R.I.V. (Royal Inhuman Vessel)

Classification: Airship, mobile headquarters

Creator: the Inhumans

User/Possessors: Captain Swain (Jovana), Crystal (Crystalia Amaquelin), Flint (Jason), Frenzy (Joanna Cargill), Gorgon (Gorgon Petragon), Grid (Dinesh Deol), Hub (Hubartes Plutaris), Jack, Naja, Panacea (Ash Minnick)

First Appearance: All-New Inhumans#1/1 (February, 2016)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Royal Inhuman Vessel is an enormous airship used by the Inhumans in diplomatic missions around the world. The R.I.V. contains living quarters, a medical bay with advanced technology, a training facility, containment cells, and an enormous greenhouse. The R.I.V. is equipped with advanced technology, and includes teleportation technology, advanced weapon systems, and equipment capable of tracking and identifying Inhumans, mutants, and the Terrigen Mists. The ship is powered by Hub, an Inhuman with a seemingly infinite energy production ability.

(All-New Inhumans#1/1 (fb) - BTS) - The Inhumans built the massive R.I.V., or Royal Inhuman Vessel, to use in diplomatic missions around the world. The massive airship with multiple living quarters aboard, and a team was selected to inhabit the ship, including Crystal (who added a bar to the ship), Gorgon, Flint, Grid, Naja, and Captain Swain, who piloted the ship.

(All-New Inhumans#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Inhuman Hub was brought on board, acting as a constant power source for the ship.

(All-New Inhumans#1/2 (fb) - BTS) - The R.I.V. was equipped with a training facility, containment cells, teleportation devices, an enormous greenhouse (with a self-sustaining food supply), and advanced medical equipment that would allow many Inhumans to be safe as they emerged from their Terrigenesis cocoons, or to receive treatment when needed.

(All-New Inhumans#1/2 (fb) ) - Swain gave a group of diplomats from different countries a tour of the R.I.V. Their ally Frenzy feigned an attack to influence the diplomats.

(All-New Inhumans#1/1) - Swain piloted the R.I.V. to Australia, where the Terrigen Cloud had just hit, and they brought new Inhumans aboard, including Ash Minnick and Jack. They later flew the R.I.V. to Uluru, Australia to find a Skyspear.

(All-New Inhumans#2) - The R.I.V. was piloted to Sin-Cong, where the Terrigen Cloud had just passed. After a diplomatic mission in the country, the team regrouped on the R.I.V., and all were given a nightmare by Thanh Ng.

(All-New Inhumans#3) - On the R.I.V., the Inhumans discussed the threat of the nightmares, and Swain checked on Hub before inducing sleep in the medical bay. She communed with Thanh Ng, who ended up taking control of Hub, and then he took over Swain and forced the R.I.V. to open fire on Sin-Cong.

(All-New Inhumans#4) - As Thanh Ng used Swain and Hub to fire on Sin-Cong, the Inhumans aboard the ship, including Jack in his cell, struggled to understand what was happening. As Gorgon helped Swain get control of herself, Crystal used an override to shut down the R.I.V.'s weapons systems, stopping the fight. Later, Panacea healed Fint from injuries in the med-bay.

(All-New Inhumans#5) - After they trained onboard the R.I.V., the Inhumans flew the ship to a Skyspear in China. Gorgon and Panacea worked with Jack on the R.I.V., but he managed to escape, teleporting away.

(All-New Inhumans#6) - Aboard the R.I.V., Flint and Crystal met with Ana Kraven.

(All-New Inhumans#8) - Swain waited on the R.I.V. over the Indian Ocean as several Inhumans embarked on a mission in Orollan in Mozambique.

(All-New Inhumans#10) - The R.I.V. closed in to help the Inhumans fleeing Orollan as the Terrigen Cloud closed in.

(Thunderbolts IV#2) - The Inhumans took the R.I.V. with them to confront the Thunderbolts over some Inhuman cocoons.

(Thunderbolts IV#3) - As the Inhumans battled the Thunderbolts, Fixer sparred with Captain Swain on the R.I.V. until he hacked into the ship, then he used its weapons systems against the Inhumans until he disabled the ship temporarily and they left the Inhumans behind.

(Uncanny Inhumans Annual#1) - Near India, the Inhumans aboard the R.I.V. helped save a Navy vessel from an attack by Kludge, who they soon brought aboard to occupy a cell.

(All-New Inhumans#11) - The Inhumans helped Frenzy rescue mutants from the path of the Terrigen Cloud. Luna Maximoff arrived to stay with Crystal on the ship, as Gorgon and Panacea tended to the young Petras in the med-bay. Later, they threw a surprise party for Crystal's birthday aboard the ship.

(Spider-Woman VI#10) - The Inhumans arrived with the R.I.V. outside Tucson, Arizona, following a lead by Ulysses, to let Romeo calm down new reality-altering Inhuman Doris Bray.

(All-New X-Men II#13) - Aboard the R.I.V., the Inhumans worked with Romeo and the X-Men (Genesis, teen Iceman, Oya) to contain a new moth-like Inhuman.

(Death of X#1) - The R.I.V. arrived in Japan, where the Inhumans prepared to aid civilians as the Terrigen Cloud approached.

(Death of X#2) - The Inhumans took the R.I.V. to Madrid, where the Terrigen Cloud would hit next.

(IVX#0 (fb) ) - Beast joined the crew on the R.I.V. to talk about the Terrigen Cloud and its threat to mutants, and the R.I.V. was equipped to detect mutants.

(IVX#1) - The Inhumans piloted the R.I.V. to Chechnya, where they brought a stray mutant aboard, only to discover it was Magneto. He stripped away parts of the R.I.V. and used them to restrain the Inhumans.

(Uncanny Inhumans#1.MU) - Captain Swain received medical treatment aboard the R.I.V.

(Rocket Raccoon III#5) - Aboard the R.I.V., the Inhumans (Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon) and the their ally Human Torch arrived to aid Rocket Raccoon and other alien refugees after a fight with Kraven the Hunter.

Comments: Created by James Asmus, Stefano Caselli, and Nico Leon.

Spider-Woman VI#10 cameo added by Markus Raymond.

Profile by Chadman.

R.I.V. has no known connections to:

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All-New Inhumans#1, p3, pan1 (main)
All-New Inhumans#3, p3, pan1 (in battle)

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