smith-vassyr-enhanced-genecardsmith-vassyr-enhanced-gr3-bcover-mostfull SMITH

Real Name: Unrevealed (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Vassyr) mutate

Occupation: Warrior, sculptor

Group Membership: Enhanced (Gun Runner/Brell, Heavy Duty/Glora Teth, Lure/Kay Glayvor, Oracle)

Affiliations: Dark Angel (Shevaun Haldane), Death's Head (Minion), Gyre, Hercules (Heracles/Alcaeus), Killpower (Julius Mullarkey), Knights of the Tempered Brotherhood/Temploids, Gale Patric, Psylocke (Elizabeth Braddock), Sabretooth (Victor Creed), Wolverine (James Howlett/Logan);
pulsmarmite/ferrous motile shape pre-programmed for automatic defense;

Enemies: Battletide, Cynodd (Shakata, Dog Soldiers, Strike Team, War-Dogs), Megaira, Synergysts, Tasker, Termagaira, Termagent, the Zoo (Ballistik, Blitz, Laz-Fire, Payload, Warcrime);
    unidentified foes on Colosseum

Known Relatives: None

"pig," "void-waste" (insults by Ballistik); "metal shaper," "scum-sucker" (insult by Laz-Fire); "silent and deadly" (see comments)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    at least formerly mobile in space aboard the Warbird;
    formerly his "studio," the planet Kouros, Spendeleen system;
    formerly the planet Colosseum;
    formerly the planet Vassyra

First Appearance: (Behind-the-scenes) BattleTide#1 (December, 1992);
    (seen and identified)
BattleTide#2 (January, 1993)

smith-vassyr-enhanced-bt3-spearPowers/Abilities: Smith's cybernetic gauntlets enable him to mold and shape the metal Pulsarmite at will, typically into weapons and machines of war and/or destruction.
    Manipulate other metal?

    Smith is notably taciturn, generally remaining silent, or speaking only one or two words as needed. Rarely, he will use a full sentence, typically to express his respect for a proven new ally.

    Extended lifespan, maintaining a form in its physical prime well over 200 years old.

    Smith was not shown without his helmet on; it is not confirmed whether he can remove it or if it is bonded to his head.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6'3" or taller)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 265 lbs.)
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: Gray (?) some images make it look almost purple


(Gun Runner#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Vassyr known only as Smith was a gifted sculptor.

(Gun Runner#5 (fb) - BTS) - Recognizing the Cynodd's threat, the Vassyr race sought to prevent them from activating a network of conditioned Synergysts across the galaxy, which would turn all creation into a stolid, ordered, universal machine.

(Gun Runner#1 (fb) - BTS / Gun Runner#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Vassyr created the Enhanced race of warriors to end forever the mystical threat of the Cynodd and expunge their evil.

(Gun Runner#2 (fb) - BTS) - Those who would become the Enhanced had their innate skills and talents genetically amplified by Vassyr technology into lethal fighting skills.

(Gun Runner#3 (fb) - BTS) - Smith's sculpting talents became a weapon. He hated that he could no longer create without killing.

(Gun Runner#3 (fb) - BTS / All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#2: Gun Runner entry) - Enhanced Vassyr Gun Runner, Heavy Duty, Lure, Oracle, and Smith worked together as the crew of the Warbird starship.

(Gun Runner#1 (fb)) - Gun Runner and the Enhanced battled the Cynodd on an unspecified world; the Cynodd's guns stunk of plasma.

(Gun Runner#2 (fb) - BTS) - After a long and bloody war, the Enhanced defeated the Cynodd, destroying their armies and machines, and incarcerating their leaders. Gun Runner personally slew Shakata. The Enhanced believed the conflict to be over.

(Gun Runner#3 (fb) - BTS) - Heavy Duty, Lure, and Smith left the Warbird as soon as the victory was announced; they didn't feel there was much to celebrate, and so they departed asGun Runner headed back to Vasyyra.

(Gun Runner#2 (fb) - BTS / Gun Runner#3 (fb) - BTS) <203 years ago> - As Gun Runner was returning to Vasyyra aboard his Warbird ship, an unidentified event incapacitated Warbird/Oracle and Gun Runner, leaving the former drifting and dysfunctional.

(Gun Runner#1 (fb) - BTS) - Shakata and the Cynodd believed they had rid the universe of the Enhanced centuries ago.

smith-vassyr-enhanced-bt2-whipsmith-vassyr-enhanced-bt2-baton(Gun Runner#5 (fb) - BTS) <100 years ago> - The Cynodd burned Vassyra.

Battletide#1 - BTS / Battle Tide#2 (fb) - BTS) - Smith was collected by those serving Termagent and Megaira for their planned combat contest.

Battletide#2 - BTS) - Termagent delivered the combatants to Tasker, the Gamesmaster and overseer of the laws of combat, on Colosseum. Tasker informed them of the nature of the Games.

    Smith was outfitted with an inhibitor collar, paired up with Dark Angel (Shevaun Haldane), and sent to a desert region across which they trekked for hours.

(Battletide#2) - Dark Angel expressed frustration that Smith hadn't spoke a word, after which they were attacked by another combat team. While Dark Angel blasted her attacker into submission, Smith somersaulted out of the way and then formed an energy lash with which he snared and incapacitated his foe.

    A trio of Knights of the Tempered Brotherhood (aka Temploids) then appeared, blocked out the monitors, and prepared to warn them of a threat of galactic importance.

(Battletide#3 (fb)) - Smith and Dark Angel defeated another team of combatants.

(Battletide#3) - Smith and Dark Angel were regathered by Tasker and instructed to rest in preparation for the next day's final bout, the free-for-all.

    That evening, Smith gathered with Death's Head (Minion), Hercules, Killpower, Psylocke, Sabretooth, and Wolverine after Dark Angel organized them into an escape committee. A Temploid led them through a portal into their inner sanctum, where they informed the heroes of the Battletide, which was being drawn to Colosseum by the violence and which threatened the galaxy. Killpower subsequently showed the others how to remove their inhibitor collars.

    The next day, Smith teamed with the others against various alien combatants, during which time Smith and the rest of the group removed their collars.

    As Termagent and Megaira confronted the heroes, the Battletide approached Colosseum.smith-vassyr-enhanced-bt4-circular_saw

(Battletide#4) - As the Battletide ravaged Colosseum, Dark Angel and Psylocke formed mystic shields to protect the heroes minds.

Drinking in the Battletide's power, Termagent and Megaira merged back into their previous self, the powerful Termagaira. The Temploids reinforced the heroes' psychic shields, and the heroes rushed to the tower to stop the Battletide. As they fought their way past Battletide-crazed warriors, Smith surprised Dark Angel by calling out for her to watch behind herself as a giant warrior raised a weapon to strike her. Smith then summoned a razor-disk, which he used to slice off the top of the giant's head.

    Ultimately, Termagaira was consumed by the Battletide, and Killpower merged a damaged Temploid with Death's Head to destroy the Battletide.

    After everyone had recovered, Smith told Dark Angel to be well and thrive, explaining that he hadn't spoken before because there was nothing to say.

    When the others departed for Earth, Smith remained on Colosseum with the Temploids.

(Gun Runner#3 (fb) - BTS) - Smith relocated to the planet Kouros in the Spendeleen system, where he was the sole life form, living in the volcanic range in the equatorial belt and enduring the frequent cyclonic winds.

    He set up a pre-programmed automatic defense warrior in the form of a pulsarmite/ferrous motile shape. He continued to sculpt numerous forms from metal.

(Gun Runner#3) - Gun Runner sought out Smith on Kouros. After being attacked by and destroying his defense drone, Gun Runner and his human ally, Gale Patrec, located Smith in his studio area. Gun Runner told him of the Cynodd threat on Earth and asked for Smith's aid. After considering the situation momentarily, Smith, responded, "OK."

    Boarding the Warbird, Smith accompanied Gun Runner and Gale to the water planet planet Nautilus to find Heavy Duty on her clipper Skylax. Smith remained silent until a Cynodd warship arrived and fired on them, at which point he urged Gun Runner to "Move." They were then confronted by Cynodd strikeforce known as the Zoo.

(Gun Runner#4) - When the Zoo refused to back down, Gun Runner instructed Smith to be ready to kill and then leapt into fray, shouting "Now!" Smith wrapped Laz-Fire in pulsarmite wire, but when she melted through and Ballistik asked, "Was that the best you could manage, void-waste?" Smith replied with a simple, "No." as he punched her across the ship's desk.

    In return, Laz-Fire thrust her energy arms into Smith, and he cried out in pain as she told him he'd just earned himself a painful death. As Laz-Fire continued her assault, Smith realized he could not evade her deadly tresses forever, and he quickly sculpted another pulsarmite ingot into a staff and smashed her aside. As he converted the staff into a spear and prepared to skewer the dazed Laz-Fire, Ballistik put a gun to Smith's head and told him to drop his weapon, but then Heavy Duty put her massive weapon to Ballistik's back, and Gun Runner advised she demonstrate the art of dropping a weapon.

    Knowing the rest of the Zoo would soon revive, Gun Runner instructed the other Enhanced to prepare to evacuate immediately.

(Gun Runner#4 (fb) - BTS) - They returned to the War-Bird, after which Oracle initiated a space-fold

smith-vassyr-enhanced-gr6-axe(Gun Runner#4) - As Gun Runner caught Heavy Duty up on recent events, Smith stood by and presumably listened to Gale Patric.

    As they discussed plans to return to Vassyra, Smith noted, "the other," and Gun Runner agreed that they would definitely be stopping to pick up the last of their number en route.

    Smith and the others met up with Lure on the facteroid Isambard; when Lure refused to join them, Smith noted, "typical." The rest of the Enhanced were shocked when Lure revealed that Vassyra was dead and gone.

(Gun Runner#5) - As Cynodd Dog Soldiers rushed them across the deck, Smith molded Pulsarmite into multiple structures he used to kill a number of Dog Soldiers with a single throw.

    After Gun Runner's tactical noted 300 troops in their vicinity, Gayle Patric and Oracle directed the group to a location from which the Warbird could beam them up. At Gun Runner's instruction, Smith formed a lever they used to break through a bulkhead to get to the targeted region, after which Smith and the rest of the Enhanced escaped aboard the Warbird.

    After Lure suggested they return to Earth to stop Shakata, Smith acknowledged, "Agreed" and cast his vote to return to Earth rather than try to seek out any possible surviving Vassyrans. Even when they learned of the Synergyst activity on Earth, Smith cast his vote, "We go."smith-vassyr-enhanced-gr6-skrunch

(Gun Runner#6) - On Earth, Smith and the other Enhanced wandered the colorless void until Heavy Duty identified the syntropic source, at which point the Zoo attacked them. Laz-Fire charged Smith, noting he wouldn't best her again, but he smashed her in the face with his pulsarmite battleaxe-like weapon, noting "Perhaps." After the Enhanced stunned the Zoo members, Heavy Duty led the Enhanced over the source and blew a hole in the syntropic shell with a tri-thermex mine, and the Enhanced leapt through the hole, with the Zoo in close pursuit.

    Heavy Duty then guided the Enhanced down the web-like paths toward the
Synergyst, where the Zoo attacked them once again. As Blitz lunged at him, Smith used his pulsarmite weapon, freshly reformed into a trident, to impale Blitz through the chest, apparently killing him. With Lure having learned the Synergyst's coordinates from Gyre before its destructions, Gun Runner told Smith to watch over the injured Lure and Heavy Duty while he went after the Synergyst.

    As Gun Runner reached the Synergyst, however, he was ambushed by Shakata who threatened to slay him until Smith hurled his pulsarmite spear through Shakata's chest, killing him instead. When Gun Runner reminded Smith he had been told to stay with the others, Smith simply noted, "I disobeyed."

Synergyst then grabbed both Smith and Gun Runner in its immense hands. Smith was clearly agonized as the a "skunch" sound occurred, but didn't make a noise at the time. It wasn't clear from the subsequent panel if Smith was yelling in agony vs. Gun Runner bellowing in rage (I believe the latter). Gun Runner's weapons systems ultimately finished off the Synergyst.

    Smith's fate was not reavealed, although Gale Patric was seen boarding the Warbird to depart Earth.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Geoff Senior.
    Smith's stories occurred within the Marvel UK imprint.

    I would think that Smith, Lure, and Heavy Duty all survived, but Gun Runner is the only one we've seen since.

    Smith and the rest of the Enhanced received "Gene Cards" as did the Genetix and Gene Dogs, etc. In his card, Smith was given the genetic coding: GP90102E...whatever that means...
    The card doesn't give any height/weight/etc. stats, just a brief summary of history and abilities.

    I'm sure most people know this, but maybe there are some for whom it doesn't cross a language barrier or something: "Silent but deadly" is a term for quiet flatulence, the foul of odor of which catches those around off guard.

    Smith is more of a career or descriptor, and even if it's his real name in English, it's not his real name in his native language.

    Smith has another good image in the Blitz sub-profile.

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:

pulsmarmite/ferrous motile shape pre-programmed for automatic defense

(Gun Runner#3 (fb) - BTS) - Smith relocated to the planet Kouros in the Spendeleen system, where he was the sole life form, living in the volcanic range in the equatorial belt and enduring the frequent cyclonic winds. Smith set up a pre-programmed automatic defense warrior in the form of a pulsarmite/ferrous motile shape. He continued to sculpt numerous forms from metal.

(Gun Runner#3) - When Gun Runner sought out Smith on Kouros, the defense drone confronted him, and Gun Runner destroyed it with the aid of his tactical systems.

--Gun Runner#3

Smith's "studio"


(Gun Runner#3 (fb) - BTS) - Smith relocated to the planet Kouros in the Spendeleen system, where he was the sole life form, living in the volcanic range in the equatorial belt and enduring the frequent cyclonic winds.

     From with his "studio" within a cave, Smith continued to sculpt numerous forms from metal.

--Gun Runner#3

images: (without ads)
BattleTide#2, pg. , panel 3-5 (forming whip/lash from baton)
    #3, pg. 19, panel 6 (hurling spear)
    #4, pg. 10 (fashioning and throwing circular saw blade)

Gun Runner#3, back cover (mostly full);
        pg. 14, panel 3 & 5 (defense construct);
        pg. 15, panel 1 & 2 ("studio" entrance and "studio");
            panel 3 (upper body, seeing Gun Runner);
        pg. 16, panel (full, oblique)
    #6, pg. 20, panel 1 (skunched by Synergyst)
Marvel UK Smith gene card: main image

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