Real Name: Professor Hector DeVasquez

Identity/Class: Normal Human

Occupation: Biologist, Research Scientist

Affiliations: Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, Christina DeVasquez-Ridge, Dr. Daniel “Zapper” Ridge (former), War Zone

Enemies: The Incredible Hulk/Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, The She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters

Known Relatives: Christina (daughter), Dr. Daniel Ridge Jr.  (son-in-law),

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: DeVasquez Research Technologies, Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: (Name mentioned) Sensational She Hulk#52 (June, 1993);  
(full) Sensational She Hulk#53 (July, 1993)



Powers/Abilities: Professor Hector DeVasquez has no powers, but he has extraordinary medical skills and knowledge in nuclear physics on par with Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. He also had access and expertise to create such technology as the Gamma Tank, a mobile armored transport that could fire gamma radiation and electrical tentacles with enough power to stun even the Hulk.






History: (Sensational She-Hulk#57 (fb))- Professor Hector DeVasquez is a brilliant research scientist and a colleague of Dr. Robert Bruce Banner. His daughter, Christina, befriended Dr. Daniel “Zapper” Ridge, a friend of Banner’s cousin, Jennifer Walters, while still in college.

(Sensational She-Hulk#36 (fb, BTS))- DeVasquez was dismayed when his daughter underwent cosmetic surgery to look like a non-green-skinned version of the She-Hulk in order to marry Ridge.

(Sensational She-Hulk#50/2 (fb, BTS))- DeVasquez used Ridge’s sample of the She-Hulk’s blood to perfect an anti-gamma toxin to weaken her. He placed the toxin in an android called War Zone, which he then sent after the She-Hulk living in New York.

(Sensational She Hulk#53-54)- Ridge summoned DeVasquez to their labs where he had brought the clinically dead She-Hulk following her ordeal with the Rumbler. Discovering the She-Hulk’s brain was still alive, Ridge bombarded her with more gamma energy as he fought to get her heart started, but DeVasquez tampered with the equipment and gave her a gamma overdose.

(Sensational She-Hulk#55)- By remote control, DeVasquez reactivated War Zone stored at Fantastic Four Headquarters to relaunch his attack on the revived She-Hulk.

(Sensational She-Hulk#57)- The gamma overdose caused the She-Hulk to become bestial and uncontrollable as Bruce Banner arrived to help her as the Hulk, but DeVasquez unveiled his Gamma Tank as he admitted to have being behind all her problems in order to please his daughter. Absorbing all the gamma energy fired at her, the She-Hulk ripped apart the tank and came close to killing him before completely burning herself out from the enormous expenditure of energy. The authorities apprehended DeVasquez as his daughter used his fortune to pay for the reparations of destruction that he had caused.

Comments: Created by Michael Eury, Todd Britton and Darren Auck

Dr. Vasquez is quite possibly the better if not misunderstood of the She Hulk’s foes. Nothing he has done has been for himself or his own benefit, but only for the hope of helping his daughter.

The Gamma Tank and Hector DeVasquez are mentioned in the Gamma Mutates profile in World War Hulk: The Gamma Files.

Profile By: Will Uchtman

CLARIFICATIONS: Dr. Hector DeVasquez and his daughter should not be confused with:

  • C.P.O. Hector Delgado, “Shipwreck” of GI Joe, @ GI Joe#40
  • DeVanens, 17th century alchemist, associate of Lavoisin, @ Hellstorm#16
  • Eduardo DeVargas, Earth-2099, former head of Pixel, @ Doom 2099#2
  • Devin DeVasquez, Playboy Plymate June, 1985
  • Roberta Vasquez, Playboy Playmate November, 1984 (she does resemble the She-Hulk without the green skin by the way) Uh...okay, Will. --Prime Ed-ternal
  • Hector, Trojan prince and commander, brother of Paris, @ Thor Annual#8
  • Hector, of the Pantheon, @ Incredible Hulk II#379
  • Hector, of Earth-Amalgam, Higly Evolved Creature Totally Oriented on Revenge, @ Iron Lantern#1
  • Hektu, father of Wundarr/Aquarian, @ Fear#17

Christina DeVasquez-Ridge


Christina DeVasquez-Ridge is the daughter of Dr. Hector DeVasquez and the wife of Dr. Daniel “Zapper” Ridge. She has had cosmetic surgery to resemble Zapper’s dream woman possibly unaware that his dream woman was modeled after the She-Hulk. Believing he still had feelings for her, she reported her suspicions to her father to get his advice, but her father took her feelings too far by trying to kill the She-Hulk.

--Sensational She-Hulk#36 (53, 54, 55, 56, 57


DeVasquez Research Technologies


DeVasquez Research Technologies is a privately owned LA-based complex dedicated to the exploration of medical and commercial uses of gamma radiation. Founded by Dr. Hector DeVasquez, the facility is the location where Dr. Daniel Ridge resuscitated the She Hulk after she was previously believed to be dead.

--Sensational She-Hulk#53 (54, 55, 56, 57






main pic - SH2 54, pg1, middle
head - SH2 57, pg22, top
gamma tank - SH2 57, pg20, middle
Christina DeVasquez-Ridge - SH2 36, pg19
DeVasquez Research Technologies - SH2 57, pg24, top

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