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Type: Astral dimension.

Environment: An ideo-plastic reality where ideas take corresponding form, it is beyond the five senses of ordinary humans. Psychic emanations are real, and thoughts can construct reality. In case of psychic attack, a person can imagine a white light around themselves that will protect them from harm or blast their attackers.

    There appear to be various dead zones either within Inner Space or on its borders. It is possible to access Mephisto's Hell realm from Inner Space, and vice versa.

    Inner Space apparently contains an upper realm and a lower realm. The lower realm is the twilight world of the unconscious where the denied thoughts and feelings of humanity take gruesome shape. It is a place common to us all, affecting us all, and yet accessed by few. It is a land of the dead.

Usual means of access: Use of the Mandelbrot Set, Dark Angel's portal, or astral projection. The Mys-Tech Techno-Wizards developed (or otherwise obtained) a means of dematerializing in the physical world and reappearing in Inner Space.

Dominant Life Form: The once human scavengers are presumably the dominant life form of the astral wastes. The power animals are active in "the inner realms," which may be another term for Inner Space.

Thought forms    The thought-forms are the dominant life form of the mystic wastes of the lowlands.

    Soul fragments are the dominant life form of the Super-Hero Dead Zone

Significant Inhabitants: The Anti-Being, the Guide, power animals, Romeo, the inhabitants of the Super-Hero Dead Zone (including Nighthawk, Nuke, Vakume, and Viper);
    formerly Ranulph Haldane

Significant Locations: Astral Wastes, Cosmic Void, Fractal Mountain Range, Mystic Wastes of the Lowlands, Super-Hero Dead Zone, Upper Realm

First Appearance: Hell's Angel#2 (August, 1992)

(Dark Angel#10 (fb)) - The Mys-Tech board were drawn together through many reincarnations, by the blackness of their hearts and minds. Unbeknownst to them, in the astral world of Inner Space, an entity started to gain form. An entity born of negativity and nurtured by negativity, becoming powerful in its own right. This being would become the Anti-Being.

Super-Hero Dead Zone and Zoners(Hell's Angel#2) - The Guide took Hell's Angel to Inner Space. He lead her down from the fractal mountain range across the mystic wastes of the lowlands. They encountered some thought-forms, and Hell's Angel was instructed by the Guide in how to repel them with the white light. Minutes later they reached the Super-Hero Dead Zone, where they met the soul fragments of Nighthawk, Nuke, Vakume and Viper.

(Hell's Angel#4) - Dark Angel led Vakume back to Inner Space after his ordeal in Mephisto's Realm. Vakume was eager to tell his friends that he was no longer fragmented, knowing it would give them hope.

(Dark Angel#6) - The Mys-Tech board used the Un-Earth crystal to enhance their arcane might and launched astral projections of themselves towards Mephisto's domain. They arrived in Inner Space. Rathcoole commented that Inner Space was a wasteland of human negativity and denied emotions, which prompted Crowe to compare him to a tourist. They were approached by a thought-form, but Crowe blasted it without even looking.

(Dark Angel#6 - BTS) - The Guide went into Inner Space to activate more dead super-heroes to delay Mys-Tech.

(Dark Angel#6 (fb) - BTS) - The super-heroes attacked the Mys-Tech board.

(Dark Angel#6) - Hell's Angel arrived in Inner Space some time later and saw the fight between Mys-Tech and the dead-zoners, but carried on to look for her father's soul fragment.

(Dark Angel#10) - Now calling herself Dark Angel, Shevaun was shown a vision by one of the Web-Spinners. According to the web-spinner, the prophecies of doom inherent in the rending of the veil from the Un-Earth were taking shape in the invisible realms of Inner Space. The apocalyptic negativity generated by the Mys-Tech board would freeze the hearts and souls of galaxies, ripping the fetid Earth womb from its celestial home. When the Un-Earth was fully active, the Anti-Beings power would be fully unleashed, filling the Earth's atmosphere with negativity and hatred which would sweep through whole cities turning one against another, creating confusion and mayhem. Many would fall into the eternal abyss, never to return (see comments).

Anti-Beings formation(Dark Angel#11) - In the astral wastes, the Anti-Being was drawn to a vortex of negativity created by the Psycho-Warriors. The Anti-Being absorbed the energy into himself, taking it as a sign he was nearing the physical plane. He was attacked by the scavengers, parasites living uneasily in his shadow, but beat them back. Dark Angel and the Wyrd Sisters traveled to the wastelands to fight the Anti-Being. Unfortunately, the Anti-Being saw this as opportunity to absorb energy from Dark Angel.

(Dark Angel#12) - The Anti-Being grew in size and power as he absorbed Dark Angel's energy. She managed to disengage, but only after the Anti-Being had absorbed enough energy to become a giant. Dark Angel banished him using her portal. She was then attacked by one of the scavengers, but shot it with her blaster. She and the Wyrd Sisters returned to Darkmoor. Dark Angel returned to the lower astral wastelands shortly afterwards to communicate with her fathers soul.

(Dark Angel#13 (fb) - BTS) - The Anti-Being was banished to the cosmic void.

(Dark Angel#13) - The Anti-Being heard the Mys-Tech board as they declared their intention to become the Techno-Wizards.

Scavengers(Dark Angel#16 (fb) - BTS) - The failure of a friend's time-belt landed Death's Head (Minion) in Inner Space. Lost, lonely and suffering from culture shock, trigger happy assimilations became the name of his game.

(Dark Angel#13 (fb) - BTS) - Inner Space native Romeo fell in love with a woman on the physical plane. Desperately in need of a physical body, he made contact with the Mys-Tech board. They asked him to obtain a pure piece of the fabric of the universe, which he did. When the piece of the fabric was discovered to have gone missing, the Guide was sent to warn key people of the emergency. Dark Angel's presence was requested by the head of security.

(Dark Angel#13) - The Guide led Dark Angel to the building known as "the Power" in the Upper Realm where she was informed that the piece of the fabric of the universe was missing. She agreed to help. Security officers reported that there were no signs of any interlopers or break-ins, suggesting that it was an inside job. An emergency meeting of the full chamber was held, a council meeting to discuss the recovery of the fabric. However, before the meeting got underway, Dark Angel was nearly shot by an infiltrator. She manifested her blaster and shot him first. Guard arrived with an apprentice who explained why his friend Romeo had taken the fabric. Meanwhile, the Techno-Wizards traveled to Inner Space to meet Romeo. Romeo neared the rendezvous point where he was to give Mys-Tech the fabric, which he carried in a containment unit. However, he bumped into Death's Head (Minion). The Techno-Wizards opened fire on Death's Head, who decided that if the containment unit was that important, he wanted it for himself. He absorbed both Romeo and the containment unit. Dark Angel arrived as Death's Head began to integrate with the fabric of the universe. She surrounded him in a protective white light, but the cyborg exploded into infinity while still maintaining his consciousness. Death's Head reformed in another universe, leaving Dark Angel at the mercy of the Techno-Wizards. As they opened fire, Dark Angel prepared to fight back.

(Dark Angel#14) - The Angel of Death psychically warned Dark Angel that it was in fact the Mys-Tech board she was dealing with, in their new Techno-Wizard guise. She managed to drive them out of Inner Space and back to Earth. She telepathically contacted the Encoders to deal with Mys-Tech's Psycho-Wraiths, and tuned into Death's Head's thoughts. Meanwhile the Techno-Wizards returned to Inner Space and caged Death's Head. Dark Angel located him, and instructed him in how to release himself from the cage. However, Death's Head fell into Dark Angel's portal and found himself in the cosmic void, face to face with the Anti-Being.

(Dark Angel#15) - Dark Angel visited the Guide at his home in Inner Space to ask for help in finding Death's Head. To prepare her for her journey into the void he introduced her to a power animal. An energy exchange took place, and moments later Dark Angel was ready to do battle. Meanwhile, in the void, Death's Head and the Anti-Being spoke to each other. Upon hearing that the Anti-Being was the Techno-Wizards protégé, Death's Head attacked him. Nearby, Dark Angel materialized and encountered some of the inhabitants of the void before making her way towards Death's Head. As she did so, Death's Head assimilated the Anti-Being. Dark Angel arrived on the scene to find Death's Head standing motionless. The Anti-Being began to reprogram the cyborg, though Dark Angel wasn't immediately aware of that and took the cyborg back to the Guide's home where they prepared to remove the fabric of the universe. Meanwhile, Crowe and Gryffyn arrived in Inner Space and approached the Guide's home armed to the teeth. Unaware of the danger, the Guide was busy extracting the assimilated instincts of Romeo from Death's Head's mind. Dark Angel formed a new body for Romeo's essence to inhabit, after which Romeo warned them of the Anti-Beings presence in Death's Heads mind; but before they could do anything, the Guide's home was infiltrated by the two Techno-Wizards. The Anti-Being briefly gained control of the cyborg, but Death's Head reasserted his dominance and flew away with the Techno-Wizards' weaponry.

(Dark Angel#16) - Dark Angel imprisoned the two Techno-Wizards in a force field. She instructed Romeo to return to the Power and let them know that they expected the tightest security when bringing back in the fabric. Then she and the Guide left to follow Death's Head. Later, Dark Angel used her powers to create an energy barrier, and the energy of the force field was drawn back to her. The Techno-Wizards dematerialized and returned to physical reality.

(Dark Angel#16 - BTS) - Both the fabric of the universe and the Anti-Being were expelled from Death's Head. Dark Angel banished the Anti-Being back into the void.

(Dark Angel#16) - The Anti-Being mused on where he had gone wrong, while the fabric of the universe nestled back in the power house.

(Revolutionary War: Dark Angel) - Dark Angel passed through what she referred to as "the ideo-plastic domain" on her way to Mephisto's realm (see comments).

Comments: Created by Bernie Jaye, Geoff Senior, Helen Stone.

    In Hell's Angel#4 the Guide rounds up souls from "the various different dead-zones." These could be zones in Inner Space or elsewhere. If it was Inner Space, then that is technically a behind the scenes appearance of Inner Space. I've only written up the scene from that issue where Vakume returned home to Inner Space.

    The vision seen in #10 is part of the Mys-Tech Wars tie in. Although Inner Space didn't appear in Mys-Tech Wars, the Un-Earth never achieved full power thus affecting the Anti-Being and causing him to unleash his negativity.

    It says in #10 that Death's Head reforms in another universe after absorbing the containment unit with the fabric of the universe. In #11 he appears to be back in Inner Space with no explanation. There are a lot of strange goings with Death's Head in those last few issues of Dark Angel. For example, Death's Head's assimilation process is portrayed very different in Dark Angel#13. Here as he absorbs Romeo, it's looks like he is physically sucking him in. He also absorbs the containment unit Romeo is carrying. My take on this is that due to Death's Head being in an ideo-plastic realm, his thoughts are affecting reality. The weird thing is that he refers to this as a "routine assimilation," but perhaps he's been stranded in Inner Space long enough for this method to become routine for him.

    Dark Angel's mutated body/dimensional portal is also referred to as the Void, as early on as Hell's Angel#1. The black portion of Dark Angel's skin is composed of the fabric of the universe. This second skin acts as a portal to another universe. Both Dark Angel's skin and interior universe have been referred to as the void. So long-time Dark Angel's readers should try not to get confused when Dark Angel uses the void (her void) to send the Anti-Being and Death's Head to the Cosmic Void of Inner Space, which is also referred to as the Void...

    Revolutionary War: Dark Angel shows Shevaun traveling through the ideo-plastic domain, a term used to refer to Inner Space in Hell's Angel#2. Although it isn't explicitly said to be Inner Space in Revolutionary War, as she is traveling through there to reach Mephisto's realm it's very likely hence I've included it.

    Finally, the only mention of the lower realm that I can find is in Hell's Angel#2. If anybody spots it elsewhere, please get in touch!

Profile by Changeling. Images by Alan Green.

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Astral WastesAstral Wastes

    Also known as the Astral Wastelands. The astral underbelly of civilization and original home to the Anti-Being, an entity born of the Mys-Tech Board's negativity. Also home to the once human Scavengers.

    In the lower astral wastelands there are many deadzones where people live out a hell of their own making. One of these zones was inhabited by Ranulph Haldane after his previously fragmented soul had been unified. Dark Angel and the Wyrd Sisters traveled to the Astral Wastes to fight the Anti-Being. He absorbed some of Dark Angel's energy, becoming more powerful, so she banished him through her dimenional portal. Soon afterwards, Dark Angel visited her father for help in deactivating Mys-Tech's assassination computer. She was briefly joined by the Angel of Death, who infused the area with a non-judgmental love and warmth. Ranulph followed Shevaun to the assassination computer, returning to his deadzone once it had been deactivated.


--Dark Angel#11 (Dark Angel#12


Cosmic VoidCosmic Void

    Also referred to as the Void. See comments. The Anti-Being was banished to the cosmic void of Inner Space by Dark Angel. Death's Head was also banished to the void unintentionally when he fell into Dark Angel's portal. He met the Anti-Being and tried to assimilate him, but the entity began reprogramming the cyborg from within. Unaware of this, Dark Angel took Death's Head out of the void to the home of the Guide. Later she extracted the Anti-Being from Death's Head and sent him back to the void.

    The cosmic void of Inner Space is one of many places beyond the normal perceptual range of which great mystics and seers speak. Some areas appear pitch black and have an atmosphere as "heavy as lead," according to Dark Angel. Dark Angel needed an energy transfer from a power animal with bat-like qualities in order to see under those conditions. This area appears to be inhabited by humanoids with a zombie-like appearance, and as such is likely to be a land of the dead as are other areas of Inner Space.


--Dark Angel#13 (Dark Angel#14, Dark Angel#15, Dark Angel#16


Fractal Mountain RangeFractal Mountain Range

    This appears to be a common entry point for those journeying to Inner Space. The Guide led Hell's Angel down from the mountains on her first trip to Inner Space. Hell's Angel later arrived here after escaping Mephisto's realm with Vakume.

    This area is adjacent to the mystic wastes of the lowlands and is part of the lower realm.


--Hell's Angel#2 (Hell's Angel#4




The Upper RealmUpper Realm

    The upper realm is home to the high security station. This station is a place anyone can access through their inner perceptual senses. Connected to the station, perhaps part of it, is a building known as "the Power" (or the Power House), which houses three pure pieces of the "fabric of the universe" sometimes referred to as "the cosmic web of life," concentrated energy sources containing the creative power of the universe. The station is run by the head of security, the security council, and staffed with various security officers, security guards such as Romeo, and apprentices.

    Mys-Tech traitors infiltrated the station, and security guard Romeo secretly stole a piece of the fabric of the universe on their behalf. The head of security called in Dark Angel for help. Her arrival prompted one of the traitors to reveal himself, and Dark Angel shot him. They then discovered it had been Romeo who stole the fabric from an apprentice who was friends with Romeo. Romeo and the fabric were absorbed, however, by Death's Head. Romeo was later drawn out of the cyborg by the Guide, and given a physical form by Dark Angel. Dark Angel sent Romeo to the Power, instructing him to have the tightest security ready for when the fabric was returned. Once the fabric had been expelled from Death's Head, Dark Angel returned it to the Power where it was seen to nestle back in.

--Dark Angel#13 (Dark Angel#16

Mystic Wastes Of The Lowlands

Mystic Wastes of the Lowlands

    Hell's Angel passed over this area on her first visit to Inner Space. She flew over it again when leading Vakume home after his time in Mephisto's realm.

    This area is part of the lower realm. It is home to thought forms, the embodiment of human negativity. They are in terrible pain, and will lash out psychically at anybody passing through the area. They can be resisted by use of the white light psychic emanations. 


--Hell's Angel#2 (Hell's Angel#4



Power Animal - bat form stage one

Power Animals

    The Guide introduced Dark Angel to one of the power animals of the inner realms which had qualities necessary for her journey into the void. Within her multi-dimensional mind an etheric image of a bat formed, a creature of change and transformation, known to lend visibility to the darkest night of the soul. An energy exchange took place. Dark Angel drew the ancient, alchemical power and energy of the bat toward herself in preparation for her journey into the void. Power Animal - bat form stage two

    The power animal that was encountered by Dark Angel changed its appearance as it formed. While it appeared as a bat, at first it seemed ghost like, etheric. Its final form looked like a normal bat as seen on Earth. The bat was able to form within Dark Angel's mind and engage in an energy transfer as described above. It is unclear how much part the creature played in this process, as the Guide and Dark Angel herself could have been using their abilities. 

    Here the term "inner realms" could be interpreted as another name for Inner Space itself, or as a separate area within Inner Space. No such separate area has been shown and identified as yet. Furthermore, it could be that the bat is the primary form of this power animal or that it just took that form in Dark Angel's mind as that represented the qualities she needed. Other power animals may well have different forms. 

    Another point of note is that the description of the bat uses the term "winged devil." This seems to me more like poetic license, than any serious suggestion that the creature was of demonic origin as it appeared benign, helping Dark Angel.

--Dark Angel#15



Super-Hero Dead Zone

Super-Hero Dead Zone

    Part of the lower realm. An eerie Phantom Metropolis, the Super-Hero Dead Zone is home to fragmented pieces of soul from various dead heroes. They wait there in peace hoping one day to be reclaimed by their original soul. Dead Zone inhabitants have certain natural psychic powers, which appear to include flight. The Guide first introduced Hell's Angel to Nighthawk, Nuke, Vakume and Viper prior to taking them on a mission. After a later mission, Hell's Angel returned to the Super-Hero Dead Zone with Vakume, whom she had liberated from Mephisto's realm.

--Hell's Angel#2 (Hell's Angel#4



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