Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-Amalgam) robot

Occupation: Nazi war machine

Affiliations: (currently) Green Skull (Lex Luthor); Hydra; (formerly) the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler

Enemies: Super-Soldier (Clark Kent); the United States government

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: (formerly) Nazi Germany

First Appearance: Super-Soldier#1 (April, 1996); Super-Soldier Action#5 (in Amalgam continuity)

Powers/Abilities: As a heavily armored giant robot, Ultra-Metallo possesses superhuman strength and invulnerability.  The alien meteorite ("Green K") which serves as the robot's power source emits K-radiation, a rare form of radiation that weakens Super-Soldier (Clark Kent) when in close proximity.  Ultra-Metallo is also outfitted with cameras so that its operators can monitor the robot's progress from afar.  Ultra-Metallo originally contained a bomb in its chest that was connected to its Green K power source, making the robot a walking K-Bomb.


(Super-Soldier Action #5) - In the early 1940s, Nazi scientists stole a small alien craft with a chunk of a mystery element embedded in its hull from America's top-secret Super-Soldier project.  By careful analysis of the element, the Nazis (under the guidance of the traitorous American war profiteer Lex Luthor) were able to exploit its unearthly radiation to power a robot which would be Super-Soldier's (Clark Kent) match, Ultra-Metallo.  Lex Luthor sought to use Ultra-Metallo to destroy Super-Soldier (who was winning the war for the Allies too quickly) so that Luthor could profit from the war on his own timetable.  The K-radiation of the unstoppable robot's heart would eventually mean the end of Super-Soldier's World War II crime-fighting days . . .

(Super-Soldier#1 (fb)) - In March of 1942, Ultra-Metallo made a beeline for Washington, D.C.  The robot contained a bomb in its chest that was programmed to detonate the moment it reached the White House.  Fortunately, Super-Soldier, who had World War II all but won nearly single-handedly by this point, intercepted the Nazi war machine over the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.  Ultra-Metallo lurched toward its nemesis, determined to pulverize the American avenger in mindless robotic service to the twisted Nazi cause.  In the course of their battle, Ultra-Metallo and Super-Soldier locked one another in a death grip and plummeted beneath the icy waves of the ocean.  Both combatants were seemingly destroyed.

Cub reported Jimmy Olsen of Metropolis' Daily Planet newspaper, who had watched the entire battle unfold from an airplane, knew that American morale would be destroyed by the news of Super-Soldier's apparent death.  So rather than report what he saw, Olsen reported that Super-Soldier defeated Ultra-Metallo and retired to anonymity.  Months later, Lex Luthor perfected the K-Bombs that eventually brought an end to World War II.

(Super-Soldier#1 (bts)) - Decades later, in the Modern Age, Lex Luthor's criminal cartel Hydra stumbled across the body of Ultra-Metallo while trawling the north seas.  With Ultra-Metallo back in his possession, Lex Luthor found that the robot was still functional and perfectly capable of carrying out his original objectives of destroying Super-Soldier and blowing up the White House.  Luthor also realized that James Olsen's report that Super-Soldier destroyed Ultra-Metallo during the waning days of World War II was false and that the Nazi super-robot was more formidable than he originally suspected.  Lex Luthor secretly brought Ultra-Metallo to Washington, D.C. and plotted to arrange a rematch between the robot and Super-Soldier, who had also been recovered from the North Atlantic Ocean and revived since World War II.

(Super-Soldier#1) - Using an abducted James Olsen as his messenger, Lex Luthor sent a warning to Super-Soldier, luring him to Luthor's Hydra hideout in downtown Washington, D.C.  Once Super-Soldier entered the building, Luthor confronted the hero with the reactivated Ultra-Metallo.  With one swing of his giant metal arm, Ultra-Metallo sent Super-Soldier crashing through the exterior wall of the building and onto the street outside.  Super-Soldier attempted to fight back and inflicted minor damage upon the giant robot, but Ultra-Metallo soon swatted him away like a fly.

Realizing that Ultra-Metallo was stronger than he was, Super-Soldier punched a hole through the robot's chest in desperation.  But doing so merely exposed the radioactive meteorite that powered Ultra-Metallo and caused Super-Soldier to grow even weaker.  Watching from the safety of his bunker, Lex Luthor revealed to Super-Soldier that he had used the radioactive meteorite (or "Green K" as he liked to call it) to power Ultra-Metallo and that the radiation it produced had the fortunate side-effect of disrupting the alien cells in Super-Soldier's system, making him weaker after prolonged exposure.  The direct exposure to the K-radiation emanating from the meteorite sent Super-Soldier crashing into a pile of lead pipes in the rubble of a nearby building.

With Super-Soldier temporarily out of action, Ultra-Metallo continued to follow its original programming and slowly lurched closer toward the White House, intent on making the Oval Office ground zero of a massive K-bomb explosion.  But Super-Soldier miraculously soon gained his second wind and rammed Ultra-Metallo in the back with his shield, making sure to keep the giant robot intact so that he could concretely link Lex Luthor to the terrorist attack.  But Super-Soldier's attack barely fazed Ultra-Metallo and the robot effortlessly skipped Super-Soldier's body across the Washington Monument Reflecting Pool as if it were a stone.  Super-Soldier landed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with Ultra-Metallo in hot pursuit.  Rather than experience the harmful effects of the robot's K-radiation again, Super-Soldier decided to make a strategic retreat -- a turn of events which delighted Lex Luthor, who thought Super-Soldier was admitting defeat.

With Super-Soldier gone, Ultra-Metallo proceeded to tear through the gates of the White House where it was fired on by a small army of Secret Service agents.  But the guns of the Secret Service had little effect on the robot, which was merely a few hundred feet away from the Oval Office.  Just as Ultra-Metallo was about to reach its destination, a massive lead pipe came flying through the air and pierced the Nazi robot right through its torso.  The pipe was thrown by Super-Soldier, who had earlier deduced that it was the lead in the pipes that protected him from the harmful effects of the K-radiation and was responsible for his second wind.  With Ultra-Metallo out of commission, Super-Soldier trapped the K-bomb inside the protective lead and launched it into the air.  Ultra-Metallo was defeated and the White House was saved from Luthor's terrorist attack.

Comments: Created by Mark Waid, Dave Gibbons, Angus McKie, and Gary Martin

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One of the interns on the Third Reich's Ultra-Metallo project was an American double-agent who carried secrets of Ultra-Metallo's construction back to the United States.  This information eventually wound up in the hands of the young Will Magnus, who used this knowledge in the creation of his metamutant-hunting Sentinel robots.

In case you're confused, Amalgam Comics didn't really exist beyond those seen in the few DC/Marvel cross-over. The titles you don't recognize are amalgams of similar Marvel and DC comics--Snood.

Amalgam Universe


SUPER-SOLDIER ACTION is an amalgam of Marvel's CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS (which printed the adventures of Captain America from 1941 to 1954 ) and DC's ACTION COMICS (vol. I) (which printed the adventures of Superman from 1938 to 1986).

Special thanks to writer Mark Waid for clarifying the component sources of Ultra-Metallo, and for confirming that Marvel's Ultron was not intended to be a part of the amalgamated character.

According to Mr. Waid, Ultra-Metallo was intended to be solely "[a]n amalgam of Metallo and one of the Red Skull's giant Sleeper robots."

Special thanks to Ivan Schablotski for providing me with the Amalgam Comics Trading Cards that I didn't already have!

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Also assume that the Amalgam characters have no other connection to any others than whom they are Amalgamated, unless specifically mentioned.

Ultra-Metallo is an amalgam of:

           The first Sleeper of Earth-616, one of the Nazis' war machines, @ Tales of Suspense I#72

           Metallo of the mainstream DC Universe, John Corben, @ Action Comics I#252

No known connections to, and not to be confused with

            Mystallo, enemy of Spider-Boy (Pete Ross),  @ Spider-Boy#1

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