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Real Name: Arthur Allan Smith

Identity/Class: Human mutate, citizen of the U.S. with a criminal record

Occupation: Unrevealed;
                     formerly criminal youth 

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Beast (Hank McCoy), Dazzler (Alison Blaire), O.Z. Chase

Enemies: Dust, Silence

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
                                   formerly Tulsa, Oklahoma
                                   formerly State Correctional Facilitty, Chanute, Kansas

First Appearance: Dazzler I#41 (January, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Smith gained his powers as a result of being the offspring of one of Dust & Silence's psi-drug test subjects. He could use his psi-powers to "hide" in plain sight, making people around him oblivious to his presence. He could also make people believe what he wanted, though he had great difficulty sustaining this power. Like all people subjected to the psi-drug, Smith was sensitive to Silence's subtle telepathic summons which he called his "whispers". A troubled teen with a criminal past and emotional problems, Smith was obsessively smitten with Dazzler and would do anything to keep her safe. Smith was a smoker.

Height: 6'1" (by approximation)
Weight: 150 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown


(Dazzler I#41 (fb) - BTS) - Arthur Allan Smith grew up an abandoned child, not knowing his parents. Most of his life was spent in orphanages and institutions. He was repeatedly detained for petty crimes as a child, spending most of his teen years behind bars..

(Dazzler I#42 (fb) ) - Unaware one of his parents had been subjected to the psi-drug, Smith attended one of Dazzler's concerts. The experience left him transformed. Not only did it activate his latent psychic powers, he also fell hopelessly and obsessively in love with Alison Blaire.

(Dazzler I#42 (fb) - BTS) - Not too long after seeing Dazzler, he was arrested once again for car theft and sentenced to three years in an adult facility in Chanute, Kansas.

(Dazzler I#42 (fb) ) - His first days in prison were rough, falling prey to brutal extortion and harrassment. However, he then discovered his psychic talent to "hide", which made his stay behind bars considerably easier. Smith lived a relatively happy life as a model prisoner.

(Dazzler I#41 (fb) ) - Smith decorated his cell with posters of Dazzler. His obsession with the singer, paired with his history of emotional problems, were cause for the correction officers to have doubts about releasing him earlier for good behavior.

(Dazzler I#41 - BTS) - In prison, Smith was one of numerous potential New Wave recruits subconsciously contacted by Silence's telepathic summons. Initially unaware of what he was experiencing, he referred to them as "whispers".

(Dazzler I#41) - Smith was in his cell, listening to music and studying Spanish when he received another one of Silence's summons. This time, he somehow sensed that Dazzler was in danger. He subconsciously scribbled the line "save the lady" on his notepad.

(Dazzler I#42 (fb) ) - Smith decided to act. Stretching his limited mental powers to the max, he escaped prison and stole a van at a nearby truckstop. In the van, he discovered the owner's Magnum .357 gun and pocketed it, figuring it might come in handy. Smith followed Silence's psychic trail to the New Wave's hideout in an abandoned movie theatre in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he joined the other New Wave recruits.

(Dazzler I#42) - Smith was present in the Tulsa theater when Dazzler was forced to give one of her daily, exhausting performances (Dazzler's light was the catalyst for activating the New Wave recruits' dormant psi-potential). When Dazzler fainted from the strain, he was the first to yell out and demand the show be stopped.

(Dazzler I#42 - BTS) - After the aborted show, Smith sensed his abilities had somehow increased. Putting two and two together, he realized what Silence's plans for him and the other Next Wave members. He quietly called the police and informed them about the goings-on at the theater.

(Dazzler I#42) - Smith was there for Dazzler's next forced show which was interrupted by the arrival of Beast and O.Z. Chase who had come to save her from Dust and Silence. Smith stayed back and watched the fight. When Dust, in his latest host body, threatened to kill or take over Dazzler, Smith finally acted. Pulling out the stolen Magnum .357, he shot Dust in the back, killing him.

(Dazzler I#42 - BTS) - Smith had actually used his newly expanded powers of mental suggestion to make everyone believe he'd killed Dazzler instead. This would allow the beleagured mutant performer to return to anonimity, no longer hounded by the press and the authorities.

(Dazzler I#42) - Smith was taken into custody by the cops following the shooting at the theater. Frighteningly calm, Smith confessed the alleged murder of Dazzler, calling it "the only way to keep the lady safe".

(Dazzler I#42 - BTS) - Using his newfound abilities, Smith escaped police custody and met up with Dazzler, her mother Barbara London, Beast and O.Z. Chase.

(Dazzler I#42) - Even though Beast was somewhat annoyed at Smith for messing with his mind, Dazzler thanked him personally for his actions, planting a kiss on his cheek. Smith then left, announcing he'd be returning to prison because he felt more comfortable there.

Comments: Created by Archie Goodwin (writer), Paul Chadwick (pencils), Jackson Guice (inks).

Sheesh, Dazzler sure has a lot of nutty fans. Perhaps her light shows mess with people's minds, making them slavishly obsessed stalkers. Guess that's one way of keeping your record sales up in the age of digital pirating.

Interestingly enough, since Smith isn't an actual mutant, he's probably retained his powers. Which means he could still be brought back. Or maybe not. All in all, his powers and story reminded me a lot of a character that debuted only a month after Smith's final appearance: the Heartbreak Kid, a troubled, bespectacled teen struggling with emotional turmoil and psychic powers. Wonder whatever became of him...

Profile by Norvo.

David Allan Smith should not be confused with

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Dazzler I#42 p23, pan5 (main)
Dazzler I#42, p14, pans 3-4 (discovering his powers)
Dazzler I#42 p25, pan3 (Arthur Allan Smith kissed good-bye by Dazzler)

Dazzler I#41 (January, 1986) - Archie Goodwin (writer), Paul Chadwick (pencils), Jackson Guice (inks), Michael Carlin (editor)
Dazzler I#42 (March, 1986) - Archie Goodwin (writer), Paul Chadwick (pencils), Jackson Guice (inks), Michael Carlin (editor)

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