Classification: Extraterrestrial

Location/Base of Operations: Ariston in the star system Bianca IV (at the fringe of the Shi'ar Empire)

Known Members: Jood'l, Ariana

Affiliations: Starjammers (Corsair (Christopher Summers), Ch'od, Hepzibah, Raza Longknife)

Enemies: Demon of the Della Gems, Grand Jhar

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#149/3 (early March, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: None

Traits: A peaceful small sized race only armed with defensive equipment. They were true pacifists. Their most powerful technologies were dependent on the Della Gems.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#149/3 (fb) - BTS) - For some time the planet of the Aris was harassed by a recruitment vessel of the Ghrand Jhar, but their force field was powerful enough to protect their world from the intruders. One day the force field began to run out of its power, but their supply of Della Gems was depleted, and the deeper mines were protected by a mystical Demon of the Della Gems. The Aris weren't powerful enough to battle the demon and searched for someone to help them.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#149/3) - Jood'l, ruler of the Aris, brought down the Starjammers' ship with a tractor beam. He told them their situation and asked for their help. The Starjammers were angry, but Corsair understood the desperation of the Aris and went with his crew into the mines. Ariana, the daughter of Jood'l, went with them to show them the way. Raza, Hepzibah and Ariana got divided from their friends when a wall collapsed. They continued their way to the gems and were attacked by tentacles rising from the ground. They freed themselves and continued their way. Hepzibah found the cave with the gems and began to take them for herself. The demon attacked her, and Raza aided her in the fight. The demon died, and the cave full of gems crumbled. Hepzibah lost all gems except one that she wanted to keep for herself. Ariana didn't want to leave without having obtained a single gem, so Hepzibah gave up the gem. Jood'l thanked the Starjammers for their help and they left. The Aris were saved.

Comments: Created by Kelly Corvese and Alexander Morrissy

    I don't know how long one of the Della Gems can energize the force field generator of the Aris. The moment its energy is used up they are in trouble. I can only hope for them that this wasn't the last mine with Della Gems. If it was the last mine this would be at least a reason for them to never appear again (because they were probably wiped out).

    The Ghrand Jhar is known from the pages of Excalibur, as Cerise was the former navigator of the Ghrand Jhar. The Ghrand Jhar was originally intended to offer lesser planets civilizations the chance to join the Shi'ar empire, but Commander C'Efn began a killing spree instead.

The name of the Aris' planet was revealed in a very unlikely place -- Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities. It was mentioned in the demon entry along with the Demon of the Della Gems

Profile by Markus Raymond

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Jood'l was the ruler of the Aris and was responsible for bringing down the ship of the Starjammers. He told them there problems and convinced them to help his race. He sent his daughter with the Starjammers and was very happy when she returned with a Della Gem and Jood'l was proud. He thanked the Starjammers and he didn't have to pay them anything for their help because Corsair was so nice and only wanted them to stay free.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#149/3



She was the daughter of Jood'l and second ruler of the Aris. She was sent with the Starjammers into the caves to show them the way. She was together with Raza and Hepzibah when the walls collapsed. Ariana followed her new friends into the caves and was freed from attacking tentacles by Raza. She was shocked when Raza and Hepzibah killed the demon and didn't want to leave the cave without one gem when it crumbled. Ariana got a gem from Hepzibah and left happily. She returned to her father with the gem and he was proud.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#149/3


Della Gems

They were the main power source for the force field of the planet. When the Aris needed more they stood before a problem. The gems were guarded by a mystical demon they couldn't fight. Raza, Hepzibah and Ariana found the guarded cave and killed the demon. Hepzibah wanted to keep a gem but lost the others and had to give the last gem to Ariana to make her leave the collapsing cave. A Della Gem once again protected the Aris as main power source of the force field generator.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#149/3

Demon of the Della Gems

He was guarding the Della Gems in the deepest mines of the planet. The Aris were too small and gentle to fight him. When he appeared he saw a different kind of intruder. Hepzibah wasn't as gentle as the Aris, and together with her partner Raza she fought him. A blast from Raza knocked the demon back and he was impaled by a crystal spike on the ground. The cave collapsed after that and the body of the dead demon fell into the depths of the planet.

Jood'l himself called him a mystical demon and he didn't get any other name in the story.

--Marvel Comics Presents I#149/3





Marvel Comics Presents I#149, barcode side, p10, pan2 (Ariana & Jood'l)

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Marvel Comics Presents I#149 (early March, 1994) - Kelly Corvese (writer), Alexander Morrissey (pencils), Mike DeCarlo (inks), Richard Ashford (editor)

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