Real Name: Peter "Pete" Ross

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-9602/Amalgam) human clone

Occupation: Adventurer, television celebrity, photographer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: American Girl (Carol Barnes), Betty Brant, Castle (Trevor Castiglione), the Challengers of the Fantastic (Ace/Susan Storm, Rocky Grimm, Prof/Reed Richards, Red/Johnny Storm), Computo, Doc Alternity, Doctor Strangefate (Charles Xavier), Scott Free, Insect Queen (Mary Jane Watson), J. Jonah Jameson, Rex Leech, Earth-12772's Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 (Chameleon, Vance Cosmic, Darkstar, Invisible Girl, Lady Bug, 'Lectron, Living Colossus, Martinex 5, Mass, Myriad, Nucleus, Phantom Cat, Phoenetix, Psi-Girl, Sparkler, Spider-Boy 2099/Mig-El Gand, Universe Boy, XCel), Earth-97061's Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 (Bouncing Ball, Cannonfire, Chameleon, Vance Cosmic, Dream Date, Fantastic Lad, Growing Boy, Invisible Girl, Lady Bug/Salu Van Dyne, Living Lightning Lad, Living Lightning Lass, Martinex 5, Molecule Lad, Multiple Maid, Paste-Eater Pete, Phantom Cat, Psi-Girl, Shadowstar, Star Charlie, Sun Lord, Timberwolf by Night, Universe Boy), Magneto (Erik Magnus), Tana Moon, New York Special Crimes Unit (Sgt. "Brooklyn" Barnes, Roxy Leech, Capt. Sam Makoa, "Flash" Thompson), Orion, Project Cadmus staff (Dr. Curt Connors, Dabney Donovan, Dr. Otto Octavius, Dr. Ray Palmer, Dr. Hank Pym, Director Tom Harper, Gen. "Thunderbolt" Ross, others), Jack Ryder, Shatterstarfire (Koriand'r), Speed Demon (Jay Garrick), Wonder Woman (Ororo Munroe); other Spider-Totems (Arachnido, Jr. of an unidentified reality, Spider-Jameson of Earth-78327/John Jameson, Spider-Man of Earth-616/Peter Parker, Spider-Man of Earth-928/Miguel O'Hara, Spider-Man of Earth-1610/Miles Morales, Spider-Man of Earth-11714, Spider-Man of Earth-57780, Spider-Man of Earth-70019, Spider-Man of Earth-80219, Spider-Man of Earth-96211, Spider-Man of Earth-96283, Spider-Man of Earth-120703, Spider-Man of Earth-730911, Spider-Prime of Earth-93060/Kevin Green, Spider-Woman of Earth-1610/Jessica Drew, Spiders Man of Earth-9997, numerous others from various unidentified realities)

Enemies: Bizarnage, Doctor Doomsday (Victor von Doom), Earth-97061's Frightful Five (Agamotto Express, Manorb, Spartacus, Tharlock, Valinus), the Inheritors of Earth-001 (Bora, Brix, Jennix, Morlun, Verna), Kang the Time Conqueror (Chronos-Tut), King Lizard, Lethal (Sergei Minerva), Scavulture, Thanoseid

Known Relatives: General "Thunderbolt" Ross (adopted uncle, deceased)

Aliases: "The Arachno-Pest," "The Awesome Arach-Kid," "Mall Crawling Wall Crawler" (nickname from Sue Storm), "The Outrageous S-Boy," "Wall-Walker." "The Web-Shooter"

Base of Operations: New York City, New York, USA and Fantastic Mountain within the Adirondacks, USA

First Appearance: (unidentified): Marvel Versus DC I#3 (April, 1996);
    (as Spider-Boy): Spider-Boy I#1 (April, 1996);
    (in Amalgam continuity): Fantastic Adventure#15 (August, 1962)

Powers/Abilities: Spider-Boy had the ability to change the focus of gravity on himself, allowing him to cling to solid surfaces and walk on walls, and he also had a certain amount of superhuman strength and speed, sufficient enough to trade blows with the superhumanly strong and durable King Lizard and dodge with superhuman agility, respectively.

Spider-Boy carried a gun that fired a chemical webbing that he could use to "web swing" through the air. The webbing was strong enough to support Spider-Boy and at least one other passenger's weight when he swung through the air. When not using his web gun, Spider-Boy occasionally used wrist-mounted web line projectors. He also had access to the Fantasti-Wagon, a vehicle capable of flight between the Project Cadmus labs within Fantastic Mountain and his New York home via Cadmus' Zoomway, which housed the Web-Slinger catapult run by the semi-sentient computer known as Computo. The Web-Slinger could launch Spider-Boy into air towards a pre-programmed location set in by Computo after the coordinates were entered into the Web-Slinger's keypad. Within his headquarters, Spider-Boy also had other technological devices including a Phantom-Negative Zone Projector, an Invisible Force Field Belt, a Mother Cube and Dr. Palmer's White Dwarf Star prototype weapon, which could shrink things blasted by it.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 160 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue; (as Pete Ross): Hazel
Hair: Black; (as Pete Ross): Blonde

History: (Marvel Versus DC I#3/DC/Marvel: All Access I#1 (fb)) - When the Spectre and the Living Tribunal attempted to save both of their respective universes by combining them, Spider-Boy was one of the many heroes to emerge from the two universes' amalgamation, complete with his own varied history.

(Spider-Boy I#1 (fb)) - General "Thunderbolt" Ross green-lit a Project Cadmus experiment, based on an idea of intern Peter Parker, to genetically create a Super-Soldier that could manipulate gravity. Halfway through the experiment, an explosion took the life of Peter Parker and wiped out most of the Operation: Re-Birth files. The genetically-engineered clone who would become Spider-Boy emerged from his tank during the explosion. Having been awakened before his powers could fully develop, the boy learned that he could alter the focus of gravity upon himself and that Peter Parker's inexperience was blamed for the accident, although sabotage was not ruled out. Feeling responsible for the boy's situation, Gen. Ross took the clone in as his own and raised him to believe in a quote that Peter Parker's family had taught him: "With great power comes great responsibility." One day, a small-time burglar attacked and, passing over the boy whom didn't seem a threat, killed Gen. Ross. Deciding that he would never be just a kid to be ignored when people got hurt, the boy donned a costume as the superheroic Spider-Boy and also received his own television show, It's Amazing!

(Fantastic Adventure#15) - Spider-Boy made his public debut.

(Spider-Boy I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Professor Yatz gave Spider-Boy his Matter-Transformer before disappearing. Using the device, Spider-Boy was able to easily transform between his Spider-Boy identity and that of Pete Ross, Daily Bugle photographer.

(Amalgam trading card#2: Spider-Boy (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Boy decided to keep his dual identity of Pete Ross secret from his allies at Project Cadmus.

(Outrageous Spider-Boy#6) - Spider-Boy first encountered the reptilian King Lizard.

(Adventures of Spider-Boy#15) - Spider-Boy first encountered the cat-like Lethal.

(Adventures of Spider-Boy#129) - Spider-Boy first met the armed vigilante Castle.

(Amalgam trading card#16: Castle (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Boy appointed himself the sidekick to the violent vigilante known as Castle. Not wishing or needing a sidekick, Castle eventually found the right "caliber" to deter Spider-Boy's interest in being Castle's sidekick.

(Amalgam Canvas Chase Card#1: Dr. Strangefate (fb) - BTS) - Summoned by Dr. Strangefate, Spider-Boy was informed of Apokoliptian ruler Thanoseid's acquisition of the five Infinity Links, which were capable of creating the time-stopping vortex known as the Infinity Loop. Spider-Boy was also told of the Infinity Loop's already-present effects and that Earth's heroes had approximately one hour to stop Thanoseid's plans lest the entire universe be destroyed.

(Amalgam Canvas Chase Card#6: Magneto (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Boy joined up with Magneto's team of heroes to assault the Infinity Loop directly as Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Speed Demon was caught in the time-twisting vortex.

(Amalgam Canvas Chase Card#7: Spider-Boy (fb) - BTS) - As Spider-Boy and Magneto's ground troops distracted Thanoseid from permanently fusing the Infinity Links, the heroes were joined by the time-traveling Legion 2099 while the Infinity Loop reached critical mass.

(Amalgam Canvas Chase Card#8: Wonder Woman (fb) - BTS) - While Wonder Woman held Thanoseid at bay, Scott Free and Orion both struck the Infinity Loop, sacrificing their lives to disintegrate it. With the Loop destroyed, Spider-Boy and the other heroes found themselves trapped on a world of super villains.

(Amalgam Canvas Chase Card#9: Super-Soldier (fb) - BTS) - Super-Soldier appeared, turning the tide of Spider-Boy and the other heroes' battle against the super villains assembled by Dr. Doomsday. The defeat of the villains ultimately came at a high cost: the life of Super-Soldier's successor American Girl.

(Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour#10) - Spider-Boy witnessed the rebooting of his timeline at the hands of Doc Alternity, who respun the Infinity Loop.

(Outrageous Spider-Boy#254) - Spider-Boy rescued Project Cadmus from the newly-created DNAlien known as Bizarnage.

(Outrageous Spider-Boy#305/Spider-Boy & His Astonishing Friends#37) - While taking a look at Project Cadmus Dr. Ray Palmer's White Dwarf Star device, Spider-Boy was accidentally shrunk to sub-atomic size and into the sub-atomic world of Tamojoran. While there, Spider-Boy rescued Princess Shatterstarfire from the Gordanians.

(Outrageous Spider-Boy#305/X-Patrol I#1 (fb)) - Spider-Boy brought Shatterstarfire back to Earth when he returned.. According to Spider-Boy, Shatterstarfire was so grateful that she swore to never speak to Spider-Boy again.

(X-Patrol I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The adventure involving Spider-Boy and Shatterstarfire was dramatized and aired on Spider-Boy's It's Amazing! television show.

(Spider-Boy I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Contracts were drawn up for a series of Spider-Boy action figures.

(Way-Cool Spider-Boy#37/Spider-Boy I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Boy helped to protect the genetic research facilities of Project Cadmus from the deranged DNAlien known as Bizarnage after an "evil DNA"-infected Reed Richards released Bizarnage.

(Spider-Boy I#1) - Spider-Boy continued defending Project Cadmus from Bizarnage, who taken over the body of Johnny Storm. When Bizarnage threatened to take Cadmus Director Tom Harper, Spider-Boy offered to do anything Bizarnage wanted, prompting Bizarnage to remove himself from Johnny Storm's and flood towards Spider-Boy. Spider-Boy fired a blast from his web gun which Bizarnage easily avoided, unaware that Spider-Boy had planned for that and the web hit the button to open a containment behind Spider-Boy. Bizarnage was quickly drawn through the containment door and placed back in Cadmus custody. Before he could relax, Spider-Boy was surprised when the injured Sue Storm and Dr. Connors arrived and explained how King Lizard had escaped during Bizarnage's rampage after tearing through Dr. Pym's Particle Accelerator. Rather than have Rocky Grimm call in the Challengers of the Fantastic or the Army and expose Project Cadmus' status as a security facility, Spider-Boy volunteered to stop King Lizard's rampage. Sue Storm agreed to give Spider-Boy two hours to stop King Lizard before she informed her boss and got S.H.I.E.L.D. involved in the situation. Making his way to Project Cadmus' Zoomway, Spider-Boy was briefly caught up in a discussion on Quantum Theory between Doctors Pym and Palmer before meeting with Dr. Otto Octavius, who was readying Spider-Boy's Fantasti-Wagon vehicle. As Spider-Boy prepared to leave for New York to battle King Lizard, Dr. Octavius reminded Spider-Boy of his date that evening at 8pm with Octavius' friend's friend, prompting Spider-Boy to fly off in the Fantasti-Wagon, thinking that it might be easier if Octavius was one of his arch-enemies so he wouldn't have to deal with Octavius trying to set him up on dates. Taking the Fantasti-Wagon to his New York headquarters, Spider-Boy was met with Betty Brant and Rex Leech, who informed him that the contracts for Spider-Boy action figures were drawn up and that both Conan and Winona had called. Telling Brant that he'd have to call them back, Spider-Boy programmed coordinates into Computo for the Web-Slinger and launched himself into the city, where he used his web gun to swing to the roof of the Daily Bugle to use his Matter-Transformer to transform himself into his civilian identity of photographer Pete Ross. Entering the Bugle in hopes of learning King Lizard's location from the news reports, Pete Ross dodged Tana Moon's attempts to get him to photograph the "secret government base" just outside of the city and soon overheard that King Lizard was tearing up Pier 69. Leaving and web-swinging his way to Pier 69, Spider-Boy found King Lizard attacking a group of construction workers. After being hit by King Lizard's tail, Spider-Boy was aided by New York's Special Crimes Unit, who blasted King Lizard. In order to spare the Special Crimes Unit's lives, Spider-Boy led King Lizard away from the Pier and visited his headquarters in hopes of finding technology capable of stopping the Pym Particle-exposed King Lizard. Quickly locating Dr. Palmer's White Dwarf Star prototype weapon, Spider-Boy was surprised when King Lizard busted through the wall and inadvertently destroyed the weapon. Grabbing the weapon's containment field before it could rupture, Spider-Boy placed the field into his Web-Slinger device and launched it into the mouth of King Lizard as the reptile made his way to the roof. The containment field shrunk King Lizard into a sub-atomic world just as Dr. Octavius arrived at Spider-Boy's headquarters in preparation for the date he had fixed up for Spider-Boy. Making his way to the roof after hearing an explosion caused by King Lizard, Dr. Otto Octavius introduced Spider-Boy to his date: Mary Jane Watson, the Insect Queen.

(DC Versus Marvel I#4) -  Access absorbed power from the Amalgam universe residents Super-Soldier and Dark Claw and fed it into the Spectre and Living Tribunal, allowing the two cosmic beings to restore Earth-616 and the distant cosmos that had combined with 616 to create the Amalgam universe, splitting Amalgam residents like Spider-Boy back into two beings.

(DC/Marvel: All Access I#4/Unlimited Access I#1 (fb)) - When the Amalgam's Doctor Strangefate emerged from Doctor Strange's subconscious and attempted to recreate the Amalgam universe by forcibly merging Earth-616 residents with residents of the distant cosmos once more, the universe-hopping Access managed to free Doctor Strange's astral self from Doctor Strangefate's body and Strange managed to take over Strangefate's form and restore the residents of both universes to normal. Using his own power, Doctor Strange managed to recreate Strangefate's Earth-9602 home (Spider-Boy included) and contain it within a mystic orb, which Strange then gave to Access, who unknowingly absorbed it into himself.

(Challengers of the Fantastic I#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Spider-Boy's likeness was licensed into a video game called Spider-Boy: Total Bizarnage.

(Spider-Boy Team-Up I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Boy asked Insect Queen to marry him and later uncovered Scavulture's plot to steal the Black Diamond Soul Gem.

(Spider-Boy Team-Up I#1) - Battling Scavulture in the skies, Spider-Boy's web line was ripped in two by a blast fired from Scavulture's Evil Eye, causing Spider-Boy to fall into a dumpster on Suicide Street. Frantically searching for his web gun, Spider-Boy soon noticed it being carried off by a new member of the Yancy Legion street gang. Before he could recover the web gun, Spider-Boy was blindsided by Scavulture, who fired a killing blast from his Evil Eye. Spider-Boy soon found that Scavulture's blast had not hit him and that Scavulture was instead seemingly frozen in time while he himself was surrounded in a transparent cube. Spider-Boy was then transported to Earth-97061 in the year 2099, where he was greeted by Living Lightning Lad of the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099.

(Challengers of the Fantastic I#1 - BTS) - While Spider-Boy was out dealing with Scavulture, the Challengers of the Fantastic arrived at the Baxter Building in the Fantasti-Wagon, only to find the place in shambles and the staff unconscious. Rocky Grimm joked that perhaps Spider-Boy had another party without him but rest of the Challengers wondered what had happened and where Spider-Boy was. Sue "Ace" Storm suggested Spider-Boy was probably out updating his website as they checked on the unconscious staff.

(Spider-Boy Team-Up I#1) - Shocked that the Legion had been inspired by his adventures, Spider-Boy exclaimed that he was beginning to like 2099 but Martinex 5 quickly reminded him that he could only stay in the future for another 9 minutes, 12 seconds before risking complete chronal collapse. When Spider-Boy asked if it were wise to let him see the future, Universe Boy blurted out that Spider-Boy didn't have much of a future left, prompting Spider-Boy to realize that he was destined to return to his own time and die. Before Spider-Boy could be sent back, the Legion's enemies, the Frightful Five, attacked and destroyed the Time Square Generator, preventing Spider-Boy from returning to his own timeline. After seeing a ghostly spectre, Spider-Boy was met by a grizzled man in a second Time Square, who beckoned Spider-Boy to follow him into the Time Square. Despite being skeptical, Spider-Boy jumped into the Time Square just before the spectre grabbed him. Emerging in the year 2104, Spider-Boy found the world in ravages and was told by the surviving Legion members that Spider-Boy their world had been caused by the Chronal Collapse of 2099. The 2104 Legion members immediately programmed their Time Square to deposit Spider-Boy moments before the Chronal Collapse and Spider-Boy happily agreed to go back, having grown tired of the grim 2104 time period. Emerging in the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099's Time Square Generator, albeit on the divergent Earth-12772 instead of Earth-97061 that he had previously visited, Spider-Boy learned that this Legion had brought him there to help activate their Phantom-Negative Zone Projector. After Spider-Boy had 'Lectron power up the machine with electricity, rather than the cosmic power that powered other devices in 2099, the Legion sent Spider-Boy back to his own time period via the Time Square Generator. Knowing of his impending death, Spider-Boy instinctively leapt as soon as he returned to his proper time, narrowly avoiding Scavulture's blast and preventing his own death. Scavulture was then hit in the face by a web blast fired by the young member of the Yancy Legion who had earlier swiped the gun. Preparing to kill the boy, Scavulture blasted the boy with his Neron Claw, only to have the Claw blasted to bits when the Yancy Legion revealed themselves as the Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099, who had come to the modern era. Announcing that he could save the boy if he were able to get the boy to Project Cadmus fast enough, Spider-Boy was given a Legion Anti-Grav Ring, which he used to fly the boy to Project Cadmus within the legendary Fantastic Mountain. In order to save the boy (whom Psi-Girl referred to as Mig-El), Spider-Boy transported the boy into the Phantom-Negative Zone using his Phantom-Negative Zone Projector, hoping to stabilize Mig-El. Happy to see Mig-El's destiny fulfilled, the Legion were frozen in time when Kang the Time Conqueror appeared, revealing himself as the ghostly spectre Spider-Boy had earlier seen. Kang announced his plans to use Spider-Boy's status as a living nexus of realities and timelines to conquer the Omniverse. As Kang began separating the amalgamated life energies of Spider-Boy, another Spider-Boy leapt from a Time Square and rescued Spider-Boy, who managed to pull himself back together. Working together, the two Spider-Boys webbed up Kang and unmasked him as Chronos-Tut the Time Pharaoh. Chronos-Tut soon disappeared, unable to continue holding together Limbo without his helmet, and the Legion regained their freedom. Learning that the second Spider-Boy was actually Mig-El that he had rescued earlier, Spider-Boy was shocked to learn that Mig-El had remained in the Phantom-Negative Zone for decades until freed by the Legion, who had cured Mig-El's condition using spider DNA. Happy to learn from the Legion that he would not be dying anytime soon, Spider-Boy wondered if Super-Soldier ever had to deal with that sort of thing.

(Spider-Verse I#2/5) - Spider-Boy was one of the many Spider-totems recruited from their respective realities to aid in the battle against the dimension-hopping, totem-devouring Inheritors on Earth-001 (Loomworld).

(Spider-Man IV#2 (fb) - BTS) - While seeking to reunite with his Inheritor family, Earth-001's Morlun heard rumors that they had returned to Earth-001's Loomworld and, unsure of how best to travel to Earth-001, Morlun twisted the arm off of Spider-Boy to obtain his wrist-mounted dimensional travel device.

(Spider-Man VI#2 (fb)) - Using Spider-Boy's severed arm with the dimensional travel device still attached, Morlun traveled to Earth-001, where he tossed Spider-Boy's severed arm to the ground, took the dimensional travel device for himself, and began searching for his family.

Comments: Created by Ron Marz, Dan Jurgens and Joe Rubinstein.

    Marvel characters are listed in regular, or bold black type.
    DC characters are listed in bold blue type.
    Amalgam characters are listed in bold purple type.

    In case you're confused, Amalgam Comics didn't really exist beyond those seen in the few DC/Marvel cross-overs. The titles you don't recognize are amalgams of similar Marvel and DC comics--Snood.

    The accident that awoke Spider-Boy from his genetic engineering tube prematurely was strong hinted to be caused by Cadmus scientist Dabney Donovan although it was never definitely confirmed. Donovan was plotting to take Reed Richards' place at Cadmus though, and was actively injecting "evil" DNA into Richards' lunches to corrupt the Prof.

    In case it's not obvious, Spider-Boy was an amalgamation of Marvel's Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) and Superboy (young Superman clone).

    According to the back of Amalgam Holopix Chase Card#4: Spider-Boy, Spider-Boy was the first in a new breed of light-hearted heroes with "normal" problems and helped usher in the modern era of Amalgam Comics, mirroring Spider-Man's status of one of Marvel's first in a breed of heroes with everyday problems.

    Also, according to the Powerblast Chase card subset of the Amalgam trading cards, the debut of Castle in Adventures of Spider-Boy#129 was published in February, 1974.

    FYI, the Spider-Boy trading cards used as images in this profile have the following credits:
    Amalgam Powerblast Chase Card#8: Fantastic Adventure#15 - Mike Wieringo (pencils), Ray McCarthy (inks), Electric Pickle (CGI)
    Amalgam Preview Chase Card#4: Spider-Boy - Adam Kubert (pencils), Pie Design (CGI)

    The 2099 that experienced the Chronal Collapse would be Earth-97061 and the 2099 in which Spider-Boy prevented the Collapse and the Legion traveled to present-day Earth-9602 would be Earth-12772.

    I've seen Web-Warriors I#10 listed as an appearance of Spider-Boy but I've looked through the issue several times and could not find him anywhere. The closest we have is a Spider-totem that only sort of resembles Spider-Boy in the sense that he has black hair and doesn't wear a full face mask. Given the differences between that character and Spider-Boy, I'd lean more toward that being a different reality's Spider-totem and not Earth-9602's Spider-Boy.

    It's unclear what became of Spider-Boy after Morlun twisted his arm off. That, of course, would not necessarily mean that Spider-Boy died from the injuries. Plus, given that he was based in his reality's Project Cadmus, I feel like the scientists there could fix him up pretty well, either by regrowing his arm in their clone banks or outfitting him with a cybernetic arm of some sort. Then again, many of the Spider-totems killed by Morlun were restored at the end of the "End of the Spider-Verse" storyline so even if Spider-Boy had died from Morlun's attack, chances are he was resurrected when those killed by Morlun were restored. On that note, one has to wonder if only the totems killed by Morlun were restored or if the ones killed by other Inheritors were equally restored. It certainly looks as if it were only the victims of Morlun....

Profile by Proto-Man.

Spider-Boy has no KNOWN connections to:


The Fantasti-Wagon was a technological vehicle housed at Project Cadmus that could transport Spider-Boy to Project Cadmus and from Cadmus to Spider-Boy's New York headquarters. The vehicle was capable of flight along Project Cadmus' Zoomway. After defeating Bizarnage at Project Cadmus, Spider-Boy used the Fantasti-Wagon to travel quickly to New York, where King Lizard was rampaging. Some time later, after the Challengers of the Fantastic visited Dr. June Masters' lab to analyze a grim warning left by the alien Uatu the Guardian, they decided to confront the impending threat of Galactiac by taking the Fantasti-Wagon back to the Baxter Building. Arriving at the Baxter Building in the Fantasti-Wagon, the Challengers found many of Spider-Boy's personal staff unconscious. When Galactiac subsequently transformed Rocky Grimm into a four-armed thing, the rampaging Grimm grabbed the Fantasti-Wagon and attempted to crush Ace Storm with it, ultimately destroying the Fantasti-Wagon by smashing it over Storm's personal force field.

--Spider-Boy I#1 (Challengers of the Fantastic I#1d,

The Web-Slinger

The Web-Slinger was a catapult-like device located on the roof of Spider-Boy's New York headquarters. Whenever danger threatened the area, Spider-Boy could input coordinates into the Web-Slinger using a keypad and the internal computer known as Computo would program the input into the Web-Slinger, which would then launch Spider-Boy into the air towards the intended area. When King Lizard threatened New York's Pier 69, Spider-Boy used the Web-Slinger to launch himself towards the Pier and when King Lizard followed Spider-Boy back to his headquarters, Spider-Boy used the Web-Slinger to launch the White Dwarf weapon's containment field into King Lizard's mouth, shrinking the Lizard into a sub-atomic universe.

--Spider-Boy I#1

images: (without ads)
Spider-Boy I#1, p10, pan4 (Spider-Boy, main image)
Spider-Boy I#1, p9, pan5 (Spider-Boy emerging from cloning tank)
Amalgam Powerblast Chase Card#8: Fantastic Adventure#15, front (Spider-Boy's debut)
Spider-Boy I#1, p12, pan4 (Spider-Boy as Pete Ross)
Spider-Boy Team-Up I#1, p1, splash page (Spider-Boy using web gun)
Amalgam Preview Chase Card#4: Spider-Boy, front (Spider-Boy w/o jacket using wrist-mounted web line projectors)
Spider-Man IV#2, p15, pan
Spider-Boy I#1, p8, pan4 (Fantasti-Wagon)

Spider-Boy I#1, p11, pan3 (Web-Slinger)

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Spider-Man IV#2 (January, 2023) - Dan Slott (writer), Mark Bagley (pencils), John Dell (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)

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