Jimmy Eyes


Real Name: Jimmy (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Maggia boss

Group Membership: Maggia (New York)

Affiliations: His goons (Louie, Vic, others)

EnemiesBlack Marvel, The Griz, the "Slingers" (Dusk, Hornet, Prodigy, Ricochet)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in New York, especially the Grand Royale hotel and a ship docked at the Fulton Fish Market

First Appearance: Slingers#1 (December, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Jimmy Eyes had the abilities of an average man his age. Balding, Jimmy Eyes apparently suffered from a lazy eye (see comments).


(Slingers#1 (Prodigy variant) (fb) - BTS) - Looking to rise within the New York area Maggia, Jimmy Eyes was involved with drug smuggling, working with local drug dealers out of a ship docked at the Fulton Fish Market.

(Slingers#8 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy Eyes financed the rebuilding of the Grand Royale hotel to use the underground tunnels to transport barrels of radioactive materials. While the barrels were being loaded onto their transport train, one of the workers, Mac Garrity, was exposed to their radioactive contents.

(Slingers#1 (Prodigy variant)) - Jimmy Eyes' ship was attacked by Prodigy, having learned of it from one of Jimmy's dealers. Taking down Jimmy's men, Prodigy spent a few minutes speaking to Jimmy who told him he'd regret this. Prodigy trapped Jimmy and his men in a fishing net and blew up Jimmy's boat.

(Slingers#2) - Two days before the grand re-opening of the Grand Royale, Jimmy and a few of his men went to oversee the final parts of the construction and ensure there were no "incidents." Spotting Prodigy prowling the site, Jimmy's men opened fire on him. Watching Prodigy shield himself from the bullets, Jimmy was sucked underground when a cave-in occurred in the tunnels beneath him.

(Slingers#4 (fb) - BTS) - Jimmy recovered from the cave-in, and the Grand Royale opened on schedule.

(Slingers #4) - Jimmy Eyes was called to the tunnels under the Grand Royale to oversee the loading of the remaining barrels. With the barrels ready for transportation, Jimmy and his men were about to re-enter the hotel when they were confronted by Prodigy.

(Slingers#5) - While explosions set by the Black Marvel (Prodigy's mentor) detonated throughout the Grand Royale, Jimmy asked Prodigy why he was still in the basement instead of saving the patrons trapped in the disaster. Rebuffing Prodigy's claims that Jimmy set the explosives throughout his own hotel, Jimmy and his men planned a hasty exit following Prodigy's departure.

(Slingers#6 (fb) - BTS) - After the collapse of the Grand Royale, Jimmy Eyes found himself trapped in the underground tunnels. Pursued by a mutated Mac Garrity (now calling himself "the Griz"), Jimmy ran for three days.

(Slingers#6) - The Griz eventually caught up to Jimmy Eyes and the mobster was seemingly eaten alive by the Griz's rat army.

Comments: Created by Joseph Harris (writer), Chris Cross (pencils) and Rob Stull (inks).

Although the Griz's rats aren't shown devouring Jimmy Eyes, it's extremely unlikely he survived their attack.

   Slingers#1 (Prodigy variant) implies Jimmy Eyes' nickname refers to a lazy eye, although (as evident in the images in this profile) that wasn't always clear in the art.

   Jimmy is depicted with hair in Slingers#4. If you want to 'No Prize' it, you could say he decided to wear a hairpiece for the opening of the Grand Royale.

Profile by G Morrow.

Jimmy Eyes has no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Slingers#5, p1, pan2 (Main image)
Slingers#4, p14, pan4 (Jimmy Eyes)
Slingers#6, p22, pan7 (Death)

Other Appearances:
Slingers#1 (December, 1998) - Joseph Harris (writer), Chris Cross (pencils), Rob Stull (inks), Ruben Diaz (editor)

Slingers#2 (January, 1999) - Joseph Harris (writer), Chris Cross (pencils), Rob Stull (inks), Ruben Diaz (editor)
Slingers#4 (March, 1999) - Joseph Harris (writer), Oscar Jimenez (pencils), Felix Alpuente (inks), Ruben Diaz (editor)
Slingers#5 (April, 1999) - Joseph Harris (writer), Chris Cross (pencils), Rob Stull (inks), Ruben Diaz (editor)
Slingers#6 (May, 1999) - Joseph Harris (writer), Chris Cross (pencils), Rob Stull (inks), Ruben Diaz (editor)

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