Classification: Research Laboratory/Research subject containment facility

Creator: Cruz Bushmaster (indirectly)

Staff: Noah Burstein, Cruz Bushmaster, Hardcore, Power Men

Inmates/Subjects: Richie/Joshua Anders, Cage, Micky Hamilton, Jordan Hamlin, Power Men

First Appearance: Cage I#4 (July, 1992)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The Black Hole was a large facility hidden in the Rocky Mountains. It served as the Laboratory from which Noah Burstein was coerced (by threatening the life of his wife) by Hardcore to perfect the Power Man process. It served as a prison for future test subjects. It's cell bars were made of adamantium, and they were also electrically charged. The mountains kept the site hidden from public discovery.




(Cage I#6 (fb)) - Cruz Bushmaster sought to gain the power which his father,
John Bushmaster, had once obtained, though it had apparently proved fatal to his father. Via his primary agent, Hardcore, Cruz had Noah Burstein (inventor of the Power Man process) and his wife Emma kidnapped. With Emma held hostage, Noah was forced to agree to continue to try to perfect his Power Man process. Hardcore collected a few test subjects. Those who survived the initial process had an unspecified amount of time to live. With the knowledge that only be perfecting the process could they survive, these men became the Power Men, who served both as guards of the Black Hole as well as gatherers of further test subjects.

(Cage I#3 - BTS) - Power Man Steele captured Jordan Hamlin for the Black Hole.

(Cage I#4) - Power Man Steele picked the next test subject for the Power Man process.

(Cage I#5 - BTS) - Power Man Steele captured Cage and Micky Hamilton for the Black Hole.

(Cage I#6-8) - Cage spent four weeks in the Black Hole, where Burstein tested him in an effort to learn why Cage had survived the process when the others hadn't. Anders mistakenly beleived that Cage had come to kill him, and he tried--but failed--to electrocute Cage against the prison bars. Ultimately Cage broke free and convinced the Power Men to let him try to stop the operation. Hardcore blew up the facility to cover his tracks (and prevent the discovery of Cruz Bushmaster's involvement), though Cage, Burstein, and the prisoners had previously escaped.







Comments: Created by Marcus McLaurin, Dwayne Turner, and Chris Ivy.

No known connections to:

Cage I#6-8 (September-November, 1992) - Marc McLaurin (writer), Dwayne Turner (pencils), Chris Ivy (inks), Kelly Corvese (editor)

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