Type: Alien Planet

Environment: Nest World is apparently a Desert World, with at least eight moons in its orbit

Usual means of access: Conventional space travel, (but presumably only by the permission of the Brood Imperiatrix)

Dominant Life Form: The Brood, Unnamed Humanoid Slave race

Significant Inhabitants: The Brood Empress, The Firstborn

Significant Locations: The Imperiatrix Nest

First Appearance: X-Men/Brood: Day Of Wrath#1 (September, 1996)

History: (X-Men/Brood: Day of Wrath#1) The Brood Empress approached the Rogue Queen Hannah Connover in a dream, showing her the Nest World, "Look, now, upon the Nest World! Look through the minds of your brothers and sisters! See as we see and understand."  She explained that "Other species are necessary to cultivate our eggs and propagate ourselves. They are food, they are workers, but beyond this they have no importance. They are not us. They are not Brood!"  The Empress then proceeded to take Hannah into her nest, showing her the Brood Attendants within, and finally, revealing herself to Hannah, explaining that she was no longer human, but Brood, and if she refused the "Glory" of the Brood, she and all she loved would be destroyed. She then broke the link, and the vision of Nest World faded.

Comments: created by John Ostrander, Bryan Hitch, and...

    Jean Grey also happened to see the Nest World, through a psychic echo of the Empress transmission to Hannah, but she apparently hasn't asked the Shi'ar or the Starjammers or any of the X-Men's other space faring friends to try to locate and help the slaves of Nest World, in fact, she never mentioned them…I assume that the humanoid slaves are native to Nest world, simply because I can't picture the Brood taking the time and trouble to relocate an entire alien race.
    I'd guess they might just as likely be a number of people randomly accumulated, and not necessarily the same race--Snood.

    Also, the Brood usually implant embryros within hosts that then are transformed into a new brood, rather than laying eggs. Perhaps the Nestworld is the home of the Firstborn, who might be hatched directly from the Empress/Emperiatrix.

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The Humanoid inhabitants of Nest World are tall, strong creatures, with large, hairless, conical heads. Their heads and bodies are covered in blotchy spots. These people were apparently conquered by the Brood for use as forced labor, rather than as food or as hosts for their young. They are shown carrying materials, connecting and repairing tubing for some unrevealed construction project, under the watchful eyes of their Brood masters. One is depicted as having died, his body lying on the ground, presumably until either it is carried at away at the end of he work cycle, or eaten by the Brood taskmasters. A family group is also shown in one panel, with a female holding an infant, and two family members stirring a pot of food within an open-air dwelling. It is unknown what level of civilization they had attained before the Brood came, and what their future holds under Brood rule.

The Brood of Nest World, other than the Empress herself and the Firstborn, there appear to be a high number of Brood Drones on the planet's surface, to keep the slaves in line.

The Imperiatrix' Nest is a massive, bulbous structure, possibly biological in nature; the Empress resides within, along with her serving Drones and the Elite Firstborn assassins. The inside is cavernous, lit by eerie blue light, and filled with passageways and great bridges.


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