Type: alien world

Environment: Essentially Earthlike;
    Only two planets within the Inniverse has been seen clearly on the surface. Multiple planets or planetoids have been seen from a distance, however.

Usual means of access: Vibrational attunement (via the Oscillation Jackets);
    The Inniverse is apparently accessed attempting to enter the relative space between atoms and sub-atomic particles

Dominant Life Form: light red-skinned humanoids, with scales at the base of the nose

Significant Inhabitants: City Guard, Dangor, Gem Guild, Landa, Occulus, Rebel Underground, Sky Serpents, Wildblood

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#362 (March, 1992)

(Fantastic Four I#364 (fb)) - According to legend...Long ago, twin worlds shared an orbit around a single sun. Great and proud civilizations ruled these worlds, but in their carelessness, they ruthlessly exploited their natural resources...squandering them with no thought of the future. Eventually, facing ecological ruin, the brother planets fell to war, and one of the worlds ended up exploding. The remnants of the lost planet formed a ring of power crystals or gems which then ringed the surviving world...a perpetual reminder of the ultimate folly of war.

    As the ancients died, barbarism filled the void. With each passing year, conditions grew worse, and survival became less likely. But then, almost by accident, it was discovered that certain people possessed an innate ability to use the crystals which fell from the sky as a source of energy. The Gem Guild was formed, to train and nurture those special few. The influence of the Guild grew, until it governed the world with ruthless abandon. All were tested for the gift. Eventually, one was tested, who proved to be an adept. That man, eventually known as Occulus, swiftly came to lead the Guild, and to rule the world.

(Fantastic Four I#362) - Reed Richards of Earth-616 discovered the means to access the Inniverse. His portal was discovered by Wildblood, who passed through it, but the City Guard followed him. They abducted the Wildblood along with Sue and Franklin Richards, bring them back to the Inniverse.

(Fantastic Four I#363-365) - The remaining members of the Fantastic Four (Ben, Johnny, and Reed) entered the Inniverse, allied themselves with Wildblood and the Rebel Underground, and overthrew Occulus, casting him into space.



Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Paul Ryan, and Danny Buladi.

    I would consider the Inniverse something like the Microverse, in that it does not actually exist in the sub-atomic space, but that the realm itself is accessed by attuning to the energies between the sub-atomic particles. I am quite far from an authority on sub-atomic physics, etc., but in general, the solid particles, such as atoms, are the last minority of solid macroscopic objects, with the majority being made up of the relatively large space between said objects. The particles form a solid object via the various attractive forces and bonds that hold them together.
    The space between particles was long ago used as an explanation for the powers of Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat), who can allow her body's microscopic particles to pass between/among the particles of other objects or beings. I believe the eggbeater analogy was used.

No known connections to:

City Guard


Soliders of Occulus, they wielded a variety of energy weapons and rode the Sky Serpents to defend the interests of the Gem Guild.


--Fantastic Four I#363 (364, 365







    Former leader of the Gem Guild, he trained Occulus, who eventually succeeded him, relegating him to the role of advisor. He always recommended seeking power and the destruction of enemies. He attempted to slay Landa when she turned against Occulus, but he was foiled and subdued by Wildblood.

--Fantastic Four I#363 (364, 365




Gem Guild


    Some time after the destruction of their brother planet, a few of the natives of the remaining world discovered that they could tap into the energy of the gemstones which surrounded their world and occasionally fell from the sky. Over time, these people developed into the Gem Guild, who trained and nurtured the others with the same gift. Eventually, however, the Gem Guild began to use their powers to take over the world, ruling with tyranny. Dangor was one of the masters of the Gem Guild, but his former pupil, Occulus eclipsed him and came to rule the Guild


--Fantastic Four I#363 (364, 365







    The wife of Occulus, she attempted to sway from his mad quest for power, and tried to get him to be more compassionate. Eventually, she saw that he had gone too far over the edge, and she turned against her husband, allying herself with the Fantastic Four and the Rebel Underground.

--Fantastic Four I#363 (364, 365




Rebel Underground


    A group of natives who opposed the tyrannical rule of the Gem Guild, they were apparently led by the Wildblood. They worked with the Fantastic Four against Occulus, and they followed the instructions of Reed Richards to construct a giant Gem Screen, which fired a negative charge at Occulus, causing a backlash that sent him flying into space.


--Fantastic Four I#363 (364, 365




Sky Serpents


    Winged reptiles, they were used by the City Guard, but were apparently able to be used by others without too much difficulty.


--Fantastic Four I#363 (364, 365





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