Slave-Master (left) and Hunt-Master (right)

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Brood)

Occupation: Slave-Master

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Hunt-Master (Of Madrizar), The Great Mother

Enemies: The Acanti, Binary (Carol Danvers)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The planet Madrizar

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men#166 (February, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: The Slave-Master possessed the typical abilities of a Brood Warrior, strong, tooth filled jaws, an armored exoskeleton, two long, muscular tentacles and twin tails with venomous stingers. He was also apparently a good judge of Acanti.

History: (Uncanny X-Men#166) - The Brood Slave-Master was speaking with the Hunt-Master of their latest capture, "A prize specimen", a gigantic, pregnant Acanti female, when Binary arrived at the Brood hunting grounds on Madrizar. Carole, enraged over her torture at the hands of the Brood and her infection, along with that of the X-Men and the Shi'Ar Majestrix Lilandra, slaughtered Slave-Master, Hunt-Master, and all the other inhabitants of the Brood outpost. She attempted to free the Acanti, but it was too late, she begged Carole to kill her to end her suffering, and Carole tearfully complied. The infant, however, survived unharmed.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Paul Smith, Bob Wiacek.

The Slave-Master is the Brood in the left corner of the panel, facing forward, the Hunt-Master is to the right, facing away.

There are many Brood bearing the title "Hunt-Master", including T'Crilee, I am currently unaware of any other Brood bearing the title "Slave-Master".

I'm not sure if the title "Slave-Master"refers to the use of the "Slaver Virus" used to subjugate the Acanti, or another form of slavery.

See Dzilos for more information on the Brood's experiments on Carole Danvers.

The infant Acanti was the legendary Acanti Prophet-Singer. After saving Storm's life he aided the X-Men in freeing many of his race from the Brood.

by Darc_Light

Brood Slave-Master has no known connections to

The Hunt-Master of Madrizar has no known connection to

The planet Madrizar has no connection to:

HUNT-MASTER of Madrizar

The Hunt-Master was in charge of the Brood Acanti-hunting station on Madrizar. He was familiar with the effects of the “Slaver Virus” and was pleased with the capture of the massive Acanti female. He was killed by Binary.

--Uncanny X-Men#166


Madrizar was a dead world, farther from it's sun than Pluto is from it's (and Earth's) sun, until the Brood arrived, punching geo-thermal pits into the planets core, which in turned warmed the planet, melting the frozen atmosphere. The Brood then modified the atmosphere to be breathable for their race, and built an"impregnable fortress". Madrizar was apparently located on an Acanti travel route, and thus was utilized for hunting the majestic creatures. The entire outpost was destroyed by Binary.

--Uncanny X-Men#166

Images taken from: (without ads)
Slave-Master and Hunt-Master (Uncanny X-Men I#155 Pg 1, Pan 3
Madrizar (Uncanny X-Men I#155, Pg 1, Pan 1

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