Classification: Extraterrestrial/Cartilaginous Fish

Location/Base of Operations: Free living throughout the vast reaches of space

Known Members: None Named

Affiliations: Brood (Masters), Huntmaster T'Crilee (Brood Captain, deceased), an unidentified P'tah

Enemies: Monark Starstalker, Paradox, Ulysses, Wolverine, X-Men

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men#162 (October, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: Star Sharks possess the normal abilities of a terrestrial shark, magnified by their size, they can bite their enemies to cause severe damage, their tails can be used to strike at their enemies, etc. What makes the Star Shark impressive is their ability to survive both in the vacuum and within a planetary environment, and the ability to use the "Jet Engines" on their sides to produce powerful blasts of unidentified energy for propulsion (This appears to be a natural trait, but it could be the result of Brood bio-engineering and technological enhancements). Many captured Star Sharks have been outfitted with powerful scanners, communications equipment and laser weaponry. They can also store oxygen within them, and protect their inhabitants from the void. Star Sharks are also capable of turning their heads at a far greater angle than terrestrial sharks. They are, apparently, non-sentient.

Traits: Star Sharks resemble their earthly namesake, having long, torpedo shaped bodies, dorsal, pectoral and caudal fins. Most are reminiscent of Carcharadon Carcarias, the Great White shark, and at least one individual was seen possessing the features of a Hammerhead Shark (Sphyrna Zygaena) but having large, sail-like caudal and pectoral fins. Star Sharks average about the size of a 747 passenger plane, and have massive teeth, which they can use with great effectiveness to bite their prey. Star Sharks (at least some of them) also possess the equivalent of "jet engines" large openings on either side of their tail fins, which produce an unknown energy that gives them incredible propulsion abilities.

History: BTS- At some point in their history, the Star Sharks where enslaved by the Brood as living ships, and, presumably, food sources. Unlike their fellow space faring race, the Acanti, the Star Sharks were too small for the Brood use as floating colonies, and were instead fitted with powerful weapons and used as scout ships and battle cruisers, as well as landing craft.

(Uncanny X-Men#162) - A Hammerhead Star Shark was shown flying above the Brood City on "Sleazeworld".

(Uncanny X-Men#163) - A Hammerhead Star Shark/Brood Patrol Craft, (Possibly the same individual as in #162), confronted Storm in the upper atmosphere of "Sleazeworld" moments after she had carried Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler within teleportation range of the Z'Reee Shar. Storm drew the creature away from the area, then temporarily used her lightning to interfere with it's sensors, allowing herself to escape.

(Uncanny X-Men#164) - As the X-Men escaped "Sleazeworld" in Princess Lilandra's personal yacht, the Z'Reee Shar, the Great Mother dispatched a squadron of Star Sharks, led by Brood Huntmaster T'Crilee, to stop them. As the Brood pressed home their attack, the X-Men tried to fight them off without harming the Star Sharks, who were innocent victims of the Brood, however, when Storm tried to use her lightning powers to stun the Star Sharks, giving them a chance to escape, she lost control of her power (Either due to the Brood egg implanted within her or her separation from the earth, the source of her weather powers) and her lightning killed a number of the beasts. The yacht managed to escape into warp drive, leaving T'Crilee and the Brood far behind.

(Uncanny X-Men#166) - Star Sharks were present during the X-Men's return to "Sleazeworld", and pursued the Young Acanti Prophetsinger, Storm and Binary alongside the enslaved Acanti. "Sleazeworld" was accidentally destroyed by Binary, and those Star Sharks too close presumably died in its subsequent explosion.

(Uncanny X-Men#232 (fb)) - A Star Shark crashed in the Rio Diablo Mountains of New Mexico, near the campsite of Paramedic Harry Palmer and his three friends, Sally Harding, Norm Belmont and Fran Morrow. As the humans went to examine the beast, it turned and devoured Sally, and then the Brood emerged, killing Norm and Fran, and infecting Palmer with the egg of a Brood Queen. 

(Uncanny X-Men#218) - After their jeep was run off of the road in New Mexico by a VW van, Polaris and Havok decide to investigate, remembering that a group of campers in a VW had asked them for directions earlier. They find the campsite destroyed, tents ripped to shreds, possession scattered across the ground, and a large furrow dug into the earth, leading to a massive pile of rocks. Alex blasts the rocks away, revealing the dead Star Shark and the bodies of Fran Morrow, Norm Belmont and Sally Harding.

(Wolverine: The Best There Is#9) - A P'tah rode a Star Shark into battle against Wolverine, Paradox and Monark Starstalker. It was slain by Monark's robotic falcon Ulysses.

Comments: Created By: Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, Bob Wiacek, Joe Rosen and Louise Jones.

In Contest of Champions II#2, the Brood Imperiatrix envisioned herself hunting the Acanti, using a Star Shark as a steed. When she struck at the great space whale, it was Storm who bled, much to the Imperiatrix' pleasure.

The incident in Uncanny X-Men#218 is resolved in Uncanny X-Men#232-234, when the X-Men discover and battle Brood Queen Harry Palmer and his Brood Mutants.

The Star Shark presumably regurgitated Sally Harding during its death-throes, as it clearly ate her in the flashback in Uncanny X-Men#232.

It is never stated what Star Sharks feed upon in their natural environment, but I can picture them feeding off of other space-faring creatures like the Asteroid Eaters from Denak IV or similar beings, perhaps they even swoop down upon unsuspecting worlds in search of prey. The Star Shark in Uncanny X-Men#262 did crash, not land, as one of the Brood was shown lying dead nearby, why and what caused the crash are unrevealed. The Brood who survived the crash must have either been rescued by their fellow Brood, or wandered into the desert and died. It's never stated if Star Sharks are given the same Brood "Control Virus" used on the Acanti, which destroys their minds and eventually kills them, since Star Sharks are apparently non-sentient, suppressing their minds and free will would be somewhat moot. These magnificent creatures have been very sadly neglected in the Marvel Universe; I'd love to see some panels of them living naturally in the wild. The re-appearance of Sally Harding's body is a bit confusing, but I think Prime Eternal's idea of the Star Shark regurgitating (vomiting) as it died is the most likely explanation (Other than Chris Claremont forgetting that there were three bodies in#218, and two in#232). It is unlikely the Star Shark ate her of it's own free will, it was dying and presumably in great pain, I assume that the Brood forced it to kill her.

by Darc_Light and Prime Eternal

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