Classification: Extraterrestrial establishment

Creator: Unidentifed cyborgs of Matricca Scorpio

User/Possessors: Black Curator, the cyborgs of Matricca Scorpio, "Terminals"

Aliases: The Black Museum of the Cyborgs

Location: The planet Matricca Scorpio

First Appearance: Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut#1 (August, 1993)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Orgulhuin is a museum, preserving the history of the cyborg race of Matricca Scorpio forever. A stasis spell is woven within the fabric of all within. Once inside, no exhibit may wear, transmute, or biodegrade. All is museumed forever.

    Exhibits include:




  • The Vaults of Forbidden Knowledge, which contains an organic tissue bank, the Biobank.

  • The "Terminals", with the Museum's catacombs, which contains the dying and diseased, who buy a spot in the museum; the stasis spell gives them a kind of immortality, as long as they remain within it. Several of the "Terminals" have the Perfection Virus.





    (Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut#1 (fb) - BTS) - Orgolhuin was constructed by the cyborgs of Matricca Scorpio.

    (Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut#2 (fb) - BTS) - Learning of the stasis spell within Orgolhuin, numerous dying or diseased beings from various worlds bought space within its catacombs to stop their deterioration.

    (Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut#1 (fb) - BTS) - Lady Anula of Lionheart sent Death's Head and Tuck to Matricca Scorpio learn the cure for the Perfection Virus.

    (Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut#1) - Die-Cut, one of the assimilated personalities within Death's Head, led Death's Head and Tuck to Orgolhuin, guiding them to the Biobank in the Vault of Forbidden Knowledge, where they were confronted by the Black Curator. After Death's Head shattered the Curator, Die-Cut used the Biobank to create a replica of his original body.

    (Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut#2) - The Black Curator reformed, but Die-Cut reprogrammed him. The Curator then led the trio to the Terminals, explaining how the Museum itself was the only cure for Perfection. The Terminals, driven mad by the horror of the their living tomb, attacked Die-Cut, Death's Head, and Tuck, who convinced them to take their complaints to the cyborgs who ran Orgolhuin.

    Comments: Created by Glenn Dakin and John Royle.

    Profile by Snood.

    No known connection to:

    Black Curator


        A robotic being, it serves as the guide and protector of Orgulhuin. Like the cyborgs who created him, he viewed living beings as flawed and corrupt.


        It can reform when destroyed, allegedly 100x more powerful than before. It alter its shape at will and has an unspecified level of superhuman strength. It can be reprogrammed to alter its loyalties.


    --Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut#1 (2






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    Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut#2 (September, 1993)

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