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Real Name: James "Jimmy" (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Photographer, cinematographer

Group MembershipMonsters, Myths and Marvels crew

AffiliationsGordon Allsworth, Diane, Extra Points Bartender, Hercules, Mike, Robert, Andre Simard, Wolverine (James Howlett)

Enemies: Lockjaw; (by association with Hercules) Achelous, Eurystheus, Jean Guy, Hera, Wendigo (Luc Lemay)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Kevin Smith

Base of Operations: Hollywood, California, USA

First Appearance: Hercules III#1 (June, 2005)

Powers/Abilities: Jimmy possesses the normal human strength level of a man of his size, height and build who engages in regular exercise. He has no known superhuman powers. In the Hollywood film industry, he is known as a capable photographer and camera operater despite the loss and/or destruction of a few cameras.

click History:

(Hercules III#1) - Jimmy is a Hollywood camera man who taped and filmed the TV series called "The New Labors Of Hercules," which documented the modern exploits of the actual Hercules playing himself. Much of the time, he found himself following Hercules to the Extra Points Bar where Hercules drank incessantly, caroused with ladies and often wrecked the place with fights. Jimmy was often trying to use his Hollywood contacts to get favors from women, and when that didn't work, he flashed wads of cash to get women to remove their tops. While he was distracted with convincing a female bar patron that he was Kevin Smith of "Mall Rats" fame, Achelous strolled in behind him, surprised Hercules in the lavatory and struck him unconscious.

(Hercules III#2) - Jimmy soon learned that Hercules had been taken to the penthouse of Eurystheus, Hercules' cousin, who had been restored to life by Hera. (Whether Hera had teleported Eurystheus through time or if he had been alive through the ages is unrevealed.) Reaching and filming the scene with Robert the Assistant Director and Gordon Allsworth, he heard from Eurystheus the details of his resurrection and a proposal that Hercules regain his fame and pride by having the TV production team document Hercules pulling off new modern versions of his famous labors with recent icons from the superhuman community. Gordon thought the idea would be a monumental TV success. However, just before they could work out the details, Achelous, another enemy of Hercules, barged in trying to finish his feud with Hercules. During these talks, Jimmy was feeling the ill effects from chicken wings he had consumed at the strip joint Hercules frequented. As Hercules trounced the former river-god and subsequently agreed to the new television direction, Jimmy slipped off from the melee to use Eurystheus' private bathroom, running out later after leaving a mess. 

(Hercules III #3) - Jimmy accompanied Hercules and his crew to the Savage Land looking for, Zabu, the saber-toothed cat and companion of Ka-Zar, to stand in for the Nemean Lion for the first labor, but either out of haste or confusion, Hercules immediately attacked and subdued a Tyrannosaurus rex (or similar predator). Both Jimmy and Robert informed him of his mistake, but the situation made them wonder if they were going to have to take the lead in his labors. After Hercules finally captured and subdued Zabu, Ka-Zar and Shanna arrived to rescue their companion, upon which Jimmy returned to character and tried to proposition Shanna into removing her top.

    For the next labor involving the Hydra, Jimmy taped Hercules single-handedly beating an entire horde of HYDRA agents, briefly getting held at gunpoint by one agent trying to get into the entertainment business. 

    On the Blue Area of the Moon to capture Lockjaw from the Inhumans, Jimmy was briefly swallowed by Lockjaw and rescued with little harm to himself. He then went on to tape Hercules capturing Dragon Man, ridding Atlantis of Attuma and his army from Atlantis and stand up to the red dust of the Red Skull, respectively emulating the Cerynean Hind, the Stymphalian Birds and the Augean Stables. By this point, Allsworth recorded his pessimism whether that Hercules could finish his labors. Jimmy also realized that Hercules was having a crisis of faith in his abilities, upon which Jimmy advised him to be more creative in his exploits. Impressed with the value of the advice, Robert tried to share a moment with Jimmy who just disinterestedly wandered away from him.

    For the Seventh Labor emulating the Cretan Bull, Jimmy taped Hercules surprising and laying out the Abomination for bad-mouthing him. At that moment, Jimmy and Robert realized Hercules was finally taking his new labors more seriously.

(Hercules III #4) - To emulate the Eighth Labor involving the Man-Eating Mares of Diomedes, Jimmy followed Hercules to Hawaii to claim the rock giants of the Mole Man. Upon learning Hercules had permission to use Gordon Allsworth's credit card, both Jimmy and Robert added several more purchases to the card in addition to the thousand feet of chain used to lasso the giants.

    For the Ninth Labor, Jimmy and Robert followed Hercules to the Avengers Building in New York City to claim the shield of Captain America, a substitute to the girdle of Hippolyta, but they were not allowed to follow Hercules inside for his talk with Captain America. After a short period of time, Jimmy taped Hercules running out of the building with the pilfered shield.

    Jimmy also taped Hercules capture one of Doctor Doom's Doombots and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, substitutes for the Red Cattle of Geryon and the Garden of the Hesperides, respectively. Hercules had to get the instructions for his last labor from Eurystheus. Jimmy was present as he heard Eurystheus embarrass Hercules with the circumstances around the murder of his first wife, Megara, who Hercules had slain while in a trance.

(Hercules III#5) - With Hercules hesitant to face his first wife, Jimmy and Robert searched for Hercules through every bar, strip joint and massage parlor in Los Angeles and finally found him back at the Extra Points Bar having lost face in front of them. Allsworth then arrived, destroying Jimmy's camera to show his disdain for the documentary they were creating and prove he had been pushing Hercules to make him a hero once more. With Hercules even more driven to finish his labors, Jimmy followed Hercules to get permission to enter the underworld from Pluto, who was frequenting a Mafia-styled Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. Once reaching the underworld, Jimmy was disconcerted about encountering Cerberus, who Hercules quickly dispatched. However, at that moment,  Hercules, Jimmy, Robert and Gordon were confronted by the armies of the dead defending the underworld. They were held back by the spirit of Megara and her children coming to meet him and exorcise his guilt for the murder. Both Jimmy and Robert were stunned by the emotion, but Jimmy lost a another camera when Hercules crushed it to hide his emotions.

    His labors over, Hercules attempted to once more face Eurystheus and Achelous who tried to jump him in the dark, but Jimmy used the flash on his camera to give Hercules enough time to defeat both of them. Afterward, Jimmy and Robert both attended the wrap party for the series.

(Wolverine: Wendigo!) - Still working for Gordon Allsworth Jimmy was the cameraman on a reenactment clip near Lac Saint Jean in Canada for a Monsters, Myths and Marvels episode on the Wendigo. He was still filming Diane when a real Wendigo cut off her head.

(Wolverine: Wendigo! (fb) ) - He was still filming Diane when a real Wendigo cut off her head. Diane, Mike, Andre Simard and another crew member were killed by a real Wendigo. Gordon and Jimmy escaped when Wolverine came to their aid saving them from the Wendigo.

(Wolverine: Wendigo!) - Jimmy and Gordon watched the tape of Diane and the others' deaths at the local police. The police wanted to know something about the murders and they were interrogated further by Jean Guy. After Jean Guy was approached by secret service guys (possibly Department H) he let Gordon and Jimmy go free. Gordon and Jimmy left the country as fast as possible and incidentally asked Logan for directions. Jimmy kind of recognized him as the man that saved them from the Wendigo.

Comments: Adapted by Frank Tieri and Mark Texiera 

At the onset of this series, Gordon and Ty Stone initially seem to resemble Sam Raimi and Kevin Sorbo of  "Hercules The Legendary Journeys," the 1995-2001 television series. For that matter, Robert resembles Richard Langley (Dean Haglund) of the short-lived "Lone Gunman" series, a spin-off of "The X-Files," and this might be stretching things, but Jimmy the Cameraman sometimes resembles Ted Raimi, the brother of Sam Raimi, known for playing Joxer in the 1996-2002 "Hercules" spin-off. However, these likenesses don't stay constant.

There is no indication in the series that Hercules, Jimmy, Robert and Gordon reached Hades through a portal behind the Hollywood sign on California's Mount Lee, ala "Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief."

Profile by: Thor2000

Jimmy the camera-man is not to be confused with:

Bartender at The Extra Points bar Bartender

The Extra Points Bartender is the owner of the Extra Points Bar in Los Angeles, California. Her actual name is unknown, but her bar is frequented by Hercules of the Avengers and by local Jimmy the camera-man. Hercules always drank up her stock, picked up women and beat up her bouncers and just about anyone who looked at him wrong. She accepted him up to a point because he always paid in gold coins, but she later wondered if he was worth the aggravation. At the end of his labors, however, she started to take a shine to him, and used Hercules to turn down Wolverine asking her for a date. 





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