blackcurator-initialBLACK CURATOR

Real Name: Unrevealed;
    possibly Black Curator

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Matricca Scoppio) robot/android/construct (possibly alternate future - see comments)

Occupation: Guardian and curator of Orgolhuin/Black Museum;
    re-programmed (possibly temporarily as servant of
Die-Cut (Czorn Yson)

Group Membership: Cyborgs of Matricca Scoppio

Affiliations: Cyborgs of Matricca Scoppio

Enemies: Death's Head (Minion), Die-Cut, Tuck;
    organic/biologic lifeforms in general

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Orgolhuin/Black Museum, Matricca Scoppio (possibly alternate future - see comments)

First Appearance: Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#1 (August, 1993)blackcurator-shathead

Powers/Abilities: A robotic being, the Black Curator serves as the guide and protector of Orgolhuin.

    Like the cyborgs who created him, he viewed "skin systems" (biological lifeforms) as flawed, corrupt, and "buggy."
    It further considered that they were paranoid ego-victims who created nasty waste products, invented strange religions, had dangerous dream, told lies, and owed money.

    It alter its shape at will and has an unspecified level of superhuman strength (perhaps lifting 100 tons or more when in its enhanced form).

    It can reform when destroyed, allegedly 100x more powerful than before.
    It's enhanced form could form a cage with its fingers to contain a superhuman human-sized form, and it could extend
crystal filaments that could grafting themselves to its captive such that the captive might die if someone tried to free the captive; however, Die-Cut's Pscythe was able to sever filaments and case without harming the captive.

    It can be reprogrammed to alter its loyalties.

crystal filaments were grafting themselves to her such that she might die if he tried to free her, Die-Cut shattered the cage with his Pscythe, safely freeing her.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately )
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately )
Eyes: Solid white or red
Hair: None

(Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#1 (fb) - BTS) - Assigned to preside in and protect the Black Museum for eternity, the Black Curator considered this curse and welcomed death while believing it to be an impossibility.

(Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#1) - Having accessed the Black Museum's Biobank and taken control of Death's Head's body, Czorn Yson programmed the Biobank to form a new body for him. When the Black Curator attempted to stop him from utilizing the Biobank, Yson had Death's Head blow its head off. As the head's pieces reassembled, the Curator advised Death's Head that while it considered it kind of him to seek to destroy it, it was doomed to preside in the museum for eternity, with no escape clause. It further advised Death's Head that if it smashed him, it would simply come back 100-times stronger. Countering that it was childish to exaggerate, Yson (in Death's Head form) shattered the Curator's body.

(Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#1 - BTS) - Transmitting his original genetic imprint via Death's Head's cranial syphon, Yson also used the museum's imaging systems and resource tanks to create the Pscythe weapon he had long visualized. Once fully re-formed, however, Yson, renaming himself Die-Cut, attacked Death's Head.

    While fighting fiercely to hold off the cyborgs, Tuck realized that she apparently had been infected with Perfection as well.

(Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#2 (fb) - BTS) - Re-forming as predicted, the Black Curator captured Tuck. 

(Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#2) - With Tuck imprisoned within its hand, the Black Curator -- backed by a number of cyborgs -- interrupted the battle between Death's Head and Die-Cut, advising them that it had returned, enhanced one hundred-fold. It instructed them that while it did not bear grudges, when someone shattered it into tiny pieces, it became his enemy, and it warned them that their puny defense was at an end.blackcurator-reprogrammed.jpg

    After Tuck told Death's Head that she had been infected with Perfection and that the Curator's crystal filaments were grafting themselves to her such that she might die if he tried to free her, Die-Cut shattered the cage with his Pscythe, safely freeing her. When the Black Curator recognized Die-Cut as an "unholy skin-system," it turned its enhanced power on Die-Cut and smashed him against the wall with a giant fist. Appreciating the danger, Die-Cut resolved to honor his original deal with Death's Head, who tore through the Curator's wrist, freeing Die-Cut.

    The Curator then turned on Death's Head, smashing him back, while Tuck fought the cyborgs. Allowing his allies-of-convenience to provide the distraction, Die-Cut accessed the exhibit programs of the most hostile environments their race had ever encountered, and then spliced a simulator-lead into the main computer,  created an "enviro-ball" of the frigid ice-storm environment from Zeta Two that threatened all within, after which he opened a reality warp through which he, Death's Head, and Tuck escaped.

(Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Black Curator was frozen within the enviro-ball.

(Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#2) - After the trio had regrouped and the enviro-ball burnt itself out, Die-Cut brought himself and his associates back into the Black Museum where he used his pscythe to reprogram the Black Curator to serve them; during the process, Die-Cut (at least feigning it to be an accident) hit a nerve that caused the Curator's hand to strike out and punch Death's Head.

    After Die-Cut was finished, at Death's Head's request, the Curator took them to the cure the cyborgs had for Perfection. As they descended via an express elevator, the Curator  explained that the Museum itself possessed a stasis spell woven throughout the fabric of all within: Once inside, no exhibit may wear, transmute, or bio-degrade.

    Unwilling to wait for the 60 minute entry sequence into the catacombs, Death's Head ripped the vault door open, after which they observed the "terminals," those otherwise dying and diseased beings who had bought themselves a place within the museum, gaining immortality via the stasis field. He clarified,"...there is no cure for Perfection to be stolen...the Museum itself is the antidote."

    When Tuck asked if her only hope was to stay there, in "this standing-room-only Hell?" The Curator replied that sometimes in life the cure was no better than the disease."

    The maddened exhibit beings attacked the new arrivals, feeling that they had been deceived and demanding to be let out. Death's Head convinced Die-Cut to join him in cutting a way out of the catacombs and letting the lunatics loose on the cyborg city.

(Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#2 - BTS) - Having returned to Lionheart, Death's Head and Tuck learned that the Perfection Virus she had developed was just a temporary simulation, caused by Anula to give them motivation to find the cure. 

Comments: Created by Glenn Dakin and John Royle under the Marvel UK imprint.

    In repeatedly reviewing the profiles involving Matricca Scoppio, I have come to the conclusion that the Matricca Scoppio seen in Motormouth & Killpower is most likely the past version of the Matricca Scoppio seen in Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut.
    While we only see a tiny portion of the world in Motormouth & Killpower, the people there are...people...many of them have tech-glasses and/or minor bionic enhancements, but they are largely flesh. The "cyborgs" in
Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut look to be robotic, to the point where you wonder if there is anything organic.
    Additionally, Lionheart, from which Death's Head and Tuck are sent to Matricca Scoppio, takes place in the the year 3442 A.D. in Reality-12892. It makes good sense that the whole adventure took place in that future reality/time, including Die-Cut's history.
    After expanding to the Black Museum profile to current Appendix standards, I will discuss the matter further in the Matricca Scoppio profile.

Profile by Snood.

The Black Curator
should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut#1, p13, panel 1 (exterior);
       pg. 14, panel 1-2 (Flesh Age);
          panel 5 (Vaults
Death's Head & the Origin of Die-Cut#2, p4, panel 1 (Curator)
    p17, panel 3 (Terminals)

Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#1 (August, 1993) - Glenn Dakin (script), John Royle (art), Jacqui Papp (editor)
Death's Head II & the Origin of Die-Cut#2 (September, 1993) - Glenn Dakin (script), John Royle (penciler), Sean Hardy (inker), Jacqui Papp (editor)

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