Membership: None named

Purpose: Profit

Affiliations: unrevealed

Enemies: Dark Angel (Shevaun Haldane), Death's Head (Minion), Encoders, Masters of the Matrix, Wyrd Sisters

Base of Operations: A subtle molecular frequency (nearly detectable by contemporary scientists) variation within the realm of Dark Matter (the elusive substance which makes up ninety percent of space)

First Appearance: Dark Angel#16 (December, 1993)






Powers/Abilities: Interdimensional and interstellar travel via ships;
    Ability to adopt the forms of others (copycat camouflage strategy).
    True forms unrevealed. They adopt "matter skins" (which they see as monstrous) to interact with the physical world.




HISTORY: Their origins are unknown. They seek objects to steal and auction off for profit.

(Dark Angel#16) - While Death's Head possessed the power of a piece of the Fabric of the Universe, he was pursued by various heroes and villains seeking to recover the Fabric for various reasons. Detecting the presence of Death's Head, the leader of the Mercenaries decided that because so many people were after Death's Head, he must be worth something. Activating their copycat camouflage mode, a group of them beamed down to the planetoid to confront him. Though Death's Head possessed the power to blast the Mercenaries to kingdom come, he was intrigued by some of them possessing a duplicate appearance to his, and instead chose to duke it out with them.
    The Masters of the Matrix detected the Mercenaries phasing into normal space. The Masters wanted to resolve the problem with the Fabric of the Universe before others could track down Death's Head, so they dispatched Dark Angel and the Encoders to stop them. Dark Angel obliterated the Mercenaries within most of the milliseconds. The Wyrd Sisters then arrived to join the fight against the Anti-Being, and when the Mercenaries fired on them,  Xena weaved a web that amplified the power of the Mercenaries' shots and turned them back on them, slaughtering the remaining Mercenaries.



COMMENTS: Created by Bernie Jaye and Salvador Larroca.

They only appeared for three pages (though they were mentioned a page before).

They weren't really mercenaries (soldiers for hire), but the literal definition of mercenary is an adjective meaning working for payment only, or motivated by a desire for money or other gain. That's them.




No known connection to:


Dark Angel#16 (December, 1993) - Bernie Jaye (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), John Stokes (inks), Bambos Georgiou (editor)

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