Real Name: Dzilos

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial/Brood (presumably via Shi'ar host)

Occupation: Technician

Group Membership: The Brood

Affiliations: The Brood, The Brood Scholar (Mentor?), The Great Mother;
    possibly formerly the Shi'ar Empire

Enemies: Carol Danvers, Wolverine, X-Men

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Brood Home World "Sleazeworld";
Possibly formerly the Shi'ar Empire

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men#162 (disguised a Shi'ar Scientist) (October 1982) ;
Uncanny X-Men#163 (named and exposed as a Brood) (November, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: Dzilos possessed the typical powers of a Brood, winged flight, superhuman speed, strength, speed and agility, and his two long, flexible tails ended in poisonous stingers. He also presumably possessed advanced scientific knowledge to be entrusted with responsibility in the experiments on Carol Danvers. In Shi'ar form, which may or may not have been his original form, Dzilos possessed long, feathery wings. Notably, unlike Deathbird's atavan Shi'ar wings, which grow from her arms, Dzilos and the Scholar had wings growing from their shoulders, like the X-Man Archangel.

History: (Uncanny X-Men#162)- As part of a trap by Deathbird and the Great Mother, a high-ranking Brood Queen, to gain revenge upon the X-Men, the team of heroic mutants, Princess Majestrix Lilandra, and their ally, Carol Danvers, were captured during a party on Lilandra's space yacht, the Z'Reee Shi'ar, and taken to the Brood Home World. They were all drugged, and only Wolverine and Kitty Pride had any notion that anything was amiss. Before the Great Mother infected the drugged X-Men with Brood eggs, Wolverine noticed Carol talking with two Shi'ar scientists (the Brood Scholar and Dzilos), who noted that her "physiology was dissimilar" to the others (I.E. that she wasn't a mutant, but still had a unique DNA makeup), and asked permission to "examine" her. Too drugged to think straight, Carol agreed, despite Logan's warnings, and was carried away as the pair turned into Brood before Logan's eyes. After being infected with a Brood egg, Logan fled, and eventually his healing factor killed the nascent Queen within him, after which he returned to the Brood city, to free his friends and gain revenge upon the Brood.

(Uncanny X-Men#163)- The Brood Scholar began to subject Carol to "Evolutionary Modification", rapidly accelerating her natural evolution to find what makes her different from both mutants and "baseline" humans, and what the result of that difference would portend. The Scholar then sends Dzilos out for drinks for their guests, presumably other Brood Scientists. As he headed off to get the drinks, Dzilos failed to notice Wolverine waiting in the shadows, hoping to use Dzilos as his "ticket" to get into the lab. In a room that looked like a futuristic wine cellar, Dzilos selected three choice bottles, and headed back to the lab, but was startled when the lights went out, dropping and shattering the bottles. "The luminators, they've gone out! What is happening! Who's there!" Wolverine stepped out and introduced himself, then, as Wolvie' put it, "The sucker fights…for all the good that does him." Wolverine threw Dzilos' body throw the window of the lab, then slaughtered the Scholar and the other Brood present, freeing Carol, whose eyes now reflected the cosmos...

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Dave Cockrum, Bob Wiacek

I wonder if Logan would have spared Dzilos had he cooperated, probably not... Logan does have a sense of honor, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't lie to a Brood. Dzilos appears to have been the junior member of the group, and he was apparently under the mentorship of the Scholar. The Brood in this Saga had a definite occupational Hierarchy, for example they had ranks of Master Huntsmen, Huntsmen and Huntsmen Novice, (the later being what Fang became).  I feel safe in assuming that the "Shi'ar" depicted was Dzilos, as he was subservient to the other, presumably the "Scholar", who did all the talking, and the only two Brood mentioned in the experiments on Ms. Danvers were Dzilos and the Scholar, so I assume they are the two "Shi'ar" scientists who kidnapped her.  Dzilos may have actually been a Shi'ar Aerie host to a Brood egg, as the Brood possess the ability to revert to their host's form if needed for camouflage. The experiments performed on Carol Danvers by Dzilos and the Scholar resulted into her transformation into the cosmic powered Binary.

I believe Dzilos is the Shi'ar in the dark blue uniform on the second picture - the one who in the middle.

Profile by Darc_Light

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Other appearances:
Uncanny X-Men#163 (November, 1982) - Chris Claremont (writer), Dave Cockrum (pencils), Bob Wiacek (inks), Louise Jones (editor)

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