The Brood race is thoroughly profiled in the Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe  I#2, The Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #15, and the Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe 2006 #1.

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Blindside (Brood Mutants)

Brickbat (Brood Mutants)

Brood Empress (Supreme Ruler of the Brood) - by Darc_Light and Will U

Brood Imperiatrix (Brood Queen, Great Mother)

Brood King (Devros)

Brood Mutants (X-Men foes) - by Darc_Light

Brood Queen (Tyrus Krill enemy)

Brood Pets (Brood Creatures) - by Darc_Light

Brood Pit (Ceremonial Location for the Cult of Brood)

Brood Nest World (Brood Planet) - by Darc_Light

Brother Brood (Amalgam, Brood Queen) - by Darc_Light

Conover, Hannah (Brood Queen) - by Darc_Light

Coterie (Badoon/Brood Alliance) - by Darc_Light

Coterie Male (Disguise used by The Great Mother)

Cult of Brood (Amalgam cult, worshippers of  unifying Brood Collective)

Dale (Broodling/Police Officer)

Delgado, Robert (Spitball, Brood Mutants)

Devros (Brood-infected Kree) - by Darc_Light

Devros' Mate (Brood Queen)

Dive-Bomber (Brood Mutants)

Dzilos (Brood Technician) - by Darc_Light

Edwina (Broodling)

Firstborn (Brood Assassins) - by Darc_Light


Great Mother (Brood Queen, X-Men foe) - by Darc_Light

Hotel Ripley (Brood-infested location)

Hunt-Master of Madrizar (Brood)

Imperiatrix' Nest (Brood Empress' Personal Fortress)

Kam'n'ehar (Brood, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Krill, Tyrus (Brood hunter, Wolverine character) - by Darc_Light

Lockup (Brood Mutants)

Madrizar (Brood planet)

Mimic-Brood Hybrid (Calvin Rankin)

"Mother Of All Mothers" (Brood Empress)

Mother-Queen (Brood Queen, X-Men foe)

Nancy (Broodling)

Palmer, Harry (Brood Queen) - by Darc_Light

Prisoner Zeta 987-349 (Brood alien, Ravenstarr prisoner)

Randy (Broodling)

Rankin, Calvin (Mimic-Brood Hybrid)

"Rogue Queen" (Hannah Conover)

Ruth (Broodling/Police Officer)

Skur'kll (Brood, X-Men foe) - by Norvo

Slave-Master (Brood) - by Darc_Light

Spitball (Robert Delgado, Brood Mutants)

Star Sharks (Brood Vessels) - by Darc_Light

Temptress (Brood Mutants)

Tension (Brood Mutants)

Terra-X (Amalgam, Broodling) - by Skullogeist

Thomas, Josey (Broodling/possible Brood Queen) - by Darc_Light

unnamed boy (Brood victim)

Whiphand (Brood Mutants)

Zen-Pram (Brood-infected Kree) - by Darc_Light

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