Classification: Weapon

Creator: Shevaun Haldane

User/Possessors: Shevaun Haldane

First Appearance: Hell's Angel#4 (October, 1992)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The weapon operates using a unique anti-matter system. A naturally occurring substance from deep space, anti-matter explodes on contact with normal matter and can be created artificially under the right conditions. The main beam releases a phase-focused energy stream, powered by anti-matter shells which gradually run down like batteries. On boost, the total energy from each anti-matter shell is released in a single pulse. On fast feed, a stream of incredibly powerful "energy packets" travel along the main beam like tracer bullets. In this mode, it is one of the most powerful weapons in existence. The secondary beam induces a localized gravity field to speed up time over a small area. The tertiary beam induces a localized gravity-field to slow down time over a small area. Weighing just 15 kilograms, the gun's range is virtually unlimited, with a targeting system that is linked to the cross-hair device in Hell's Angel's body armor goggles. Operation of the gun is limited by the supply of anti-matter shells available. 

vs Mephisto's demons    The blaster has a primary (particle momentum exchange) cooler and a secondary cooler, linked by an offshoot feed. Other components include a diffusing vector collimator, time dilation vortex aperture, meson shunt (to energize the power vortex, probability syphon (for beam selection; see comments), betatron focusing toroid, and particle beam vector inversion rectifier.

    Although this isn't a function of the weapon itself, it is worth noting that Shevaun can materialize the blaster at will. In this manner, it seems to appear from out of nowhere.

History: (Hell's Angel#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Graviton Phase Blaster was designed by Shevaun Haldane from a combination of her father's designs and those drawn from stolen future technology (retrieved by the Warheads for Mys-Tech). Haldane adapted future science for her own ends, creating this new weapon.

(Hell's Angel#4 (fb) - BTS) - Shevaun kept the Graviton Phase Blaster in her laboratory at Darkmoor Castle.

(Hell's Angel#4) - Planning to absorb a blast from the Un-Earth in order to prevent Mys-Tech's attack on a United Nations battle ship, Hell's Angel realized she might not be in a fit state afterwards to defend herself from any unexpected developments. With this in mind, she picked up the graviton phase blaster. First, however, she used the blaster when she traveled to Mephisto's domain to free Vakume's soul fragment. Arriving in a torture chamber, she used the weapon to defend herself from various attacking demons. The weapon proved capable of inflicting massive damage to the demons, some of whom wore armor. She and Vakume ultimately fled from Mephisto's domain into Inner Space, where Vakume returned home. Hell's Angel returned to Earth to absorb the Un-Earth blast. The blast had the unexpected side effect of causing her to disappear, taking the Graviton Phase Blaster with her.

vs Mephisto's demons, continued(Hell's Angel#5) - Hell's Angel found herself transported to the Matrix Microverse, where she was joined by the X-Men. The Microverse had been polluted by matter coming through Shevaun's portal, which led to the rise of a group of evil entities called the Encoders. Hell's Angel and the X-Men aided the Matrix Masters against the Encoders. The blaster was used on Bug, the most powerful of the Encoders, though he soon recovered. Shevaun resolved the situation by returning herself, the X-Men, the Encoders, and all matter that had come through her portal, into the regular universe. The Encoder's evil life-essences fled, and the situation ended peacefully without further use of the weapon.

(Dark Angel#7 (fb) - BTS) - Somehow, footage was taken of Shevaun using the blaster while fighting alongside Psylocke of the X-Men. This founf its way into the hands of Mys-Tech.

(Overkill#26/3) - When a Mys-Tech arms-cache arriving in the east London docks was hi-jacked, Dark Angel used the blaster in her fight with the criminals.

vs Mephisto's demons, continued(Dark Angel#12) - Dark Angel materialized the blaster in order to shoot a scavenger while weakened from an encounter with the Anti-Being.

(Dark Angel#13) - Dark Angel used the blaster on a traitor at the high security station in Inner Space.

(Dark Guard#1) - Dark Angel was briefly seen wielding the blaster during Dark Guard's first mission as she and her new teammates were teleported onto an alien battlefield on the planet Eopia.

Comments: Created by Bernie Jaye, Geoff Senior, Helen Nally.

    The Graviton Phase Blaster is apparently one of the most powerful weapons in existence. When I started collating information for this profile, it was in the hands of one of the most powerful human beings, Dark Angel. As I finish, Dark Angel appears to have reverted to her normal human alter ego of Shevaun Haldane (for more on that, see Revolutionary War, or the Rings of the Mandarin arc in Kieron Gillen's Iron Man). If Shevaun appears again, and doesn't revert to her powered state, this blaster may well be what she needs, though to be fair if you read her own profile (or are just familiar with the character) you'll know she's a clever and capable woman even without her powers.

    with Psylocke and WolverineThe footage seen in Dark Angel#7 is interesting as it shows Psylocke, Shevaun, and what appears to be the Graviton Phase Blaster. The only known use of the blaster prior to this did involve Psylocke, but took place in the Microverse so I've no idea how Mys-Tech could acquire footage of that adventure (though I guess to an organization with their vast techno-magical power it is not completely out of the question). Perhaps this is from an unseen adventure, or an unseen part of one of already Shevaun's already established adventure with Psylocke. The first image seen on the computer screen in #7 is a miniaturized and re-colored version of the cover to Hell's Angel#4, which was a Hitch/Neary cover. The second image seen on screen in that issue is also taken from #4, page 10, panel 3, and was originally drawn by Geoff Senior.

    Admittedly the blaster is only identified by name in Hell's Angel#4, #5, and Dark Angel#12. Other appearances could be similar guns. As it is, Dark Angel doesn't use guns very often so I'm happy to make the assumption that these are all appearances of the blaster, rather than miss anything out. There are some differences in the depiction of the weapon in later appearances, but that can be put down to varying artists in the real world and tinkering/redesigns on Dark Angels part in the fictional world. The strange thing is that she wears what looks like it could be a holster on her leg in both her outfits, but Dark Angel never draws the gun from that. It's summoned into her hands by use of her powers. What is actually in the holster (if that is what it is) is unrevealed, but it's presumably NOT the blaster. Why use powers to summon it from out of the holster instead of just reaching for it?

    In Dark Angel's blink and you'll miss it appearance in Captain Britain and MI13#15, Dark Angel appears to be using a very different looking energy weapon. As this issue came out some sixteen years after the end of the Dark Angel series, I'm very doubtful this was intended to be the same weapon. Likewise, Dark Angel is holding two guns on the cover to Revolutionary War: Dark Angel, but I doubt either one is intended to be the Graviton Phase Blaster. No such weapons appear in the actual story.

Graviton Phase Blaster Profile    The blaster had a profile printed in Hell's Angel#4, which I've included a scan of. The same profile appeared in the UK publication. I have also worked the text into this profile, as it may be hard to read from the image.

    The profile in #4 describes the secondary and tertiary beams, but the effects of these haven't been seen in action. By that I mean that we don't see any slowing down or speeding up of time, only beams blasting holes in people. We do see two beams active at one time in Hell's Angel #4. It looks to me, by referring to the image to the left, that it was the main beam and the tertiary beam. This makes sense, as slowing down the target (in this case, Mephisto's demonic guards) would give it less chance to avoid the main beam.

    Furthermore, while the profile clearly states that her designs draw upon a mix of her father's and stolen technology, the fact that she was able to adapt such advanced future science is a good example of how clever Shevaun is.

    It's not entirely clear what all the components are for. Some are obvious, like the three way beam selector switch by the trigger, or the anti-matter shell reservoir which clearly feeds the shells into the blaster. The probability syphon is said to be for beam selection, but as the diagram shows it as some sort of lens near the power feed to the main beam this could mean it switches between the phase focused energy stream and boost aspects of the main beam.

    The placement of the power feeds to different beams shows that the secondary beam is emitted from the top of the gun, the part which looks like the sights of the gun. In a way this segment is the sights, as the link to Dark Angel's goggles is housed in the top of the gun. The main beam fires from the large barrel underneath the secondary beam, and the tertiary beam from just below that. Much of it appears to be techno-babble to me. Though I recognize many of the scientific terms used, I doubt I could use the diagram to construct my own Graviton Phase Blaster - and hopefully nobody else will be able to either!

Thanks to Alan Green for the images.

Profile by Changeling.





The Graviton Phase Blaster has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Hell's Angel#4, p6, pan1 (main image)
Hell's Angel#4, p9, pan1 (vs Mephisto's demons)
Hell's Angel#4, p10, pan3 (vs Mephisto's demons, continued)
Hell's Angel#4, p11, pan1 (vs Mephisto's demons, continued)
Hell's Angel#4, cover (with Psylocke and Wolverine)
Hell's Angel#4, p22, pan1 (Graviton Phase Blaster Profile)

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