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Real Name: Cody Smith, Jr.

Identity/Class: Normal human (Old West Era)

Occupation: Outlaw, fugitive

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Weasel Craw

Enemies: Clem Snider, Jeb Snider, various victims

Known Relatives: Cody Smith, Sr. (father), Mrs. Smith (mother, name unrevealed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in Texas, USA, mid-19th Century

First Appearance: Western Outlaws and Sheriffs#69/1 (October, 1951)

Powers/Abilities: Bitter and merciless, One-Eye Smith was a murderous and unforgiving outlaw and thief. However, his crimes caused him to develop a paranoid streak where he thought any ally could be an enemy. He was an accurate and fast close-range shooter, despite losing his left eye, and an expert horse-rider.

Height: 5'10" (by approximation)
Weight: 160 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black


(Western Outlaws and Sheriffs#69/1 (fb)) - In 1852 in Texas, Cody Smith, Jr., aged just 14, was shot alongside his father, a US Marshal, and his mother, by outlaw Clem Snider, who targeted Cody Smith, Sr. as revenge for shooting Clem's brother Jeb for cattle rustling. His parents died and Cody Jr. barely survived and lost his left eye. Years later (1860), aged 21, Cody Jr. chanced upon Clem in a bar in the town of Summit Gap and shot him dead. The sheriff tried to arrest Cody Jr., but the murderer went berserk and shot the sheriff, then others before escaping on horseback. He became One-Eye Smith, a wanted outlaw. Months later, he met fellow outlaw Weasel Craw and the two joined forces rustling cattle. Seeking greater opportunities and money, they turned their hand to robbing stagecoaches.

(Western Outlaws and Sheriffs#69/1) - In one raid, after killing the driver and guard, Weasel and One-Eye left abandoned passengers in the desert and made off with the stagecoach. Only one survivor made it to the nearest town of Los Rios and the sheriff deputized a large hunting party. However, One-Eye and Weasel raided the bank while the law was out of town. The outlaws escaped into the hills but could run no further with rangers patrolling. Weasel suggested retiring from the outlaw life but One-Eye ignored him. That night, paranoid that Weasel was stealing from his pack, One-Eye shot him, but this alerted the sheriff and his men. A shooting standoff ensued and rather than be captured, One-Eye shot himself in the head. He was buried in 1861 in an unmarked grave somewhere in the Pecos Hills.

Comments: Created by uncredited writer, Joe Maneely (pencils & inks).

The main image also served as the (slightly recolored) cover image of the issue.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Cody "One-Eye" Smith has no known connections to:

Weasel Craw

Weasel Craw was a wanted outlaw. Sometime in 1860, he met and teamed up with the murderous outlaw One-Eye Smith and the two become a fearsome duo, initially with cattle rustling, then raiding stagecoaches and banks, killing many as they went. Given the riches they had acquired, Weasel hoped to retire, but One-Eye ignored him. One night, as rangers patrolled the hills hunting for them, the paranoid One-Eye thought Weasel was stealing from him and shot him dead.







--Western Outlaws and Sheriffs#69/1

Clem Snider

Alongside his brother Jeb, Clem Snider was a cattle rustler. In 1852, Marshal Cody Smith, Sr. sought to arrest them, but a gunfight broke out and Jeb was killed while Clem escaped. Later, Clem attacked the marshal's house, shooting him and his wife dead, and severely injuring his son, Cody Jr. Years later, Cody Jr. had grown up bitter and resentful of the law, and chanced upon Clem in a bar. Cody Jr. gave Clem no chance to draw, shooting him at point-blank range. This murder sparked Cody Jr.'s career as the murderous outlaw One-Eye Smith.






--Western Outlaws and Sheriffs#69/1

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Western Outlaws and Sheriffs#69/1, p1, pan1 (main image)
   p3, pan3 (headshot)
   p6, pan4 (Weasel)
   p3, pan6 (Clem)

Western Outlaws and Sheriffs#69/1 (October, 1951) - uncredited writer, Joe Maneely (pencils & inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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