Real Name: Unrevealed (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (Earth-49121 @ 30th Century) human technology user;
   Earth-49121's 30th Century to Earth-616's late 1940s era

Occupation: Tyrant

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: His soldiers, Kall

Enemies: Blonde Phantom (Louise Grant), Mark Mason

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Fiend from the future" (as called by Blonde Phantom)

Base of Operations: His castle in an unidentified city @ 30th Century of Earth-49121

First Appearance: Blonde Phantom I#21/1 (January, 1949)

Powers/Abilities: Displaying no paranormal abilities, the elderly Excellency had access to all of the advanced technology of his 30th Century world, including "thinking machines" (computers), robots, a variety of ray weapons, "atom-powered planes," a time-traveling rocket ship, and a large monitor screen which allowed him to view anywhere in his world--he could control many of these devices by means of a single button on his green belt buckle (see comments).

Although he was regarded as the ruler of his world, the arrogant and overbearing Excellency seemed to be more or less just a figurehead--he was not particularly intelligent because machines did much of his thinking for him; consequently, Excellency (like the other people of this future era) was so dependent upon machines that he had a weak will, and thus he was easily susceptible to hypnotism.

Height: 5'9" (by approximation)
Weight: 170 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: White

History: (Blonde Phantom I#21/1 (fb) - BTS) - The past of Excellency is largely unrevealed, but at some point he became the ruler of an automated 30th Century Earth where mankind was largely dependent upon machines. Excellency dispatched Kall in a time-traveling rocket ship on a mission to travel back in time to the 20th Century--he tasked Kall with kidnapping some of the "savages" from that primitive era and bringing them back to the 30th Century, where they would be put on display in the city's zoo for the amusement of the people.

(Blonde Phantom I#21/1) - Kall returned from his mass-kidnapping from 1949 with a large group of prominent citizens--the captives included leaders of government and industry, along with detective Mark Mason and his secretary Louise Grant (who had changed into her Blonde Phantom costume during the voyage through time).

   Blonde Phantom, Mark Mason, and the rest of the 20th Century prisoners were taken into the custody of Excellency's soldiers, who escorted and locked them in the futuristic zoo. But Blonde Phantom managed to trick one of the soldiers and escaped; after knocking the soldier down a flight of stairs, she disguised herself with the unconscious soldier's robe. As she walked through the futuristic city, Blonde Phantom came upon a "taxicab" booth, which she used to transport herself to Excellency's castle--unknown to the heroine, Excellency had been watching her the whole time with his monitor screen.

   When Blonde Phantom materialized before his castle, Excellency activated an "elevator ray" to pull her inside his domicile. As Blonde Phantom stood before him, Excellency berated her attempt to escape, telling her that he and his people were her superiors; Blonde Phantom threatened to punch him in the jaw, so Excellency demonstrated some of the power at his command--by pushing the button on his belt, he lowered a protective transparent barrier between himself and the Blonde Phantom, then he summoned a robot to seize the heroine. Excellency presented the machines that relieved him of the burden of thinking, then demonstrated how he could have the robot paint a picture for him just by thinking about the image he wished to have painted. Excellency next displayed on a monitor screen how no one in his world had to work, for robots took care of all the mundane chores. But despite all of his boasting, Blonde Phantom was not impressed and still defied Excellency--she told him she knew how to defeat him, because he had given her a clue to his weakness...

(Blonde Phantom I#21/1 - BTS) - ...and Blonde Phantom placed Excellency under a hypnotic trance.

(Blonde Phantom I#21/1) - Shortly afterward, Excellency accompanied Blonde Phantom to the zoo, and he ordered a soldier to release Mark Mason and the rest of the prisoners. As all the former captives boarded the rocket ship, Excellency assured the Blonde Phantom that he would never again kidnap anyone from the past, nor would anyone except for herself remember what had happened; but the Blonde Phantom wasn't satisfied with the dictator's promise, because Excellency could always break his word, so she insisted that he return with them to the 20th Century as their prisoner, and Excellency agreed to comply. While they traveled back through time, Mark asked the Blonde Phantom how she had accomplished their release; Blonde Phantom explained that Excellency's brain was so weak from having machines doing all his thinking that she was easily able to hypnotize him and overcome his weak will.

(Blonde Phantom I#21/1 - BTS) - The voyage back to the 20th Century apparently wiped the memories of the experience from everyone involved, except for Excellency and Blonde Phantom.

(Blonde Phantom I#21/1) - Back in Mark Mason's office in 1949, secretary Louise Grant was sitting and daydreaming at her desk when Mark called for her attention--coming out of a daze, Louise thought the whole adventure in the future had only been her imagination. But then Mark told her that a "strange-looking guy" wanted to see her, and the man wanted to know what she intended to do with him--Louise was startled to see Excellency seated in one of the office chairs...

Comments: Created by an unidentified writer and Al Gabriele (artist).

...and the final fate of Excellency (and the time-traveling rocket) remains unrevealed.

Excellency's real name was never mentioned, but maybe "Excellency" was more than just a title--maybe in this future world, people were given letter designations for names, and his was XLNC (...and Kall was really KALL).

Excellency was able to control everything by pressing the button on his belt--my guess is that his belt buckle was actually some kind of telepathic/cybernetic mind-link to the computers, and pressing the button activated the connection, after which he merely had to think about what function he wanted the machines to accomplish (similarly to how he had the robot paint a picture for him).

Kall's "Fair of the Future" was not the same event as the earlier "Future Fair" where the Acrobat struck.
Since Kall's group of captives included leaders of industry, maybe one of his prisoners was Howard Stark.

According to the book Captain America: Official Index to the Marvel Universe, this story gives the Blonde Phantom the distinction of being the first Marvel super hero to travel through time (...the second being Captain America (Jeff Mace) @ Captain America Comics I#73/1 (July, 1949)).

Profile by Ron Fredricks.

Excellency has no known connections to:

Kall has no known connections to:


One of the underlings of Excellency in the 30th Century, the tall and thin Kall was tasked with kidnapping "primitive" people from the 20th Century and returning with them so they could be displayed in a zoo.

Kall used a rocket ship to travel to 1949, where he passed himself off as an eccentric millionaire and set up the Fair of the Future (see comments), with the time-traveling rocket ship as his main exhibit.

Kall invited a large group off prominent citizens as his guests for the Fair of the Future, including leaders of government and industry, along with detective Mark Mason and his secretary Louise Grant (secretly the Blonde Phantom).

Kall directed the attendees aboard the rocket ship, then tricked Mark into pulling the lever that activated the time-machine and returned it to the future.

When they arrived in the 30th Century, Kall turned the hapless captives over to Excellency's soldiers, who imprisoned them in zoo cages.

--Blonde Phantom I#21/1

Rocket ship

An exhibit at Kall's Fair of the Future, it was actually a time-machine that transported Kall from the 30th Century to 1949. Kall used it to kidnap and transport a group of prominent citizens from the 20th Century to the future.

The rocket ship was later used to return the prisoners back to the 20th Century.

--Blonde Phantom I#21/1

City of the 30th Century

A metropolis in the future, some of its notable locales included Excellency's castle, a zoo, a shopping center, and a "taxicab" booth.

--Blonde Phantom I#21/1

Excellency's soldiers

None identified, they were the only humans who actually worked in the 30th Century, and (per Excellency) it was one of the highest honors to be a soldier.

Clad in purple robes, the soldiers carried circular shields; they were armed with petrifying ray guns, which could immobilize unruly people.

--Blonde Phantom I#21/1

Excellency's castle

The home of Excellency, some of the devices it housed were a large monitor screen and at least one robot attendant. It appeared to be a solid structure with no doorways; but its entrance was actually concealed by "solid-beams" (perhaps some form of "hard-light" hologram?) through which one could pass.

When Blonde Phantom stood before the castle, she was caught by an "elevator ray" activated by Excellency and pulled inside.

--Blonde Phantom I#21/1

Excellency's "thinking machines"

Housed within Excellency's castle, the devices relieved Excellency from the burden of thinking; but Excellency's was so dependent upon these machines that his brain was weakened, and he was easily hypnotized by the Blonde Phantom.

--Blonde Phantom I#21/1

Excellency's robots

In the 30th Century, automatons took care of all the mundane tasks, and humans were not required to do any physical work (with the exception of soldiers).

In his castle, Excellency had at least one robot, which he first utilized to seize the Blonde Phantom. To further demonstrate his power, Excellency imagined a picture he wanted to paint, then the robot painted the picture for him.

--Blonde Phantom I#21/1

30th Century "taxicab" booth

At least one booth situated in the 30th Century city. It was a method of transportation used by the citizens--by means of a wired headset worn by the user, it could teleport an individual to any location when that person spoke the destination to which they wished to travel.

After escaping from the zoo, the disguised Blonde Phantom was walking through the city and trying to find the residence of Excellency when she came upon the booth. After watching a 30th Century woman use the booth for a trip to the shopping center, Blonde Phantom next used the "taxicab" to transport herself to Excellency's castle.

--Blonde Phantom I#21/1

images: (without ads)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p9, pan6 (Main Image, Excellency seated behind desk)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p13, pan7 (Headshot, Excellency seated in chair in Mark Mason's office (Mark Mason and Louise Grant in foreground))
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p10, pan1 (Excellency angrily slams his fist on desk)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p10, pan2 (Excellency confronts Blonde Phantom)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p2, pan7 (Kall (left) speaks to Mark Mason and Louise Grant)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p3, pan2 (Kall)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p3, pan3 (Kall (in silhouette) presents rocket ship to crowd)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p3, pan4 (crowd (including Louise Grant and Mark Mason) walk towards rocket ship
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p3, pan5 (interior of rocket ship presented by Kall to crowd (including Mark Mason and Louise Grant)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p5, pan6 (Excellency's soldiers conduct 20th Century prisoners through city to zoo cages)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p4, pan5 (two of Excellency's soldiers)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p6, pan3 (soldier fires petrifying ray gun at uncooperative congressman)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p9, pan1 (following teleportation, disguised Blonde Phantom stands before Excellency's castle)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p9, pan4 (Blonde Phantom being levitated into Excellency's palace)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p11, pan2 (Excellency presents "thinking machines" to Blonde Phantom)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p11, pan4 (robot paints pictures as Excellency mentally tells it what to paint)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p11, pan6 (Excellency watches other robots maintaining equipment on monitor screen)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p7, pan8 (in 30th Century city, disguised Blonde Phantom stands by "taxicab" booth)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p8, pan2 (30th Century woman uses "taxicab" booth for a trip to the shopping center)
Blonde Phantom I#21/1, p8, pan3 (disguised Blonde Phantom sees 30th Century woman vanish in "taxicab" booth)

Blonde Phantom I#21/1 (January, 1949) - unidentified writer, Al Gabriele (pencils), Harry Sahle (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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