ganalon_raceganalon_race-czorn-trainingganalon_race-warleadersGANALON race

Classification: Humanoid extraterrestrial race 

Location/Base of Operations: Planet Ganalus, unidentified star system, unidentified galaxy

Known Members: Czorn Yson (Die-Cut), unidentified woman captured and tortured by cyborgs

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: Unidentified cyborg race (possibly associated with the cyborgs of Matricca Scoppio);
    artificial lifeforms in general

First Appearance: (Czorn Yson) Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#1 (August, 1993);
    (Ganalon race identified and other natives shown)
Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#2 (September, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: The Ganalons were generally human in terms of form and ability.

    Ganalons were occasionally born with special abilities.

    Die-Cut considered his ability to cut to be superhuman, although he used bladed weapons (some of his own creation, like his power Pscythe) to do so. Perhaps he had some superhuman intuitive ability to design blades and/or to use blades to cause the maximum amount of damage.

Traits: Ganalons hate machinery and technology in general.

    Some of the few natives seen had either face paintings or tattoos.

Type:  Bilaterally symmetric humanoid bipeds
: Two (on head; Die-Cut had solid white eyes with no visible irides or pupils after he recreated himself (although occasionally he was shown to have a normal iris and pupil, the former of which was green); other Ganalons were not shown closely/clearly enough to identify their eye color)
: Four (plus opposing thumb)
: Presumably five
Skin color: "Pink" (comparable to Caucasian humanity), at least
Average height: Approximately 5'10"

Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#2 (fb)) - Presumably native to the world of Ganalus, the Ganalons fought a centuries-long war against a cyborg race (see comments).

    Their constant struggle caused the Ganalons to hate machines on a level that Die-Cut considered most people could never understand (sounds pathologic). They called artificial lifeforms "the Living Death."

    A lifetime of fighting machines made the Ganalons jumpy about any technology, so they used whatever human powers they could. Any Ganalon born with a special ability was trained to the peak of his or her potential.

    Czorn Yson was trained to maximize his ability to cut.

    Czorn Yson was eventually captured by his cyborg or robotic enemies who intended to use his creative human genius to spark their stagnant science.

    To prevent his captors from understanding his mind and gaining control of it, Czorn pretended to be insane, even laughing while watching his comrades being tortured.

    All the while, Czorn secretly studied his captor's technology and theorized on how to develop the ultimate bladed weapon.

    Eventually succumbing to insanity and losing his will to live, Czorn was happy when Minion (later Death's Head) slew him and absorbed his mind.

(Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#1) - Needing aid against the cyborgs of Matricca Scoppio and seeking a cure for the Perfection Virus, Death's Head allowed Czorn to take over his form.

     Czorn used the technology in the cyborgs' Black Museum, Orgolhuin, to create both a new body for himself and to create the Pscythe he had envisioned, renaming himself Die-Cut.

Comments: Created by Glenn Dakin, John Royle, and Sean Hardy.

    Die-Cut noted the cyborg race his people had warred against to be related to the cyborgs of Matricca Scoppio.
    That may be accurate, or it may be that Die-Cut just lumped all artificial life forms together. If it is NOT accurate, then the cyborgs could have come from another world or they could have developed on Ganalus.
    The beings that Ganalons fought looked like solid machinery, but perhaps they had organic brains and/or other organs.

    The woman with the staff seen in two of the images above seemed to have a role in combat training, but that's about all we know about her. If she had a name or SOMETHING, I'd give her a sub-profile...

    Die-Cut was less than sane, so I think that anything he related can be considered suspect.

    There may have been more about the Ganalons in Die-Cut vs. G-Force and/or Die-Cut#1-4. I'm still working on some profiles from those series, so I will keep an eye out and add anything else I find.
    But, if you know anything else, please share it with!

Profile by Snood.

The Ganalons should be distinguished from:


     The home of the Ganalons, it is in an unidentified star system and unidentified galaxy.

     Presumably it has Earth-like gravity, atmosphere, etc.
     Die-Cut was on Earth and did not comment about it being different from his homeworld...but then again, he's crazy.

     As can be seen from the images above, there was one very large and two large spherical structures in proximity to Ganalus.

Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#2



     At least one of Czorn Yson's comrades was also captured by their cyborg/robot foes. When she was tortured, Yson feigned insanity to prevent his captives from understanding him, and he laughed while she was tortured.

Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#2

Note: Her fate is unrevealed, but I would assume she was disposed of by the cyborgs/robots when she no longer served a purpose

images: (without ads)
Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#2, pg. 11, panel 1 (Ganalons fighting);
          panel 2 (apparently Czorn grieving over lost parents);
          panel 3 (Czorn training);
       pg. 12, panel 4 (Czorn laughing as comrade was tortured)

Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#1 (August, 1993) - Glenn Dakin (script), John Royle (art), Jacqui Papp (editor)
Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#2 (September, 1993) - Glenn Dakin (script), John Royle (penciler), Sean Hardy (inker), Jacqui Papp (editor)

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