Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extratemporal (No-Space Dimension) humanoid entity/entities

Occupation: Ruler(s) of some portion of Limbo

Group Membership: Member of the Time Guardians

Affiliations: Super-Conductor (servant);
    Cable, Dark Guard (Albion, Stacy Arnheim, Dark Angel,
Death's Head, Killpower, Motormouth, Tigon Liger, Ultra-Marine), G-Force;

Enemies: Cyberdrones, Sidney Fishburne, Mys-Tech, Warheads

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: the Crossroads of Time, within the Refuge, in the No-Space dimension;
    the reality of the Time Guardians is accessible via the Parton Magna stone circle in England.

First Appearance: Motormouth and Killpower#9 (February, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: The Time Guardian has some degree of power of temporal manipulation. He can open portals in time and space and bring others to and from his Refuge. Whether these powers are intrinsic or a result of technology is unknown. However, several of his comments made it apparent that he was immune to conventional attack. He may be able to change his appearance at will (or we may have been seeing him at different periods in his career).
The Time Guardian may be able to use his powers in offensive fashion, but he prefers to use others as pawns to accomplish his goals.
In some instances, he appears to have the
Clavis Key on his person, and may thus have access to its full power.

History: Next to nothing is known about the Time Guardian(s). They are apparently a race that has appointed themselves to be the Guardians of Time.

(Killpower: the Early Years#1-4) - About five years ago, the Chronifact was developed by Sidney Fishburne at Gena-Sys labs. Its power was a threat to the being known as the Time Guardian, who sought to steal it for himself. Instead, the Chronifact split in half and each part was sent to different time periods. The energies of the fragmented Chronifact weakened the Time Guardian, so he sent Killpower back in time to bring the pieces to him.
Killpower found the first piece in ancient Egypt, @ 3000 BC, and retrieved it from the base of Rama-Tut. As Killpower departed to find the next piece, @ 1 million BC, he was blasted by Rama-Tut in mid-transport. The Time Guardian sent his own agents to retrieve the pieces of the Chronifact, since Rama-Tut's blast had given Killpower partial memory loss. The Guardians' hunters were tricked and captured by some primitive men, and the second half of the Chronifact was recovered by the Genetix, who had been sent to find Killpower.
Fishburne attempted to recover the Chronifact for himself, but only succeeded in sending one half of it to a time period five years after his own. This half ended up in a war among the Punisher and two New York street gangs, the Street Amazons, and the Huns. Fishburne sent some battle armor to the Street Amazons and attempted to manipulate them into obtaining the Chronifact half for him. The Time Guardian sent the Genetix forward in time as well, and as the two halves of the Chronifact approached each other, he began to regain his power.

However, Fishburne and the Time Guardian attempted to retrieve the halves at the same time. Somehow, Fishburne obtained both fragments while the Time Guardian, Genetix, and Killpower were sent to the distant future. Fishburne attempted to use the Chronifact's power to eliminate his rival, the Time Guardian, but his energy output was detected by his superior at Gena-Sys, Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey. Suspicious of unauthorized power, Mullarkey cut power to Fishburne's lab, who barely managed to activate the full power of the Chronifact, which could then operate under its own energies. When Mullarkey realized she could do nothing to stop Fishburne, she contacted her superiors in Mys-Tech, who used their occultechnological power to batter at his force shields.
Desperate, Fishburne contacted the Time Guardian and agreed to an alliance to protect the Chronifact, although each clearly intended to betray the other. As the Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards broke through Fishburne's shields, the Time Guardian teleported Fishburne and the Chronifact to safety. The Time Guardian honored his bargain to share the Chronifact, in a fashion. The Time Guardian drained the energies of the Chronifact and took them for himself, and left Fishburne with its empty shell. The Guardian then teleported Fishburne to the future from which he had just escaped. However, without any means to recharge the Chronifact, it was useless, and Fishburne fled from the bestial natives of that time period.

(Motormouth/Killpower#7, 8 (fb)-BTS) - Some of Mys-Tech's Warheads stole the Clavis Key from one of the Time Guardians' operatives. The Time Guardians apparently contacted Cable, requesting his aid in recovering the Key.

(Motormouth/Killpower#8-BTS, 9) - Cable and Badhand returned the Clavis Key to the reality of the Time Guardians via the Parton Magna Stone Circle, despite the efforts of Mys-Tech.
Claiming to see great things in Motormouth and Killpower, the Time Guardian brought them to the Crossroads of Time. He then showed them how to use their MOPED units to travel backwards, forwards, and sideways in time. To demonstrate, he sent them to 55 BC, to the middle of the Coliseum, in the midst of the Emperor's Games.

(Mys-Tech Wars#1-3-BTS, 4) - The Time Guardian observed the combined forces of the heroes of Earth opposing and defeating Mys-Tech's plans to use the Un-Earth to warp the reality of Earth-616. He was most impressed with Albion, Dark Angel, Death's Head, Motormouth, Dr. Strange, and Professor X, who repaired a rift in reality and thus saved the universe. He took hope in the fact that Mys-Tech could be beaten.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#1) - The Time Guardian watched as Daniel Jones embarked on the journey which would transform him into G-Force. The Guardian hoped that Jones' discoveries would help him ruin Mys-Tech.

(Die-Cut vs G-Force#2) - The Time Guardian instructed G-Force in how to master his powers so he could stop the Cyberdrones from assimilating Earth. He later appeared before Albion, revealing Jones' transformation, but refusing to divulge too many details.

(Motor/Kill#12) - The Time Guardian revealed that he had wiped Motormouth and Killpower's memories of him, because the time wasn't quite right. He revealed that he had plans for them to be working for him soon.

(Dark Guard#1(fb)-BTS) - The Time Guardian summoned Killpower, Motormouth, and Ultra-Marine to the Refuge.

(Dark Guard#1, [2], 3, [4]) - The Time Guardian summoned Death's Head, Tigon Liger and Stacy Arnheim of the Warheads, Dark Angel, and Albion to the Refuge. After naming the eight heroes the Dark Guard and explaining that their mission was to prevent Mys-Tech from spreading across the Universe, Stacy Arnheim attempted to break free and was seemingly destroyed upon falling out into the No-Space. The Time Guardian warned the rest that they might suffer similar fates if they did not comply with his directions. He then vanished and dispatched them to Eopia to thwart Mys-Tech's plots on that planet.
Tiring of dealing with the heroes, the Time Guardian sent the Superconductor to explain the situation to them. Later, he chastised the Superconductor for allowing the Dark Guard to return to the surface of Eopia to rescue captured members Killpower and Liger from the Technarchy. He was quite disappointed with their performance to that point. While the rest of the Dark Guard fought on Eopia, both the Time Guardian and the Superconductor were surprised to find Stacy Arnheim alive and well in the Crossroads Chamber, free from the exo-skeleton she had always apparently needed.
The Dark Guard ultimately succeeded in driving Mys-Tech from Eopia, but when they returned to the Refuge, neither the Time Guardian nor the Superconductor were anywhere to be found. Only Stacy was there, and she claimed to have no idea where they were--nor did she recognize any of her past allies.

The saga of the Dark Guard (and presumably the Time Guardian) was promised to continue in the upcoming Dark Guard Gold, which to the best of my knowledge never came out.

Comments: Created by Graham Marks and John Freeman under the Marvel UK imprint.

    The fact that Cable refers to the Time Guardians as a race of self-appointed beings seems similar to what little I know of the Gallifreyans/Time Lords. The fact that several Marvel characters have interacted with characters out of the Dr. Who saga does NOT place those events in Earth-616 continuity. They would occur within a separate reality, perhaps even a separate Multiverse, within the greater Omniverse. In addition, existence within a Limbo-like realm would enable beings to interact with a multitude of different temporal realities.
Later, when the Time Guardian first brought Motormouth and Killpower to the Crossroads of Time, he referred to himself as the current Time Guardian. This may mean that while there is a race of such beings, only one is active at a time. The details of their race are simply unrevealed, and likely to remain that way, since Marvel UK stopped publishing new stories back around 1994.

    In the Doctor Who universe the Time Lords have been revealed to be the first race to discover time travel. They started out quite pro-active, lending aid to races where they felt it was needed, but this led to the destruction of at least one civilisation, the Minyans, who used the technology they were given to war amongst themselves. As a result, the Time Lords became observers only (sound a bit like the Watchers to anyone?). We also have confirmation that Time Lord equivalents exist in other dimensions - the Great Old Ones who sometimes battle the Doctor have been shown to be the surviving Time Lords from the universe that pre-existed our own and which was destroyed by the Big Bang that created ours; we've encountered another being who is a "Time Lord" from the universe that will replace ours. And the Ferutu are Time Lords who might come into existence in one possible future, and who travelled back in time to ensure that future comes about. So it's well within the bounds of possibility that the Time Guardians are simply the Marvel Universe's equivalent of the Time Lords, a little more pro-active and thus with a slightly more dynamic choice of name. - Loki

    As a Doctor Who fan I'd have to point out that the fact that the Time Lords have a strict policy against interfering in the affairs of other races so unless the Time Guardians are an evolutianary offshoot like the Inhumans, these are a different bunch of guys. Though surely they must be connected, the technology is very similar. - Changeling

    Of course the Time Lords of realities other than the Doctor's home one may well not have this policy of non-inteference. - Loki

    The Time Guardian from Motormouth and Killpower#9 looks different from the version in Motormouth#12, both of which look different from the version seen in all other appearances (as seen in the top image). However, in each appearance, the Time Guardian referred to his experiences in the previous appearance, so it would SEEM to be the same character.

    Chronology is difficult to do when dealing with a being who dwells in a timeless realm and can travel through the timestream at will. I've listed all of the appearances I could recall, but whether they're in the right chronological order as relates to the Time Guardian himself is uncertain.

    When frustrated, the Time Guardian exclaimed, "Farrago!"
This means "a confused mixture; jumble; hodgepodge"

    Per John Freeman: I have a vague recollection that the Time Warden (see image) may have been an incarnation/aspect of the Time Guardian, but if he was, it was never actually alluded to in the "Dark Guard" mini series, which was published after I left Marvel UK.

The Time Guardians have NO KNOWN connection to other temporal entities, and exactly how he relates to some of the more mainstream beings is unknown. Other Temporal Administrators/Rules include

Similarly, the relationship between No-Space and the Crossroads of Time, or to either of the following realms is unknown:

The Clavis Key has no known connections to:

Dark Angel, Shevaun Haldane, the MUK heroine, @ Hell's Angel#1, should be distinguished from:

Death's Head (Minion)

Superconductor, the servant of the Time Guardian, has no known connection to:

The Technarchy of Eopia have no known connection to:

Clavis Key

The Clavis Key's origins are unknown. It is held by the Time Guardians, but it is not known whether they created it or merely discovered it. It serves as a cosmic key between a myriad of realities, and also keeps those realities balanced and secured--so that none of them disintegrate into oblivion.
The Key was stolen from an agent of the Time Guardians by a member of Mys-Tech's Warheads. Not appreciating the power of the Key, it was simply filed away initially. The displacement of the Clavis Key set forces in motion which threatened to wipe out several alternate dimensions. The Guardians may have requested the assistance of Cable in recovering the Key, but at any rate, Cable recruited Badhand of SHIELD (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate) and they stormed Mys-Tech Central and retrieved the Key. The two then traveled to the Parton Magna stone circle, an access point to the realm of the Time Guardians, and returned the Key to the Guardians--despite the efforts of Mys-Tech's agents, the Harpies.
With the Clavis Key back in place, it releases a pulse of energy that combined arcane and physical energies to restore normality to the destabilized section of the Omniverse.
The Clavis Key can potentially be used as a weapon, able to annihilate entire realities. After being returned by Cable, it has apparently been held by the current Time Guardian/

--Motormouth/Killpower#7 ([8(fb)], 7-9, Mys-Tech Wars#4?, 12?, Dark Guard#1?, 3?

Crossroads of Time

aka Crossroads Chamber, this the pocket realm within the Refuge from which the Time Guardian directs all of his temporal travels.

--Motormouth/Killpower#9 (Dark Guard#1, 3, 4











The pocket realm which contains the Refuge, the base of the Time Guardian. It is composed of raw temporal energy, which will apparently tear apart most forms of matter which are exposed to it. The Refuge is protected from the Ravages of No-Space by a bubble of cold matter.

--Dark Guard#1 (2-4










The personal assistant to the Time Guardian. After the Dark Guard faired poorly in their initial encounter with the forces of Eopia, the Time Guardian sent him to explain the politics of Eopia to them. The Time Guardian chastised him for allowing the Dark Guard to try to rescue Liger and Killpower from the Technarchy. The Superconductor was spared from the latter half of the Time Guardian's tirade by the sudden appearance of Stacy Arnheim, but what happened next is anyone's guess.

--Dark Guard#2 (3










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