MEMBERSHIP: American Belle, Human Lantern, Aqua-Mariner (Arthur McKenzie), Super-Soldier (Clark Kent), Whiz, and "Brookyn" Barnes (mascot)

PURPOSE: to battle the Axis powers during World War II

AFFILIATIONS: Young Commandos


BASE of OPERATIONS: Midtown Clubhouse, 1940s Metropolis (Amalgam Universe)

FIRST APPEARANCE:  Super-Soldier: Man of War#1 (June, 1997); All-Star Winners Comics (in Amalgam continuity)


(Super-Soldier: Man of War#1) - "Deadly Cargo" - In February 1942, Super-Soldier (Clark Kent) arrived at the Midtown Clubhouse of the All-Star Winners Squadron in Metropolis.  He had just left a top-secret mission briefing in Washington, D.C. and informed his fellow Winners that he had been ordered to follow a consignment of stolen government equipment being smuggled overseas.  Although the Winners offered to accompany him on his top-secret assignment, Super-Soldier insisted that he go alone due to the fact that the mission was undercover.  Super-Soldier then left to rendezvous with his pal Jimmy Olsen at the Metropolis Naval Dockyard.

COMMENTS: created by Mark Waid, Dave Gibbons, and James Palmiotti

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Also known as the All-Star Winners Society, the All-Star Winners Squadron originally appeared in ALL-STAR WINNERS COMICS back in the 1940s.  The book only lasted about a year and a half, however, and ended with SUPER-SOLDIER ACTION and many other titles during the paper rationing for the war effort.  The team was later resurrected in the pages of SUPER-SOLDIER: MAN OF WAR in 1997, an ongoing series focusing on the exploits of Super-Soldier during World War II.

In case you're confused, Amalgam Comics didn't really exist beyond those seen in the few DC/Marvel cross-over. The titles you don't recognize are amalgams of similar Marvel and DC comics--Snood.
Amalgam Universe


Special thanks to Kurt Busiek for providing some additional insight into the Amalgam Universe!

                Q: It was mentioned a few times in IRON LANTERN #1 that Iron Lantern may have had a connection
                        to World War II's Human Lantern.  Did you have any plans to link their origins?

                Kurt:  We were just riffing off the fact that there was a Human Lantern, so why not imply a
                    relationship.  I hadn't figured out what it was -- but if I had, it'd have been based on the relationship
                    between the powers of Alan Scott coming from the Starheart, which in turn was connected to the
                    Guardians.  Something like that.

Profile by Skullogeist

If you like the Amalgam stuff, Skullogeist recommends these two sites:

American Belle

As the only female member of the All-Star Winners Squadron, American Belle was often unsure of herself but was always concerned for the well-being of her teammates -- especially Super-Soldier (Clark Kent).  It seemed as if American Belle secretly harbored romantic feelings for Super-Soldier, although she was too shy to overtly express them.

American Belle is an amalgam of Miss America (Madeline Joyce) of the Marvel Universe and Liberty Belle (Libby Lawrence) of the DC Universe.

--Super-Soldier: Man of War#1

Human Lantern

A member of the All-Star Winners Squadron, Human Lantern was always looking for new ways to put his mystic flame (which engulfed his entire body) to use, such as using it to bake cakes for his teammates.  Unfortunately, his fellow Winners were less than enthusiastic about his culinary skills.  Human Lantern was also referred to as World War II's "Beacon of Justice".

More recently, Iron Lantern (Hal Stark) met Human Lantern (his "Golden Age counterpart") in modern times.  However, this Human Lantern apparently originated in alternate dimension known as Universe-2 and may not be the same Human Lantern who served on the All-Star Winners Squadron in the mainstream Amalgam Universe.

Human Lantern is an amalgam of Human Torch (Jim Hammond) of the Marvel Universe and Green Lantern (Alan Scott) of the DC Universe.

--Super-Soldier: Man of War#1


The super-speedster known as the Whiz was a member of the All-Star Winners Squadron.  Confidant in his powers, he offered to join Super-Soldier on his overseas mission to track down stolen government equipment so that things would go "quicker".

Whiz is an amalgam of Whizzer (Robert L. Frank) of the Marvel Universe and Flash (Jay Garrick) of the DC Universe.

--Super-Soldier: Man of War#1


All-Star Winners Squadron is an amalgam of:

            All-Winners Squad of Earth-616, @ All Winners Comics#19

            All-Star Squadron of the mainstream DC Universe, @ Justice League of America#193


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