Real Name: Cole

Identity/Class: human (neandrathal man) mutate

Occupation: Restaurant owner; has held countless other occupations over the centuries, including hunter, explorer, sheriff and soldier

Affiliations: Ally of Cable, former member of the Oogla Tribe

Enemies: Gort, One-Eye, Taras Vol, Goliath [the Philistine]

Known Relatives: Jana (wife, deceased), Tres (daughter, deceased)

Aliases: "Old Man"

Base of Operations: Old Man Cole's, a restaurant; formerly, across the known world

First Appearance: Cable II#96 (October, 2001)

Powers: Cole possesses an prolonged lifespan, which has enabled him to live for over 30,000 years. By his estimation, he has aged 20 years since the Deviant experiments, and will live another 50,000 years. He also possesses enhanced human strength.

History: (Cable II#96 (fb))- Cole was born 30,000 years ago, a neanderthal, a hunter in the Oogla tribe. One day, @ 18000BC, he was captured by a Deviant craft and brought to Lemuria, where he was experimented on by the Deviant scientist Taras Vol. Vol was experimenting in ways to expand the Deviant lifespan, and used neanderthals such as Cole, and two others-- Gort and One-Eye-- as test subjects. The tests were interrupted by the Great Cataclysm, which sunk Lemuria. Cole, Gort and One-Eye survived, but Cole broke away from them, and journeyed along, trying to find his family. It took him 15 years to find his way back home, and by then, his family was gone. He never recovered from losing them, and never remarried or had another child.

As the centuries passed, Cole became involved in many events in human history, having met the Amazon warriors, arm-wrestled Goliath the Giant, witnessed the death of Julius Caesar, accompanied Cortez during his slaughter of the Mayans, freed slaves during the 1800's, served as a sheriff, and fought in both World Wars. Finally, he retired to open his own restaurant, "Old Man Cole's". One day, he was visited by Gort and One-Eye, whom he had not seen since Lemuria. They knocked him out, and stole his most valued possession, then dared him to come and get it. Knowing he was not strong enough to face them alone, he bided his time, waiting for a man who was his better in strength.

(Cable II#96)- One day, the mutant hero known as Cable dropped in at his restaurant to eat. Recognizing him as a powerful superhuman, Cole gave him his meal for free, on the condition that he arm-wrestle with him. Cable agreed, and defeated Cole. Cole then related his life's story to Cable, and Cable agreed to aid him in recovering his possession. Together, they faced Gort and One-Eye, and defeated them. Cole then retrieved his possession-- a doll his daughter had played with 30,000 years ago. It meant more to Cole than anything else in the world.

Comments: Created by Robert Weinberg and Michael Ryan.

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Since Cole was present for the death of Julius Caesar , one wonders if he might have bumped into the Maha Yogi
--Per Degaton

Astonishing#40 (8/55) "The Deep Freeze" has a Neanderthal placing Humans in suspended animation for a price. Either he is Cole or Gort or a fourth immortal Neanderthal.

by Prime Eternal

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Taras Vol was a Deviant scientist with the power of telepathy. He captured Cole, Gort and One-Eye to experiment upon them, searching for a means to prolong the Deviant people's lifespan. He had only intended for his experiment to last five years, but never learnt of the success of his work, because of the Great Cataclysm sinking Lemuria. It is not known whether or not Vol survived the Great Cataclysm. -Cable II#96

One-Eye was a one-eyed neanderthal, experimented on by Taras Vol along with Cole and Gort. He claimed to have lost his left eye strangling a saber-tooth tiger to death. Following the Great Cataclysm, One-Eye and Gort remained in each other's company without encountering Cole again until recent years. One-Eye stole Cole's most valued possession, and dared him to come and take it. With the help of Cable, Cole faced One-Eye, and defeated him, reclaiming his daughter's toy doll. -Cable II#96

Gort was a rather stupid yet strong neanderthal, experimented on by Taras Vol along with One-Eye and Cole. He tended to follow the orders of One-Eye unquestioningly, being a neanderthal of very little brain. Following the Great Cataclysm, Gort and One-Eye remained in each other's company without encountering Cole again until recent years. With One-Eye, Gort stole Cole's most valued possession, and dared him to come and take it. With the help of Cable, Cole faced One-Eye and Gort, and defeated them, reclaiming his daughter's toy doll. -Cable II#96


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