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Real Name: Smith (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Prison warden

Group Membership: The guards and workers at his prison 

Affiliations: Iron Man (Tony Stark), the workers and guards at his prison 

EnemiesLiving Laser

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Clyde"

Base of Operations: Presumably New York

First Appearance: Avengers Annual#1 (September, 1967)

Powers/Abilities: Warden Smith had no superhuman powers but was a skilled warden at his upstate prison. He briefly had access to the Stun-ulator, a weapon that could generate an energy field that stuns anyone within its range.

History: (Avengers Annual#1) - Warden Smith escorted Tony Stark into a cellblock at his prison, where Stark personally demonstrated a new device he had a designed, the Stun-ulator. Soon after the test run, prisoner Arthur Parks finished work on a new pair of wrist lasers, which he used to escape his cell. He then broke into the Warden's office and destroyed the Stun-ulator just as Iron Man arrived on the scene. After temporarily downing Iron Man, the Living Laser was teleported away. When Iron Man got back to his feet, Warden Smith explained how the Laser had just vanished in a beam of light.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Don Heck, and George Bell.

I suggest the first name of "Larry" for Warden Smith...seems like a "Larry."

Profile by Proto-Man.

Warden Smith has no known connections to

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Avengers Annual#1, p2, pan1 (Warden Smith, fullbody)

p2, pan4 (Warden Smith, headshot)

Avengers Annual#1 (September, 1967) - Roy Thomas (writer), Don Heck (artist), George Bell (inker), Stan Lee (editor)

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