Real Name: Inapplicable

Identity/Class: Magical creation; collection of negative energy

Occupation: Chaos-bringer

Affiliations: Former agent of Mys-Tech;
    formerly dwelled alongside the

Enemies: Dark Angel (Shevaun Haldane), Death's Head-Minion, Encoders, Web-Spinners, Wyrd Sisters (Braxus, Sapphire, Xena)

Known Relatives: Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards (Algernon Crowe, Bronwen Gryffn, Ranulph Haldane(d), Porlock, Rathcoole, Gudrun Tyburn, Ormond Wychwood) - "parents"

Aliases: The Predator

Base of Operations: the Void of the Inner Space dimension;
    formerly the Astral Wastes of the Inner Space dimension

First Appearance: Dark Angel#10 (May, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: The Anti-Being is a soulless entity born in the astral world of Inner Space. Although it has no discernable training or experience, it is a superior hand to hand combatant having gone toe to toe with Death's Head (Minion), however briefly. It appears to have athlete strength, enhanced human reflexes and stamina. It is an astral vampire and can absorb various energies, even extremely powerful sources such as those formerly belonging to Dark Angel, which it can then manipulate. It can use such energies to regenerate from injuries, and may be able to absorb physical impacts to a degree as it has withstood the blows of Minion, suffering only minimal injury. It has a particular affinity for negativity (or negative energy), which it can absorb, detect, and manipulate. It emanates low frequency negative energy. If it absorbs enough energy, it can grow in size. When absorbing Dark Angel's energy it reached a size of approximately 30'. If the Un-Earth were to become fully active, the Anti-Being's power would be fully unleashed at a global level.

    The Anti-Being's abilities are fairly undefined and as such it may have further unrevealed abilities. It claims to have been made in the image of the Mys-Tech board, and as such may have inherited some of their abilities. Also, it may have other psychic abilities derived from its nature as an astral entity. It certainly has strong willpower, enabling it to fight Death's Head for control of the Minion cyborg.

    While it was residing in the body of Death's Head (Minion) it had his abilities as well as access to the fabric of the universe and the potential power that entailed. Furthermore, it was able to alter the Minion cyborgs appearance to a degree, making it look more like the Anti-Being. Whether this latter ability stemmed from the Anti-Being's innate powers, its connection to the fabric of the universe, or some other factor involved with being merged with Death's Head is unknown.

Height: 7' (normal height by approximation); variable
Weight: 300lbs (normal weight by approximation); variable
Hair: Red
Eyes: Variable, usually either solid red or white 

(Dark Angel#10) - From the collective evil of the Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards' millennia of malevolence was spawned the Anti-Being, an entity born of negativity and nurtured by negativity.

(Dark Angel#10 - BTS) - One of the Web-Spinners -- prophets who allegedly weave the fabric of the universe -- told Dark Angel of the creation of the Anti-Being. The Web-Spinner prophesized that once Mys-Tech's Un-Earth was fully active, the Anti-Being's full power would be fully unleashed, filling the Earth's atmosphere with an negativity and hatred which would sweep through whole cities turning one against another...creating mayhem and confusion...many would fall into the eternal abyss never to return.

(Dark Angel#11) - Mys-Tech's Psycho-Warriors generated a vortex of negativity in the astral wastes, which drew the Anti-Being to it like a moth to the flame. He realized the energy originated from the physical realm. Consuming all of the negativity, the Anti-Being then fought off a trio of Scavengers who attacked him in an effort to gain the energy for themselves. When the Anti-Being boasted of being created by Mys-Tech, one of the Scavengers taunted that he had nothing to offer them. The Anti-Being was confident of his destiny, that Mys-Tech would love him, and that together they would rule the world. Now joined by the Scavengers, the Anti-Being continued its trek towards the vortex, hoping to reach the physical world. Before this could happen, he was ambushed by Dark Angel and the Wyrd Sisters, daughters of the Web-Spinners. However, the Anti-Being sensed Dark Angel had energy he could absorb and claimed it was enough for himself and the Scavengers.

(Dark Angel#12) - The Anti-Being managed to absorb Dark Angel's energy attack to increase its own power and began to draw her towards itself so that it could absorb her as well. One of the Wyrd Sisters, Sapphire, hurled her bladed weapon at the Anti-Being, which caused its negativity to bleed out into the environment, where the Scavengers fed on it. This allowed Dark Angel time to regroup, and she initiated a new assault, banishing the Anti-Being through her own dimensional portal.

(Dark Angel#13 (fb) - BTS) - The Anti-Being was sent to the cosmic void of Inner Space.

(Dark Angel#13) - As the Mys-Tech board prepared to amplify their own powers, the collection of negative energy present penetrated into the cosmic void of Inner Space dimension to which Dark Angel had banished the Anti-Being. The negativity allowed the Anti-Being to reform itself even as it heard the board's declaration of intent to become the Techno-Wizards.

(Dark Angel#14) - Death's Head absorbed the vast power of a piece of the very fabric of the universe, and Dark Angel banished him extradimensionally so that the Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards could not usurp his power. However, she unwittingly sent him Inner Space, where he was confronted by the Anti-Being.

(Dark Angel#15) - The Anti-Being spoke to Death's Head of his destiny to reach the physical world and rule it alongside his creators, but Death's Head dismissed it out of hand. The Anti-Being threatened to absorb Death's Head, leaving him a dried out husk, but the cyborg continued to ignore him. However, when Death's Head heard that the Anti-Being was the creation of his enemies the Techno-Wizards, he began to fight the astral vampire. The immense power that Death's Head had absorbed allowed him to overcome the Anti-Being and, after defeating it, he used his cranial psyphon to assimilate its mind and abilities. 

    However, the Anti-Being managed to maintain its will and found itself amongst the myriad "ghosts" of those previously assimilated by the Minion cyborg. Making its way to the control center of Death's Head's mind, the Anti-Being forcibly took control of his form from within. Death's Head fought back to regain control, but it required every ounce of his concentration. The Anti-Being was briefly able to alter Death's Head's form to one closer to his own, and found himself standing alongside two of his creators, Crowe and Gryffn of the Techno-Wizards. However, Death's Head quickly regained control and made off with the Techno-Wizard's heavy weaponry.

(Dark Angel#16) - By the time Crowe and Gryffn could catch up to Death's Head, he had reached a burger bar in New York. Pretending to be long lost friends, they approached him. The Anti-Being heard Crowe's voice and momentarily managed to regain control. However, he lost it again just as quickly and Death's Head was able to punch Crowe straight across the room. Trying again, the Anti-Being took a firmer grip on Death's Head's mind. It ranted about conquering the world with the fabric of the universe and his creator, but unexpectedly put Crowe in a head lock. Crowe was forced to agree as the Anti-Being declared that they would get along with each other. Just then, Dark Angel arrived with the Wyrd Sisters, and Dark Angel temporarily stunned the Anti-Being. She then performed a psychic exorcism on Death's Head, which extracted both the Anti-Being an the fragment of the fabric of the universe. Dark Angel again banished the Anti-Being into the void (presumably Inner Space).

Comments: Created by Bernie Jaye and Dell Barras for Marvel UK

    Changeling here, just wanting to say a few words about my updates and expansion. The abilities section in particular has been expanded on extensively. That part wasn't easy, as the characters abilities are quite undefined. One thing that particularly interested me was how the Minion cyborg took on physical characteristics of the Anti-Being. Although the cyborg isn't designed to alter it's entire form (it's usually only the weapon arm that changes shape), could it be that the Anti-Being is tapping into an ability from within the cyborg's database of assimilated instincts? At least one of those instinct belonged to a magic wielder (Bezial), it doesn't seem like a stretch that such a character might have a spell for physical alteration of their own body. Again, it could be that such a spell is known to the Anti-Being through his connection to the Mys-Tech board. As I said, the Anti-Beings abilities are quite difficult to interpret.

    Oh, one of his abilities is quite clear. He can apparently give off quite a nasty stench. Death's Head mentions it on more than one occasion, and he should know having the superior senses of a Minion cyborg. That said, I'm imagining Death's Head might not be the most delicately perfumed fellow either...

    Thanks to Alan Green for rescanning the old images and one new one for the profile expansion.

Profile by Snood, expanded by Changeling

No known connection to:

Scavengers have no known connection to:


Scavengers    Once human, in life they were abandoned and unloved. 

    In death, they took on the poisonous mantle of hatred which twisted and shaped their very being. They live in the astral realm that was the site of formation of the Anti-Being, and they dwell uneasily in its shadow. They are parasites, craving the same negative energy for survival as the Anti-Being himself.When the Mys-Tech Psycho-Warriors generated a vortex of negativity, a trio of Scavengers sensed it and approached the portal to the plane of reality. However, the Anti-Being absorbed all of the energy, leaving none for the Scavengers. Starving and angry, they attacked the Anti-Being with tooth and blade, but it fought them off with ease. As they fell, one of the Scavengers taunted him, telling him that the Mys-Tech board would reject him.

    The three Scavengers accompanied the Anti-Being as it began a trek towards the portal, where they were ambushed by Dark Angel and the Wyrd Sisters. The Anti-Being suggested there was enough energy present for them all to feed on. However, when the Anti-Being was wounded by the Wyrd Sister Sapphire, the Scavengers descended on him, hoping to feed on the energy that was leaking from him. 

    Later, after Dark Angel had banished the Anti-Being through her own dimensional portal, the dog-like Scavenger attempted to take advantage of her weakness. However, she retained sufficient power to decapitate the Scavenger with a single blast from her Graviton Phase Blaster.

    Only three Scavengers were seen, and it is not certain whether more exist. One had the form on an infant, about 1'9" tall. Another had the form of a featureless adult, approximately 5'3" tall and appeared able to use negative energy to create a knife. The third scavenger had a baby's head atop the body of a dog.

--Dark Angel#11 (12

images: (without ads)
Dark Angel  #14, p23, pan1 (Main image)
Dark Angel #15, p5, pan2 (Secondary image)
Dark Angel #15, p20, pan5 (Anti-Being merged with Minion)
Dark Angel #11, p8, pan4 (Scavengers)

Dark Angel#10 (May, 1993) - Bernie Jaye (writer), Dell Barras (artist), Bambos Georgiou (editor)
Dark Angel#11-12 (June-July, 1993) - Bernie Jaye (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), David Hine (inks), Bambos Georgiou (editor)
Dark Angel#13-16 (September-December, 1993) - Bernie Jaye (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), David Hine (#13) & John Stokes (#14-16) (inks), Bambos Georgiou (editor)

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