Real Name: Clark Kent

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Reality-9602/Amalgam) human mutate

Occupation: Adventurer, Daily Planet office employee;
    former Daily Planet front line artist

Group Membership: Daily Planet staff (Sharon Carter, Jimmy Olsen, others), Judgment League Avengers (Angelhawk/Warren Hall, Canary/Dinah Barton, Captain Marvel/Billy Mar-Vell, Dark Claw/Logan Wayne, Goliath/Oliver Queen, Hawkeye/Clint Archer);
formerly All-Star Winners Society/Squadron (American Belle, Aqua-Mariner/Arthur McKenzie, "Brooklyn" Barnes, Human Lantern, Whiz), unidentified partner

Affiliations: Access (Axel Asher of Earth-616), All-Star Winners Society/Squadron, Amazon (Ororo), American Girl (Carol Barnes), Winston Churchill, Crimson Whirlwind, Daily Planet staff, Doctor Strangefate (Charles Xavier), the Howlin' Commandos (Dino, Farmer, Gabe, Ice-Cream, Little Dum-Dum, Percy, Sgt. Rock, others), Iron Lantern (Hal Stark), Judgment League Avengers, Lois Lane Luthor, Mademoiselle Peggy, Spider-Boy (Pete Ross)

Enemies: Deadeye (Bill Lawton), Doctor Doomsday (Victor von Doom), Doomnaut, Fin Fang Flame, Hydra (Green Skull/Lex Luthor, others), Hyena (Creed H. Quinn), JLX (Apollo/Ray Summers, Firebird/Beatriz Grey, Mariner/Arthur McKenzie, Mercury/Pietro Allen of Earth-96446, Mister X/J'onn J'onzz, Nightcreeper/Kurt Ryder, Runaway, Wraith/Todd Gambit), Lethal (Sergei Minerva), Will Magnus, Myx, the Nazi Party, the Old Ones, Ultra-Metallo

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Patriotic Powerhouse," "Soldier," "S-S," "Star-Spangled Man of Steel," "Supersoldier," "Yesteryear's Man of Tomorrow"

Base of Operations: Metropolis, USA

First Appearance: (Fully seen, unidentified): Marvel Versus DC#3 (April, 1996);
    (Super-Soldier name mentioned): Assassins#1 (April, 1996);
    (fully seen & identified as Super-Soldier): JLX#1 (April, 1996);
    (in Amalgam continuity): Super-Soldier Action#1 (March, 1941)

Powers/Abilities: Super-Soldier possesses superhuman strength (lifting at least 30 tons, if not more) and durability (sufficient to withstand blows from a gigantic, superhumanly strong robot without permanent injury). Super-Soldier also has superhuman hearing, allowing him to hear radio frequencies outside the normal range of human hearing from miles away, and superhuman breath, granting him the ability to project gusts of wind from his lungs.

    Super-Soldier can also defy gravity and fly at great speeds, allowing him to traverse entire cities within minutes.

    He can also project intense heat from his eyes, sufficient to melt metal, and he has "x-ray vision," allowing him to see through most solid objects except lead.

    Due to the alien DNA in his system, Super-Soldier is weakened by the radioactive element K which was found as a meteorite near the crash site of the alien whose DNA empowers Super-Soldier. Super-Soldier is significantly weaker in the modern era than he was during the 1940s due to trace amounts of radioactive K fallout in the atmosphere from K-bombs detonated by the Green Skull following Super-Soldier's time in suspended animation.

    In battle, Super-Soldier carries a nearly indestructible shield composed of an unidentified metal.

Height: 6'3" (by approximation)
Weight: 200 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

History: (Marvel Versus DC#3) - When the Spectre and Living Tribunal sought to save both of their respective universes by combining them into one, Super-Soldier was one of the many heroes and villains who emerged from the amalgamated universe, complete with his own varied history.

(Super-Soldier#1 (fb)) - After an alien crash-landed on Earth in 1938, the US Army took DNA samples from the corpse inside the rocket and a short time after, during World War II, the DNA samples were added to the government's "Super-Soldier" formula and injected into 4F volunteer Clark Kent. Kent was then bombarded with solar radiation, surprisingly transforming the volunteer into a superhumanly strong being capable of flying and projecting beams of heat from his eyes. The transformed Kent soon became the United States' superhuman war hero Super-Soldier, while cub reporter Jimmy Olsen became his staunch ally and official press flak.

(Amalgam trading card#60: The Green Skull (fb) - BTS) - Learning of the Army's Super-Soldier, billionaire Lex Luthor feared Super-Soldier would end his war profiteering.

(Super-Soldier Action#1) - Super-Soldier made his public debut, battling the Nazi Party of World War II.

(Amalgam Power Blast trading card#9 of 9: Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour#7 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Super-Soldier acquired an heroic crimefighting partner.

(Super-Soldier: Man of Action#1 (fb) - BTS) - Super-Soldier also began taking secret undercover missions during World War II.

(All-Star Winners Comics/Super-Soldier Action#14 (fb) - BTS) - Super-Soldier joined the heroic All-Star Winners Society.

(Amalgam trading card#56: America's Guardian Angel (fb) - BTS) - Inspired by the heroics of Super-Soldier, billionaire Tom Harper took up intense physical training to become the Guardian Angel, hero of the World War II home front.

(Super-Soldier: Man of War#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Clark Kent attended a charity fund-raising ball in which Lois Lane met and was charmed by Lex Luthor, forcing Kent to say goodbye to his feelings for Lane

(Amalgam trading card#59: The Once & Future Menace - BTS) - Lex Luthor acquired a radioactive element (which he named K) from the alien crash site whose alien visitor's DNA empowered Super-Soldier.

(Super-Soldier: Man of War#1 (fb) - BTS) - In February 1942, in Washington, Super-Soldier was assigned an undercover mission to follow a consignment of stolen government equipment overseas to learn who the thieves were.

(Super-Soldier: Man of War#1) - Super-Soldier arrived at a meeting of the All-Star Winners Squadron late, apologizing and announcing his mission overseas. Explaining that the mission was secret and he would be traveling undercover, Super-Soldier soon smelled a burning smell, only to learn that the Human Lantern was baking a cake. When Human Lantern entered with the finished cake, most except "Brooklyn" Barnes declined to taste it and Super-Soldier used that note to depart, revealing that his mission ship sailed at noon.

    Flying off to meet Jimmy Olsen at a Naval dockyard for his undercover assignment, Super-Soldier changed into his disguise as "Corporal" Clark Kent and met with Jimmy Olsen, the two discussing their mission to follow the shipment until they could uncover the thieves. When Lois Luthor arrived to see Kent off, Kent turned away from her, unable to handle his feelings for her after her marriage to Lex Luthor. Later that evening, a sergeant bullied Kent into giving up his seat but Sgt. Rock and His Howlin' Commandos intervened and a fight broke out in the mess hall. As the scuffle escalated, Kent took advantage of the distraction to quell the fight with a gust of his super-breath and one last chair throw by the opposing group was stopped when Sgt. Rock caught it in mid-air.

    Several nights later, Kent and Jimmy Olsen were enjoying the sea air when they noticed a Frenchman entering a restricted area of their ship's cargo hold. Following and confronting the man, Kent and Olsen were quickly interrupted when the ship drifted near a large iceberg, forcing Kent to secretly don his Super-Soldier costume and break up the iceberg. The ship arrived in England the following evening and Kent said goodbye to Sgt. Rock and His Howlin' Commandos as they were shipped out elsewhere and he also split up from Olsen to go meet with British prime minister Winston Churchill. During the meeting event, Churchill introduced Super-Soldier to Lex Luthor, unaware they were enemies, before Super-Soldier received a radio signal from Jimmy Olsen. Cutting the meeting short, Super-Soldier rushed to Olsen's location and found Olsen beat up and the government cargo they were protecting gone. Olsen quickly explained to Super-Soldier that he was hit from behind by some fishermen and the Frenchman they had met earlier, realizing the fishermen were disguised Nazis when he saw their U-boats escaping. Super-Soldier flew after the U-boats but had to turn back when the boats fired torpedoes towards the dock where Olsen was photographing the action.

    By the time Super-Soldier managed to take out all of the torpedoes, the U-boats had made their escape, and Super-Soldier returned to the banquet, where Churchill assured Super-Soldier they would win the war yet. The next day, Super-Soldier, wondering how the Howlin' Commandos were doing, arrived in Germany just in time to rescue the Howlin' Commandos from Major Zemo's War Wheel. Easily defeating the War Wheel, Super-Soldier then rushed to the side of the Howlin' Commandos' ally Mademoiselle Peggy, who was revealed to Super-Soldier and Jimmy Olsen as the Allied spy "Frenchman" earlier aiding the Nazis. Super-Soldier used his x-ray vision to determine that Mademoiselle Peggy needed immediate medical attention and Sgt. Rock suggested Super-Soldier fly her to a hospital while they continued their mission against Zemo. Super-Soldier did as suggested, promising to return to aid the Howlin' Commandos, unaware that Luthor was secretly working with Zemo to use the radioactive K element he had acquired to both construct the giant robot Ultra-Metallo to take over Washington and destroy Super-Soldier.

(Super-Soldier#1 (fb)) - By March 1942, Super-Soldier had nearly won World War II single-handedly.

(Amalgam trading card#59: The Once & Future Menace - BTS) - Lex Luthor began using the K element in the construction the Super-Soldier-hunting robot Ultra-Metallo.

(Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Towards the end of World War II, Lex Luthor went on an arctic mission to kill Super-Soldier, a mission that resulted in his ally Baron Zero being imprisoned in a nitrogen stasis suit.

(Super-Soldier#1 (fb) - BTS) - Learning that Luthor had engineered the creation of Ultra-Metallo in an effort to keep Super-Soldier busy while he profited from World War II on his own timetable, the over-confident Super-Soldier engaged Ultra-Metallo directly rather than try to prove Luthor's involvement.

(Super-Soldier#1 (fb)) - Super-Soldier unfortunately met his match against Ultra-Metallo. During the battle with Ultra-Metallo, Super-Soldier fought the robot as they both plunged into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where they both disappeared. Despite knowing the truth of Super-Soldier's disappearance, Olsen wrote a false newspaper article claiming that Super-Soldier had officially retired following the war.

(Amalgam trading card#60: The Green Skull (fb) - BTS) - Noting how the radioactive K affected Super-Soldier during his battle with Ultra-Metallo, Lex Luthor created a life-extending serum from the element that ultimately transformed him into the gaunt Green Skull.

(Bruce Wayne: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Green Skull designed the doomsday weapon called the Terra Cannon to thwart Super-Soldier, intended to be used as a suicide weapon if need be.

(Assassins#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Super-Soldier's disappearance became known as "the Death of Super-Soldier" and was regarded as a stunt.

(Amalgam trading card#1: Super-Soldier (fb) - BTS) - During Super-Soldier's absence, he became one of the most heavily merchandised characters in American history.

(Spider-Boy#1 (fb) - BTS) - With Super-Soldier gone, Gen. "Thunderbolt" Ross, last survivor of the original Super-Soldier project, became determined to recreate the success of Super-Soldier.

(Amalgam trading card#19: Mister X (fb) - BTS) - Despite funding from the enigmatic Mister X intended to push the government's Project Cadmus to find the missing society of Atlantis, Cadmus instead focused their resources on replicating the missing Super-Soldier.

(Amalgam Power Blast trading card#9 of 9: Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour#7 (fb) - BTS) - American Girl made her debut, patterning her costume after Super-Soldier's former crimefighting partner.

(Amalgam trading card#7: Black Bat (fb) - BTS) - The Green Skull (Lex Luthor) developed jet packs to mimic Super-Soldier's flying powers, but the prototype jet pack was smuggled out of the Green Skull's clutches by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Tony Stark.

(Super-Soldier#1 (fb) - BTS) - Five decades after his disappearance, Super-Soldier was found frozen in the arctic waters by the Judgment League Avengers, weaker than he had been during World War II.

(Judgment League Avengers#4) - Super-Soldier was thawed out.

(Amalgam trading card#43: The Return of the Super-Soldier) - The Judgment League Avengers found that the thawed Super-Soldier was still alive, kept in a state of suspended animation thanks to the serum that had originally given him his powers.

(Amalgam trading card#17: Captain Marvel/Angelhawk (fb) - BTS) - Super-Soldier joined (see comments) the Judgment League Avengers in order have similar superhuman beings to himself at the ready that were not loyal to any one country or political group. He also wanted someone with which to play.

(Amalgam trading card#12: Myx) - The extradimensional imp Myx accompanied Doctor Strangefate on his first field mission with the Judgment League Avengers but Myx took a strong dislike to Super-Soldier, prompting Myx to remain behind on future missions.

(Amalgam trading card#1: Super-Soldier (fb) - BTS) - After his return, Super-Soldier had to petition the federal courts for the right to use the Super-Soldier name and costume in public due to the selling of his merchandising rights during his absence.

(Super-Soldier#1 (fb) - BTS) - Super-Soldier emotionally reunited with his old friend Jimmy Olsen, now aged and chief editor of the Daily Planet newspaper.

(Action & Suspense#59) - Super-Soldier began going on solo missions despite being concerned about his reduced powers.

(Super-Soldier#1 (fb) - BTS) - Super-Soldier subsequently took a civilian job at the Daily Planet newspaper as Clark Kent. Super-Soldier found that he was becoming gradually weaker while his old foe Green Skull and his Hydra organization had become stronger in his absence.

(Amalgam trading card#47: Behold the Crimson Whirlwind) - Super-Soldier was with the Judgment League Avengers when a disembodied air elemental took up residence in the robotic Crimson Whirlwind, transforming the synthezoid and foiling the plans of the anti-mutant roboticist Will Magnus.

(Amalgam trading card#43: The Return of the Super-Soldier (fb) - BTS) - The Judgment League Avengers were transported away to fight the Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour without Super-Soldier, but Super-Soldier rallied in time to join his teammates at the battle's climax.

(Amalgam Canvas Cards trading card#9 of 9) - Arriving on the planet of supervillains where his teammates were trapped, Super-Soldier helped turn the tide of battle but at great cost, as American Girl, his successor during his disappearance, perished.

(Amalgam Power Blast trading card#9 of 9: Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour#7) - Despite having never actually met, Super-Soldier cradled the lifeless body of American Girl.

(JLA#122) - Super-Soldier and the Judgment League Avengers imprisoned the aquatic mutant Mariner, causing a rift in the Judgment League between the mutant and non-mutant members, with the mutants feeling as if the Judgment League intended to turn Mariner over to mutant haters.

(JLX#1 (fb) - BTS) - After the mutant Judgment League members went rogue to protect Mariner with the help of the psychic Mister X, Super-Soldier led the Judgment League Avengers in tracking down their former teammates. At some point, Super-Soldier also had a falling out with the weather-manipulating heroine known as Amazon.

(JLX#1) - Locating their former mutant teammates, who had now taken to calling themselves the JLX, in the northern Atlantic Ocean, Super-Soldier ordered Hawkeye to disable the JLX's cruiser while Angelhawk and Captain Marvel were sent in to assault the JLX. The JLX's Firebird immediately went on the offensive, prompting a warning from Captain Marvel as Firebird engulfed Super-Soldier in green flames. During the battle, Angelhawk (who was secretly a mutant working with Mister X) feigned a broken back to buy the JLX time to escape. As Angelhawk fell into the ocean, Super-Soldier scolded the JLX, blaming them for Angelhawk's supposed injury. Angelhawk was soon recovered by Captain Marvel, who declared that Angelhawk needed immediate medical attention. Refusing to let the Judgment League be destroyed in a fight with its former members, Super-Soldier opted to leave with Angelhawk, remarking that there would be time to capture Mariner later if his guilt could be proven.

(Super-Soldier#1) - When Jimmy Olsen was roughed up by the Green Skull and Hydra, he made his way back to the Daily Planet offices and collapsed moments after coming through the door, prompting Clark Kent to rush to his side. Olsen rambled to Kent about Hydra bringing him into Washington at four, giving Kent a watch, and while the other Daily Planet employees tended to Olsen, Kent grabbed his briefcase and rushed into a storeroom, ripping open his shirt to reveal the familiar costume of Super-Soldier. Thinking of his failure against Ultra-Metallo during World War II due to his over-confidence as he flew to Washington, Super-Soldier renewed his determination to stop Hydra but soon found Hydra nowhere to be found at the nation's capitol.

    Quickly realizing that the Washington Monument cast a shadow on a specific building at 4pm, Super-Soldier investigated the building and found it swarming with Hydra agents. Super-Soldier made quick work of the Hydra agents and was confronted by the Green Skull himself, who revealed that he had reacquired Ultra-Metallo from the oceans. Green Skull then unleashed Ultra-Metallo on Super-Soldier and Washington, D.C., controlling the robot from afar. During the battle, Super-Soldier sensed that something about Ultra-Metallo was making him even weaker and punched into the heart of the robot, only to find that the robot's radioactive power source sapped his strength. The Green Skull then gloated that Ultra-Metallo was powered by a meteorite found near the crash site of the alien whose DNA empowered Super-Soldier and the radiation it gave off disrupted the alien cells in Super-Soldier's system. As the battle progressed, Ultra-Metallo cornered Super-Soldier on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and Super-Soldier was forced to flee. Realizing that lead could protect him from Ultra-Metallo's Green K radiation, Super-Soldier returned to the fray minutes later to deactivate Ultra-Metallo by hurling a large lead pipe through its chest, cutting off its power supply. Super-Soldier then returned to the Green Skull and apprehended the criminal, his identity of head of Hydra exposed in a later Daily Planet newspaper article. As the Daily Planet staff celebrated the successful article and their exposure of the Green Skull, Clark Kent stood off by himself, thinking about how the fallout from the Green Skull's Green K bombs during World War II was what had been weakening him since his return.

(Spider-Boy#1 - BTS) - The heroic clone Spider-Boy thought back at his origins with Project: Cadmus, who had accidentally created Spider-Boy while trying to recreate Super-Soldier. Thinking back to when he emerged from Cadmus' clone tanks, Spider-Boy thought about how he was definitely not Super-Soldier, as the Project might have been hoping for.

(Super-Soldier#2) - Super-Soldier battled the unstoppable alien Doomnaut.

(JLX#4) - Super-Soldier met with mutant heroine Amazon.

(DC Versus Marvel#4) - During a battle between Dark Claw and his arch-enemy Hyena, one of Dark Claw's miniature explosives was knocked towards a group of civilians and Super-Soldier flew in to shield the civilians from the blast. Super-Soldier then remarked on how fun it was when the villains shouted his name in fear before Hyena fled across the rooftops. Thinking he had lost the heroes, Hyena was stunned when he climbed onto another rooftop, only to be face-to-face with Dark Claw and Super-Soldier. Hyena then jumped down into the alleyways, attempting to evade the heroes, before running into Earth-616's Access. Attacking Access in hopes of using the boy as a hostage, Hyena was instead transported elsewhere by Access as Dark Claw and Super-Soldier caught up. When the two heroes asked Access where Hyena had gone, Access replied that it didn't matter and Super-Soldier tried to argue but Access interrupted, revealing that he had hid shards of Earth-616 and the distant cosmos home of the Spectre within Dark Claw and Super-Soldier. Access then grabbed the arms of Dark Claw and Super-Soldier, absorbing the shards of the two universes and feeding the power into the Living Tribunal and Spectre, respectively, to restore their two universes. Using the heroes' power, the two cosmic entities were able to separate Super-Soldier into their component parts again and restore both universes.

(DC/Marvel: All Access#1 - BTS) - Access' mind was flooded with images of the battles between the two universes and their merging into an amalgamated universe housing Super-Soldier and others.

(DC/Marvel: All Access#4) - When Earth-9602's Doctor Strangefate emerged from the subconscious of Earth-616's Doctor Strange and attempted to forcibly merge heroes of Earth-616 and a distant cosmos to recreate Earth-9602, Access freed Doctor Strange's astral form and Strange used his own mystical power to recreate Earth-9602 (Super-Soldier included) as a pocket universe contained within a mystic orb that Access unwittingly absorbed into himself.

(JLX Unleashed#1 (fb) - BTS) - Following the Armageddon Agenda, Clark Kent found himself disliking the harsh treatment of metamutants.

(JLX Unleashed#1) - After the demonic dragon Fin Fang Flame leveled New York City and the Judgment League Avengers in the process, Super-Soldier helped pull the fallen Statue of Liberty back onto its base as Amazon arrived on the scene. Once the Statue was secure, Super-Soldier met with Amazon, who informed him that the JLA International and JLA West had been overtaken by Fin Fang Flame and suggested the JLX be released from their captivity. Captain Marvel soon arrived as well and argued against releasing the JLX, and Super-Soldier was quick to remind Captain Marvel that metamutants were not evil. Super-Soldier then admitted that while he didn't necessarily agree with the Armageddon Agenda, he was obliged to obey the law and that meant not releasing the JLX. Super-Soldier's speech was then interrupted when Fin Fang Flame returned and hit Super-Soldier from behind with a blast of flame, prompting Amazon to subsequently arrange the JLX's release herself.

(unidentified issue of Super-Soldier) - Super-Soldier took down at least thirty members of Hydra and still had time to use his heat vision to warm soup for the homeless.

(World's Finest Untold Tales) - Super-Soldier teamed up with Dark Claw, at one point rescuing Dark Claw when Dark Claw fell from above onto the back of Super-Soldier. By the end of the adventure, which revealed that a high-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and former Howlin' Commando was an agent of Hydra, Dark Claw was utilizing Super-Soldier's shield.

(Spider-Boy Team-Up#1 - BTS) - Following a convoluted time travel adventure involving the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099, Spider-Boy remarked that he bet stuff like that never happened to Super-Soldier.

(Unlimited Access#1 - BTS) - Access thought about his status as keeper of the Amalgam universe and how the two universes could combine again if he failed in his mission to keep them separated. As he thought, Access recalled Super-Soldier and numerous other heroes.

(Infestation 2 Team-Up#1) - While battling the elder god Old Ones alongside Amazon and Iron Lantern, Super-Soldier appeared in the skies of a tabloid newspaper reality as the battle spilled over into another universe.

Comments: Created by Ron Marz, Dan Jurgens, Claudio Castellini, Josef Rubinstein and Paul Neary.

Marvel characters
are listed in regular, bold black type.
DC characters are listed in bold blue type.
Amalgam characters are listed in bold purple type.

    To clarify, Amalgam Comics didn't really exist beyond those seen in the few DC/Marvel cross-overs. The titles you don't recognize are amalgams of similar Marvel and DC comics--Snood.

    According to the letters page of Doctor Strangefate#1, Amalgam Comics published a Super-Soldier comic by Stan Schwartz. Obviously, this comic was purely fictional and didn't exist in real life but Stan Schwartz would be an amalgamation of Marvel's Stan Lee and DC's Julius Schwartz.

    In case it's not obvious, Super-Soldier is an amalgamation of Marvel's Captain America (Steve Rogers) and DC's Superman (Kal-El/"Clark Kent").

    Amalgam trading card#17: Captain Marvel/Angelhawk states that Super-Soldier founded the Judgment League Avengers but that couldn't possibly be true, as it was the Judgment League Avengers who found Super-Soldier frozen in ice after World War II. He was frozen when the team was founded. Perhaps the team was merely inspired by Super-Soldier's wartime heroics? Or maybe the card meant to say Super-Soldier JOINED the JLA instead of founding it?
    Maybe he's a retroactive founding member, like Captain America is with the Avengers?--Snood

    This profile was completed 09/19/2020, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

    Thanks to Fear the Mighty Max for catching Super-Soldier's appearance in the IDW comic Infestation 2 Team-Up#1! --Proto-Man

    Super-Soldier's appearance in the (non-Marvel) IDW comic Infestation 2 Team-Up#1 was part of a line-wide theme story that dealt with the various non-related licensed character comic books (Transformers, Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc.) published by IDW dealing with H.P. Lovecraft's Old Ones, who had broken through the barriers containing them in various universes, apparently including the Amalgam universe. Realities began to collide as the various realities each battled their own version of the Old Ones, leading to the Amalgam characters spilling over into a reality where the Weekly World News tabloid newspaper characters existed.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-9602's Super-Soldier has no known connections to:

Sharon Carter

    Sharon Carter was an employee of the Daily Planet. When Clark Kent prepared one of her articles for the paper, he misspelled her name as "Sharon Crater," prompting Sharon to question him about it. Feigning shyness, Kent asked Sharon not to be mad at him ,and Sharon accused Kent of being a spineless worm before suggesting he deliberately pasted her name incorrectly just to get her attention. Their conversation was interrupted when a roughed-up Jimmy Olsen staggered into the Daily Planet offices and while Sharon rushed to tend to Olsen, Kent left the office to change into his Super-Soldier costume.

    When Lex Luthor was later exposed as the Green Skull, Sharon joined the rest of the Daily Planet employees in celebrating the breaking story.

Earth-9602's Sharon Carter appears to be an amalgamation of DC's Lois Lane and Marvel's Sharon Carter.


Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was the prime minister of England circa February 1942. He invited Super-Soldier to a banquet, where he introduced Super-Soldier to Lex Luthor, unaware they were enemies. When Super-Soldier received a radio transmission from Jimmy Olsen, he had to suddenly leave the banquet but later returned. While there, Churchill received an urgent message and upon reading it, Churchill whispered to Super-Soldier that while a battle might have been lost, they would win the war.

--Super-Soldier: Man of War#1


Doomnaut was an unstoppable alien visitor from another planet who battled Super-Soldier, nearly choking the life out of him.

Doomnaut, based on name alone, appears to be an amalgam of DC's Doomsday and Marvel's Juggernaut.

--Super-Soldier#1 letters page - BTS/Super-Soldier#2

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DC/Marvel: All Access#4 (February, 1997) - Ron Marz (writer), Jackson Guice (pencils), Joe Rubinstein (inks), Mike Carlin (editor)
JLX Unleashed#1 (June, 1997) - Priest (writer), Oscar Jiminez (pencils), Hannibal Rodriguez (inks), Ruben Diaz (editor)
Super-Soldier: Man of War#1 (June, 1997) - Dave Gibbons (co-plot, script, pencils), Mark Waid (co-plot), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), KC Carlson (editor)
Spider-Boy Team-Up#1 (June, 1997) - "R.K. Sternsel" (writer), Jose Ladronn (pencils), Juan Vlasco (inks), "Ralph Felder" (editor)
Unlimited Access#1 (December, 1997) - Karl Kesel (writer), Pat Olliffe (pencils), Al Williamson (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Infestation 2 Team-Up#1 (February, 2012) - Chris Ryall (writer), Alan Robinson (art), Bobby Curnow (editor)

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