Real Name: Brutus

Identity/Class: Sub-species of humanity (Deviant mutate)

Occupation: Ruler of the Deviant Empire

Group Membership: Deviants

Affiliations: Gort

Enemies: Avengers, Grotesk, Hulk, Lava Men, Mole Man, Tyrannus

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Deviant Lemuria, Subterranea

First Appearance: Avengers Annual#20 (1991)

Powers/Abilities: Brutus wore a suit of armor which offered him some physical protection, and included a force field which could electrocute anyone who touched him. He also carried an energy rifle which could also form an energy sphere around opponents to imprison them.

History: (Avengers Annual#20 (fb))- After Brother Kro left the throne of Deviant Lemuria, a civil war broke out, ultimately leading to the Deviant Brutus assuming leadership of Lemuria. Brutus became intent upon reclaiming all property which had once been the Deviants', starting with Subterranea, and began a war against the forces of the Mole Man, Tyrannus and Grotesk, who formed an alliance against him.

(Avengers Annual#20)- When the three Subterranean rulers brought the Avengers into the fray on their side, Brutus led his mutates in ambushing them. Brutus drove his mutates on relentlessly, caring nothing for their lives, and he managed to personally defeat the Vision in combat with his armor's force field. After both the Vision and She-Hulk were captured, Brutus forced the other Avengers into surrendering, then placed them all within an energy sphere to serve as their prison.

(Incredible Hulk Annual#17)- Brutus held the Fountain of Youth used by Tyrannus hostage, hoping to lead Tyrannus into a trap. Tyrannus sent the Hulk to retrieve some of the water from the fountain for him, and Brutus unleashed his mutate Gort upon the Hulk in an attempt to stop him, but Hulk defeated Gort. Brutus stood in the Hulk's path to stop him from reaching the fountain, but the Hulk easily swatted him aside, then brought down the entire cavern. Brutus and his men just narrowly escaped.

(Avengers West Coast Annual#6)- Brutus led his armies in a final assault upon Subterranea, and prepared to fire an Oscillatron which would destroy the Subterranean kingdoms. However, as he sent his forces against the Avengers, Sersi telepathically learned that he was a mutate who had been passing for a normal Deviant. At word of this, his own mutates turned on him and tore him to pieces.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Paul Ryan, Peter Sanderson, Kevin West and Fred Fredericks. Gort created by Peter David, Ron Wagner, and Al Milgrom.

by Prime Eternal

Brutus should not be confused with:

Gort was a Deviant mutate who served Brutus. Brutus unleashed him upon the Hulk in order to prevent Tyrannus from obtaining water from the Fountain of Youth, and Gort managed to make the Hulk bleed by biting his arm, but the Hulk tore out several of Gort's teeth, causing him to collapse in pain.

--Incredible Hulk Annual#17

Images taken from:
Avengers Annual#20, page 22, panel 3
Incredible Hulk Annual#17, page 30, panel 6

Incredible Hulk Annual#17 (1991)
Avengers West Coast Annual#6 (1991)

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