Real Name: Sandie Smith

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Cult member

Affiliations: The Church of the Saved, the Rev

Enemies: the Punisher

Known Relatives: Samuel "Sammy" Smith (younger brother, aka the Rev)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Church of the Saved, Smithtown, Guiana

First Appearance: Punisher II#5 (January, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: "The Touch", giving her some kind of precognition powers, besides that she seems to have some kind of control over her younger brother The Reverend.

History: (Punisher II#5)- At the camp of the Church of the Saved in Guiana, the Punisher, guised as "Joe Rainey", met Sandie Smith, cult member and older sister of the Church's leader, the Reverend. Sandie told him that her brother was jealous of "the touch." Joe said "I though he already had the touch", whereto Sandie answered "Oh, he does, but not like mine...." The two of them went to a room, making out. "Joe" told her that he was already spoken for, whereto Sandie told him that the Reverend didn't permit monogamy, thinking it was dangerous to his socialist ideal. "Joe" asked her if they shouldn't join the party instead, and they walked out of the room. They met with The Reverend, and Sandie asked him if they could talk privately for a moment. The Reverend left the party alongside Sandie and "Joe". She told him that congressman Fryer would land in Smithtown tomorrow or Thursday, and that the Church was planning his death.

Later, alongside her brother she met with "Joe", and listened to her brother tell "Joe" about the "revolutionary suicide" he was planning for all the members of the Church. Later when the Punisher captured her brother, she tried to save him by throwing a  cyanide laced drink in his face, but he managed to knock her down and get away. After successfully capturing the Reverend once more, Sandie tried to knock him down again, but his gun went off, hitting The Reverend in the stomach. He went to a speaker, and informed everyone in the camp that The Reverend had died. He returned then to the room where The Reverend lay, not dead yet. He begged the Punisher to take him with him, but he refused and left The Reverend to die. Sandie and many others from the Church quickly disappeared, and their whereabouts are not known.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron and Klaus Janson.

by The Beetle

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