Real Name: Shevaun Haldane

Identity/Class: Human mutate;
United Kingdom citizen

Occupation: Bio-Occult researcher, adventurer;

Group Membership: Reverse member of MI13;
formerly Dark Guard
(Albion, Stacy Arnheim, Death's Head, Killpower, Tigon Liger, Motormouth, Ultra-Marine)

Affiliations: Angel of Death/Darkangel, Avengers (Captain America, Black Knight, Black Widow, She-Hulk, Thor (Masterson), Vision), Digitek, Dr. Strange, Donal Ban of Guildern, Encoders, Excalibur (Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Meggan, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat), Egaliterns (Trusivor), Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing), Genetix, Guide, Hercules, Hulk, Knights of Pendragon (Albion, Breeze, Crown, Grace, Union Jack (Chapman), Mr. and Mrs. Link, Lucifer (cat), Masters of the Matrix, Takashei Otomo, Romeo, S.A.S., Smith, Spitfire (Jacqueline Falsworth), Superconductor, Tangerine, Technarchy of Eopia (Montano), Temploids, Time Guardian, Tristrum of Guildern, Warheads Kether Troop (Stacy Arnheim, Leona, Tigon Liger, Misha), Web-Spinners, Wyrd Sisters, X-Men (Archangel, Beast, Bishop, Colossus, Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Iceman, Jubilee, Psylocke, Professor X, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine);
    soul fragments of Nuke and Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond) of Earth-S, Vakume of Salem's Seven, and Viper (Jordan Dixon)

Enemies: Anti-BeingBattletide, Dracula, Megaira, Mendes of Guildern, Mephisto, Mercenaries, Mys-Tech (Collapsar, Permafrost, Sunder, Mys-Tech D.O.G.s (Discover, Observe, Gather), Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards (Algernon Crowe, Bronwen Gryffn, Porlock, Rathcoole, Gudrun Tyburn, Ormond Wychwood), Psycho-Warriors, Psycho-Wraiths, Tansteele, Termagent, Termagaira, vampires;
    formerly the Encoders

Known Relatives: Ranulph Haldane (father, deceased), unidentified brother (monster)

Aliases: Hell's Angel

Place of Birth: Darkmoor, Northern England

Base of Operations: Darkmoor Castle, Northern England

First Appearance: Hell's Angel#1 (July, 1992)





Powers/Abilities: Possessing a shred of the very fabric of the universe, Shevaun can access power on a cosmic scale. She can change her body into a portal into a pocket dimension known as the Void, causing physical and energy attacks to pass into that realm rather than physically strike her. She can also absorb and manipulate various forms of energy, including the kinetic energy from physical assaults if she is properly prepared. She can absorb and manipulate gravitons to fly, and she can release various forms of energy from within the Void for a variety of effects. She has eight focal points within her body from which she can discharge this energy. She can also teleport and open interdimensional portals.

    Her body armor actually acts as an inhibitor on the full flow of her powers, allowing her to more easily control and direct their effects. There armor allows her to analyze and track other forms of energy. She also grants her some sort of extrasensory perception (ESP) third eye. The goggles she wears enhance this third eye's perceptions allowing her to scan and assimilate large amounts of energy in a rapid fashion. Her ESP extends to some degree of cosmic awareness, though this level is unclarified.

    She has also designed a variety of weapons, using combinations of the techno-wizardry she learned from her father and from the stolen future technology of the Warheads. Once such weapon is her graviton phase blaster, which can fire anti-matter bursts, as well as speeding up or slowing down time over a small area. She can summon a Cloak of Invisibility.

    Shevaun possesses extensive bio-occult training, as well as degrees in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics.

    Though unconfirmed, Shevaun likely possesses enhanced human strength.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Other distinguishing features: Her skin (except for head, neck, hands and feet) is jet black (though this can be covered by illusion).



(Hell's Angel#1 (fb) - BTS) -
Ranulph Haldane was the seventh member of the Sect of Chasidm, an arcane cult that made a deal with the demon Mephisto in 987 AD, granting them immortality in exchange for a steady supply of souls.

(Hell's Angel#1 (fb) - BTS) - By the modern era, the Sect had become the board of the group Mys-Tech, covertly seeking world domination.

(Hell's Angel#1 (fb) - BTS) - Shevaun became a scientist, studying chaos theory alongside her father at Darkmoor, while he secretly worked to discover a means to gain immortality by other means, so that Mys-Tech could be free of their servitude to Mephisto.




(Hell's Angel#1) - <Shevaun at age 21> As he began to put his theories into application, Ranulph was discovered by Mephisto, who slew him for his betrayal of their pact. Working upstairs, Shevaun rushed into her father's hidden laboratory, but was helpless to save her father. She encountered the Angel of Death, Darkangel, guardian of souls who leave the mortal plane through the portal of death, who had arrived too late to claim Ranulph's soul. The Angel told her the truth about her father's activities and later offered her a shred of the fabric of the universe, granting her the great power to oppose Mys-Tech’s evil. The Angel also gave her body armor to help control the power she now wielded. Realizing she now had the power of angels to fight Hell on Earth, she took the name Hell's Angel.
    The sudden spike of energy released as she first accessed her powers drew the attention of the X-Men, who traveled to Darkmoor to investigate. After a brief conflict of mistaken intents, Psylocke convinced Hell's Angel to accompany them back to the X-Mansion for testing of her new powers. During the process, she absorbed a large amount of energy, channeling it into Void within her, inadvertently and unknowingly awakening the long sleeping Anti-Being (?). However, in mid-test, she sensed the activity of Mys-Tech as they interacted with Mephisto, and she left abruptly, returning to Darkmoor. From there she used her father's arcane texts to contact Mys-Tech, offering to assist in their quest for independent immortality, though she did so only so they would allow her to continue to work in her father's laboratory.
    The Guide, an assistant to the Angel of Death, then began to access the earthly plane via the portal within Hell's Angel.

(Hell's Angel#2) - The Guide led Hell's Angel through Inner Space to the Dead Zone where they acquired soul fragments (split from the original when a body dies a violent death) from Nuke and Nighthawk of Earth-S, as well as Viper (Jordan Dixon) and Salem's Seven's Vakume , who accompanied them to help prevent Mys-Tech from assassinating business rival Takashei Otomo (which would cause Takashei's son, Maroto, whom Mys-Tech could easily overpower, to take over his business). They arrived at Otomo's Tempora Corporation in Japan in time to stop Mys-Tech's Psycho-Warriors from completing their mission. Though successful, Viper's soul fragment was destroyed by one of the Psycho-Warriors. Hell's Angel took one of the Psycho-Warriors back to Darkmoor for study. Using her father's equipment in the process, she discovered the existence of Mys-Tech's Un-Earth weapon, which she left to investigate, just as Mys-Tech booby-trapped the access point to Un-Earth.

(Hell's Angel#3) - Hell's Angel, joined by the Guide and the soul fragment of Vakume, located and attempted to access the Un-Earth, setting off Mys-Tech's defenses. Hell's Angel and the Guide evaded the trap, but "Vakume" was sent to Mephisto's realm of Hell. After overhearing Mys-Tech discuss their plans to sink a United Nations battleship to send the souls to Mephisto, Shevaun learned that Mys-Tech used genetically enhanced bugs to gather their data across the planet. Hoping to cripple their infonet, she joined the X-Men in assaulting a major nesting site of Mys-Tech's bugs in Mexico. Hell's Angel herself destroyed the breeding colony and its related facility, while the Guide disabled Mys-Tech's ability to monitor events on Earth via the Un-Earth.
    Meanwhile, the Mys-Tech board discovered the Psycho-Warrior Shevaun had taken for study. They confronted Shevaun at Darkmoor, but she distracted them with the existence of the soul fragments in the Dead Zone, telling them that Mephisto would punish them if he learned they might have been giving him incomplete souls. Hell's Angel then made contact with Vakume's fragment, who had just located and merged with the remainder of his soul in Hell. The process released a light that generated positive force in Hell, attracting the ire of Mephisto, who confronted Vakume.




(Hell's Angel#4) - Shevaun traveled to Hell and rescued Vakume's soul, taking it to the Dead Zone. She then intercepted Mys-Tech's energy blast, intended to destroy the U.N. ship, saving the crew. The Guide, meanwhile, recruited 3500 soul fragments, sending them to Mephisto's Hell in the place of the ship's crew. Mys-Tech realized that someone had been manipulating them and reasoned that it was Shevaun. Hell's Angel, meanwhile, was overwhelmed by the massive energy she had absorbed, which opened a warp in space. The X-Men detected the energy warp and flew to investigate, but they became trapped within it.




(Hell's Angel#5) - Hell's Angel and the X-Men were shunted by the warp into the Matrix Microverse, a small micro-universe outside the multiverse, from which the Masters of the Matrix watch over the Blueprint Matrix, the focal point of creation from which the entire multiverse was spawned. Their presence polluted the previously pure Matrix Microverse, threatening to crumble the foundations of the multiverse. In addition, the warp also allowed the Encoders, several evil beings native to the Matrix Microverse, to absorb other matter shunted through the warp, take human form, and plot takeover of that realm and the destruction of the multiverse. The Matrix Masters planned to trap Shevaun in their realm and seal the portal to prevent further pollution, but they were then attacked by the Encoders. As the Earth heroes were powerless against the Encoders, Shevaun opened the warp back to the Earth dimension and created a vortex that drew all of the matter out of the Matrix Microverse, purifying it again. In addition, in the process of being pulled through the warp, the Encoders were stripped of their evil life-essences, essentially creating them as new beings with a clean slate. They left to explore their new home while Shevaun led the X-Men back to Earth.

(Dark Angel#6) - Shevaun accessed Mys-Tech's mainframe computer via her father's personal computer, learning that the Mys-Tech leaders had located the soul fragment of Ranulph Haldane. In addition, she learned that one of her father's monsters had escaped its stasis chamber and was slaughtering innocent people. She delayed pursuing her father's soul fragment to first stop this monster, while the Guide recruited more super-hero soul fragments (Guardian (James MacDonald Hudson(see comments)), Miss America, Thunderbird (John Proudstar), Torpedo (Brock Jones)) to delay Mys-Tech within Hell. She was joined in the effort by Excalibur, and she ultimately learned that the monster was actually her brother (whom she had never known existed), mutated by her father's twisted experiments.
    Traveling to Hell, she located her father's soul fragment and sent it to be reunited with its other fragment, after which she returned to Earth. She took her brother back to Darkmoor in hopes of returning him to normal, and she took the new name Dark Angel, hoping to distance herself from her father with this change.

(Dark Angel#6/2) - The Guide tested Dark Angel by having her remove her armor to gain access to her full power. Feeling that she could now accomplish anything, she went back in time in an effort to slay the Sect of Chasidm before they could ever gain immortality. She did so, but only succeeded in spawning an alternate reality in which a group known as A.E.G.I.S. flourished without Mys-Tech's competition, and AEGIS took over the world, acting in much the same fashion as Nazi Stormtroopers. Realizing the futility of trying to alter the past, she returned to Earth-616's unaltered reality and re-donned her armor, wiser for the experience.

(Battletide#1-4) - Relaxing in a sensory deprivation tank, Dark Angel was transported to the planetoid Colosseum to participate in the Games organized by Termagent and Megaira. She was joined by Death's Head (Minion), Hercules, Killpower, Motormouth, Psylocke, Sabretooth, Smith, Wolverine, each outfitted with slave collars that forced their compliance. Dark Angel worked alongside Smith against other combatants, after which she was contacted by the Temploids. Dark Angel then organized the other unwilling participants, bringing them to the Temploids, who revealed the threat of the Battletide. Killpower disabled the slave collars of the others and they joined forces against Termagent and Megaira.
    However, the ferocity of the many fights had summoned the demonic Battletide to the Colosseum, threatening to destroy them all. Termagent and Megaira merged into the combined entity Termagaira, which overpowered all of the heroes, and then merged with the Battletide. A Temploid combined its form and circuitry with Death's Head and succeeded in causing a storm that forced the Battletide to collapse in on itself. Dark Angel and the others returned home.

(Dark Angel#7) - Shevaun went out with Betsy Braddock, Psylocke, for a night on the town in Newcastle. Later, they investigated reports of unexplained outbursts of violence, tracing them back to Manchester and learning that Mys-Tech was using a satellite to beam a ray on Earth that was causing the outbursts. As they approached Mys-Tech's warehouse, they came across the Model Soldiers, who were seeking to steal Mys-Tech's hardware. The Soldiers tried to kill the uncostumed Psylocke and Dark Angel, but the fight drew the attention of the Mys-Tech board, who ordered all of their deaths.

(Dark Angel#8) - Algernon Crowe, head of Mys-Tech, fired his gun at Shevaun, but Gudrun Tyburn (another of the board) used her telekinesis to secretly stop the bullet. Rather than fire again, Crowe instead took the two of them for questioning. They donned their costumes and escaped, again encountering the Model Soldiers and this time convincing them to join them in putting a halt to Mys-Tech's emotion ray. In the process, Shevaun was again saved by Tyburn, and Shevaun accidentally nearly killed one of the agents opposing them. Ultimately, Shevaun formed a shield to save herself, Psylocke, and the Model Soldiers when Mys-Tech declared the warehouse a loss and detonated it.

(Dark Angel#9) - Mys-Tech again located Ranulph Haldane's soul fragment, still within Mephisto's domain and not yet having found or reunited with its other portion, and they headed to claim it, simultaneously giving the order to kill Shevaun Haldane since they would no longer need her research once they had her father. At the same time, Dark Angel and the Angel of Death investigated corruption of the very fabric of the universe caused by Mys-Tech's taint. From the Web-Spinners they learned of Mys-Tech's activities, but found themselves bound in their web and unable to leave without unraveling their life's threads and risking their own lives. However, the Wyrd Sisters, daughters of the Web-Spinners, helped out by going in their place. They fought Mys-Tech to a standstill, though Haldane's soul fragment unwittingly wandered into Mys-Tech's clutches anyway. Meanwhile, Dark Angel, using a Cloak of Invisibility given to her by the Angel of Death, managed to send her astral self to Mephisto's domain, where she posed as an agent of Mephisto, demanding that Mys-Tech depart Hell immediately. They did so, after which Dark Angel actively located her father's other soul fragment and merged the pair, sending his soul to whatever fate it had earned in Mephisto's realm.
    Meanwhile, no longer being able to count on Ranulph, Mys-Tech tried to rescind the assassination order on Shevaun, only to learn that it was already in effect. Mys-Tech D.O.G. (Discover, Observe, Gather) robots traced Shevaun's trail to the X-Mansion, where they attacked the X-Men. Upon returning home and learning this, Dark Angel teleported to their side to assist against the DOGs.

(Dark Angel#10) - The X-Men used a computer facsimile of Dark Angel to dupe the DOGs into believing that they had captured her, and they returned to Mys-Tech, who discovered them to be empty-handed, though the assassination order remained on hold due to her perceived capture. Shortly thereafter, Mys-Tech began actively tapping into the power on the Un-Earth as the start of their plot to takeover the world. One of the Web-Spinners contacted Dark Angel, revealing to her the threat of the Anti-Being, which was becoming more active due to Mys-Tech's activities.

(Mys-Tech Wars#1) - Mys-Tech's completed development of their UnEarth, which they then utilized in an effort to take over the world. Across the Earth, the energy backlash was felt by mystics and sensitives, such as Dr. Strange and Dark Angel, as well as by the advanced equipment of the Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men, etc. To prevent super-heroes from interfering, they summoned an army of demons to occupy them, and if possible to terminate them.

(Mys-Tech Wars#2) - Dark Angel was wracked by the evil energies of the UnEarth, but she focused those energies and used them to destroy the demons attacking the X- and Avengers Mansions. She then met up with the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men, and led them to London to Mys-Tech Central. Due to her experience with Mys-Tech, she was chosen to lead the group, which she did, invading Mys-Tech Central and battling their Psycho-Warriors. She cautioned all involved to not killing any of the members of Mys-Tech, as their life forces were tied to all reality, and that slaying them could destroy everything in existence..

(Mys-Tech Wars#3) - As the heroes fought savagely, many of their number were slain by the Psycho-Warriors. Dark Angel realized that Mys-Tech was distorting reality, allowing extradimensional counterparts to replace the Earth-616 natives. With reinforcements from Death's Head, the Knights of Pendragon, Motormouth & Killpower, and the Warheads, they finally managed to fight their way to the Mys-Tech board. Enraged of the deaths of their friends and allies, Death's Head and Wolverine slew board members Porlock and Crowe, respectively. Dark Angel immediately felt all reality begin to crumble.

(Mys-Tech Wars#4) - Dark Angel proved able to hold together reality temporarily. The others fought through a horde of Mys-Tech's Psycho-Warriors, making their way to the UnEarth,. There six of the heroes served as surrogate members for the Techno-Wizards to repair the rift in reality. Dark Angel held them together, Professor X provided psychic power, Albion provided Earth magic, Dr. Strange provided sorcery, Death's Head provided cybernetic influence, and Motormouth...well, they needed six of them. The six surrogates successfully repaired the rift and reformed the Techno-Wizards, set back time so that the many deaths and the activation of UnEarth never occurred, and put a force field up around the UnEarth to prevent Mys-Tech from accessing it again. Due to the reversal of time, only Dark Angel and the other five who served as surrogates remembered that the struggle had ever happened.

(Dark Angel#11) - As Mys-Tech's computers finally realized that the DOGs had not actually captured Dark Angel, they sent the next phase of attackers after her: the Psycho-Warriors. As they assaulted Dark Angel, she gained aid from both the X-Men and the Wyrd Sisters, while the Guide managed to locate Mys-Tech's assassination computer, which perpetuated the order to kill Shevaun. The X-Men finished off the Psycho-Warriors, and the Wyrd Sisters accompanied Dark Angel to the astral plane where they confronted the Anti-Being.

(Dark Angel#12) - Unable to overcome the Anti-Being, who merely fed on her attacks, Dark Angel ultimately trapped him within the Void, though she was nearly overwhelmed by his dark essence. She and the Wyrd Sisters destroyed the Scavengers who had stood by the Anti-Being, and Dark Angel returned to Earth. She and the X-Men accompanied the Guide to try to shut down Mys-Tech's assassination computer. The only way to do this was via its creator, Ranulph Haldane, and so Dark Angel channeled the spirit of her father, allowing him to speak to and shut down the computer. As she did so, the computer unleashed phase three: Safehouse, a walking container of lethal weaponry. The Angel of Death assisted Shevaun in reaching Ranulph, breaking through to him as his spirit was continually devoured by dogs in Hell. With the computer shut down, Safehouse detonated, though it took three square miles of London with it, subjecting millions of people to lethal levels of radiation.

(Shadow Riders#2) - An energy probe from Abadon (?) scanned Dark Angel while she was in the Ural Mountains.

(Dark Angel#13 (fb) - BTS) - The Encoders visited Dark Angel at Darkmoor, taking some time to enjoy life on Earth.

(Dark Angel#13) - Dark Angel and the Encoders learned that Mys-Tech was targeting super-heroes to stop them from interfering with their plans. The Encoders helped Shevaun move out of Darkmoor to prevent Mys-Tech from discovering that she was Dark Angel. She then redesigned her costume to more sensitively regulate her powers, after which she was visited by the Guide, who led her to the Power House building in Inner Space, from which had been stolen one of the three pure pieces of the fabric of the universe which it usually contained. She learned that one of the former apprentices to the security of the Power House had stolen the fabric, intending to use it to assume physical form so that the could interact with a woman on the physical plane, with whom he had fallen in love. As Romeo fled from both Dark Angel and Mys-Tech, he was encountered by the dimension traveling Death's Head, who assimilated his personality, absorbing the shred of the fabric of the universe.

(Dark Angel#14) - Dark Angel forced the Mys-Tech board back to Earth, and they unleashed their Psycho-Wraiths against her so that they would be free to return to seek out Death's Head. Dark Angel summoned the Encoders for assistance, and she sought out Death's Head, sending him into the Void to escape Mys-Tech. Unbeknownst to Dark Angel, however, the Anti-Being was waiting for Death's Head when he arrived.

(Dark Angel#15) - Dark Angel located Death's Head just after he had assimilated the Anti-Being, who threatened to overwhelm his personality. She brought Death's Head to the Guide's base, from which they were able to extract and reform Romeo. Mys-Tech then broke into the base, their presence briefly driving the Anti-Being's personality into dominance until Death's Head overcame it, after which Death's Head took off.

(Dark Angel#16) - The Mercenaries attempted to claim Death's Head so that they could sell the fabric of the universe to the highest bidder, but Dark Angel, the Wyrd Sisters (sent by the Web Spinners), and the Encoders fought off the Mercenaries. Death's Head continued to teleport randomly across space and dimensions, but Dark Angel and the Wyrd Sisters tracked his energies, and Dark Angel managed to exorcise both the Anti-Being and the fabric of the universe from Death's Head. The fabric was returned to the Power House, and Dark Angel returned to Earth.

(Genetix#1) - Genetix received some training under Dark Angel.

(Dark Guard#1-4) - Dark Angel was part of a group of heroes drafted into the service of the Time Guardian (who had noticed her involvement in the Mys-Tech Wars). Christening them the Dark Guard, he sent them to the planet Eopia, where they helped defeat the extraterrestrial forces of Mys-Tech. Their foes had infiltrated the two opposing nations, the Egaliterns and the Technarchy, perpetuating a civil war in hopes of destroying the planet. Within the planet Mys-Tech had buried a number of empathic receptors with which they intended to absorb the death scream of Eopia, using it to synthesize a raw, emotive force of pure death agony, which they could use to pay off their debt to Mephisto in entirety.
    Dark Angel joined Albion and Ultra-Marine to negotiate with Trusivor, leader of the Egaliterns, but found him under the sway of Mys-Tech agents Permafrost and Sunder.  Dark Angel destroyed Permafrost (while Albion and Ultra-Marine took out Sunder) then convinced Trusivor to hear her out. They were confronted by Mys-Tech's Tyburn, who revealed the details of Mys-Tech's plot and then mocked their inability to stop it. Dark Angel determined that "Tyburn" was just a Mys-Tech duplicate, after which it morphed into monstrous form and attacked them, but Dark Angel destroyed it. The rest of Dark Guard stopped the Technarchy's mad leader, Tansteele, from launching nuclear weapons at the Egalitern. They then placed Tansteele's successor, Montano, who reopened diplomatic negotiations with the Egalitern, effectively ending Mys-Tech's threat.

(Dark Guard Gold) - It never came out...did it?

(Wild Angels) - The goat-headed Prince Donal Ban of Guildern  and his comrade Tristum fled their realm after Mendes, the king's trusted councilor, killed the king, framed and swiftly killed a couple of innocent men for the crime, and staged a coup by making it appear that Donal Ban had hired the two slain patsies. However, Donal Ban and Tristrum fell through a space-time breach inadvertently created by a Mys-Tech experiment gone wrong; Donal Ban ended up in the research facility in the modern day, while Tristum somehow ends up in Nikki Doyle's virtual reality 2020. Donal Ban ended up allying with Dark Angel, and Nikki Doyle with Tristum. Nikki and her role playing party ended up in Guildern (it seems to have somehow been linked to the virtual world, perhaps due to the space-time warps, perhaps due to something I've missed in the story) and were captured. Dark Angel and Donal Ban soon arrived in Guildern, the two groups joined forces and eventually defeated Mendes, restoring the rightful ruler to the throne.

(Captain Britain and MI13#15 (fb) - BTS) - Dark Angel was on a mission in space, but returned during Dracula's vampiric invasion to help as a reserve member of MI13.

(Captain Britain and MI13#15) - Digitek, Dark Angel, Death's Head (Minion), Spitfire and Tangerine arrived on the moon alongside the SAS to help defeat Dracula and the remnants of his vampire army, joining those members of the core MI13 team that were already on site.

Comments: Created by Bernie Jaye, Geoff Senior, and Cam Smith.

    They never followed up on the reason why Tyburn secretly helped Dark Angel a few times in Dark Angel#7 & 8. I'd have guessed that perhaps Tyburn was her mother, but that is unconfirmed.

    Though Marvel UK's major comics stopped in 1994, a few of them, such as Wild Angels, saw the light of day in Marvel Italia, associated with Panini. I own a copy, purchased off of E-Bay with great effort. I sent one to Loki, who was kind enough to translate the stories.

    The concept of death in the Marvel Universe (and comics in general) is obviously nothing like that of real life. There is pretty much a revolving door policy, with characters dead forever one month, and then resurrected or revealed to not have really died weeks, months, years, or even decades later. At the time Dark Angel#6 came out, James MacDonald Hudson was supposed to have been dead, so he was one of the characters seen in the Dead Zone. In almost any afterlife scene, we see someone who later turns out to be dead. The easiest explanation is that the beings seen are just ectoplasmic manifestations of the real characters, used by the lords of the realms of death to perpetuate the belief that a being is dead for their own purposes OR that they are created by the subconscious belief of the person(s) viewing the realm of the dead. Vakume could have been the real one, as he is a witch and may have actually been dead, and actually resurrected later.

I believe the real-world reason Marvel changed the character's name from Hell's Angel to Dark Angel was due to a threat of legal action from chapters of the biking Hell's Angels.

    Psylocke even commented that she didn't look like a sweaty biker after she changed her name.

Hell's Angel#1 uses the date of April 22, which may or may not be accurate. The date of 1992, however, is obviously topical.

The choice of the four characters' soul fragments in Hell's Angel#2 was quite odd. My guess is that the writer did not intend to use the Earth-S Nuke and Nighthawk, but rather the Earth-616 versions, but that's just speculation. They were supposed to be heroes, which Vakume and Viper never were.

Several of the early 1990s MUK series thought to increase sales by having popular guest stars. The pages of these books were littered with appearance by Cable, Ghost Rider (Ketch), the Punisher, and the X-Men (especially Wolverine). There were not too many issues of Dark Angel without the X-Men in them.

I stumbled across some pages on Facebook from a Marvel UK promotional book - 2 different versions I think, one for the UKCAC (UK Comic Art Convention) and an updated one for a subsequent comic shop promotion. Hell's Angel originally had a different civilian name, Gabriella Daskalos (her dad also had a different name).

Profile by Snood and Loki.

No known connection to:

Dark Angel#13, p11 (new costume)
Hell's Angel#1, p8
    p13, panel 3 (masked face)
Hell's Angel#4, p6 (unmasked face)
    p10, panel 3 (gun)
Dark Angel#6, second story, p2, panel 2 (masked face)
Captain Britain and MI13#15, p11 (outer space mask)

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Wild Angels (April, 1996)
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