Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Criminal scientist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Det. Sgt. Murphy, Thor (Thor Odinson)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: The Mighty Thor in "Thunderbolts & Violets" SPC record (1966)

Powers/Abilities: The Ultra Violet is an intellectual genius, albeit tempered by insanity.

He originally used two devices of his own design: the Micro-Transistorized Light Neutralizer, which was capable of transforming all light reflected off a target into ultra violet light, effectively rendering the target invisible, and the Ultra Violet Molecular Disintegrator, which could kill almost any living with a blast.

Height: Unrevealed (see comments)
Weight: Unrevealed (see comments)
Eyes: Unrevealed (see comments)
Hair: Unrevealed (see comments)

(The Mighty Thor in "Thunderbolts & Violets" (fb) - BTS) - The Ultra Violet Man was a mad genius who invented the Micro-Transistorized Light Neutralizer that could transform all light striking a particular target into ultra violet light, thereby rendering the target invisible. Deciding to use his device to commit crimes by rendering himself invisible, the insane Ultra Violet Man at some point encountered the superhero Thor. Later going on a crime spree, leaving his victims bruised with ultra violet burn marks on their skin and a violet on their lapels, Ultra Violet Man performed a million dollar jewel heist from Stiffany's Jewelry by walking right into the jewelry store while invisible and walking right out with the jewels as witnesses saw only floating jewelry.

(The Mighty Thor in "Thunderbolts & Violets" - BTS) - After receiving a message from Jane Foster that Det. Sgt. Murphy wished to see him at City Hospital, Dr. Don Blake visited the Hospital where the Ultra Violet Man's latest victim, an employee at Stiffany's Jewelry, was recovering. Upon seeing the victim, Dr. Blake recognized the burn marks and informed Det. Sgt. Murphy of his suspicions that the Ultra Violet Man was behind the jewelry heist. As if on cue, the invisible Ultra Violet Man arrived at the Hospital and gloated that he was looking forward to meeting Dr. Blake's "friend" Thor again soon before escaping to the city rooftops. Claiming that the Ultra Violet Man was escaping down a nearby hospital corridor despite suspecting otherwise, Dr. Blake sent Det. Sgt. Murphy on a wild goose chase so that he could transform into Thor without being seen. Taking to the rooftops to find the Ultra Violet Man, having seen the Ultra Violet Man's escape with his Norse god eyesight, Thor confronted the Ultra Violet Man, who unleashed his secret weapon: the Ultra Violet Molecular Disintegrator. Expecting the Ultra Violet Molecular Disintegrator to kill any living thing, the Ultra Violet Man was shocked when the Disintegrator's rays were barely felt by Thor, who easily destroyed the weapon. Thor followed up by destroying the Micro-Transistorized Light Neutralizer, rendering Ultra Violet Man visible just in time for the arriving Det. Sgt. Murphy to arrest the criminal. Proclaiming the Ultra Violet Man's criminal career to be over, Thor announced that all criminals who crossed him would suffer the same fate.

Comments: Created by uncredited creative team.

    I'd love to see the Ultra Violet Man return someday so that we the readers can finally get a visual on the villain.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Ultra Violet Man
should be distinguished from:

Det. Sgt. Murphy

Det. Sgt. Murphy was an acquaintance of Dr. Don Blake and when the Ultra Violet Man sent a Stiffany's Jewelry employee to City Hospital, Det. Sgt. Murphy had Dr. Blake summoned to the Hospital to provide his medical opinion on what the police were facing. Recognizing the burn marks on the back of the employee's head, Dr. Blake informed Murphy of his suspicions that they were dealing with the Ultra Violet Man, explaining the Ultra Violet Man's origin and abilities to Murphy. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the Ultra Violet Man, who gloated and escaped to the city rooftops. In an effort to transform into Thor unseen, Dr. Blake claimed the Ultra Violet Man had escaped down a hospital corridor, sending Murphy rushing to capture the criminal. Later returning to find Thor defeating the Ultra Violet Man, Murphy arrested the villain.

--The Mighty Thor in "Thunderbolts & Violets" - BTS

Micro-Transistorized Light Neutralizer

The Micro-Transistorized Light Neutralizer was a device invented by the Ultra Violet Man that could render a target invisible by transforming all light reflected off the target into ultra violet light. Using the device to render himself invisible, the insane Ultra Violet Man used the Light Neutralizer to commit crimes, leaving his victims burned and with a violet on their lapels as his calling card. After using the device to commit a jewelry heist at Stiffany's Jewelry, the Ultra Violet Man appeared before Dr. Blake and Det. Sgt. Murphy at City Hospital, gloating that he was looking forward to a new encounter with Dr. Blake's "friend" Thor. Tracking the Ultra Violet Man to the city rooftops, Thor later battled the Ultra Violet Man, destroying the Light Neutralizer and rendering the Ultra Violet Man visible and susceptible to arrest.

--The Mighty Thor in "Thunderbolts & Violets" (fb) - BTS (The Mighty Thor in "Thunderbolts & Violets" - BTS,

Stiffany's Jewelry

Stiffany's Jewelry was a well-known jewelry store that employed dozens of employees. During a crime spree, the invisible Ultra Violet Man walked into Stiffany's Jewelry and robbed it of a million dollars in jewels as well as hospitalizing a Stiffany's Jewelry employee while the other employees witnessed only what appeared to be floating jewels.

--The Mighty Thor in "Thunderbolts & Violets" (fb) - BTS (The Mighty Thor in "Thunderbolts & Violets" - BTS,

Ultra Violet Molecular Disintegrator

The Ultra Violet Molecular Disintegrator was a device invented by the Ultra Violet Man that he claimed could kill any living being. Retaining the Disintegrator as a secret weapon, the Ultra Violet Man ultimately unleashed the weapon against the god of thunder Thor, only to find that the Disintegrator's rays had little to no effect on Thor's godlike physiology. Thor then easily destroyed the weapon.

--The Mighty Thor in "Thunderbolts & Violets" (fb) - BTS (The Mighty Thor in "Thunderbolts & Violets" - BTS,

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The Mighty Thor in "Thunderbolts & Violets" record (1966) - uncredited creative team

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