Real Name: Squish

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional robot/cyborg/android (Sogland)

Occupation: Cereal vandal

Group Membership: Led the Soggies

Affiliations: Soggies (Snyder & Sylvester)

Enemies: Cap'n Crunch, Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Sogland

First Appearance: (Historical) Cap'n Crunch television commercials (mid-1980s); (in Marvel Universe (see comments)) "Free the Cap'n Mystery" (promotional advertisement found in Avengers I#275 (January, 1987) and other Marvel Comics of that month)

Powers/Abilities: Sogmaster was a giant robot/cyborg thingee and had the intelligence to build a really large flyswatter-contraption called the Giant Fly Splotter.


(Cap'n Crunch commercials) - When their ability to destroy the crunchiness of Cap'n Crunch's cereal failed in plot after plot, the Soggies turned to Squish the Sogmaster to aid them.

("Where's the Cap'n" Mystery  - BTS) - Spider-Man arrived at a dock where Cap'n Crunch's ship was supposed to be, to do a "Heroes of the Sea" photoshoot with him as Peter Parker. Finding the ship missing, Parker returned to the Daily Bugle to straighten the matter out with J. Jonah Jameson. Jameson insulted Parker for not having heard the news that Crunch had gone missing. As Spider-Man, Parker vowed to help find the Cap'n.

("Free the Cap'n" Mystery) - Spider-Man tracked the whereabouts of Crunch to the otherdimensional Sogland. As he climbed a slush-like mountain, Sogmaster and the Soggies stood atop it, ready to smack Spider-Man with a Giant Fly Splotter machine.

Comments: Created by Quaker Oats marketing department.

Yes, I do enjoy finding the most bizarre and unlikely subjects for Appendix profiles, thank you.

Sogmaster never appeared in the "Where's the Cap'n" Mystery 2-page ad (published in Avengers I#263 (January, 1986) and other Marvel titles of the month). Even though there was a full 1-year gap between the two ads and there was never (to my knowledge) an actual resolution (both ads were gimmicks for kids to call a number, enter a contest and win prizes in order to find/free Cap'n Crunch), it can be assumed that one led into the other.

Is this Earth-616? Well....maybe. We never DO actually see Cap'n Crunch in either ad outside a newspaper photo, so for all we know, he looks like a more realistic version of the cereal icon. The context of the two ads really don't lend themselves to more than just what we see, so the whole cereal aspect itself may not even exist (Sogmaster could have just kidnapped Crunch to be an evil bastard.

Hmm...a full year between your heart out, Ultimate Hulk Vs. Wolverine!!!

Profile by Madison Carter.

Sogmaster has no known connections to

Giant Fly Splotter

Device created by the Sogmaster to splot flies and spider-men.

--"Free the Cap'n" Mystery


 (Snyder and Sylvester)

Two beings of questionable density (physical and mental) who followed Sogmaster in his plan to kidnap Cap'n Crunch.

--"Free the Cap'n" Mystery

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Avengers I#275, Free the Cap'n Mystery advertisement

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