MEMBERSHIP: Hector, Mac, Simms, Steele, others unnamed;
Richie/Joshua Anders was also mutated, but he never worked with the others

PURPOSE: They served Hardcore (and Cruz Bushmaster indirectly) in obtaining test subjects for Noah Burstein's "Power Man" treatment, as well as serving as guards to contain the prisoners in the Black Hole

AFFILIATIONS: Cruz Bushmaster, Noah Burstein, Hardcore

ENEMIES: Richie/Joshua Anders, Avengers West Coast (Iron Man (Stark), USAgent, Wonder Man), Cruz Bushmaster, Noah Burstein, Cage, Micky Hamilton, Jordan Hamlin, Hardcore, other unnamed inmates at the Black Hole

BASE of OPERATIONS: the Black Hole facility, Rocky Mountains, Colorado

FIRST APPEARANCE: (Steele) Cage I#3 (June, 1992);
    (as a group) Cage I#6 (September, 1992)



HISTORY: (Cage I#6 (fb)) - Cruz Bushmaster sought to gain the power which his father, John Bushmaster, had once obtained, though it had apparently proved fatal to his father. Via his primary agent, Hardcore, Cruz had Noah Burstein (inventor of the Power Man process) and his wife Emma kidnapped. With Emma held hostage, Noah was forced to agree to continue to try to perfect his Power Man process. Hardcore collected a few test subjects. Those who survived the initial process had an unspecified amount of time to live. With the knowledge that only be perfecting the process could they survive, these men became the Power Men, who served both as guards of the Black Hole as well as gatherers of further test subjects.

(Cage I#3 - BTS) - Power Man Steele captured Jordan Hamlin for the Black Hole.

(Cage I#4) - Power Man Steele picked the next test subject for the Power Man process.

(Cage I#5 - BTS) - Power Man Steele captured Cage and Micky Hamilton for the Black Hole.


(Cage I#6) - When Power Man Simms powered out, Cage took advantage of the distraction to break free, but Power Man Steele led the other guards to subdue him with their electrical prods. After four weeks of testing, Cage tricked a pair of guards into trying to subdue him when he created a commotion. Cage fought his way past the guards. He then convinced them to let him try to break up the operation at the Black Hole. While Hector and Mac decided to go out with a bang, Steele tried, but failed to keep Cage from breaking into the testing center. However, Hardcore then dropped Cage.









(Cage I#7) - Hector and Mac looted and rampaged through a town a few miles north of the Black Hole. This drew the attention of the Avengers West Coast, who fought the pair. After some struggle, both Hector and Mac powered out and died. Steele meanwhile decided that by dumping the "Power Man" formula into a water reservoir, he could create a Power Man epidemic that would draw the greatest scientists to try find a cure.
Anders was also mutated by the Power Man process, and his interaction with Cage "cured" him of the processes lethal complications. However, Hardcore shot him dead with an armor piercing bullet.



(Cage I#8) - Steele dumped the formula in the reservoir, but Cage and the Avengers retrieved one of the vials before it could dissolve, and Cage convinced Steele to reveal the location of the other. Steele then powered out and died.

COMMENTS: Created by Marcus McLaurin, Dwayne Turner, and Chris Ivy.

The Power Men would be a group of recipients of a super-soldier type of project. This is the variant first used on Warhawk, then Cage/Power Man. It also went to Jack Daniels, and Bushmaster/Power Master.

The Power Men should be differentiated from:


Cage I#3-4 (June-July, 1992) - Marc McLaurin (writer), Dwayne Turner (pencils), Chris Ivy (inks), Kelly Corvese (editor)
Cage I#6 (September, 1992) - Marc McLaurin (writer), Dwayne Turner (pencils), Chris Ivy (inks), Kelly Corvese (editor)

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