Membership: Three female members, none named

PURPOSE: Spinning the fabric of the universe (essentially writing all of reality)

Affiliations: Wyrd Sisters (daughters);
Dark Angel (Shevaune Haldane)

Enemies: Anti-Being, Mys-Tech

Base of Operations: The Web (a pocket realm apparently accessed from the center of the universe)

First Appearance: Dark Angel#9 (Marvel UK) (April, 1993)


Powers/Abilities: Spinning the fabric of the universe, the threads of which connect everyone to everything, essentially writing all of reality. They have been described as spinning every good or bad emotion, thought, word, and deed into the cosmic web of life.



HISTORY: The origins of the Web-Spinners are unknown (see comments).

(Dark Angel#9) - When a spell of Mys-Tech corrupted the very fabric of the universe, the being known as the Angel of Death brought Dark Angel to the Web-Spinners so she could appreciate the extent of what was going on. The Angel of Death explained that the portion of the fabric of the universe contained within Dark Angel remained pure, as it predated the Mys-Tech board's taint. Using the Web to observe distant events, Shevaune learned that Mys-Tech was plotting her assassination. The Web-Spinners dispatched their daughters, the Wyrd Sisters to stop Mys-Tech from capturing a soul fragment of Shevaune's father, Ranulph.

(Dark Angel#10) - One of the Web-Spinners told Dark Angel of the creation of the Anti-Being. The Web-Spinner prophesized that once Mys-Tech's Un-Earth was fully active, the Anti-Being's full power would be fully unleashed, filling the Earth's atmosphere with an negativity and hatred which would sweep through whole cities turning one against another...creating mayhem and confusion...many would fall into the eternal abyss never to return.

(Dark Angel#16) - The Web-Spinners summoned the Wyrd Sisters to recruit them to take over the exhausting task of weaving the fabric of the universe, which had become even more life-draining due to the recent evil taint caused by Mys-Tech. The Sisters unanimously refused, expressing their wishes to be out there making things happen. Though somewhat indignant that their life wasn't good enough for their daughters, one of the Web-Spinners nonetheless showed them that there would not be a world to in which to "make things happen" unless they lightened the evil in the Web by slaying the Anti-Being, who had been assimilated by Death's Head (and subsequently partially taken him over) AND had gained access to a piece of the fabric of the universe. The Web-Spinner had each of the Sisters make a pledge to something they held dear and then sent them to join the fight.

COMMENTS: Created by Bernie Jaye and Dell Barras.

The Web-spinners are very similar to the Fates of Olympian mythology, who have been confirmed in the Marvel Universe to be the same as the Norns of Asgardian mythos. The spinning of the fabric of the universe, there being three of them, etc. I'd assume that they are either the same beings, or very similar and serving the same purpose.

I'd have thought the Web-Spinners to be male, but Shevaune refers to them as hags.

It is presumably these same threads of the fabric of reality that Jamie Braddock manipulates.

No known connection to:

see also comments

Dark Angel#9-10 (April-May, 1993) - Bernie Jaye (writer), Dell Barras (artist), Bambos Georgiou (editor)
Dark Angel#16 (December, 1993) - Bernie Jaye (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), John Stokes (inks), Bambos Georgiou (editor)

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