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Real Name: O.Z. Chase

Identity/Class: Human, citizen of the United States

Occupation: Bounty hunter

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Beast (Hank McCoy), Beyonder, Cerberus, Dazzler (Alison Blaire), Eula, Henry Peter Gyrich, Barbara London, Arthur Allan Smith, U.S. Bail Bonds, Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett)

Enemies: Dust, Deathgrip, Mr. Long, New Wave, Outriders (Chunk, Momma, Stomper), Silence, Vladimir Zaitsev and his henchmen;
                 formerly Dazzler

Known Relatives: Three unidentified ex-wives, several unidentified relatives

Aliases: "Chaser" (CB-radio codename), "Bounty man"  (nickname given by the Outriders)

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the United States;
                                  formerly Fresno, California

First Appearance: Dazzler I#38 (July, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: O.Z. Chase possessed no known superhuman abilities. He was an accomplished detective and hand-to-hand combatant with a keen and inquisitive mind. Chase wore bulletproof, kevlar vest that also protected him from temperature extremes, allowing him to withstand a flamethrower blast. In battle, he relies on a sawed-off shotgun he can fire with almost unerring accuracy. Chase carries an army knife strapped to his boot. Chase is a smoker who prefers expensive Cuban Havanas. He has a playfully antagonistic rapport with his willful pet Cerberus, a wolf-dog hybrid who enjoys cheap beer and eating Chase's cigars.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 211 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: White


(Marvel Legacy: 1980s Handbook#1 (fb) - BTS) - O.Z. Chase attended reform school as a child.

(Dazzler I#41 (fb) - BTS) - Chase used to belong to a biker gang operating out of Fresno, California.

(Dazzler I#39 (fb) - BTS) - The bounty hunter called O.Z. Chase had a storied past, with no less than three ex-wives he all owed alimoney to.

(Dazzler I#38 (fb) - BTS) - Setting himself up as bounty hunter on the West Coast, O.Z. worked for several bail bondsmen, including U.S. Bail Bonds. At an unrevealed point in time, Chase came into possession of the wolf-dog hybrid Cerberus, who he received as collateral for a debt he never collected. Chase and Cerberus entered into an unlikely partnership, with O.Z. frequently annoyed at his unruly canine companion, though his intimidating presence would often prove exceptionally useful.

(Dazzler I#38) - Chase was in San Francisco where he captured LA resident Mr. Long who had skipped his 40.000 dollar bail and fled to the city by the bay. Using Cerberus to clear out the bar he'd been hiding out at, Chase quickly tied up Long and put him in the back of his truck. Cerberus sat down in the backseat to keep an eye on the terrified prisoner. Chase, using his C.B. handle "Chaser" then radioed in with his headquarters ("Home Twenty") to find out U.S. Bail Bonds wanted him to go after a very special individual in San Diego for a very special bonus. Chase took the offer and went to Los Angeles to meet with the employee from U.S. Bail Bonds unaware the man was actually the evil body hopping scientist Dust who wanted to get his hands on Dazzler. Chase happily took the assignment, which came with half the sizeable bonus in advance, including a box of his favorite Cuban cigars.

(Dazzler I#39 - BTS) - Chase quickly cashed the advance check and dispersed the money amongst his ex-wives and relatives.

(Dazzler I#39) - Hoping to collect on the contract Dust put out on Dazzler, O.Z. Chase went to see Dazzler's agent mister Erskine in San Diego who, begrudgingly, gave him a list of underground bars and clubs that still hired mutant performers. Using Erskine's information, Chase finally caught up with Dazzler in Arizona though what he'd learned about her made him question if she really was as bad as the man who'd put the contract out on her had insinuated. Feeling dutybound to complete his mission, Chase continued to stake out the Arizona club Dazzler was performing at. When he was outside in a phone booth making a call to his employer (actually Dust, who had once again shifted bodies), he was spotted by Deathgrip who'd come to the club to deal with Dazzler as well. Figuring Chase, with his shotgun in hand, was up to no good, Deathgrip stormed the booth, ripping it out of the ground. The ruckus alerted Dazzler who came out and confronted the villain.

(Dazzler I#39  - BTS) - Chase quietly recovered and slipped away during the fight, heading for Dazzler's motel room to wait for her. In preparation for her imminent capture, he disconnected the radio in his truck to prevent her from inadvertently charging her light powers.

(Dazzler I#39) - As soon as Dazzler, her mutant powers spent from fighting Deathgrip, arrived at her motel, Chase arrested her. Alison complied, eager to help clear up whatever charges raised against her. They started the trek to Colorado where Chase was to deliver Dazzler into the hands of the alleged U.S. Bail Bonds employee.

(Secret Wars II#4) - On the road to Denver, O.Z. was startled when Dazzler suddenly vanished from his truck (Blaire had been kidnapped by the Beyonder who had fallen in love with her from afar).

(Dazzler I#40 - BTS) - Dust sent the Outriders to catch up with Chase and take Dazzler for themselves. They started to patrol the local roads on their bikes, looking for Chase's truck.

(Dazzler I#40) - Stunned to not only see Dazzler vanish, but also have his truck suddenly quit on him for no discernible reason, O.Z. decided to head for the nearest town for a tow truck. He ordered Cerberus to stay and guard the pickup, but the unruly animal decided to accompany his master anyway.

(Dazzler I#40 - BTS) - Dazzler was returned by the Beyonder to Chase's abandoned truck. The One from Beyond seemingly left, while Dazzler started the truck and headed for the same town O.Z. was at. The Outrider Mama also happened to be in the town where she spotted the arriving bounty hunter and his dog. She called in her fellow bikers to move in on them.

(Dazzler I#40) - Already annoyed he had lost Dazzler, Chase got even more frustrated when he learned the auto shop's only two tow trucks were out on assignment. Deciding to wait out in the local bar, he made small talk with the cheerful waitress Eula until the Outriders came in to force Chase to reveal where he'd stashed Dazzler. Not easily intimidated, O.Z. pulled his shotgun on them only to be surprised when the trio used their telekinetic powers against him, easily defeating him. Thrown through the bar's window out on the street, Chase sarcastically ordered Cerberus to defend him. In response, the mutt entered the smashed bar and started lapping up the beer Chase had just ordered from Eula. At the same time, Dazzler arrived in Chase's truck. She spotted O.Z. and defended him against the super powered bikers. The fight quickly escalated, with Dazzler's light powers secretly making the Outriders stronger while the Beyonder also covertly empowered them in a last ditch attempt to romance Alison. In the end, most of the small town was destroyed, which led the locals to grow furious with Dazzler. Chase calmed down the angry mob and vouched for Dazzler's innocence in this matter. The Outriders, their powers spent and drained, fled the scene.

(Dazzler I#41 - BTS) - In the aftermath, Chase and Dazzler called a temporary truce and partnered up to find out more about their mysterious attackers. 

(Dazzler I#41) - Arriving in Denver where he was supposed to deliver Dazzler to the U.S. Bail Bonds man who'd hired him, O.Z. Chase agreed with Dazzler's proposal to hit up the local biker gang to see if they knew anything about the Outriders. Dazzler went in alone and used her light powers to stir up trouble, but the bikers refused to talk. Chase then pretended to storm in and arrest her again. After putting her in his truck with Cerberus, who happily ate of Chase's remaining Cubans, O.Z. got the grateful bikers to reveal all they knew about the Outriders. As it turned out, they actually belonged to a cult housing at the nearby Camp Silence (the headquarters of Dust and Silence, who had been behind the entire scheme). While Dazzler wanted to go and check out the camp, Chase felt he still had to do his job as a bounty hunter and bring her in. Driving to the hotel he'd agreed to rendezvous at, both Chase and Dazzler were surprised to find the man meeting them was actually Alison's father, judge Carter Blaire (in reality, it was Dust who had kidnapped both her parents and taken over Carter's body). "Blaire" produced documentation that proved all the charges against his daughter were trumped up and had already been thrown out of court by one of his colleagues in L.A. Despite the fact he didn't quite trust this turn of events, O.Z. agreed to release Alison into his custody and watched them drive away in a car chauffeured by Carter's driver Jared. Still suspicious, he decided to check the hotel suite Carter had been staying at. There, he discovered the remains of Dust's last victim before jumping into Carter. O.Z. and Cerberus immediately started to pursue the car. He caught up with them in time to shoot "Carter" when he was about to take over Dazzler. In his dying moments he told Dazzler they were still holding her mother at Camp Silence. Furious, Dazzler took Dust's car and rushed to save Barbara, telling O.Z. not to follow her.

(Dazzler I#42 - BTS) - After not hearing anything from Dazzler in quite a while, Chase got concerned and decided to infiltrate the seemingly empty Camp Silence to see what became of her. There, he encountered the Beast (Hank McCoy) who was also worried about Alison's safety.

(Dazzler I#42) - After splitting up to search the massive and completely abandoned estate from top to bottom, Chase and Beast reconvened in the main house. There, they were confronted by Chunk and Mama, the two surviving Outriders (Stomper had been taken over by Dust) left behind by Dust and Silence to deal with nosy people. Without their powers, the duo proved no match for the experienced bounty hunter and the mutant Avenger. Momma tried to set O.Z. on fire with a flamethrower, but his flame retardent outfit saved him. Cerberus then bit through the acetyline tank's supply line, ending the threat. Chase and Beast quickly learned from their prisoners that Dazzler had been taken to Silence's secondary base in an abandoned theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The two used O.Z.'s truck to get to Tulsa as quickly as they could. After staking out the theater, which was being guarded by Silence's newly empowered New Wave recruits. Never one for subtlety, Chase drove his truck through the front door of the theater and crashed Dazzler's final, forced performance. While Chase, Cerberus and Beast fought off the New Wave recruits, Dazzler dealt with Silence who she inadvertendly killed after disturbing the woman's concentration. Upon her death, all the members of New Wave were released from Silence's mental sway and left, save for one member who was actually Dust (he had survived in his aide Jared). O.Z. Chase was powerless to intervene when suddenly escaped convict and New Wave recruit Arthur Allan Smith shot Dazzler in the back, killing her. In reality, Smith shot Dust, but used his powers to make Chase and all the others believe Dazzler had died so she could return to live anonymously. A few hours later, Chase learned the truth when he met up with Smith, Dazzler, Beast and Barbara London. He offered to keep an eye on Dazzler's mom, allowing Alison to start a new life. He then drove off in his heavily damaged truck, Cerberus at his side.

(Uncanny X-Men I#228 (fb) - BTS) - O.Z. and Alison would keep in touch regularly, with her writing him letters about her exploits with the X-Men.

(Uncanny X-Men I#228 (fb) ) - Chase continued to operate as a bounty hunter. He chased the Russian mutant drug dealer Vladimir Zaitsev to a town in Florida. However, Zaitsev managed to get the drop on Chase. He knocked him out and succeeded in framing O.Z. for the death of one of his employees whose corpse was brutally mangled. Chase was arrested, his truck impounded (with Cerberus in the back) and the story was leaked to the media who branded the bounty hunter to be a "werewolf killer".

(Uncanny X-Men I#228 (fb) - BTS) - News of Chase the "werewolf killer" reached Dazzler, who knew better. She travelled to Florida to help her old friend, pleasantly surprised that Wolverine had decided to tag along. First, they went to the police impound lot where Alison checked on O.Z.'s truck and found Cerberus waiting inside. Wolverine figured the next step was to get to Chase and decided the best way to do so is get arrested. He was thrown in jail right next to Chase.

(Uncanny X-Men I#228 (fb) ) - Wolverine had arrived just in time to save Chase from a number of Russian agents who were also pursuing Zaitsev. Wolverine freed Chase but the trio was soon found by Henry Peter Gyrich who explained that the American government needed Zaitsev alive because they want to recruit him as double agent. However, the KGB was out to kill him. Gyrich offered O.Z. amnesty if he brought Zaitsev in alive, and together with Wolverine and Dazzler he started to search the Florida marsh lands for him. Eventually locating Zaitsev, the Russian mutant made a run for it after facing Wolverine. However, he was tracked down and killed by Cerberus, much to Gyrich's irritation.

(Uncanny X-Men I#228 - BTS) - Dazzler sent O.Z. a letter detailling her latest adventures with the X-Men. She told him of their recent move from Scotland to Alcatraz and assured him that despite what the authorities might claim, the X-Men weren't criminals. To illustrate her point, she recalled their recent Florida adventure.

(Uncanny X-Men I#228) - Shortly after Dazzler and the other X-Men seemingly sacrificed their lives fighting the Adversary in Dallas, Chase was in an LA bar where he heard the other patrons say disparaging things about mutants. Not willing to stand for that, Chase pulled his shotgun and had everyone in the bar make a mandatory toast to the X-Men. He then returned to his truck to sob softly, Cerberus on his lap.

(Marvel Westerns: Outlaw Files) - O.Z. Chase wrote an article on Gunhawk titled "The Gunhawk: Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Villain & Hero".

Comments: Created by Archie Goodwin (writer), Paul Chadwick (pencils), Jackson Guice (inks).

It's interesting to see the depth of O.Z. Chase given only the handful of appearances he made. Even during his first appearance in Dazzler I#38, he already comes across as fully established, familiar character. Goodwin does spend a lot of time setting up his personality and quirky traits, like the cigar bit and his ongoing "Odd Couple" style relationship with his dog Cerberus. I'd love to see Chase make a return, perhaps in a team up book with other off the wall, business types like Cutlass, Typhoon and Rufus T. Hackstabber. Imagine them as Damage Control's collection agency... Ah, we can dream.

O.Z. Chase received profiles in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z#3 and Marvel Legacy: The 1980s Handbook#1.

Profile by Norvo.

O.Z. Chase should not be confused with

Cerberus should not be confused with:


The wolf-dog hybrid was O.Z. Chase's pet and companion. Named after the mythological, multi-headed hellbeast of the Grecian underworld, Cerberus was actually collateral for a debt Chase never collected. Chase and Cerberus entered into an unlikely partnership, with O.Z. frequently annoyed at his unruly canine companion, though his intimidating presence would often prove exceptionally useful. Cerberus loved Chase's expensive Havana cigars and enjoyed cheap beer. Though scowling and dismissive of most people including his master, he acted like an affectionate, domesticated puppy towards Dazzler (this might have been caused in part by her soothing light). Cerberus was loyal to Chase, staying with his impounded truck after O.Z. got jailed in Florida on trumped up charges. He would also ferociously guard the vehicle, scaring many a would be carjacker by popping out of the cracked window. Cerberus would usually ignore Chase's orders though, outright failing to come to his rescue when O.Z. was attacked by the Outriders. Instead, Cerberus went into the demolished bar to lap up the spilled beer. However, he would usually find ways to help out. Among his recorded exploits are chasing LA bail jumper Mr. Long from his San Francisco bar hideout into his master's waiting arms. He also was on hand to bite through the acetylene tank supply line that fueled the Outrider's Momma's flamethrower. Cerberus also wasn't above killing, he attacked and lethally wounded the fugitive Russian mutant drug dealer Vladimir Zaitsev. It's unknown if this is learned behavior or pure, animal instinct.

--Dazzler I#38 (Dazzler I#38-39, Secret Wars II#4, Dazzler I#40-42, Uncanny X-Men I#228

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Dazzler I#41, p15, pan5 (has a heart to heart with Cerberus)
Dazzler I#42, p19, pan1 (using his truck as a battering ram)
Uncanny X-Men I#228, p24, pan4-5 (toasting to Dazzler and the X-Men)
Dazzler I#39, p3, pan5 (OZ Chase's dog Cerberus)

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