Real Name: unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Inniverse)

Occupation: rebel, warrior

Group Membership: Rebel Underground of the Inniverse

Affiliations: Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Thing),

EnemiesGem Guild, Occulus

Known Relatives:  Occulus (brother)

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: the subterranean base of the Rebel Underground, the Inniverse.

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#362 (March, 1992)



Powers/Abilities: Wildblood is a fast and agile combatant, though it is not clear whether these abilites are superhuman. He is a fearless and experienced warrior.

    He uses a Kalis, a weapon which can discharge energy blasts sufficient to knock the Thing through a wall. It also has a bladed edge which can be used to slice or stab.








(Fantastic Four I#364 (fb)) - The youth who would become Wildblood was an orphan, alongside his brother Occulus. As was the standard, both were tested by the Gem Guild to see if they had the gift of manipulating the energy of the power gems which adorned the skies of the Inniverse. Occulus was found to have the talent, but his brother proved of no value. Separated from his only family, forced to provide for himself, he became a daring thief, eventually known as the Wildblood.

(Fantastic Four I#362 (fb) - BTS) - Wildblood came to work with the Rebel Underground, who opposed the Gem Guild and its rule of their world.

(Fantastic Four I#362) - Wildblood stole of the gems from the Guild. As he made his way along the perimeter of the city wall, he observed a hand passing out of a portal in rock. City Guard soldiers then arrived, and Wildblood leapt through the portal to escape them. He tangled briefly with the Fantastic Four--as it had been Reed's arm passing through the portal, before being contained by Sue Richards. However, City Guardsmen then passed through the portal as well, and they stunned Ben and Johnny and returned to the Inniverse with Wildblood in tow, along with Franklin and Sue Richards.

(Fantastic Four I#363) - Wildblood, Franklin and Sue were brought before Occulus. As Wildblood and Occulus taunted each other, Occulus' advisor, Dangor, sensed the vast power within Franklin Richards. After a failed attempt to recover Franklin, Wildblood picked the lock on his bonds, overpowered the guards, freed Sue Richards, and escaped the castle (Sue stayed behind to try to free Franklin). As he fled on one of the Sky Serpents, he was snagged from the air by Reed Richards, who had led Ben and Johnny into the Inniverse. As the FF tried to coerce his cooperation, Wildblood's allies in the Rebel Underground surrounded them. They agreed to join forces against Occulus.

(Fantastic Four I#364) - When Occulus drove off the male members of the FF, Wildblood guided them to a safe bunker, from which he revealed Occulus and his origins. At Reed's request, Wildblood led him to a storehouse of gems, from which Reed fashioned a weapon to oppose Occulus. Wildblood then led them to rescue Sue, but he was most displeased when the Thing's lack of stealth alerted the Castle Guard. After defeating the Guard, they located and freed Franklin, but were then ambushed by Occulus, who had used Franklin's power to tap into the energies of every gem around their world. Wildblood attacked Occulus, but was blasted away, while Reed injured Occulus with his weapon, but paused allowing Occulus to recover and destroy the weapon.

(Fantastic Four I#365) - After the Torch and the Thing failed in their assaults against Occulus, Wildblood attacked, but was blasted away once again. When Landa--Occulus' wife--joined with the Rebel Underground against Occulus, Dangor tried to slay her, but was easily taken out by Wildblood. Eventually, Reed constructed a device that banished Occulus into space, but he warned that Occulus might have survived and could return to menace them. Wildblood told him they would be ready.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Paul Ryan, and Danny Buladi.

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