The Guide

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/ClassExtradimensional (Higher causal realms, Inner Space) being

Occupation: Guide

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsAngel of Death, Dark Angel (Shevaun Haldane), Head of Security at the High Security Station, the Management, inhabitants of the Super-Hero Dead Zone (Guardian/James McDonald Hudson (see comments), Miss America (Madeline Joyce Frank), Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond) of Earth-712/"Earth-S," Nuke (Albert Gaines) of Earth-712/"Earth-S," Thunderbird (John Proudstar), Torpedo (Brock Jones), Vakume (Salem's Seven), Viper (Jordan Dixon) and others (see comments)), Romeo, Wyrd Sisters, the X-Men (Cyclops/Scott Summers, Psylocke/Elizabeth Braddock, Wolverine/James Howlett/Logan)

EnemiesMys-Tech, Psycho-Warriors

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Inner Space

First Appearance: Hell's Angel#2 (August, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: The Guide is a non-physical being, though he is able to access the physical dimension. He appears humanoid, though he is diminutive and only has three digits (an opposable thumb and two fingers) on each hand. While on Earth he is strong enough to carry Dark Angel's body (120 lbs.) without any signs of strain. He is highly intelligent (described as a genius by Dark Angel). He was able to deactivate an advanced Mys-Tech monitoring system and transfer the Un-Earth's computer information onto tape (or disc) with ease (see comments). He may be able to dematerialize his physical body and alter its vibratory rate (or frequency) to avoid detection from security devices and pass through solid objects (see comments).

    The Guide can manipulate the fundamental forces of chaos and instability which exist in the universe. Its unclear which of his abilities stem from manipulating those forces. It's also more than likely that we still haven't seen the full extent of this area of his powers.

    He is capable of dimensional travel by various means. With a gesture he can generate the shape known as the Mandelbrot Set. By entering it, he and others can travel between dimensions. In this way he can travel between Earth and Inner Space, between Earth and Hell, and likely other dimensions. On one occasion he opened a smaller portal for himself, not in the shape of the Mandelbrot Set, to travel from Earth to Inner Space (he was followed by Dark Angel who used her own portal). Furthermore, the portal within Dark Angel's body can create a multi-dimensional space through which non-physical beings can access the mortal realm; the Guide can use this, against her will, though this is more difficult if her astral self is not within her body (see comments).

    He can hide himself and others (on one occasion 3500 soul fragments) in an inter-dimensional zone which renders its inhabitants invisible to the naked eye.

    The Guide can fly at supersonic speeds, comparable to Dark Angel (see comments). He can manipulate the environment of Inner Space and similar ideo-plastic realities. In such realms, psychic emanations are real. For example, imagining a white light around himself would protect him against psychic attacks (see comments). He also has mental powers. He once used his mental powers to locate and draw the assimilated instincts of Romeo out of Death's Head (Minion), laying his hand on the cyborg as he did so (whether or not contact was necessary or just advantageous to the procedure is unclear). 

    He appears to be wearing armor, and carries some as yet unidentified devices on his belt. What benefits this armor grants, if any, are unrevealed. He has been seen to carry a weapon (either a gun or a knife) of some kind, though has yet to be seen to use it (see comments).

    The Guide's home in Inner Space is a place invisible to all whose mental energy frequency is not vibrating at the same level. It has an operating room where an number of interlocking scalar force fields can be set up around the operating table. He was also able to set up the room to aid in removing the piece of the fabric of the universe that has been assimilated by Death's Head.

Height: 2'10" (approximation compared to Hell's Angel)
Weight: 27 lbs. approximately
Eyes: Solid (generally glowing) white with no visible pupil (sometimes appearing blue due to the tinting of his helmet. On one occasion they temporarily glowed yellow, and on two others they appeared to be a solid yellow, though for one of those he was facing a computer screen that might've been creating lighting effects)
Hair: Black (appears blue, green or purple due to the tinting of his helmet)

(Hells Angel#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Guide is a being from the higher causal realms, and an associate of the Angel of Death and the inhabitants of the Super-Hero Dead Zone.

(Dark Angel#14 (fb) - BTS) - The Guide has a home in Inner Space.

(Hells Angel#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Guide has been known to recruit inhabitants of the Super-Hero Dead Zone for missions in the past. Shortly after Shevaun Haldane had become Hell's Angel, the Angel of Death sent the Guide to ask for her assistance in preventing Mys-Tech's assassination of Takashei Otomo. Knowing they would need additional help, the Guide took out a special dispensation from the Management to grant any dead zone inhabitants a few extra abilities.

The Mandelbrot Set(Hells Angel#2) - At Darkmoor, the portal within Hell's Angel's body became operative as the Guide used it to access the mortal realm. He explained who had sent him and why. That done, he and Hell's Angel traveled to Inner Space to locate others to help them. When Hell's Angel came under psychic attack from the native thought-forms, he told her to manifest a protective white light. The threat over, they flew on to the Super-Hero Dead Zone. There they recruited the soul fragments of Nighthawk, Nuke, Vakume and Viper. As planned with the Management, those soul fragments were granted extra abilities during their assignment. He accompanied Hell's Angel and the soul fragments to the Tempora Building in Tokyo. A battle erupted between them and the Psycho-Warriors, with assistance arriving in the form of the X-Men. The battle was won, but Viper's soul fragment was destroyed. The heroes paid their last respects with a moments silence. The X-Men left, and the Guide was about to leave with the others when a violent explosion tore the rooftop of the Tempora Building apart as the Psycho-Warriors' craft detonated. The explosion reduced the top five floors to debris, but the Guide and his companions survived. Suddenly, one of the Psycho-Warriors recovered and attacked Hell's Angel. She swiftly dealt with it, but the alien life-forces began rising from the dying bodies of their Psycho-Warrior hosts. Hell's Angel used a psychic blast to stop them. The Guide then announced that he must leave with the soul fragments, whose physicality couldn't be sustained much longer.

(Hell's Angel#2 - BTS) - The Guide steered his band of dead Super-Heroes back to the ideo-plastic domain before reporting to the Management.

A mental image of the Guide(Overkill#5/Dark Angel#6/2) - As Shevaun was flying from Darkmoor Castle, intent on infiltrating the Un-Earth chasm, her armor created a mental image of the Guide and projected it into her mind. What appeared to be a simple training program was in fact at the highest level an initiation which would increase her perceptions and alter her reality. The mental image of the Guide spoke to her, explaining that her armor was a protective device shielding her from the sensory overload that could ensue when engaging with the cosmos and controlling the amount of cosmic power freely available to her. Shevaun asked why she should wear it if it was inhibiting her, and the mental image of the Guide said that the decision was hers. She chose to remove the armor, and both it and the Guide's image vanished.

(Overkill#5/Dark Angel#6/2 - BTS) - Shevaun traveled back in time to prevent the Sect of Chasidm from making their immortality pact with Mephisto. This diverged a different timeline, Earth-92126, ruled by AEGIS.

(Overkill#5/Dark Angel#6/2) -As Shevaun realized the complex and interlinked nature of reality, the mental image of the Guide reappeared to her and told her it was a wise lesson to learn. Shevaun undid her alterations, and her armor returned. The mental image of the Guide told her she had done well and that most who got that far would dissipate into eternity and be lost forever. With those words, the image of the Guide was gone (see comments).

(Hell's Angel#3 (fb) - BTS) - Shortly afterwards, the Guide and the Vakume soul fragment joined Hell's Angel as she prepared to infiltrate Mys-Tech's Un-Earth chasm. 

(Hell's Angel#3) - The Guide, Hell's Angel and Vakume arrived at Mys-Tech Central. Thanks to Hell's Angel, they were able to avoid detection and navigate their way to the Un-Earth chasm. Vakume fell into a trap, and disappeared. Before they could do anything else, Hell's Angel sensed the Mys-Tech board's imminent arrival. She and the Guide concealed themselves in the chasm wall.

(Hell's Angel#3 - BTS) - They overheard Mys-Tech's plans to sink a United Nations battleship.

(Hell's Angel#3) - Once the board had left, they left the chasm wall. Hell's Angel psychically contacted Vakume. He had arrived in Mephisto's realm, where he hoped to be reunited with his original soul. Hell's Angel and the Guide returned to the matter in hand, hoping to use the Un-Earth against Mys-Tech. Hell's Angel's use of the device showed her the Mys-Tech board at Darkmoor Castle, where they had uncovered a dead Psycho-Warrior from the battle at the Tempora Building. With no time to lose, Hell's Angel and the Guide set about tapping into the Un-Earth computer. They discovered that genetically enhanced bugs were used to gather data for the Un-Earth, and Hell's Angel set off to destroy one of their major nesting sites. The Guide remained at the chasm to look after things.

(Hell's Angel#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Guide transferred a lot of the Un-Earth computer info onto tape.

(Hell's Angel#3) - He watched on, using Mys-Tech's monitoring equipment. He planned to wait until Hell's Angel was safe before making sure the display never worked again, to prevent Mys-Tech watching them sabotage their next mission. Hell's Angel returned successful, and he deactivated the monitoring system. He and Hell's Angel flew away.

(Hell's Angel#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Guide disappeared, prompting Hell's Angel to wonder where he'd got to.

The Guide appearing at Darkmoor(Hell's Angel#4) - The Guide reappeared at Darkmoor Castle. Hell's Angel explained that she needed to rescue Vakume from Mephisto's realm while the Guide dealt with the plot to sink the battleship. She told the Guide to locate 3,500 soul fragments to go to Mephisto's realm in place of the soldiers on the ship. When she absorbed the blast aimed at the ship, the Guide was to open a porthole into Mephisto's realm and send in the soul fragments to masquerade as the dead soldiers. Her intention was to save the soldiers without affecting Mys-Tech's soul quota demands from Mephisto as well as to reunite the soul fragments with their original souls. The Guide thought the plan ingenious, and set off to round up the soul fragments from various different dead zones.

(Hell's Angel#4 (fb) - BTS) - Once the Guide had located all 3,500 soul fragments he took them to Earth.

The Guide hovering in an inter-dimensional zone(Hell's Angel#4) - Together they all hid in an interdimensional zone, directly above the battleship that was due to be sunk, where they waited for Hell's Angel. The Guide began to get impatient, but she arrived in the nick of time. As she absorbed the blast, the Guide accompanied the soul fragments to Mephisto's realm. He told them to go straight to the reception area and make sure they were logged in, and reassured them it wouldn't be long before they would be reunited with their original souls.

(Dark Angel#6 (fb) - BTS) - The Angel of Death asked the Guide to send his greetings to Hell's Angel and offer a potential solution to her current problems.

The Guide appearing via Shevaun Haldane's portal(Dark Angel#6) - The Guide used Hell's Angel's portal to travel to her location, finding her on Darkmoor where she was searching for a creature that had escaped from the castle. He passed on the Angel of Death's greetings, and offered to go into Inner Space, activate more dead Super-Heroes and delay Mys-Tech from finding her father's soul fragment while she searched for the creature. She weighed her options, but they both knew that in reality she had none but to accept the offer.

(Dark Angel#6 (fb) - BTS) - The Guide recruited the soul fragments of Guardian, Miss America, Thunderbird and Torpedo, and possibly more to keep the Mys-Tech board at bay (see comments).

(Dark Angel#9 (fb) - BTS) - Mys-Tech made another foray after Ranulph Haldane, this time traveling into Mephisto's domain. Various of the Guide's associates from the Super-Hero Dead Zone were called in to fight them again. Meanwhile, the Guide heard that the Angel of Death and Shevaun Haldane, now calling herself Dark Angel, were to under go a transference. As quickly as he could, he accessed her portal (see comments).

(Dark Angel#9) - The Guide made his way through the portal, but had more trouble than normal when accessing physical reality. He took in Shevaun's unconscious form and reacted in shock. Then, he stared in disbelief as Shevaun's astral from appeared wearing a cloak of initiation. She promised to explain later, and asked the Guide to guard her physical body while she paid Mys-Tech a visit (see comments).

(Dark Angel#9 (fb) - BTS) - While Dark Angel's astral form was away, Mys-Tech's search-and-retrieve D.O.G.s came searching for her. The Guide hid both himself and Dark Angel's physical body.

The Guide, having been hidden, manifests(Dark Angel#9) - The Guide reappeared as soon as Dark Angel's astral form returned to the castle. He told her about the DOGS, and she reentered her body. Dark Angel used the Guide's Mys-Tech computer disc to access the details of the assassination program. She asked him to take over while she went to deal with the DOGS.

(Dark Angel#11) - The Guide was still doing some detective work on the computer when Dark Angel returned with the remains of one of the DOGS. It was coming along slowly, however, and he was at the point of giving up for the night. Suddenly, something happened. He continued his work carefully, for fear of alerting Mys-Tech's assassination computer. Eventually he cracked it, and discovered the assassination computer's location. However, his good news was followed by a black out at the castle. Fortunately it was short lived. Dark Angel asked him to deal with the assassination computer, sensing she was going to be needed elsewhere. Just then the Wyrd Sisters arrived, informing of them of a recent influx of negative energy. Their arrival was followed by that of a team of Psycho-Warriors. A battle ensued, also involving the X-Men, but the Guide disappeared, hoping to make sure of the assassination computers whereabouts.

(Dark Angel#12 (fb) - BTS) - The Guide verified the assassination computers location and discovered that it was due to go into the next phase of its program. Furthermore, he learnt that it had been built by Ranulph Haldane and would only respond to his voice.

(Dark Angel#12) - The Guide reappeared at the Castle after the battle was over, leading Dark Angel and the X-Men towards the assassination computer. He took them through a holographic wall and a series of tunnels. At the same time, he explained that Dark Angel would need to act as a trance medium to allow Ranulph Haldane to speak through her to the assassination computer in order to deactivate it. In time the tunnels brought them to the 1950's factory complex where the assassination computer was located. The Guide told Dark Angel to make herself comfortable, and warned their companions not to disturb her during her trance lest it damage the alignment of her physical, emotional and mental energy bodies. Dark Angel entered her trance state and soon afterwards the Guide saw Ranulph Haldane's soul (fragment?) merge with her body. He spoke, reaffirming that all that needed to be said was the word "stop". When he was sure the alignment between Ranulph and Shevaun was complete, he told them to speak. They did so, and the computer went dead and the assassination program was terminated. Ranulph returned to the dead zone where he'd come from. The Guide and his friends celebrated their success, unaware that the assassination computer's had already caused much destruction around the world.

(Dark Angel#13 (fb) - BTS) - The Guide became aware of an emergency in Inner Space of potentially cosmic proportions. He began warning key people. Dark Angel in particular was requested to help by the head of security.

The Guide appearing with an alternate energy pattern(Dark Angel#13) - The Guide arrived at Darkmoor Castle just as Dark Angel was about to try on her new costume. He warned her of the emergency, and showed her the way to the building known as "the Power," part of the high security station in Inner Space.

(Dark Angel#15) - After her meeting at the Power, Dark Angel reconvened with the Guide. She informed him that Death's Head (Minion) had assimilated a piece of the fabric of the universe and that she needed to locate him. Unfortunately Death's Head resided in the void, and Anti-Being was there with him. The Guide advised her to meet a power animal of the inner realms with qualities suitable for her journey into the void. Within her mind an etheric image of a bat formed, a creature of change and transformation known to lend visibility to the darkest night of the soul. The Guide watched as an energy exchange took place between the bat and Dark Angel.

(Dark Angel#15 (fb) - BTS) - The Guide remained at his home while Dark Angel traveled to the void and prepared the operating room so that they could remove the fabric from the cyborg once he'd been found.

(Dark Angel#15) - When Dark Angel returned from the void with Death's Head, the cyborg had gone into shock. Still, she warned that he could be dangerous, and the Guide asked for Dark Angel's help in setting up an extra force field for protection.

(Dark Angel#15 - BTS) - They set up the force field, unaware of the internal fight between Death's Head and the Anti-Being.

The Guide's operating room(Dark Angel#15) - The Guide announced everything was ready, and Dark Angel went to bring Death's Head to the operating table. Before they started, she asked the Guide if he could extract the assimilated instincts of Romeo, the security guard who had stolen the fabric in the first place. Although the security council wanted Romeo back, the Guide didn't consider it their first priority. However, he begrudgingly agreed. Romeo's essence filled the physical body created for him by Dark Angel from universal matter. Romeo spoke of a foul smelling being that had been amongst Death's Head's assimilated instincts, and Dark Angel realized he meant the Anti-Being. However, before they could do anything further the Mys-Tech techno-wizards Crowe and Gryffyn infiltrated the Guides home and burst through the wall of the operating room. Death's Head rose from the operating table, his appearance altering under the Anti-Being's influence. However, Death's Head regained control and flew away using the power of the fabric, seemingly intoxicated by its power.

(Dark Angel#16) - Dark Angel kept the two techno-wizards imprisoned by force field, sending Romeo to let the staff at the Power know that the tightest security would be needed upon the fabric's return. The Guide and Dark Angel flew after Death's Head, but were interrupted by the Matrix Masters who warned of mercenaries moving in. Dark Angel telepathically called the Encoders for assistance before they carried on. Moments later they saw the mercenaries fleet.

(Dark Angel#16 - BTS) - Dark Angel, joined by the Wyrd Sisters, confronted the mercenaries. The Encoders arrived, allowing Dark Angel and the Wyrd Sisters to follow Death's Head. Meanwhile, the Encoder's kept the mercenaries busy. Around this point, the Guide either retreated, hid, or kept in the background as he wasn't to be seen. His companions were ultimately successful. Dark Angel exorcised both the Anti-Being and the fabric of the universe from Death's Head. The Anti-Being was banished back to the void, the fabric of the universe was returned to the Power House, and the two Techno-Wizard's were placed in a holding cell (see comments).

Comments: Created by Bernie Jaye, Geoff Senior, Helen Stone as part of the Marvel UK imprint.

Overkill#14 had free trading cards with it, including one on the Guide. The main image on the card is probably one of the clearest full body pictures of the Guide I could find. A close up of his face, taken from the same image, is also on the back of the card. The main text from the back of the card reads as follows:

"When Shevaun Haldane became Hell's Angel, she soon attracted the attention of the Guide who has advised her on her powers and even helped her in some of her missions against Mys-Tech. His origins and powers unknown, Hell's Angel is still attempting to learn more about her mysterious ally..."

It is card number 10 in it's series. The art on the card is by Gary Frank and Cam Smith. It also prints a quote from Overkill Number Five (which would be the strip shown in Dark Angel#6/2): "You have done well... Most who get this far dissipate into eternity...". I like to think that this supports my treating the mental image of the Guide in that story as being representative of the Guide himself, rather than a simulation. Otherwise this wouldn't be a quote of the Guide's, but Angel's armor. Yeah... it's tenuous, but I'll run with it!


    The Guide is only really seen to advise Dark Angel on her powers in a couple of appearances, but I think its safe to say they probably had more training sessions behind the scenes. Dark Angel had developed quite the wide bag of tricks by the end of her series. The Guide can probably do a lot more with his powers than has been seen. I would think that pretty much anything that Dark Angel can do, he can probably do, but even better.

    The Guide's Super-Hero soul fragment friends were all characters thought to be dead in the Marvel Universe at the time of publication. Some, notably Guardian, since returned to life (or, were revealed to have never been truly dead). My explanation for this is that soul fragments can be caused by the non-fatal trauma as well as death. When the concept was explained, it was never stated the trauma involved had to be fatal. I'd like to go into soul fragments in more detail in their own profile, hopefully in the not too distant future (and I'd like to see that profile--Snood).

    Arguably, the Guide is behind the scenes in Hells Angel#1 as we see her portal begin to activate.

    In Hell's Angel#3 the Guide says he's transferred information from the Un-Earth to tape. In Dark Angel#9, he refers to a Mys-Tech computer disc he ran off, and there is a footnote referring to#3. Perhaps he transferred the original tape onto disc at a later point, though I suspect the real world explanation is the march of technology in the 90's as disk drives phased out tape drives. It's certainly would be strange if a modern comic had a character using a computer tape without any explanation. I wouldn't classify this as a topical reference though, as it's still possible for tape be used for recording purposes, and the Guide may have had his reasons for doing so. Perhaps either he or somebody at Mys-Tech is a bit of a retro-tech geek... Whatever, it doesn't tie the story to any particular era.

    When Hell's Angel tells the Guide and Vakume they need to dematerialize beyond the sensitivity of Mys-Tech's security devices they alter their vibratory rate upwards of 1000 nanometers, which is (she tells us) slightly above infra-red light. It's unclear if this is her manipulating her companions bodies with her own power, or an ability they share. As both the Guide and the Vakume soul fragment (who may have been granted extra abilities by the Management) are non-physical beings, they may have been able to control their manifestations in the Earth dimension (and perhaps they similarly control their "bodies" in their own dimensions). As for his mental powers, they aren't showcased a great deal, but as he taught Angel how to use the white light for psychic defense in Inner Space it is logical that he too can use this technique.

    The Guide describes the Mandelbrot Set as "the one true island of stability in the chaotic turmoil of energy we call existence!" In the real world, the Mandelbrot set is actually a mathematical set of intricate fractal shapes named after the man who discovered it, Benoit Mandelbrot. The Guide's use of the set is the one ability he has that I am confident is a a product of his ability to manipulate the fundamental forces of chaos and instability. It is the first ability he uses after his chaos manipulation is explained to the audience, via a text box. Some of his other powers could stem from the fact that he is a non-physical being with mental abilities beyond those of humans. As far as I am aware, in the real world the Mandelbrot Set cannot be used to traverse dimensions. Don't try this at home, kids!

    This is speculation, but the Guide only appears to use Dark Angel's portal to journey to her if he doesn't know where she is. In his first appearance, he travels through it for the first time to find she is at Darkmoor Castle. In Hell's Angel#4, he appears at Darkmoor Castle, which he is now quite familiar with, without using her portal. Admittedly we don't know he traveled dimensionally to reach her at this point. He could've remained on Earth after their trip to Mys-Tech Central and just hidden himself or teleported from another part of Earth (it's not explicitly shown or stated that he can teleport around whichever dimension he is in, but I think it's quite likely as Shevaun develops teleportation - probably having been shown how by the Guide). Shevaun comments that she'd wondered where he'd got to. He's familiar with Inner Space and various different dead zones, which apparently includes Mephisto's realm as he has no trouble opening a portal there. The next time he travels to her using her portal (Dark Angel#6) she isn't at Darkmoor Castle (though she is nearby). He uses her portal again in#9, arriving at the castle. However, he has more trouble than usual. This is presumably as only her physical form is at the castle, while her mind is elsewhere. Whatever the cause, as he was having difficulties here he might not have realized where she was. The fact that technically she was in more than one place at the same time might have made it difficult to locate her. Finally, in Dark Angel#13 he manifests at Darkmoor without using the Mandelbrot, and the text box describes him as "a visitor from Inner Space," suggesting that's where he's just appeared from.

    On occasions he has appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and it not always clear if he had simply been hidden or had teleported in from elsewhere. I've included some different images of varying energy patterns that accompanied his sudden appearances. One interesting one is the green swirl of energy that precedes the Guide's appearance (Dark Angel says he is about to "manifest") in #9, rather than in #4 or #13 where he is surrounded by energy as he appears. On that occasion in #9 he had apparently hidden, so this could be the effect that accompanies his ability to hide in interdimensional zones as it isn't seen in #4 when he makes the soul fragments invisible. 

    The Guide's flight speed appears to be comparable to Dark Angel's, who is capable of extreme supersonic speeds. She once flew just over 3000 miles in minutes which suggests speeds close to escape velocity. While the Guide hasn't been seen to cover any known distance in a set time, he has been seen to keep pace with Angel on more than one occasion. On at least one such occasion their need was dire, so I doubt Angel would've been going slow just to allow him to keep up. 

    There is a gun like device at his waist in his first appearance. Although we don't see him use it, or any other offensive capabilities for that matter, he wasn't afraid to fly headlong into danger with the heroes when they opposed the Psycho-Warriors. This suggests he does have some offensive capabilities. This could be an as yet unseen aptitude for hand to hand combat, skill with the unidentified weapon on his belt, or an offensive application of his other powers (such as a chaos derived blast, or a mental attack).

    The back up story in Dark Angel#6 features an image of the Guide "created by the armor and projected into Dark Angel's mind... for a purpose". I have treated this as though the armor and the Guide are somehow linked making this an appearance of the Guide (even if he isn't there in the flesh - which considering he's a non-physical being anyway isn't the be all and end all for him). Alternatively it could be that it was intended to be the armor simulating the Guide, or some sort of pre-recorded message. This story was printed in Overkill#5 at a much earlier point, fitting in between her leaving Darkmoor Castle (as seen in the American publication of Hell's Angel#2) and arriving at the London Docklands (Hell's Angel#3), hence it's placement in the Guide's history.

    Only four Super-Hero soul fragments are seen in Dark Angel#6, but as they are fighting the six surviving members of the Mys-Tech board it's possible that the Guide selected a couple more to even the odds. It's also possible that he's there fighting alongside them behind the scenes, but if so he can't be seen (bearing in mind that this is a clever guy who has ways and means of staying hidden). In Dark Angel#9, the dead zone heroes are seen fighting Mys-Tech again. It's not explicitly stated that the Guide recruited them on this occasion. They could still have been actively keeping an eye on Mys-Tech since #6, or perhaps the Guide appeared to them again to ask for their assistance. It's likely the Guide was involved in transporting them to Mephisto's realm either way.

    When the Guide sees Shevaun for the first time since she changed her codename (assuming there are no unseen encounters we don't know about between #6 and #9), she is wearing a cloak of initiation that looks suspiciously like that of the Angel of Death, AKA Dark Angel. The Guide says "Dark Angel?", but is he questioning if its the Angel of Death or if it's Shevaun? Even if we assume that he heard about her new codename via the grapevine, perhaps he's stunned by the similarity to that other Dark Angel. Food for thought?

    In Dark Angel#16, the Guide is there with Dark Angel as they are draw close to the mercenaries, but isn't seen again after that point (unless I've missed him - in which case any beady eyed readers who can correct me will be more than welcome to point out where he is!). There's no mention of him in dialogue explaining his absence. And that's assuming he's absent, and not just out of sight.

    The Guide hasn't reappeared in Revolutionary War: Dark Angel, and isn't likely to appear in the Omega issue. However, Dark Angel is also scheduled to appear in Iron Man in 2014. Perhaps he might show up there. However, Revolutionary War has skirted around the Angel of Death's involvement in empowering Dark Angel. Sadly, I suspect we may have seen the last of the Angel of Death and his associate, the Guide.

    Thanks to Markus Raymond for scanning the images from the Hell's Angel/Dark Angel comics, and thanks to Loki for scanning the Overkill trading card.

Profile by Changeling.

The Guide has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
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Dark Angel#9, p16, pan3 (the Guide, having been hidden, manifests)
Dark Angel#13, p10, pan5 (the Guide appearing with an alternate energy pattern)
Dark Angel#15, p16, pan5 (the Guide's operating room)
The Guide's trading card from Overkill#14

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