in a cylinder that looked suspiciously like Cru), and Tyrus yelled at the boy. His wife informed him that they had received a distress signal from a nearby ship, and explained how hard it was for Zet, not being around kids his own age. The vessel in distress turned out to be a Brood-Infested Acanti, which had lured them in with a false distress signal, the family attempted to flee but their vessel was boarded. Hoping to save his family, Tyrus tried to fight the Brood while his wife and children fled to the escape pod, but this only played into the Brood's hands, and all were infected. Tyrus awoke to find himself infected, and, thinking quickly, injected himself with a hypo-spray of  an unspecified depressant to stop the spread of infection. He called out to his family, thinking them safe, but was horrified to see that they had been transformed into Brood. As he fled in horror, the escape pod blasted off, taking his now infected family with it.

 For years Tyrus sought vengeance on the Brood who had taken his family, experimenting on and modifying his own body  to become more powerful and seeking  out technology and lifeforms fatal to the Brood, even as his family became a part of a Nest so violent and cruel it was considered "criminal" even by other Brood. He evidently fought the Brood several times, as he was considered one of their greatest enemies, along with Wolverine, earning the nickname "Scourge of the Brood". At some point he learned of the existence of Wolverine, who was legendary as a Slayer of Brood and considered a "Monster" by that race. As he headed to Earth to recruit this powerful new ally, the Brood Nest arrived on Earth, hiding within the Ripley Hotel in New York City, New York, and began converting numerous innocents into Brood.

(Wolverine Annual 2000) - Tyrus Krill arrived on Earth, smashing a gentleman's new car beneath his ship, and quickly located Wolverine within a nearby pub. After an initial misunderstanding, Tyrus explained his purpose on Earth, his history with the Brood (Leaving out his own infection), and the Brood's presence on Earth. He asked Wolvie' for help, and Logan accepted, never one to turn down a chance to kill Brood. The two made their way to the Ripley hotel, and began slashing and blasting every Brood they came across, careful not to kill any of the confused humans milling about. As Wolverine slashed ahead, Krill confronted a woman and man who were being... intimate, and the woman revealed herself to be Brood and attacked. He quickly dispatched her, and told the frightened man to leave, before having a brief lapse into his Brood state.

 As he moved on through the carnage left by Wolverine, he detected a Brood that Logan had missed.  Unwilling to let a single Brood escape his vengeance, he decided to investigate. Opening the apartment door, he was confronted by a young boy, about the same age his son Zet had been when he was infected. The Brood Queen, through the boy, taunted Tyrus with his failure to save his own children and stop the Brood rampage. The boy transformed into Brood form and attacked, and Krill was forced to shoot him, killing him instantly. As the boy reverted to human form, Tyrus set the child's body gently on the floor, and apologized for not being able to save him, or stop the Brood in time to prevent his infection, vowing that it would all end here. He then moved down the elevator shaft, to the Brood Nest, where Wolverine was engaged in a fierce battle with hordes of Brood. He unleashed a swarm of M'Zara Blood Flies, which bored their way under the skin of the attacking Brood, causing a chemical reaction resulting in the infected Brood literally exploding. The Brood Queen then struck Krill from behind with her tail,  mocking Tyrus' failure to destroy her after so many encounters. Tyrus then unleashed a sonic weapon of his own design, specifically attuned to Brood frequencies to cause  them extreme pain. Furious, the Queen impaled him on her tail and dragged him to a water source, where she attempted to drown him before throwing him in to die. As the Queen gloated, Wolverine struck her from behind, delivering a fatal blow, but the strain was too much for Krill, and he transformed into a Brood, attacking Wolverine, who was forced to cut him down. As he reverted to normal, he apologized for not being totally honest with Wolverine, and asked to be reunited with his family. Wolverine carried him to his dying wife and children, and they comforted each other as they died.

Wolverine carried the bodies to the Xavier Institute, where Beast reprogrammed their ship to take them home for proper burial.

Comments: Created by Frank Tieri, Jorge Santamaria and Nathan Messingill

I list Jexia as Tyrus "son" because the child's gender is unclear, only  Zet is referred to specifically as his son, but as a young adult? when Jexia died, "he" seemed to lack female features, (I.E. breasts).

Tyrus was able to hide his Brood scent from Wolverine by unknown means he had learned from years of hunting Brood.

The unnamed Brood-Infected Boy returned to human form at death, and Krill and his family returned to their normal forms, but most of the others infected either remained in Brood form at death or actually turned into Brood when they died, this was never explained. I assume the boy and Krill's family regained their true form for dramatic effect, to hit home the horror and tragedy of it all. It sure worked on me...

I wonder how they explained all of those deaths to the authorities...

Tyrus, referring to this group of Brood, stated, "They are a ruthless group, even for the Brood. The blood spilled of those they slay are not necessarily for reproduction, but for pleasure. Even amongst the Brood race itself, they are considered criminals." He wasn't exactly speaking from a impartial position, but there is little reason to doubt this claim.

At first I suspected that the Brood Queen and her two Prime Warriors were Ulara and her children, but their bodies were in a different area of the Nest than that of the fallen Queen. Though they are not called "Prime Warriors" in the story, I use the term simply to differentiate them from the other, less powerful Brood. Though the Brood Skur'Kil from Uncanny X-Men I#155 was referred to as a "Warrior Prime", I'm not really suggesting a connection.

Once again the Brood Queen attempted to implant Wolverine with a Brood Egg. They never learn, do they?

A creature resembling Cru, (A Brood-Hunting Alien creature from the new Ms. Marvel series.), is seen on the Krill's spaceship in an experimental tank, but there is as yet no confirmed connection.

Brood seen in a flashback  by Wolverine in this issue include The Great Mother, Hannah Conover, Fred and Nancy, Harry Palmer and Fang

I wonder if the Ripley Hotel was named after the character of Ripley from the Alien film series. Another note is that the local theater was playing Invasion of The Body Snatchers. Both films deal with parasitic alien lifeforms.

Krill are tiny shrimp-like creatures that serve as the main food source for everything from coral to blue whales, thus forming a vital link in the food chain.

Profile by Darc_Light.


Tyrus Krill has no known connections to

Zet Krill has no known connection to:

  • Zett Jukassa-Jedi Padawan from the film  Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith, murdered by Clone Troopers, as played by Jett Lucas.

The Brood Queen encountered by Tyrus Krill has no known connection to:

  • The Brood Queen, who took Devros as a consort @ The Untold Legend of Captain Marvel#2
  • The Brood Queen, encountered by Gambit, Ghost Rider and the X-Men in New Orleans, attempted to infect the children of the Theives' and Assassins' Guilds, @  Ghost Rider III#26
  • The Brood Queen, who attempted to establish a beachhead near Madripoor, slain by Wolverine @ Wolverine vs The Brood Queen#1
  • The Brood Queen, who infected the astronauts aboard the Space Station Simulacra, slain by the Invisible Woman  @ X-4#2
  • Brother Brood, Amalgam character, Brother Blood+Brood Queen, leader of the Cult of Brood @ Exciting X-Patrol#1
  • Hannah Conover, Rogue Brood Queen and ally of the X-Men @ Uncanny X-Men#233
  • Harry Palmer, Brood Queen, gathered Brood Mutants to battle X-Men, slain by Wolverine @ Uncanny X-Men#232
  • Josey Thomas, Possible Brood Queen, infected Hannah Conover, slain by the Firstborn @ Uncanny X-Men#232
  • Reptyl Prime, (Cap'n Reptyl), Megalomaniacal reptilian alien, enemy of Silver Surfer, resembles the Brood Queen, @ Silver Surfer III#11

Tyrus Krill's Family

Ulara, Zet, and Jexia Krill- Tyrus' wife and two young children, they were brought along on his scientific expedition and infected by the Brood, despite Krill's attempts to protect them. They were all killed in battle by Wolverine, but lived long enough to say their goodbyes to Tyrus. Their bodies were carried home for burial.

--Wolverine Annual 2000

Unnamed boy

Unnamed Boy- An unnamed young boy , about Zet's age when he was infected (13-14?), who was infected by the Brood at the Ripley Hotel. He was initially overlooked by Wolverine, but confronted Krill, taunting him with his inability to save his own son, or anyone else (Actually, it was the Brood Queen speaking through the child.). Sadly, Krill was forced to shoot him when he attacked, and he died instantly. Krill gently set his body on the floor and apologized for not being able to save him.

--Wolverine Annual 2000

Brood Queen

Brood Queen- The Brood Queen involved was unusually strong and durable, having a reptilian humanoid form, almost reminiscent of Reptyl Prime, save for  her lack of wings and having four whip-like appendages near her spine. She was attended by two prime warriors, who were far more difficult to kill than normal Brood. All were slain by Wolverine.

--Wolverine Annual 2000

Tyrus Krill's Ship

Tyrus Krill's Ship- A research vessel launched by Krill's race to find a suitable world for colonization (Think Lost in Space). The vessel possessed scientific laboratories, Hyper-Drive and an Auto-Pilot System. It was attacked and somehow infiltrated by the Brood. After his infected family fled in an escape pod, Krill used the vessel to hunt them down. Wolverine and Beast later placed the families' bodies on board, and programmed it to return home.

--Wolverine Annual 2000

Hotel Ripley

The Hotel Ripley/Brood Nest- A hotel used by the Brood Queen to lure unwary humans into her clutches. The Nest was located in an upper penthouse, where humans were taken to be infected or consumed.  The penthouse was filled from wall to wall and floor to ceiling with Brood and captured humans, as well as what appeared to be eggs. The entire Nest was apparently wiped out by Tyrus Krill and Wolverine.

--Wolverine Annual 2000

M'Zara Blood Files

M'Zara Blood Flies- Parasitic flies which burrow into the bodies of Brood and devour their internal organs so rapidly it causes their bodies to explode. Tyrus Krill used them effectively to battle the Brood.

--Wolverine Annual 2000

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Tyrus Krill-Wolverine Annual 2000 Pg 7, Pan 1
Tyrus Krill as Brood- Wolverine Annual 2000 Pg 35, Full Panel
Ulara, Zet and Jexia- Wolverine Annual 2000 Pg 12, pan 4
Unnamed Boy-Wolverine Annual 2000 Pg 18, pan 5-6
Brood Queen and Prime Warriors- Wolverine Annual 2000 Pg 24, Full Panel
Tyrus Krill's Ship- Wolverine Annual 2000 Pg 19, pan 5
Brood Nest- Wolverine Annual 2000 Pg 16-17
M'Zara Blood Flies- Wolverine Annual 2000 pg23, pan 1-3

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